Seasons come and go, bringing weather and temperature changes with them. Some seasonal changes are pleasant and mood uplifting, while others are gloomy. Where seasons bring changes along with them, different seasons bring a large variety of fruits with them also. Fruits are the best source of essential oils and vitamins and keep the skin hydrated and fresh. Different fruits in different season are the miracle of nature to help human body to adapt to the variations of seasons with appropriate fruit consumption, be it fresh fruits or dry fruits.

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Fruits are also the best way to express the significance of different occasions and enhance the flavour of the festivities. No occasion is complete without fruits. Be it marriages, birthdays, Christmas Eve, or any event. Fruits hamper is beautiful gift for the loved ones, decorated nicely. Fruits are often cut in flower and leaf shapes and are arranged in the container with the help of small bamboo sticks or tooth picks. Usually a fruit bouquet is delivered to the recipient at their home or at work place.

These hampers are made with selective fruits to suit the needs of the recipient, for instance, people with food allergies or with chronic diseases are kept in mind while making a hamper. Some fruits are more acidic in nature, that can trigger a dangerous reaction to the person eating it, thus with all the due care, a hamper is prepared to match the suitability of the special one. People with chronic diseases like diabetes are avoided with sweet fruits like mangoes and grapes or fruits making instant glucose inside the body, thus increasing the glucose level in the blood streams, causing life-threatening situation for the person to whom the hamper is presented.

Fruits are of various kinds, benefiting in different ways. For instance, fruits rich in vitamin C are the Citrus family, including lemons, oranges, and limes. They are best source of liver detoxification and provide healthy lungs by purifying the toxic material accumulated in the lungs. Thus providing an instant relief from colds, flu, and itching throat. Citrus family is native to winter seasons as per the requirement of the dry and gloomy season, thus it also regulates mood and water deficiency in body. Melons and water melons are another juicy gift of the nature in the early dry summers, where there is a rise in temperature and chances of getting dehydrate are also higher.

benifitMangoes are savoured in mid-summer until the end o the monsoon season. It is fleshy and sweet, thus is the best complimentary fruit to the desserts. Its health benefits include instant source of energy and is the richest source of proteins in all other fruits. Grapes and berries are the souvenir of spring season, and are rich in colours and vitamins. Strawberries, mulberries, and cranberries are another rich source of vitamin C and are good for cell nourishment. Berries are the best anti-oxidant fruits, which reduce the cancer causing cells and delays the old age effects on skin, body, and brain. Berries also regulate the organ function with less dependency on medication. Apples and bananas are the all-season fruit; they are abundantly available in every season and are rich sources of iron and calcium through fruits. Both are good for healthy bones and blood cells. Pineapples and pomegranates are anti-oxidants and are good for overall body health and heart health.

A fruit hamper is the best way to express our care and love to our loved ones, as how much we want them to be a part of our lives, living with great health and happiness.