Gift Basket Ideas for Women

Women have different tastes and preferences as compared to men and thankfully have far greater options when it comes to gifts. This is what makes the gift baskets for women such a wonderful and sought after idea. If you are well aware of the woman’s likes and interests, for whom this basket this intended, then you have a lot of fun in putting one together as you know that she is going to not only like it but love it. Gift hampers for women can include anything from a spa treatment to their favourite wines or chocolates or even fruits for someone who is extremely health conscious.

31_gift for women

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the best gift basket for the woman in your life. All you need is bit of creativity and a little thought into what she likes and enjoys. Once you have that figured out, putting a basket together will be much more fun now that you know that she will love the effort you put in to create this special gift for her.

Here are some gift ideas for the women gift hampers that will give you a kick start to plan your next gift.

31_spa basket

Spa Gift Basket

A woman can never say no to an evening of relaxation at nowhere else but her own house. You can give her a refreshing evening of fine wine with bubble bath and good quality skin moisturizer to make her feel rejuvenated and cared for. Renew her spirit by gifting her not just a hamper, but giving a whole new experience of being calm and comfortable and hours of relaxation after a long day at work.

Hobbies basket

If your lady enjoys cooking or movies, how about putting together a basket with an assortment of her favourite collection along with other accessories that make up a movie experience. You can also give her exotic ingredients to excel her culinary skills and make you some of her tasty treats from the basket that you designed for her. She can never say no to something like that!

31_tea basketTea and coffee basket

Who doesn’t like a sip of hot green tea while cuddling to a book or a sip of exotic coffee after a long night sleep? The women will enjoy waking up to the soft aroma of these specialized teas and coffee, which will always remind them of you whenever they brew their favourite beverage. Add more zing to her life by thinking different and giving her something that she would never expect to get from you.

The idea of giving someone gifts is to show that you care and that you want to touch their lives in whatever little ways you can. When you put so much thought and heart into giving her an exceptional experience through your gifts, then you can rest assured that it will not fail to please her. Just be creative and take help from the professionals, if needed, to give her that perfect hamper.

Celebrate Your Child’s Achievement in Style

There is no comparison to the pride parents feel when a child achieves something. It can be the utterance of the first word or graduation from college. Whatever the occasion, a son or daughter’s achievement gives the parents more satisfaction and happiness than their own achievements. Research has found that children do well under praise than criticism. Celebrating your child’s achievements is a good way to make them feel proud of what they have achieved and will make them inspired to do more. There are a thousand ways you can celebrate your child’s achievement. It does not have to be an expensive affair. Below are a few such ideas you can do as a family.

20_hamper by post

Giving Time

The best gift to your child is your time. Take time to listen to your child and understand. When you are praising the child and inspiring him to do more, make sure you are not adding extra pressure on the child. Always emphasize on performing his or her best and not on results. Spending time with your child talking about what they have done well makes the children understand you notice and care about them. This is, especially, true if you are a busy parent.


Buying a gift for a child when he does something out of ordinary will also make him understand you notice and appreciate his efforts. It is important that you appreciate the effort he put into the task rather than the result he achieved. When we were young, our parents set us tasks and when we completed them, we would be able to pick up gifts from our corner shop. The gift does not have to be an expensive one. If your child is interested in reading books, you can even buy used books from the garage sales or car boot sales. If your child is interested in music, you can get him or her, a musical instrument. The gifting ideas for children are many. You can sit with your child and choose a gift from eBay or Amazon. You can buy tickets for a day out at the zoo or a play park or a resort like legoland or Disneyland.

What If You Are Away

It is much more difficult for you if you are a parent who has to be always on the travel. When you are away a lot of time, it is difficult to make the children understand you notice their achievements and are proud of them. In such a case, you can still give something to your child as a token of appreciation. Even though, you can send out a message or email in a jiffy, it will mean more to your child if you can take the time out and send a hand written congratulations note. You can also order chocolate hampers from online gift delivery services. If you are sending gift hampers by post, you should add a personal note to the gift and combine it along with a phone call. When you talk, make sure to listen to your child explain about his or her achievement.

Best Gifting Ideas for Your Significant Other

It does not have to be your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day to surprise your spouse with a surprise. Any day is a good day to show your spouse you care. It is certainly not necessary that you have to shower him or her with expensive gifts to show you love and care. Simple acts speak more than expensive and store bought gifts. It is true that none of us have a lot of time on our hands with the work stress. But to show your partner your love and commitment, it does not have to be a drawn out matter. Below are few ideas you can use to make your man or woman happy and surprised.

21_women gift

When we have a smooth going relationship, we tend to forget to express our appreciation for our significant other and take the person for granted. This is when arguments crop up, fights break out and the relationship starts to sizzle away. You can show your partner you appreciate him or her by simple gestures like taking on her routine chores for a day or by surprising him or her with a special treat. It is commonly said that it is quite difficult to decide what to gift a woman. The gift does not have to be expensive or perfect. A bunch of her favourite flowers or a dinner reservation in her favourite restaurant when there is no special occasion will convey the message. You can also find a gift hamper for women in online gifting shops or you can make your own gift hamper with some of her favourite foods and wine.

The Gift of Time

The gift does not have to be something your partner will enjoy by themselves. A gift that will be most appreciated is your time. Spending time together in a pleasant environment will go a long way in strengthening a relationship. You can gift yourselves a ticket for the latest opera in town and follow it up with a dinner. You can try to remember the things you used to do when you first met or when you were dating and redo a few of your favourite memories. For instance, if there was a restaurant you used to meet in, find out how the restaurant is faring now and make it a date by visiting the restaurant again. Get some DVDs of your partner’s favourite movie and create a movie night in your just for the two of you. If you have children, ask your friends or family to look after the kids for a day and spend exclusive time with each other.

Communication is the most important factor to keep a relationship healthy. Misunderstandings become common when there is no direct communication between partners. This holds not only in the case of married people, but across the society in any relationship. You do not have to talk every hour of the day to stay in touch, but spending a little time together at the end of the day discussing problems and memories is the best gift you can give to each other.

Gifting is more than just about money

Gifting has been an important part of many social gatherings. This tradition has been prevalent from a very long time. Just the type of gifts exchanged has changed. Take, for example, cavemen. When one man was skilled in hunting animals and another was skilled in curing people of diseases, barter system was followed and they gifted each other something that the other did not possess. Skip a few thousand years later and we had kings and queens of various nations trying to make peace and build relations with neighbouring countries by gifting the exotic and the precious. Some people gifted purebred horses while others gifted parcels of land. In the present generation, the gamut of gifts available for exchange is large and diverse. And with an increasingly complex list of gifts available in the market, the art of exchanging gifts too has become more complex!

13_cheap choclate hampers

Many people spend hours in choosing the right gift and attractively gift-wrapping them for their loved ones. But some people have doubts when it comes to selecting the right gift. A 5-year-old may crave the cheap chocolate hampers in bright purple and orange hues that are set in confectionery stores, but their relatives may wonder – are those hampers really good enough? So, what they may end up gifting is a space toy with many complex buttons, which the child may not want, but has to accept nevertheless!

Here are some useful tips for you to choose the right gift:

  • See what is preferred by peers of the person whom you are gifting something to. Take, for example, a girl who is just blooming into adulthood. Do you think a copy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will do the trick? It may have when she was 12 but not anymore! She may hang out with young girls of her age who are now more interested in experimenting with makeup kits and fashionable hand bags so these may be good options for you.
  • Not all people fit in a group, though. Some think predictably and are easier to choose a gift for. Stoic men, who enjoy a glass of port every night, will enjoy a bottle of good, vintage port. But some people are hard to categorize. They are unexpected. This may make them all the more dear but tough to buy gifts for! So get to know the person better and spot something they show interested in (usually from their hobbies) and gift them something accordingly.
  • Gifts are not always measured by their monetary value. Some gifts hold special places in hearts because of the memories they bring back or because at a particular time, that gift meant something very special. Something in blue for the bride at the wedding, something in pink for a girl on her first date – it’s important to think from the heart for romantic and sentimental occasions to hit the jackpot with your loved one!

So, gifting is not really that difficult if you know a person reasonably well and open your heart (along with your wallet!) when the occasion demands it!

Making gifts more attractive

A gift is an expression of the thoughts and love a person has for the person to whom the gift is being given. Some people gift extraordinary things like a vacuum cleaner or an apron! But the thought behind the gift may be simply touching. A son may see his mother struggle with a mop each day to keep the apartment clean and decides to gift a vacuum cleaner. A husband may see his wife working long hours at work, and then, come to the kitchen to prepare a meal, struggling with washcloths to cook as neatly as possible to avoid stains on her clothes. He may not be able to cook for her, but he can make cooking a little less tedious with that apron!

12_making gift more attractive

How can you do to make those simple gifts look a little more attractive? Birthday hampers in UK for babies are just as bulky as they are in any other country. You have so many items included in them like bottles of lotion and shampoo to cute, printed baby pyjamas. But do you just have to dump it in front of you friend or wife? Not necessarily! You can make the gift look more attractive and special with these few simple tips.

  • Wrapping a bow on top of anything always gives it a cherished feel. So talking about a baby hamper, you need not wrap each item separately to make it extra special. Instead, put them all in a large, simple wicker basket, wrap the whole thing with a soft, netted piece of cloth in a bright colour such as gold or baby pink and put a satin bow on top!
  • Put a thoughtful card with the gift. Even if you don’t wrap the gift, you can envelope your child, spouse, parent or gift with love when you write a few caring words expressing yourself to the person who you care enough to give a gift. The words need not be poetic. Just as long as you let them know that they hold a special place in your mind and heart, even the mundane seems poetic!

12_birthday hampers

  • Set a good atmosphere when you present the gift. Surprises, usually, do the trick. The transformation of a person’s normal face to an astonishingly happy one leaves you also with a smile on your face! When it comes to romantic gifts, you could light a scented candle or two; arrange an exclusive date at home or in a restaurant and give the gift when you both are in a mellow mood.
  • When the time comes to make the gift, try doing it yourself rather than making someone else do it. A butler is fine to hold out the chair for your lady love in a swanky restaurant and open an expensive bottle of champagne. But, if you are planning to gift something as outrageous as a rock-sized diamond ring or something as sweetly simple as a rose, it’s better you personally hand it to her and not through the butler!

So the value of the gift really lies in the thoughts of the person making the gift! Make your gift count more with your gestures than just their retail value.

How to Make This Birthday Memorable

Birthday is one of the most important days in a year not only for the birthday boy/girl, but for the loved ones around too. Birthdays celebrate the happiness the person brings into the lives of everyone around. With all the school work and office work, arranging a birthday party might seem like a huge task. But it does not have to be stressful. Here are a few ideas to make your loved one’s birthday memorable. Party is not the only way to celebrate the day. It is not necessary to invite a huge crowd to make your loved one feel special. If you are celebrating the birthday of your child, inviting a select few of his friends will suffice. By limiting the number of people you call, you will be able to plan the party better so that each and every one who attends the party will remember it for a long time.

8_How to Make This Birthday Memorable


Decide on the number of people and the date of the party. Having the party on a weekend will make it easy for everyone to attend. You can choose a theme and get the invitations printed using a downloaded template or you can go personal with handmade invitations. If it is your child’s birthday party, encourage your child to pen a few words on the invitation.


The one thing that is quite important in a birthday party is the cake. If you can bake the amount of cake required for your party, you can take it upon yourself to bake the birthday cake. Or, you can order it online from a gift delivery online Shoppe. You can even order birthday cake hampers that come with a toy, chocolate or flowers in addition to cake of your choice as a gift for the birthday boy or girl. When you are ordering the cake, ensure the quantity will be enough for your party crowd. If you are getting a customized cake with pictures for the birthday boy or girl to cut, you can also order another simple cake to feed the party as picture cakes or themed cakes are often too expensive.



After cake, you will have to think about food. You can decide the amount of food you want to arrange. You can simply have some drinks, pasties or crisps with the cake and call it a day or you can go all out and arrange a full spread by calling a catering service. If it is a children’s party, you can order pizzas from a nearby restaurant that can deliver it at the right time so that the food will stay warm.


Entertainment Ideas

Party is not only about cake and food. People who come to the party should have a great time. Depending on the age of people you have invited, you should plan ahead for games. If the party will have tweens and teens, you can try your hand at being a DJ, provided you have the required space at home. You can plan some games that will engage the children for a little while.


Return Gifts

You can plan to give the children return gifts depending on your budget. It can be a simple pencil box or a game set wrapped nicely. Make sure you put the gifts in bags so that your visitors can take it with them comfortably.

8_returned gift

How to Choose a Gift for Every Occasion

You do not need an occasion to surprise your loved ones with a gift. But it is important that you choose the right gift during the important occasions to make the days memorable. Action speaks louder than words. A thoughtful gift can show the recipient that you care about them. Birthdays are not the only event when you will need to choose gifts for loved ones. Every event brings with it different emotions and you have to choose a gift according to the importance of the occasion.

7_cadbary hampers

A gift always takes more value when you are there to deliver it. But sometimes, it becomes impossible to do that. The reason could be work stress or other family problems. You might have to travel an impossible distance to attend an event. In such cases, the next best option is to get the gift delivered at the right time. There are many gift delivery services in UK. These services can deliver the gift on the chosen day. Do not forget to add a personalized message, which will make the recipient feel more valued. Make a phone call around the time you expect the gift to reach and convey your wishes and greetings personally too.

The online gift shops have a huge collection of gifts for you to choose from. Remember to choose a gift that is appropriate for the recipient. While flowers are good choices for most occasions, it will not make the best choice if you are choosing a gift for a ten year boy’s birthday. Below are simple gifting ideas for certain occasions.

Gifting Suggestions

Valentine is the time of the year to show your loved ones your appreciation of them. It can be your new girlfriend or your husband of fifty years or your children. A valentine gift does not have to be covered in hearts and red. It can be a simple toy for your child or an elegant piece of jewellery for your partner. It can be a cake that your girlfriend loves the most. Christmas is the time for gifts. It is the time when you might have to choose gifts for people you do not know much about. In cases, when you do not know the likes and dislikes of the recipient, it is best to stick to generic gifts. Chocolates and flowers do well in most of the occasions. It can convey a message of happiness, which is apt for any moment of celebration. You can buy Cadbury hampers in UK from many of the online gift shops with delivery services and choose the right time for delivery.

Chocolates will do well as a message of congratulations too. Chocolate hampers can be sent to convey congratulations to a new graduate or a new parent. If you are choosing gifts for a patient, remember to check with the hospital if there are restrictions on gifts you can send. Fruit baskets and flowers are most suitable to convey the message of Get Well Soon. Whatever the occasion, do not forget to add a personalized message with your gift.

Wedding hamper ideas that work

Weddings are all about celebration symbolizing the start of a journey of love and caring of a couple. It may be true that marriages are made in heaven but weddings are surely celebrated with pomp and show right here on Earth. Weddings are occasions when family members travel far and wide to congratulate the newly-wed couple and join in the celebrations with unrestrained joy and unfettered mirth. These are also times when a couple start on the journey of conjugal bliss and friends and relatives shower them with gifts galore wishing them a lifetime of joy and happiness ahead.

5_wedding hampers

When it comes to gifts, hampers make for lovely gifts because these are veritable bundles of joy that recipients look forward to with bated breath. There is also a very wide choice of gift items that you can put inside a hamper that a lovely new couple would enjoy to open up and cherish. These hampers generally come ensconced in splendid wicker baskets with alluring trimmings that add to the attractiveness of the hamper. Flowers and lace are also popular accompaniments to hampers that can easily enhance the look and feel of hampers.

One of the most appealing gifts that couples get are sweet hampers that are given as a symbol of the sweet journey of marital bliss that the newly-weds are embarking on. An assortment of Belgian or Swiss chocolates along with a thoughtfully worded card and lovely flowers are what happy memories are made of. After all, who would not like to handpick a specially crafted gift for a wedding that the couple would cherish for a lifetime? It is no wonder then that people spend hours in stores trying to put together a hamper that is fit for royalty.

If you are looking for wedding hampers in UK, you do not have to look very far to come up with a lovely wedding hamper. Look online and you will be surprised at the wide range of ideas as well as items that can go into a hamper. For one, you can combine electronic gadgets with chocolates or flowers to delight the newly wedded couple. It may be a good idea to camouflage the gadget amid the chocolates as a kind of surprise the couple who open the hamper expecting just chocolates but later realize that an expensive gadget was awaiting them deep inside the hamper.

Weddings are a time when large families and friends come together to wish the couple all the very best. Gift hampers afford the flexibility of being as lavish or as practical as your budget may allow. If you look online, you can get the choicest gift ideas at reasonable prices to ensure that the uniqueness and attractiveness of your gift hamper is not constrained by the size of your budget. You can avail of the hefty discounts and offers that are available every now and then, even though you may have to spend some time and energy looking up online. Weddings don’t happen every day and it makes sense to spare no effort in getting together the best wedding gift hamper that your creativity can conjure!

Chocolate hampers that light up your life with joy

Is it said that chocolate can lift the spirits and heighten the lowest of moods? There are millions of folks who swear by chocolate as being an inimitable ingredient for elevating one’s state of wellbeing, to the extent that it is almost considered therapeutic. Lovers will also readily attest to that fact that there is nothing quite like a hamper of chocolates that can win the heart of one’s spouse or girlfriend. You also associate chocolates with celebrations because these delectable treats invariably add to the joy and mirth of Christmas and Easter or birthdays and felicitations for that matter.

1_Cadbury chocolate hampers

When it comes to chocolates, Cadbury is one of the most coveted and well known brands across the globe. You mention the name of Cadbury and it is enough to light up with smiles faces of kids and adults alike. And if you were to gift a chocolate hamper, you can well imagine the extent to which the delight and joy would be magnified. It is not surprising then that Cadbury chocolate hampers constitute one of the very best and topmost gifts, as well as reward ideas in a home or corporate context.

If you are throwing a party, getting a chocolate hamper to regale your guests is a fabulous idea. Once the dinner is over and drinks have been served, you can rustle up the chocolates with a flourish, to the squeals of delight that are bound to accompany the sight of the hamper. You can bet that your guests, young and old would surely remember you with fondness and love on account of your thoughtful generosity in serving up a wide variety of Cadbury chocolates.

Cadbury chocolates also have the added benefit in the wide variety that these afford. While everyone loves and ravishes Dairy Milk bars with unbridled gusto, you can also choose from a huge range of dark, light, rose, heroes or Gems that are loved and enjoyed the world over. Creating a kid’s chocolate hamper is such a joy even for adults as the very task of choosing chocolates is enough to transport you to a magical and almost fairytale world. Chocolates are quite age neutral, and whether you are eight or eighty, a chocolate hamper is a coveted gift across all age bands.

We live in a world of customization and individuality. Keeping this in mind, Cadbury gives you the option of not only selecting from a range of chocolates, but also creating personalized chocolates to go into your gift hamper. You just have to go online and click on a menu based chocolate personalization process to come up with a chocolate that bears the unmistakable stamp of your personal creativity and ingenuity. The joy of a wedding anniversary or your spouse’s birthday can be immeasurably enhanced by exerting a wee bit of effort in customizing chocolates for your loved one.

Chocolates as gifts are a sure shot way of expressing love and affection for your near and dear ones. There are also a lot of corporate entities that send across chocolate hampers to clients and vendors during the festive season. With chocolates, you are sure of always being right!

Sweet & Cheap Wedding Gifts

A wedding gift is very special as it reminds the couple about the love and wishful prayers from the giver. A wedding gift should be such that it becomes a part of couple’s memorable gifts. Buying a random gift that is expensive but of no value to the couple is wastage of money. Also a wedding gift whether expensive or cheap, given with love and affection and lots of prayers for the couple’s prosperous marriage is of exceptional value. A gift’s value cannot be measured by its price tag but by the way it is presented to the recipient. Thus, if you cannot afford to buy an expensive wedding gift, then you can surely go with cheap gifts that are inexpensive but are very attractive. There are various retailers who offer cheap and affordable wedding hampers UK and would make a delightful wedding gift.

7_wedding hamper

Bring some light into the life of the blessed couple by gifting them a set of personalized candles. Candles represent a ray of hope and a wishful prayer for the lovely couple. Personalized candles are very attractive and they come in various styles with your message printed on them. They can become as a decoration piece of the couple’s house shelf. Every time it is blown, it will remind them of you in good memories.

Crystal blocks with loving message imprinted in them or you can get the couple’s name imprinted in it with a heart to mark their endless love for life. These crystal blocks will make a fascinating decoration item into their drying room or bedroom and would be a vital item of their delicate collections. Gifting a crystal block shows the delicacy of their relationship and how beautifully it is carved with their love.

Stem flutes customized with your best wishes message imprinted on them would be an exclusive gift even at low price. No one would judge your gift for its price since it contains your heartiest wishes in a beautiful form. These flutes with heart shaped crafter stems would be an amusing gift for a wedding of your loved one.

A set of personalized mugs with special messages imprinted on them in funky inks would be a gorgeous gift. They would remind them of you every day when they will sip their coffee together or enjoy their morning tea in breakfast. The mugs are a great keepsake and they can be used in home to keep pens or makeup pencils etc.

If you know they are coffee lovers, then a coffee hamper will be the best idea as a wedding gift. A coffee hamper containing high quality coffee brands, accompanied by chocolate bars, and a tea packet also would make it a grand gift hamper. You can choose various combinations of coffee like a jar of one brand, small sachets of another brand, two to three chocolate bars of different brands, and a tea pack or jar. You can easily search coffee hampers online as they are widely available online at cheap rates.

Another fascinating gift can be a personalized jewelry heart gift box. This angelic box can be personalized with a message of your own imprinted on it. This delicate box will be the most fascinating item of their dressing table. Whenever she will use it to keep her jewelry, it will remind her of your remarkable choice.

A small Spa Bath Tub containing some tantalizing skin care items with mesmerizing fragrance to enthrall your bathroom ambiance. The exquisite collection of body soap, body lotion, butter and spray are a great pampering gift and would give you a lavish experience with their exceptional quality.

All these wedding hampers uk are quite cheap, easy to get and also have presentable value for the couple getting married. Your gift won’t be any less than an expensive gift because it is chosen with blissful emotions.