Baking the easy and enjoyable way

There’s always a tinge of regret in your heart whenever you see a delectable cake adorning a birthday table or maybe a Christmas spread. The regret stems from the fact that you always wanted to bake a cake and shrunk back thinking that it’s the most difficult thing in the world. Or perhaps you tried it once and the result was disappointing. That is why you perhaps thought it best to leave the task to the bakers and take a back seat, choosing to just select and buy a cake whenever you had to do so. The picture may be a little different if you choose to get info on how to bake a luscious cake with minimum effort and maximum success.

11_baby hampers

Here are a few tips to help you gain sweet success in your quest to bake the perfect cake to delight yourself and your family:

  • Choose the ingredients: This is one of the key elements that you need to keep in mind. There are different types of cakes and while the basic ingredients are the same, some of the distinctive ingredients are a function of the kind of cake being baked. A sponge cake would need different ingredients as compared to a black forest cake. Look online for a list of ingredients.


  • Emulsify the ingredients: Most people do not forget to heat and melt the butter while mixing the butter with the eggs. However, it is also important to heat the eggs so that the emulsification of the mix would be easy and smooth.
  • Mix in the flour slowly: Once the butter and the eggs have mixed well, you need to add in the flour. For one, you need to be sure of the amount of flour in proportion to the butter and eggs and is to be folded in slowly into the mixture. The flour should not be thrown in all at once rather it should be added in small parts so that the texture and consistency of the cake mix is just fine.

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  • Add in the dry fruits: If you are making a fruit cake, just make sure that you have the right quantity and type of dry fruits to enliven the cake and make it lip-smacking delicious. Walnuts, almonds, cashews, raisins and sultanas, cherries make for excellent ingredients for a lovely fruit cake. You may also choose to soak the fruits in rum for a few days to add to a special flavour and aroma that is all so irresistible.

11_dry fruit

  • Bake properly: Depending on the type of cake, bake the cake in the oven at just the right temperature and for the right time span. This is absolutely imperative for baking the cake properly.

Following these tips makes it very easy to bake a cake yourself. Whether you are making a cake for your wife’s birthday or adding in a few cakes for a baby cake hamper, you would do well to heed these simple ideas and basic principles to avoid disappointment.