Food hampers for Christmas gifts have been always regarded as a traditional British gift. They are a great way to convey prayers, wishes and greetings in the Christmas season, and to bring the tidings of joy.

Like all traditions, Christmas food hampers have a memorable history. The French had introduced them to the British Isles, and, in fact, the word ‘Hampers’ is derived from the French term ‘Hanapier’- which actually means a container for goblets. Hampers in wicker baskets carrying treats and gourmet foods have been attributed to originate in times of William the Conqueror.

Initially, the hamper was used as means of transporting delicious dishes and tempting delicacies for consuming personally while travelling. Finally, the Victorians were those who altered hampers from personalized storage units to a wide variety of luxury gifts for others to enjoy.

christmas hampers

When the railways started functioning, the idea of sending goodies to relatives and friends living in far flung places began gaining currency. Another idea was for employers who treated their employees with hampers of fine foods and delicacies so that their Christmas was joyful and festive.

There is nothing more amazing than getting a Christmas hamper with fine food and wine. For instance, food hampers may contain gourmet biscuits, crackers, special teas, cured salmon, brandy butter, cranberry sauce, luxury chocolates, wine and champagne.

Hampers arrive in varying shapes and sizes. The most popular hampers are in the form of a wicker box with a lid. They are well liked as they can be used as storage boxes after the contents have been consumed. But there are many types of hamper boxes other than wicker hampers like those made of wood, card and leather.

It is important that you choose your packaging early as these are usually in short supply as the Christmas Day approaches. They tend to go out of stock in the mid of the season. For personalized hamper packaging, there are many shops in the UK who will do the needful.

Once you buy your package, the next task is to fill it. These are some tips:

• For filling, you require padding like tissue, cellophane and shreds. Line the box with cellophane and add on top, some tissue.

• For added effect, you can spray some pout-pourri over the contents.

• Remember to do a test run of packaging some of your groceries in the basket before setting out to buy contents for the hamper. This will give an idea of how much will fit in the hamper basket.

• Once you purchase all the products (gourmet food and wine), make a plan on how to fit them in the hamper. One idea is to arrange them in piles of sturdy, medium and delicate.

• The best way is to pack the rigid and heaviest items at the bottom like bottles, making sure they are tightly packed with plenty of padding, but the labels must show.

• Next start layering the hamper. To be safe, wrap breakable bottles with bubble wrap.

• Fragile items like puddings, mince pies, and crackers must be placed on the top, to avoid being crushed.

• To give a luxurious look, line the hamper with stylish paper like golden ones.

• If you don’t want to assemble the hampers yourself, then, there are many options of sending cheap hampers in UK through online purchase.