Eco-friendly gifts for Valentine

One special day for couples is the Valentine, which no one can miss. This is a custom that has been in vogue the last two hundred years and different types of gifts are exchanged by the lovers that range from simple cards to luxurious gifts. It has been noticed that most gifts that are designed for this day are both expensive, and sure to burn a hole in the pocket of the purchaser and are neither ornamental nor of great use. Hence, it would be a better way to celebrate this occasion in a different manner by selecting eco friendly products that are easily available or can be created. Besides saving the environment, these types of gifts are also quite reasonable and also perfect for the individual.

Green Valentine cards

Greeting card industry is, said to be presently in the UK, worth more than £1.5 billion and has been growing with every passing day. The prices of the card are increasing and have become expensive since the last decade. Also, it does create a good amount of waste and pollution. However, retailers have come with a wonderful solution and are selling ‘green cards’ that are created from the recycled materials that have a great respect to the environment. Plenty of online retailers do sell such cards, and there is a huge collection for individuals to select from and pick the one that would fit their requirements.

nestle_ferreroandlindt_1-300x300Delicious chocolates

In fact, one of the most popular choices among gift buyers is the chocolate. This is one item that can be given at any occasion to anyone of any age, anytime and anyplace, without having to worry of being embarrassed. Most individuals love to present their partner with varieties of chocolates or with chocolate hampers on Valentine’s Day. This is why the most chocolate companies have been spending millions of pounds to come with a variety of chocolates that would be tempting and sure to win appreciation from the receiver of the gift. A wonderful way to give a thoughtful present is by selecting the right kind of premium chocolates, instead of the regular ones. Ranging from beautifully wrapped chocolates to simple bars, this is indeed a gift that can be shared with anyone.

Presenting eco-hampers

Eco-hampers are considered to be a wonderful way to purchase for the beloved one and also useful. They are available in different ranges suiting to the budget of the individual, and include everything from premium biscuits to eco-radio and water powered clock. In case, the individual is quite serious and concerned about the environment, then, these can make fabulous gifts on the occasion.

Creating a present

If the individual is creative enough, he can make the gift himself that would involve very less expense. Moreover, it is also sure to add a personal touch to the gift while making it much more personal, and something that can be cherished with others for a long time to come.

The best part is online gift stores make it possible to send gifts online to your loved ones. Other ideas could be in planning for a day out with the beloved one to make the day special and interesting.