A gift that never really leaves us

Talking about the ritual of giving and receiving gifts is such a cliché. It is one of the oldest forms of human transaction. Every year, we spend a lot of time and money over choosing and buying right gift for the right person on the right occasion. Many of us are perpetually confused as to what to buy and what will be appropriate as a gift.

18_fruit basket

In the time when souvenirs and dressy ‘showpieces’ dominate the world of gifts, it is hard to find something that is meaningful and really shows that we care. Or, is it?

  • Pure and pretty

One of Nature’s best gifts to us, fruits have been with us since the dawn of our journey. During the hunter-gathered phase of our history, human kind relied on fruits for survival. A fresh fruit has been the symbol of purity, life and everything positive. The museums throughout the world are full of such juicy depictions. Fruits have had a lasting impression on our collective imagination since the time of the cave men.

18_Pure and pretty

  • Everlasting effects

The nutritional effects of any fruit are well-known and well-documented. As a gift, fruits bring another layer of thought into the whole ritual or practice of giving and receiving love: as they are consumed, they become a part of our body. In a sense, our good wishes stay always with our loved ones. This makes fruits a gift that never leaves us.

18_effect of fruits

  • Never out of fashion

Some year, oxblood reigns at the runways, some year it’s the neon colours. Finding a runway approved gift is an eternal bother. Other precious little ones can be very expensive. And then, there is the question of personal preferences. Yet with fruits, you are never wrong. Be it full of seasonal favourites or with the evergreen ones, fruit hampers delivered to your loved ones will always be a pleasant surprise.

  • Making a difference with a statement

There is no need to harp on the unhealthy nature of our present lifestyle. We don’t eat right, sleep or work right. The natural rhythm of life, it seems, has gone for a toss. We can’t really help it; our work demands are uncertain, full of pressure and of course very erratic.

To set things right, we can always go back to the basics. And food can’t go more basic than fruits. And they are the original delicacies (remember, Eve didn’t give Adam a piece of pizza, it really was an apple). Choosing a fruit over some processed temptation will win you health benefits and also take you a step to a fitter version of yourself.

Despite the overwhelming presence of gifts that are perhaps way more fancy and expensive, there is no denying the fact that fruits have an integral effect that the others can never attempt to. Sundried or fresh from the harvest, every fruit is like a jewel for our internal beauty and wellbeing. This opulence in terms of benefits and taste is nowhere else to be found. Still a priced delicacy, fruits make the perfect gift on every occasion, for anyone you truly care for.