Factors of consideration for selection of the hampers

Hampers are an essential commodity in our lives. Every month may be due to some festival or due to a special event in the list; hampers are circulated amongst the loved ones. It becomes essential to realize the hampers we gift should be perfectly apt for the receiver and the situation. Realizing some essential factors, which are to be borne in mind while selecting a hamper, can be useful in facilitating hamper selection.


Budget is a very crucial factor, which decides on the type of hamper. If your budget is low, you can consider many options like cheap chocolate hampers in UK. These hampers are pretty flexible. They constitute chocolates, which can be arranged according to the budget of an individual. Many other such hampers are available in the market, which can be customized according to the budget. This ensures your gifting needs do not shrink because of your budget.


The content of the hamper is really important. It is important the hamper consists of right number of items, which make it feel loaded but not overloaded at the same time. In situations wherein, you cannot realize the apt number of items or if you are not a person, who can select gifts perfectly, already designed gift hampers can be considered to ensure you need not stress about the contents of the hamper.

6_Factors of consideration for selection of the hampers


Receiver is the reason why this gift selection process is being carried out. Hence, it is important to keep in mind the receiver’s interest, priorities and interests before gifting. Various hampers like spa care packages, beauty packages, and sports gift baskets etc can be extremely suitable for individuals, who have a unique interest in such fields.

No matter, how good and expensive the gift may be, until and unless, it satisfies your receiver, it is just next to useless. Thus, selecting gift hampers solely on the basis of the receiver is best advised.


Some people may be extremely brand conscious and may prefer branded items over others. In such situations, it becomes essential for an individual to consider hampers, which include distinguished branded items. These hampers may be costly but are bound to satisfy most of the individuals.

People, who present branded items to their near and dear ones, are known to be extra caring and loving compared to, who don’t. These branded products are available on different online stores, to facilitate the feature of instant and convenient shopping.


A gift may include some really cheap items, but the packaging has to be unique and attractive. Conceptual packaging is a new form of packaging wherein the packaging depicts the utility of the gift and the occasion. Costly hampers have minimized impact, without proper packaging.


The process, how the gift is presented to the receiver also holds some credentials. It is important to consider an appropriate mode to present hampers in the most suitable way. Personally gifting them the hamper is the best available option. In case, you reside far off places, you can consider different online portals for home delivery to your receivers.

The best way to enter one’s heart is through his mouth

Festivals are the special occasions for which the custom had been the gifting of items to the relations that we adore and respect. Out of the various options for gifting, food hampers probably happen to be one of the most popular types. One can select some food stuffs from varied options and subsequently can present the same as a gift. The market also has the availability of such hampers that are pre-designed. In the case, one decides to go for gifting food hampers, it is to be ensured that those stuffs are chosen very carefully and they include those items that the recipient might like.

10_cheap food hamper

The reasons to go for gifting food hamper

Ready made food hampers are considered to be the perfect item for gifts on occasions like Christmas or even personal events like birthday, anniversary, etc. Good numbers of stores exists online to offer the availability of the hampers that are stylishly designed. One gets the complete liberty to pack the hampers with the stuffs that the recipient of the gift might like and further the hampers can also be customized as per the buyers need and request. There can be no way better to reflect the feeling that one has for his adored ones.

What can these hampers contain?

A set of factors requires to be considered before to select the hamper of any type or combination. The person sending the gift needs to keep in his mind that event or the occasion for which he is presenting the same. Also, the taste and the preferences of the receiver has role to play here. The options for the hampers to contain can be of varied types like dried fruits, confectioneries, party snacks or chocolates. In case the receiver prefers wines, the options can be either of red wines or other premium quality of wines. The combination of food stuffs and win can equally make the recipient to feel it’s the day of his. One has the option to choose from wide artistic workouts to select as the boxes or the basket for the hampers. The type of the wrapper also gets decided by the type of the contents it has to contain. Once the hamper is filled with the appropriate stuffs and gets packed properly, one can easily send the same at the doorsteps of his relatives or peers. The best part with these gift items are that they come with wide price ranges. For this, one can go for gifting food hampers even if he has a constraint of budget.

The reason for the growing popularity of the food hampers

These days, we have the availability of gif companies which not only offer us with cheap food hamper, but they arrange to deliver the same to the recipient. These companies have their own network and arrangement to deliver the presentation to any corner of the globe. These companies are dragging upon it the attention and interest of people when it comes their turn and time to make a gifting. No wonder, their popularity is growing up day after day.

Planning birthday parties for special ones

Birthday is a really special occasion in all our lives. It is a day to celebrate the existence of ourselves and our near and dear ones around us. Each and every individual may be a friend or an enemy holds significance on his/her birthday. It is our due responsibility to make the event a really exciting one, to ensure ultimate experience for the birthday boy/girl.

There is no age limit for birthday parties. People, nowadays, celebrate birthdays of their grandparents in a very grand manner, to reflect their love towards them. For kids, the occasion becomes even more special. For all type of birthday parties, there are some series of steps, which are to be followed to make it grand and special. These steps are as follows-

Location and decoration  

If your budget is not too high and you want to involve only selected family members into the occasion, you can prefer celebrating birthday at home. It ensures convenience and maximum privacy. It is quite suitable for families, who like spending time amongst them. Else, if you want to make the occasion extremely grand and you have a high budget set aside for the event, you can prefer a good convention hall to celebrate such an event. These events may involve a lot of guests in the form of relatives, friends and other near and dear ones.

Location and decoration1

Decoration is an important ingredient in any function. Making a collage of photographs, which incorporates major memories and some really happy events, worth remembering, can add to the decorative items. Right amount of decoration is really essential for any location. Too much decorative items can actually spoil the environment of the party. It should be based on a theme and should not be too much or too less.


Some entertaining games are really essential in an event like this. Birthday is a special event, which should involve fun and joy. Including some really special games like musical chairs, dance programs, singing programs, etc, based on the targeted age group of participants and the birthday guy can be extremely useful.


These games actually bring together the special bonding among the family members and other participants. They should be easy to arrange and should be short, as well. As a perk of participation, each individual should get special gifts for the same. The winner should get a big hamper for his efforts, to win the game organized.


Birthdays are incomplete without gifts. It becomes extremely important for an individual to select the right gift for the same. The birthday hampers in UK are quite famous and apt for such occasions. If your budget is high and you want to show extra love and care, such hampers can make the receiver feel really special. Many online websites facilitate such hampers at a very reasonable price. It is important to select the appropriate gifts by comparing different websites. Arranging some good return gifts for the individuals, who attend the party, is essential.

birthday gift (2)

The above arrangements and a special flavoured cake can complete a very entertaining party, for our near and dear ones.

Birthday cakes – best gift for loved ones

Acceptance of birthday gifts is fun, but giving birthday gifts is more exciting. The gift we choose for someone’s birthday expresses, how much we know and like the person. One of the best options for gifts is the birthday cake hampers. Children enjoy the mouth dripping cake hamper and so do the adults. Cutting of a cake is the most awaited part of a birthday celebration. Everyone like it, especially kids.

birthday cake best gift for loved

How to choose birthday cakes?

For birthday cakes, we need to know about different aspects of selection, right from frostings, toppings, flavours, and even the alternates. The main aspect is the cake flavour. Some of the common flavours include chocolate and vanilla and these are normally liked by all. Different kinds of toppings and frostings add to the look and glamour of the cake. A few other good choices are red velvet, mocha, rainbow, maple walnut, and spice cake.


There are many additives for the cakes such as almonds, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and candy bars that are crushed. Apart from adding flavour to the cake, they also give a specific texture that adds to the charm of these cakes. We could also choose fruity flavours such as pineapple, cherry, banana and strawberry. Apart from the cake choices, we can also choose cupcake varieties because it gives a wider range of options. The next aspect is to choose frostings. Widespread frosting options are dark chocolate, chocolate, vanilla, cherry chip, strawberry, and cream cheese.

Choice of toppings

There is a wide variety of topping options available in the market. We can also customize according to our preferences. We can choose something vivid and exaggerated or go for something simple and dignified, as we like. In the recent times, Airbrushing technique is an interesting method used by bakers. This includes the photograph of the birthday kid or it could be even a favourite pet. We can also choose candles, sparklers, and swirl candles as decorations on the cake, we select.

choice of toppings

Apart from the decorations and looks of the cake, when it is being presented, the most important thing is how good it tastes. This is one important thing we need to ensure that we do not compromise on. A lot of people go by the looks of the hamper and often neglect the taste factor.

Buying cake hampers online

There are many cake bakers available online. They have a variety of flavours and toppings to choose from. The cake hampers gives you a wide range of variety in themes of our choice, as you can choose the type of colour, layout and design, you want. What makes cake hampers very attractive to all is the variety of cakes available in the basket. All we need to do is specify the type of cake hamper from the website and it will be delivered on time.

Buying cake hampers online

Online shopping is convenient and very quick. It saves us a lot of time and also displays all the options available instantly facilitating easy comparison. The happiness on the person’s face that receives the cake will remain for a long time.

Best gifting options for women

Gifting to women can always be an issue to most of us. Since they have complex needs, men may find it reasonably difficult, to identify some gifts for women. It is important to understand that an individual should always consider hampers in situations, when he cannot decide a single valued gift for the receiver.

Hampers consist of variety of products, which may be related to each other or may be distinguished from each other. They match appropriately, based on the occasion for gifting, with very unique packing styles and content customization. Realizing some of the available choices in the wide range of available hampers, one can find some realistic gift for their loved ones.

best gift foe women

Chocolate hampers

Chocolates are something, which a woman loves the most. In terms expenditure, the chocolate packages can be customized according to the budget set aside for gifting. Since many distinguished chocolate brands are available, mixing and matching a few low cost ones and then, a few high cost chocolates, would makeup an ideal hamper.

choclate hampers to spread happiness

This hamper can be delivered to door steps of the receiver, without any inconvenience and extra costs. In case, you want to present the same by yourself, you can avail home delivery of the same and present it personally. Many websites feature an option, which allows individuals to add a special message in the hamper. A chocolate hamper with a suitable message can be considered as a good gifting option.

Cosmetic hampers

They are popularly referred to beauty hampers. The cosmetic hampers consists of different cosmetic products that enrich the beauty of women. It is important to select the contents of the hamper carefully, as sometimes they could create misunderstandings. In situations, when you gift an ageing cream to a woman aged 30-35 years, you are bound to be recorded in her negative books.


Since there are huge collections of cosmetic items, very few of us might actually know about the good beauty items for women. In such situations, we shall prefer hampers, which have already been designed by different online portals. This minimizes confusion and ensures the gift conveys a proper message.

Supplements and food products in hampers

Apart from beauty, women are pretty conscious on their fitness. Considering this fact, it would not be a bad idea to consider a hamper, which has the right blend of some supplements and food products. Many hampers are available in the market, which solely focus on the supplements and food products independently.

Supplements and food products in hampers

These items can be arranged in the hampers and be gifted to a special person, who needs health improvement. Different composition of items can be considered for different situations and budget.

Showpieces and cards

Women are known to preserve items carefully. Showpieces and cards tend to make bigger impression on her mind, in comparison to anything else.

Showpieces and cards

They usually preserve these items as a remembrance to the gifting person, which actually solves the purpose of gifting. A very powerful message in a good card could convey things you want to. These hampers are usually a touch expensive, compared to other hamper forms.

5 Hampers a New Mom should anticipate

Your whole world changes when you become a Mom. It is like your life has taken a U-turn and you are about to start your new life afresh. All you have to do is cherish your little angel and get blessings from your family and relatives. People congratulate you for being a mom and all are enthusiastic to welcome the little child. Relatives pay regular visits to your home to share the excitement of having a new member in the family. Thus, they bring special gifts and hampers as a gesture of love and happy wishes for your family.

There are various types of hampers or gifts you can receive from your loved ones. Usually on such occasion people tend to bring gift hampers for your new born child only and seldom you get the chance to receive a gift for yourself.However there are a few hampers discussed below that are unique and can be anticipated by new mums on this occasion.

New Baby Flowers

Women love flowers and this occasion is of special importance to them as they have entered a beautiful phase of life. Treating a new Mum with fresh flowers is a great way to welcome her to a new role. New Baby Flowers bouquet adores the relation of Mum very well and it enlightens her world in a wonderful way.


New Baby Cakes

Whether it’s a girl or boy, New Baby Cakes are like hot choice for new born. The occasion is a joyful celebration and you want to share these sweet moments with your loved ones. New born cakes are another gift one can expect to celebrate this moment. These spongy cakes are a spectacular treat as they are filled with scrumptious and nutritious ingredients that are healthy for the new mum.

New Baby Fruit Hampers

Fruits are the most wanted item for a new Mum. During pregnancy, women are advised by doctors to have fruits as they help them to maintain their metabolism and also provide nutritious values to Mum and baby as well. Thus, having fruit hampers by your loved ones is a blessed gift as you need more nutrition for your health. There are some fascinating fruit hampers UK available in the market that are assorted with freshly picked fruits and are specially decorated for these joyful occasions.

New Baby Fruit Hampers

Personalized Gifts

Mums always love to be pampered because they have been through a tough period of pregnancy. Hence, people bringing some personalized gift would be a joyful gift for you. Some personalized gifts can be a pendant with your name, a photo frame engraved with Mommy and so on.

New Baby Balloons

New Baby balloons are the most common gift. You can expect anyone to come with balloons on their visit to the hospital. However balloons show the love, and vibrant happiness you feel on having a baby in your life. Hence it is a very common to receive balloons for your new born. In fact balloons are not counted as gifts but they are an ad on to other new baby gifts like a Teddy Bear with balloons, cakes and balloons, flowers and balloons and so on.

new baby ballon

New Baby Basket

A new baby basket is typical assortment of baby usage items like Baby comforter, cute teddy bear, a baby’s dress, baby shoes and many such items for the new born. Baby baskets come with various varieties of products. Some are assorted with clothing while others can be self-made with accessories like baby lotion, powder, baby oil, baby shampoo and soap.

New Baby Basket1

There might be other hampers that new mums can receive which people can bring on this auspicious occasion but these are the most common and popular choices for a new baby celebration.


What makes a Cheap Food Hamper

When it comes to buying gift hampers on special occasions for your loved ones, food hampers are the first thing that comes in mind. Getting a food hamper for any special occasion is critical because you need to consider the contents of the hamper as per the occasion. It is essential to find tailor made food hamper for various occasions like Christmas, Anniversary, Wedding, Mother’s Day or any such special day. However it is not necessary that a food hamper should be luxurious filled with lavish collection of food items from top brands. If you can afford such hampers for every occasion of the year then well and good otherwise you need to consider the options to get cheap food hampers for your loved ones. The question is where and how to get cheap food hampers.

Cheap Food Hampers1

Well there are various ways you can find cheap food hampers or make one. A cheap food hamper does not necessarily have low quality or bad food items. It is cheap only to give you the chance to avail such marvelous collection of food items in a single hamper at reasonable prices. Various stores offer cheap food hampers that contain quality products like marmalades, farm fresh jams, chutneys, pickles, cookies, dry fruits etc. Hence there are various types of cheap food hampers available in the market that you can pick for any occasion. Like a dry fruit hamper would make a great gift on a visit to your friend’s home on Christmas Eve.

Dry fruits are winter delights and are well received at the occasion of Christmas. Then there is a collection of various chutneys, pickles, jams and marmalade in a hamper that can be gifted to your lovely mother on Mother’s day. Mums are fond of such items as they can utilize this hamper in their cooking. Then there are other food items like Gourmet muffins that can be gifted to your lovely wife on your Anniversary. All these items are neither too lavish nor too cheap yet they are affordable and make a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Another option is to make your own hamper. All you need is to collect a few food items from the market. For that you need to make a list of things you want to include in your hamper. Get those items from the market and also bring a cane basket or any such box that can be converted into a food hamper. You can decorate that basket with your creativity like using ribbons to tie the items, colored paper cuttings, a bow made of ribbon to give it a gift wrapped look.

Although this requires a little effort at your end, but it will also create a positive impact on the recipient.Making a food hamper at your own also gives you the freedom to choose items according to your wishes. However it should also be noted that no such items are included that can be damaged quickly or are perishable. Items that you can use to make a cheap food hamper could be chocolates, juices, coffee, cakes, cookies and any other such items.

If your loved one is a fruity person then a fruit basket would also make a perfect gift. Nowadays you can find trendy and stylish fruit hampers that are specially designed to greet your loved ones on special occasions. They are cheap and also very delicately decorated with fresh and exotic fruits. So whichever style of food hamper you prefer, you can always find cheap food hampers for your loved one with gorgeous food variety.

Special cookies for building memorable moments

Special cookies for building memorable moments:

Life is moving fast and so does we. People don’t have time for even a little pause. But in this rush everyone wants some quality time with friends and family too. Eating together is the best way for making memorable memories. And when it is some delicious like cookies on some snack time it would count even double. Here I am presenting two delicious chocolate cookies recipes. You can make them on birthdays, for any evening snack time, or even send them as a Christmas hamper. The concept of sending handmade hampers on Christmas is something really liked by people these days. And on the handmade hampers category sending cookies and cakes as a Christmas Hampers in UK is considered one of the best options. These recipes are easy yet delicious. Do try them out and get countless appreciations indeed.

artical 5 cookis (1)

Recipe 1:

Double up Chocolate chip cookies:

Good news for chocolate lovers. These double chocolate chip cookies are truly divine. Leaving you for craving of more bites after the first bite

What things you will need:

Serving’s size: 3 dozen. You can add or subtract in the ingredients for making more or less but keeping the ratios same.

  1. 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
  2. 1 ½ teaspoons Baking powder
  3. ¼ teaspoon salt
  4. 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  5. 6 tablespoons butter (softened)
  6. I cup white sugar
  7. 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract
  8. 2 eggs
  9. ½ cup confectioner sugar

Do it this way:

  1. Take a bowl and mix flour, salt and baking powder and put it aside.
  2. Now melt one cup of chocolate chip over very low heat. Do it slowly so that the chocolate don’t burns out.
  3. Combine cream butter and sugar.
  4. Add eggs to cream butter and sugar mixture and beat it well.
  5. Add melted chocolate and vanilla to the mixture and beat it well.
  6. Slowly add the flour mixture while folding it and add remaining chocolate chips
  7. Wrap in plastic and freeze until firm (about 20 minutes).
  8. Make small balls (1 inch); roll in confectioners’ sugar. Place on ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  9. Cool on wire rack.

Recipe 2:

Oatmeal cookies with chocolates chip drizzle

What about enjoying some chocolates chip cooking with high health benefits too? Yes its oatmeal cookies rich in fiber and minerals. Best to enjoy on breakfast too.

Serving’s size: 3 1/2 dozen. You can add or subtract in the ingredients for making more or less but keeping the ratios same.

What things you will need:

  1. 1 cup softened butter
  2. 1 cup light brown sugar
  3. ½ cup white sugar
  4. 2eggs
  5. 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  6. 1 ¼ cups all-purpose flour
  7. ½ teaspoon baking soda
  8. 1 teaspoon salt
  9. 3 cups quick cooking oats
  10. 1 cup chopped walnuts
  11. 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips.


Popular Chocolate Gift Ideas

Chocolate is the key to happiness. You will seldom find someone who does not like chocolates in one way or the other. If someone claims to hate chocolate, they are lying. You can’t hate chocolate and also you cannot ignore it. Chocolates are present in various varieties in our food items like cakes, pastries, ice cream or hampers like Cadbury Hampers UK.It is because they are one of the most commonly consumed items. In fact some countries are famous for producing quality chocolates like Swiss chocolates or Belgian chocolates. As chocolates are very famous thus they are commonly gifted among people on special occasions. Keeping in mind the popularity of chocolates here are a few gift ideas that are popular chocolate gifts.

Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate cakes are the most common type of gifts to be used among people. They are popular on occasions like Christmas, Eid, Thanksgiving, or New Year. Hence, various types of chocolate cakes are available in market that are luscious in taste and are also unique in flavors depending on the type of chocolate used in it.

cadbury hampers-choclate cake

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars are a usual pick. When going to your friend’s home or meeting your date, you can easily grab your loved one’s favorite chocolate bar on the way. They are simple, easy to get, and a great savior of relations. Yeah, gifting a chocolate bar to your loved one would let you see their gorgeous smile immediately no matter how moody they are.

Cadbury Hampers UK(p-2)

Chocolate Ice Cream

Okay it is not just kids that are crazy for chocolate flavored ice creams. Most women and even men love to lick chocolate ice creams. So when you want to enjoy a movie with your partner or going for a family dinner on weekend, you can easily pick a chocolate ice cream tub on your way as a customary gesture. This gift is especially popular among kids so whenever you want to delight a kid, a simple way is to grab him or her chocolate ice cream.


Chocolate Liquids

Have you heard or tried a chocolate shake? Well, you must if you are a fan of chocolate. You can find chocolate flavored shakes, smoothies, juices and many such vicious types of chocolate drinks in different outlets. Want to give a treat to your friend, then take him to a nearby outlet, and buy a chocolate drink.

Gourmet Chocolates

There are various bakery products that use chocolates and people love to enjoy both favorites in one go. Some of the bakery products are Gourmet Chocolate Pizza, Chocolate pastry, Chocolate brownies, chocolate muffins and many more. All these items make a good impact as a chocolate gift on special occasions like Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Anniversary.


Chocolate Hampers

Chocolate hampers are great gift for any kind of formal setting. Whether it is your official party, a Christmas gathering, a Birthday of your loved one, a wedding anniversary or a simple Thanksgiving, chocolate hampers are gorgeous gift for all such ceremonies. There are various types and varieties of chocolate hampers available in the market. Since the trend of hampers is rising, retailers are now making specialized chocolate hampers for such occasions. These hampers consist of marvelous collection of chocolates from various top brands like Nestle, Lindt, Cadbury, and Belgian. Cadbury hampers UK are one of the most popular choices among chocolate gifts. It is because their chocolates are widely loved, and have diverse variety of quality chocolates all wrapped in a single basket.


All occasions can be celebrated with joyful gifts sharing and chocolates tend to be the most widely accepted gift. They are luscious, tempting and are in exceptional variety. So whenever you want to gift someone on any occasion and cannot find the right gift, Cadbury Hampers UK would be there to save your day.

A Basket Full of Chocolates to Bring a Smile on Your Face

If you aim for ingenuity when it comes to purchasing gifts, you cannot go far away from buying exclusive chocolate hampers for your loved ones. For foodies especially, chocolates are always a very special gift to receive. Chocolates are one of those gifts that almost every one can enjoy.

Many of the online merchants have started to vend chocolate hampers – much like traditional gift hampers. You can buy chocolate hamper for cheap online in the UK. You can visualize the expression on someone’s face when they unroll their hamper to find the gift that they have been waiting for! This is the only reason why chocolate hampers make the ideal gift for sweet lovers. Let us read about some of the best treats for our friends and dear ones who love to eat chocolates from hampers.


The hampers come with the goodies:

  • Continental white and black milk chocolates
  • Mixed exceptional toffee box
  • Classic toffee, caramel and fudge collection
  • Typical fruit collection
  • Vanilla toffee continental collection
  • Mint batons classic hamper
  • Classic milk signature
  • Alpine continental bar
  • Lemmon mouse bag
  • Vanilla truffle bag

The quality of the chocolates is really good. We all know that the Thornton’s are of superb quality. It is charmed to get a box of chocolates that bring special memories of childhood.

  • The hampers come in a span of price brackets, so you will always find something that fits your budget.
  • Thornton’s chocolates are always all time favourite, so they can go into your box if you are buying a present.
  • Thornton’s chocolates can be bought for almost all occasions. You can buy them as themed hampers like friendships day, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • Some chocolate hampers come with an option of beer or whiskey. These are also for special occasions like get well soon or new baby born, etc.
  • If there is any special occasion and you have to gift something, then chocolate hampers are the best gift to escort.

It is true that nothing melts like chocolate into your heart. Whatever your loved one prefers – milk chocolates, dark chocolates, nutty chocolates, or chocolate truffles – any one of them will send your message of love.

Chocolate is better than any other gifts because it is edible and yummy. Plus chocolates are more inexpensive than many other gifts, and it is very much easier to buy from everywhere because there are a lot of stores where you can find chocolates. Due to the number of options and variations of chocolates available in market, it is hard to select one for the ideal festive gift. It does not mean that a costly chocolate is undoubtedly the best tasting chocolate of the lot. It one’s personal choice of freedom that which chocolate they will like more. Go and wrap your absolute favourite chocolate into a pretty box and gift your loved ones.