5 Hampers a New Mom should anticipate

Your whole world changes when you become a Mom. It is like your life has taken a U-turn and you are about to start your new life afresh. All you have to do is cherish your little angel and get blessings from your family and relatives. People congratulate you for being a mom and all are enthusiastic to welcome the little child. Relatives pay regular visits to your home to share the excitement of having a new member in the family. Thus, they bring special gifts and hampers as a gesture of love and happy wishes for your family.

There are various types of hampers or gifts you can receive from your loved ones. Usually on such occasion people tend to bring gift hampers for your new born child only and seldom you get the chance to receive a gift for yourself.However there are a few hampers discussed below that are unique and can be anticipated by new mums on this occasion.

New Baby Flowers

Women love flowers and this occasion is of special importance to them as they have entered a beautiful phase of life. Treating a new Mum with fresh flowers is a great way to welcome her to a new role. New Baby Flowers bouquet adores the relation of Mum very well and it enlightens her world in a wonderful way.


New Baby Cakes

Whether it’s a girl or boy, New Baby Cakes are like hot choice for new born. The occasion is a joyful celebration and you want to share these sweet moments with your loved ones. New born cakes are another gift one can expect to celebrate this moment. These spongy cakes are a spectacular treat as they are filled with scrumptious and nutritious ingredients that are healthy for the new mum.

New Baby Fruit Hampers

Fruits are the most wanted item for a new Mum. During pregnancy, women are advised by doctors to have fruits as they help them to maintain their metabolism and also provide nutritious values to Mum and baby as well. Thus, having fruit hampers by your loved ones is a blessed gift as you need more nutrition for your health. There are some fascinating fruit hampers UK available in the market that are assorted with freshly picked fruits and are specially decorated for these joyful occasions.

New Baby Fruit Hampers

Personalized Gifts

Mums always love to be pampered because they have been through a tough period of pregnancy. Hence, people bringing some personalized gift would be a joyful gift for you. Some personalized gifts can be a pendant with your name, a photo frame engraved with Mommy and so on.

New Baby Balloons

New Baby balloons are the most common gift. You can expect anyone to come with balloons on their visit to the hospital. However balloons show the love, and vibrant happiness you feel on having a baby in your life. Hence it is a very common to receive balloons for your new born. In fact balloons are not counted as gifts but they are an ad on to other new baby gifts like a Teddy Bear with balloons, cakes and balloons, flowers and balloons and so on.

new baby ballon

New Baby Basket

A new baby basket is typical assortment of baby usage items like Baby comforter, cute teddy bear, a baby’s dress, baby shoes and many such items for the new born. Baby baskets come with various varieties of products. Some are assorted with clothing while others can be self-made with accessories like baby lotion, powder, baby oil, baby shampoo and soap.

New Baby Basket1

There might be other hampers that new mums can receive which people can bring on this auspicious occasion but these are the most common and popular choices for a new baby celebration.