Hampers: Back to the Basics

If you want to buy a Christmas hamper this year, for yourself or maybe for your loved ones, take some time out and think about what you are going to give this season. Nowadays, everything is modernized and designers have a new take on almost everything. So with everyone growing all futuristic, how about we return to the basics this year? While going out to buy Christmas hampers, let us go for a traditional theme.

Now that we have established that we want to go traditional when we shop for our Christmas gifts this year, let us take a look at what items we should include. In short, the do’s and don’ts of traditional Christmas hamper shopping-


Re-usable wicker basket: This is as basic as basic can be. Baskets are really useful and can be used for a variety of things. They are available everywhere- at the local markets and even at your departmental stores. However, you can get them from your local charity shops like Oxfam for highly affordable prices. Remember to get a gaudy ribbon to tie off the hamper – it makes the hamper look nice and attractive. Also, include a greeting card with warm wishes. Nothing like cards to get through the holiday cheer!

  • Now comes the part when we need to select the gifts for the basket. The big question is raised – what to put inside?
  • If it is for the jaded connoisseur, include hand blended liqueurs off the peg and of bespoke flavours; Jade Dragon is a mix of lime, green cardamom and Schezchuan peppers and is a good example of basket hamper items.
  • For all the health nuts out there, you can include a packet of French roasted pumpkin seed oil. Veg roasts cooked with this is a cracker of a dish.
  • A crispy, fruity, nutty toast to have with a delectable array of cheese is a great choice for all the snacking ploughmen.
  • Put in chocolates and do not be stringy about it. From the children to the elderly, there is not a single soul who does not like chocolates. Belgian chocolate, chocolate truffles, chocolate cupcakes are some of the things you just have to put in.
  • For all the experimental foodies, put in packets of minced pie, brandy butter and other hand popped flavoured popcorn packets. They are sure to love it.
  • For all the people who prefer soft drinks, gift them La Mortuacienne pink lemonade, because everything sounds better in French anyway!
  • Remember, this is a Christmas hamper, and a traditional one at that. Include some flowers, a few scented and dried rose petals can do wonders and the gift is elevated to a different level. Include a few clay robins or such to put under the Christmas tree and you are set.

Your traditional Christmas gift hamper is now ready. Gift people and share the joy!