Celebrate Your Child’s Achievement in Style

There is no comparison to the pride parents feel when a child achieves something. It can be the utterance of the first word or graduation from college. Whatever the occasion, a son or daughter’s achievement gives the parents more satisfaction and happiness than their own achievements. Research has found that children do well under praise than criticism. Celebrating your child’s achievements is a good way to make them feel proud of what they have achieved and will make them inspired to do more. There are a thousand ways you can celebrate your child’s achievement. It does not have to be an expensive affair. Below are a few such ideas you can do as a family.

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Giving Time

The best gift to your child is your time. Take time to listen to your child and understand. When you are praising the child and inspiring him to do more, make sure you are not adding extra pressure on the child. Always emphasize on performing his or her best and not on results. Spending time with your child talking about what they have done well makes the children understand you notice and care about them. This is, especially, true if you are a busy parent.


Buying a gift for a child when he does something out of ordinary will also make him understand you notice and appreciate his efforts. It is important that you appreciate the effort he put into the task rather than the result he achieved. When we were young, our parents set us tasks and when we completed them, we would be able to pick up gifts from our corner shop. The gift does not have to be an expensive one. If your child is interested in reading books, you can even buy used books from the garage sales or car boot sales. If your child is interested in music, you can get him or her, a musical instrument. The gifting ideas for children are many. You can sit with your child and choose a gift from eBay or Amazon. You can buy tickets for a day out at the zoo or a play park or a resort like legoland or Disneyland.

What If You Are Away

It is much more difficult for you if you are a parent who has to be always on the travel. When you are away a lot of time, it is difficult to make the children understand you notice their achievements and are proud of them. In such a case, you can still give something to your child as a token of appreciation. Even though, you can send out a message or email in a jiffy, it will mean more to your child if you can take the time out and send a hand written congratulations note. You can also order chocolate hampers from online gift delivery services. If you are sending gift hampers by post, you should add a personal note to the gift and combine it along with a phone call. When you talk, make sure to listen to your child explain about his or her achievement.