5 Awe-Inspiring Wedding Gifts ideas for those on a Budget

Weddings are almost always expensive affairs. It is expensive for those who are getting married and also for those who are attending them! Looking at the current inflation all over the world, it always becomes a tough choice when deciding what to present the newlyweds. If someone close to you is getting married, then the dilemma becomes tougher to solve. Neither you can afford the gift if you are on a budget nor can you afford to miss the wedding!

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Despite the price involved, you would most likely want to witness your loved ones tying the knot. Plus, you would not want to be extravagant in spending for the gift and upset your budget for the month.

Here, we will suggest some ideas for gifting the newlyweds, and at the same time, avoid upsetting your budget for the month.

1. Pictures & Coffee Table Books

Pictures are very personal memories and make good gifts. Nowadays, with digital cameras around, you can take great pictures and frame them in some vintage frames and present them in a wedding. These are very frugal and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Alternatively, you can get the pictures printed into a customized coffee table book. That would make the gift extremely personal and close to the hearts of the recipients.

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2. Entertainment or Adventure Experiences

Gifting experiences is something that etches a strong impression on the recipient’s memory. What can be better than gifting good memories that would last a lifetime? Some of the experiences you can gift to a newly wedded couple are:

ü  Gift coupons for eating out at restaurants

ü  Annual memberships to Art Galleries or Musical Concert Hall’s

ü  Gymnasium memberships for a year

ü  Tickets to visit a wine tasting yards

ü  Tickets to Para-gliding or Ballooning rides

ü  Massage and Spa Packages

ü  Movie Subscriptions like Netflix

ü  Adventure Sport subscriptions

You can get creative in this and can gift them better experiences than the one listed above based on their likings and the place where you live. You can also avail great deals online while purchasing these subscriptions.

3. Books and Albums

Books are a nice choice for a gift too. They will help gain knowledge, as well as, light up their spirits. However, the choice of books you give is crucial. It has to be planned according to the likes and dislikes of the recipients. You can also gift self-improvement books or cookbooks that they might need when starting a new phase of their lives. Another gifting option is gifting a photo album, which they would surely need to stack their wedding pictures.

4. Antiques

Good pieces of antiques are both rare and lovable. They would take pride in keeping this stuff in their showcases in their living rooms and also flaunt it to their guests.


5. Gift Baskets

Wedding gift baskets that are prearranged and wrapped nicely are also available online that can be delivered at your doorstep. I remember a friend of mine who ordered wedding hampers in UK over the phone and they were delivered the same day. If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to figure out what to gift, this can be a great option. Good news is that these hampers come very cheap.

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