How to make a cheap fruit hamper?

Some people love to be creative when it comes to gifts. Sometimes they just buy something from market and use creative ideas to wrap the gift uniquely while others try to get things creatively assembled in a beautiful gift hamper. Whichever type of person you are, it is important for you to consider how can you make a cheap gift hamper by being creative at the same time. There are various types of gift hampers available in online stores ready to burst happiness in the lives of your lvoed ones. Whereas if you are artistic yourself then you should not fall at the hands of retailers. Fruit Hampers UK are quite popular these days. You can design your own hamper as per your needs and requirements of the occasion. So how can one make an exclusive gift basket of fruits that does not cost you much.

8_fruit hamperTo begin with, you must know where to get the basic supplies for the package. The market is filled with all types of fruit variety but it is upto you where can you get quality and nutritious fruits that are fresh as well as cheap. For this instead of going to separate shops, you can visit retail stores, or hypermarkets as they are much cheaper than usual markets. Some of them might give you packages at discounted rates. So get your search on to these super stores to find the best quality fruits at cheap prices.

Then comes the decorative items that you need beforehand when designing your basket. For this purpose you must decide earlier what type of decoration will you do so that you buy only those things that are required and avoid extra spending. Things that you need for decorating are easily available in the market and sometimes you can find them in your home too. These are ribbons, bows, flowers, Wicker basket, shredded paper, sealable plastic gift wrapper, scissors and of course fruits.

One thing you can be creative with is the fruits selection. Instead of going with simple fruits like apples, bananas and oranges, try some different varieties of fruits like guava, pomegranate, plum, peaches etc. If you can find off season fruits in the market then it would also be delightful since it would enhance the variety of your fruit hamper.

5_border fruit hampers

Now take your wicket basket and fill it with colored shredded paper. Then arrange the fruits on top of it in such a way that they are represented in different colors. Do not put same colored fruits together. Also while keeping fruits, put the hard ones in the base and soft fruits on top so that they are not perished at all. Use shiny wrapping strips and spread them in between the fruits to give them elegant look.

Now put the gift basket in the middle of the wrapping paper. Bring all corners of the wrapping paper in the centre like you make a pony tail. Then you tie it up with a colorful ribbon and make a bow. If you have bought a bow then you can use it as well otherwise you can easily make a bow of the ribbon yourself. Also use flowers if possible to embellish the basket. Flowers make an exotic look and make the basket more enchanting.

You can also do a little search online to find various fruit hampers UK to get an idea about decorating your own basket. This will enhance your creativity and you will be able to get something exquisite yourself. After making the fruit hamper, you must also deliver it carefully since fruits are perishable commodities and need special care and attention.