Dealing With the ‘Back From the Vacation’ Effect

Imagine a scenario when you have achieved much more than your sales target at work. This gladdens your boss to such an extent that he gifts you a vacation to the beaches for a week and you are flooded with bouquets and congratulation hampers from your well-wishers at office. The vacation turns out to be great and you enjoy it a lot. However, like all good times, this week flies by fast and you find yourself heading to office on a Monday, with added responsibilities of surpassing yet another seemingly insurmountable sales target. Now, it is the moment of truth when you miss your family, friends and memories of the vacation spent. Here is how you can cope up with such a situation and get back to work.

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Honestly, it is super difficult to get back to work after a jolly vacation week. Simply put, it can be shockingly difficult to switch from a week of sunbathing on a beach to sitting in front of a computer and checking emails and making client calls.

I have personally had many such experiences and have also spoken on this to many of my friends. Based on these experiences so far, I have put down a set of tips that would definitely help you when faced with a similar situation. Read on.

  • Do not plunge back into work immediately

It is important not to jump back into work immediately after returning back. This is because your mind and body are not yet conditioned fully to adapt to long work hours again. So the key is to relax or take half days for a first few days and then get back to your old work regimen.

  • Avoid multi tasking

When back from a vacation, you will have a lot of piled up work and accumulated mails. This might stress you and lead you to multi tasking. However, this makes the situation worse by stressing you out and exerting you. Take your time and sort out your priorities and do things one at a time. Once you are back in your comfort zone, then you can go back to the multi tasking ways.

  • Make you to-do lists short

Your motivation level can go drastically low if you have a long to do list for the week you join back. Because the body and mind are relaxed after a vacation and too much stress would unnecessarily worry you. So, it is wiser to have a short and achievable target list for the initial weeks and then throttle up gradually.

  • Extend your vacation to office

The point I want to make here is that you will need to extend the memories of the vacation and discuss then with your friends and colleagues. That will help you relax gradually. You can share you stories and pictures with them so the relaxing effect of the vacation and the happiness lingers on.

Work almost always is a priority. However, relaxation helps a person to be more creative and prevents burnout. Balancing both these aspects well increases productivity manifolds.