Do Your Own Christmas Hamper

Christmas is the time to spread joy, and nothing speaks Christmas like chocolate Christmas hampers in UK. From young to old, everybody loves gifts, and there is nothing that pleases the soul than a Christmas hamper under the Christmas tree. If it is a luxury hamper, it is even better. If the hamper is handmade, then the gift value just sails off the charts because not only does it contain a thought value which really pleases the receiver, you also save on the cash by incorporating homemade varieties.

15Here, we include a few tips that are sure to make your Christmas hamper a little extra special in UK this year.

  • Co-loured cellophane: Use coloured cellophanes for that smooth, polished texture to your homemade hamper. If you want to take your gift an extra mile, you can blow dry the shrink wrapping. It is advised that you start from the bottom, gradually going to the top. You will know when it is done; the whole thing becomes sleek and taut. This not only keeps the things in place, it also looks classy. Tie a ribbon around the middle and voila- you have it ready.
  • Wicker baskets: These can be found in most garden centres, online or departmental stores like John Lewis. However, you can try the local charity shops- Oxfam had them at below £5 last year. You can also use a plate or tray wrapped in pretty coloured cellophane paper to present the gifts.
  • Line the bottom of your hamper with tissue paper, crumpled or crepe paper. Process a few strips of coloured paper through your shredder or buy the materials at your local art shop. Throw in glitter and sequins to achieve that Christmas feel.

Now let us include the treats-

  • Say cheese- Homemade accompaniments like sea salt water biscuits, a fig and walnut slice and spiced beetroot and orange chutney are sure to make your cheese lover happy. Add a round of cheese and some wine, or baked Camembert kit and they will be in love.
  • Chocolate decadence- Be it a chocolate truffle, coconut Florentine or triple chocolate cupcake kit, everyone loves chocolate. Fill the hamper with chocolate treats and you will be very popular.
  • Booze it up- Christmas demands a bottle of wine, but instead of sticking to the conventional, gift impressive Turkish delight vodka, mulling syrup, which goes marvellously with cider and wine, or maybe gift limoncello, which has the perfect touch of Christmas with oranges and spices.

You do not have to stick to the conventional cheese, chocolate or alcohol. You can experiment and put in a variety of other stuff, according to the tastes of your loved ones. Whatever it is, you can be sure that this homemade Christmas hamper is sure to make that person very happy.