How to Make a Gift Hamper

Gift hampers are typically baskets in which you can arrange gifts for someone on special occasions. Gift hampers are ideal for occasions like birthdays, wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, graduation, etc.

The design of the hamper will depend on who is the potential recipient: whether to fill it with less costly trinkets or more expensive exotic items. Hampers should contain items woven around a theme and also make the recipient feel appreciated and special.

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Here are a few ideas for making a great gift hamper:

  • Gifts for Women: There are a variety of gifts that can be given inside hampers for occasions like Grandmother’s day and Mother’s Day. A hamper for a woman can contain perfumes and aromatic lotions. Also, you can add in bath items like bath beads, bubble bath and loofah meant for the exfoliation of dead skin cells. To add glitter to the hamper, throw in some necklaces, rings or personalized bracelets.

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  • Gifts for Men: The hamper for a man can contain items such as tie and dress shirt or a small briefcase. Throw in a belt and wallet. Other suitable hamper gifts for a man are razor blades, shaving cream, after shave, etc, all packed in a shaving kit. One can also get embossed words like ‘The Best Dad in the World’, on cups, pens, and even belt buckles. This will surely leave the man feeling ecstatic.
  • Food Gifts: One can create a delicious food hamper by including items like chocolate, nuts and fruits. Other specialties include wine and champagne along with cheese, cakes, cookies, pretzels and chips. Also, to tease the palates of the recipients are pies, toffee, caramel pop corn, lollipops and sausages. You can also add a personal touch by including food items you have prepared at home, especially in a hamper meant for a kid headed out to college far away.

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  • Gifts for Kids: For toddlers and small kids, you can assemble a gift hamper full of toy cars, dolls, ballerina dress for the girls and super hero outfits for the boys. A kid will also appreciate personalized picture frames, towels, name badges, mugs and cups. Girls will love hampers filled with dolls and dolls house items. One can also make colourful hampers by filling them with crayons, jump ropes and teddy bears. Children’s hampers can include board games suited to their age group, as well as musical instruments like toy guitar or toy organ.


  • Gifts for Babies: For a baby, you can put together items like baby books, baby shampoo and baby blankets. One can also add items like pacifiers, baby booties, decorations for baby’s room as well as baby bottles.
  • Corporate Gift Baskets: These are meant for employees, co-workers or business associates. These are given to express appreciation, enhance motivation or close a deal. Most popular corporate gift baskets have a food theme with gourmet food, wine and chocolates. They must not be mistaken for office gifts which are, basically, hampers containing items with promotional content like ads and logos.


These are some of the ideas for a gift hamper such as birthday hampers in UK. The quality of a good gift hamper depends on the thoughtfulness of the giver and efforts made to assemble it, if created by the giver.

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