Not ones of the usual gift hampers for women

When it comes to choosing a nice and a cozy gift for the lady of your life you often run short of ideas. Men find it extremely daunting to find a picture perfect gift for his girl. The reason being women are very choosy about everything under the sun. The fairer sex always looks for the finer or more intricate things in life.

Here is presenting you with some not so much of the usual kind of innovative gift hampers for women:

Candle light dinner at a five star hotel

Are you planning to celebrate your wife’s birthday in style? What better way can be than taking her to the most posh five star hotel in town? The welcome drink, surprise cake and a bouquet of flowers to greet her upon arrival is the most romantic way by which you can celebrate her most special day with class and elegance. Then both of you get ducked away to the corner of the candle lit eat-away area. You can order the table at a special place facing a garden or a picturesque avenue. Your wife looks at the stars while you feed her every morsel of the delightful dinner. It is a gift that can make up a life time.

Vacation spots

The girl-friend whom you love from the bottom of your heart has been yearning to take to trip to the Alps located in Switzerland. You can give her a surprise birthday gift by giving her two flight tickets to the dream locale. You book tickets with the three star hotel inclusive of a bed and breakfast deal. And you can receive her at the airport with a bouquet of exotic flowers. You can make the onlookers gleam with envy with this thoughtful and the most romantic surprise you plan for your girl.


Get your darling wife a pair of platinum love bands. She is after all celebrating her 25th birthday which is once in a life time occasion. She has been taking care of your needs inch by inch every day. Why don’t you flatter her for once in a big way? Go for the expensive gift and see how the relationship between the two of you sparks up. She will also realize how much you love her and care of her. A diamond or a platinum connoisseur can last an entire life time.


Is she fond of rejuvenating herself from head to toe in a sophisticated spa salon? Go, take her to one. A body scrub, massage and a shower at the end will make her special day even more worth remembering. She will also not forget the ginger lemon tea she is served with at the end of the 2 hour long magical and invigorating session at the spa.

lollToo good a gift to give your partner for either ear marking her birthday or to celebrate both of yours’ wedding anniversary in style.

Goodie bag

To make your girlfriend’s birthday extra special you can fill the hamper with cookies, chocolates, flowers, scented candles, perfumes, CD/DVD’s, make up kit and a plush greeting card. She will go on all fours’ in admiration with yoursuper exciting gift combo.

These gifts never enter our mind at the last minute. These rare and exclusive gifts can surely take your partner by a complete surprise. And she remembers it forever.