Hampers for her UK- romantic gifts to cover your girl

Unlock the hidden love from your heart. You have exclusive hampers for her,UK where you can gift your girl with amazing goodies and lavish her. The online boutique has gifts tailor-made to suit the occasion. A couple of gifts on display from the gift boutique as follows:

  • Kula Spa bath tub

This bath tub shaped goodie hamper conveniently fits any part of your bathroom. It is the perfect excuse you have for skin pampering. The exclusive gift hamper is made of delicate fragrances like Almond Oil, Cocoa butter, Evening Primrose oil, Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. The hamper specifically contains

  1. Body spray and
  2. Towel Sponge
  3. Shower Gel
  4. Body lotion
  5. Body butter


  • Florence Cup board

Florence cup-board is an intrinsic ornate piece which is used as a decorative item to keep in the curio set or show-case. The lovely gift hamper contains bathing goodies like

  1. Shower gel
  2. Bubble bath
  3. Body lotion
  4. Body butter
  5. Bath soap
  6. Cotton Hemp bath belt and
  7. Wooden nail brush.

These products are meant for a smooth body wash after a grueling session in gardening. Your hands and legs which gets roughened in the whole process gets smooth and silky upon use of body butter and lotion. More so, you can use the ornamental box for future use to store trinkets, ear-studs, etc.

  • Chocolate rose cake, teddy bear and a box of assorted chocolates

This super combo comprising a beautiful bunch of roses engraved on the chocolate cake, an 8 inch teddy bear and a box of assorted chocolates from Lindt is definitely going to cover your girl big time. This is an excellent gift you can give in lieu of your girl friend’s birthday or for Valentine’s Day. In case you are married you can opt to gift this pack to your beloved wife in lieu of her birthday.

  • I love you heart cake, teddy and chocolates

The mesmerizing gift comprises of a vanilla cream cake where “I Love you” is engraved on the cake as such. The 10 inch teddy bear is for her bed-side pillow. A box of assorted dark and white chocolates from Lindt will take your lover girl by a complete sweep. Go for the magical pick and see how your love blossoms.

  • Chocolate Star cake, Teddy and Lindt chocolates

This magical selection of gift hamper comprises a chocolate cake with stars studded all over. The 10 inch teddy bear and assorted chocolates from Lindt takes your girl-friend to cloud nine. Married counter-parts can gift exotic packs to their wife either for birthdays or anniversary days.

  • Cranberry Crush Sewing box

The goodie hamper contains

  1. Soothing Shower gel
  2. Moisturizing bubble bath
  3. Intensive body lotion
  4. Nourishing hand lotion
  5. Cleansing hand-wash
  6. Relaxing muscle soak
  7. Relaxing chocolate body butter
  8. Cleansing body soap
  9. Relaxing bath salts
  10. Comfy slippers
  11. Re-usable sewing box

You can use it as after-use sewing box to store needle, bobins, etc.