Gluten Free Food- Why is it so popular?

What is Gluten?

The term Gluten Free is making waves in the food corner of many food retailers and bakers. There are a lot of food items now being offered by these retailers which are labeled as Gluten Free. You must have read somewhere “send your loved ones a flavorsome gluten free cakes by post on their Birthday or Anniversary. Have you ever thought what is it? Well Gluten is basically a protein component that is found in grains specifically wheat and flour. Some people have sensitive immune system which reacts to this protein and thus to avoid the intolerance of this food allergy, people prefer to have gluten free food. The reason that this protein is not suitable to many people’s digestive system is because they have a weak digestive system.


A weak digestive system happens when we eat food in a rush without properly chewing it and thus it takes more effort at the end of our digestive system to break that food for digestion. This weakens the immunity of a person and thus when he/she takes gluten, it becomes difficult to digest it and it reacts with your system.

Where is it found?

Gluten is commonly found in wheat, barley, spelt, rye and other grains. It is a sticky material that is insoluble in water. Wheat is a very common ingredient in most of food items like pastas, cereals, soya sauce, beer and many bakery items; cakes, cookies, bread, chocolates and many more. With so many food items involving wheat in our everyday life, it is difficult to exclude this single protein from our diets. However, now food items have been introduced with Gluten free food tag.

How you know you are allergic to Gluten?

There are various symptoms that have been reported when people get to know that they are allergic to gluten. These include, headaches, gas, bloating, fatigue after food, aching in joints, fuzzy brain etc. If you feel any or all these symptoms after having a food item containing gluten ingredients, then you must get to the doctor to make sure. You can get it verified by a few blood tests. You can also monitor yourself if you have allergy from gluten or not by omitting it from your diet for a few days and observe if it changes anything.

Will I have to leave all my favorite Foods?

Gluten is usually found in bakery items like cakes, ice cream, chocolates, breads, butters etc. We all know that bakery items are an essential part of our every day diet and when it comes to avoiding these items, it is worrisome for many. After all nobody would like to abandon its favorite chocolate cake, or go to a dinner and not have your favorite pasta. Well, you can end your worries here as now there are gluten free foods available for those who want to avoid it.

Gluten Free Baking

Considering the rising trend among people to avoid gluten food items, the bakers have come up with the solution to provide them gluten free bakery items so that their customers do not have to leave their favorite delights. Now you can easily find delicious and flavored gluten free items offered by your local bakers or you can send gluten free cakes by post to your loved one who is allergic to this ingredient. Since cakes are commonly used on our celebrations hence bakers have introduced a category of gluten free cakes which has become quite popular among the masses.

Now there are many people who are adopting gluten free diet just for the sake of its health benefits. Although the diet is introduced to treat celiac disease but people also use it for their mental fitness, energetic body and proportionate figure maintenance.

Send gift to Pakistan In the form of attractive fruit hampers

Fruit hampers symbolize the freshness of nature. Fresh juicy fruits can be enjoyed by any of you. The delicious mouth-watering fruits take you closer to nature. When fresh fruits are attractively packaged in beautiful cane baskets, gifting becomes an easier option, isn’t it? A look at some great varieties of fruit hampers in store. Send gift to Pakistan as attractive fruit hampers.

  • Exotic Oranges Basket

Delight your friends, family and colleagues with this mouth-watering pack of juicy oranges. The luscious taste of oranges can surely bring the smiles of your recipients.

3 kg oranges comes in a hand-made cane basket with a personalized card and the designer ribbon on top.

  • Fresh Fruits Indulgence

Fruit-a-holics it is time for you to rejoice. This exclusive fresh fruits indulgence hamper contains delicious fruits hand-picked. The Yummy hamper contains

  1. Bananas
  2. Grapes
  3. Mangoes
  4. Apples
  5. Pomegranate and
  6. Dates.

Comes to your door step in an exclusive hand-made cane basket.


You can send ones to recipients back home in style and grace. Pen down your emotions on the personalized card attached along with the hamper!

  • Red apples and Ferrero Rochers pack

Is your teen age sister fond of ferroro rocher chocolates? Then this hamper containing red lusicious apples and 12 ferroro rocher chocolates is the most ideal pick. Your sister can enjoy eating the chocolates and your mom can make home-made apple pies and jams out of these orchid fresh apples.

  • Assorted fruits bonanza

This fresh collection of juicy and tasty fruits makes your recipient jump head on toes with joy. The hamper contains 8 kg of exclusive seasonal fruits for you and family members to savor. The collection includes

  1. Bananas
  2. Grapes
  3. Mangoes
  4. Apples
  5. Pomegranates and
  6. Dates

Your recipient can get to enjoy these bountiful fruits to heart’s content!

  • Mangoes and only mangoes

Mango is an all-time favorite fruit. You can make jams, squashes or have cut slices of the same just for fun! Shindhri mangoes come to your door-step at exciting 5 kg and 8 kg packs. You can gift loved ones with this exclusive gift hamper of golden mangoes and let them enjoy the fruit to their heart’s content.


  • Fruit hampers with a twist

Sometimes you can select a fruit hamper with foodie items as add ons. It will add spice to the hamper. A seasonal mix of assorted fruits like

  1. Apples
  2. Oranges
  3. Grapes
  4. Bananas and
  5. Pineapple along with


Pasta sauce bottle or Strawberry Exotica Jams can make an interesting fruit hamper option. Worth giving a try as far as gifting near and dear ones are concerned!

  • Fruit punch mix with tea-time sponge cakes

You can make interesting gift options with this super combo pack. Seasonal fruits including

  1. Fresh green grapes
  2. Oranges
  3. Apples
  4. Pears
  5. Papayas
  6. Pomegranates along with

500 gms of rich chocolate plum cake can do wonders to your recipient.



Gift For Pakistan Made Trendy And Attractive

Gifting options are so many under the sun. But when it comes to giving the right gift suiting the occasion, it leaves all of us terribly confused. You end up giving similar kind of gifts year after year. Your recipients may receive the parcel with a sweet smile. But hearts of hearts they feel they already have one with them. A cool check on how gifts for Pakistan can be made trendier and more attractive

  • Ultimate combo for your Princess

You are dating the most beautiful girl in your college and you want to woo her to the hilt. There isn’t much effort you need to take. Just gift your Princess doll this ultimate combo of goodies. The hamper exclusively contains

  1. 4-5 dozen red roses hand-picked and decorated with long stems
  2. 2 lbs heart shaped cake
  3. Teddy Bear (8” to 10”)
  4. I love you balloon
  5. I love you mug
  6. And an super exciting pack of 32 FerreroRocher chocolates

Can there be a better gift than this? And is there any reason for the girl whom you are after to say no to you? Gift her the ultimate pick of the season!

  • Chocolates all the way

Whatever be the occasion and whichever time of year it is, this great combination is sure to woo your friends and dear ones big time. 24 red roses and a cute looking teddy bear is what the hamper contains along with a tasty and crunchy bowl of chocolates. The chocolate hamper contains

  1. FerreroRocherChocolates
  2. 5 pieces of Bounty Bars
  3. 5 pieces of Kit kat
  4. 5 pieces of Mars bar and
  5. 5 pieces of snickers


Doesn’t your recipient get to enjoy all imported chocolates on a real platter?

  • Chocolate cake with a beautiful bouquet of roses

A divine dark chocolate cake with wordings “I love you” on top and an exclusive bouquet of long stemmed roses approximately 60 in number attractively arranged in a heart shaped bouquet is what makes the hamper “too good to say no to” kinds. Sweep your lover completely with this mesmerizing gift.

  • A beauty bath kit

This svelte beauty bath comprises of

  1. Shower gels
  2. Body lotion
  3. Shampoo
  4. Hand cream
  5. Foot cream
  6. Wet wipes
  7. Face towels and
  8. Cologne Sprays

The entire kit is beautifully packaged in a bath tub.



This magical tub full of body wash goodies can fit in any corner of your bathroom. Don’t you want those kindling moments at the spa right away at home?

  • Lasting Impressions

If you want to maintain a cordial relationship with your friends and relatives back home a lasting impressions gift is a must. This exclusive hamper comprises of

  1. 24 fresh deep red roses
  2. Teddy bear 10 inch and
  3. 4 lbs heart shaped cake

Your recipient will be too glad to receive one!




Amazing range of products available at online gift shops in Pakistan

Well, you can find anything under the sun as far as gifting options are concerned. You get foodie hampers, designer jewelry, personalized mugs and greeting cards, flowers, fresh fruits, cakes and lot of delectable products for you to choose from. Online gift shops in Pakistan cater to the requirements of all types of people from the younger generation to the older generation. If you take the effort in searching the right kind of gifts, you have won the game.

Best Ideas For Christmas Food Hamper

Let us have a look at top selling gifts from the online boutique

  • Assorted hamper Surprise

This superb gift hamper can suit any occasion to gift loved and dear ones. Spoil your recipient with this stylish basket full of indulging products. You have cookies, sauces, wafers, chocolates and cakes to savor. The hamper contains the following

  1. Three bottles of Robinson’s soft drink
  2. Buitoni pasta 500 gms
  3. Pasta sauce 397 gms
  4. Mcvities short bread biscuits 200 gm
  5. Cho Cho wafer biscuits 260 gms
  6. Nescafe Gold Coffee 100 gms
  7. Royalty cream crackers 200 gms and
  8. Original round cake 250 gms

This yummy packed goodie hamper is neatly packaged in a hand-made cane basket and has a personalized card to share your emotions.

  • Fragrance and Sweets

A gift you had been wondering to gift your beloved? This is a perfect gift for him to suit Valentine’s Day. The hamper contains

  1. 1 Ck free for men “Eau de toilette spray” 100 ml
  2. Leather belt
  3. Sorini milk chocolates 200 gm

Beautifully encased in a leather box, you have the personalized card to pen down your feelings.

  • Bunch of love

Do you want your lover to feel mesmerized? Is love deep in the air? Then this gift hamper is the picture perfect one to fulfill your needs. The hamper has gift chocolates, teddy bear, personalized gift and a goodie hamper to your heart’s content. The pack consists of

  1. Butler’s assorted chocolates 300 g
  2. Butler’s chocolates 180 g
  3. Lindtlindor 200 g
  4. I love you mug
  5. Cadbury Drinking chocolate 500 g
  6. Teddy bear with “I love you t-shirt”
  7. 1 pack of Sorini chocolates(12-14 pieces)
  8. FerroroRocher 200 g
  9. Heart Shaped box and
  10. Large lid cane basket

Now do you know why this hamper is a perfect lover’s delight?

  • Tempting 10 kg sweets pack

Are you gifting a pack to a large gathering of people? This assorted sweets mix is the obvious choice. Filled with yummy and incredible mix of sweets like GulabJamun, RasGullas, Burfi, Pistaladoos, Chum Chum and an array of Bengali sweets for you sweet lovers to savor. You can gift these boxes for wedding days, birthdays, New Year, etc. This gift pack is brought to from Gourmet Bakers. You have it very much a part of the online store to order from.




Ideas for Deluxe Fruit Hampers

Fruits are usually taken as a nutritious food item that can be consumed for the sole purpose of healthy diet and refreshing effects on human body. However, this concept has now been evolved since the advent of gorgeous fruit hampers being introduced in the market. There are some bountiful fruit baskets available in retail stores that can be gifted on various occasions. This unique trend of fruit baskets delivery to loved ones has taken the gift markets by storm as they compete to introduce versatile fruit hampers according to your occasional needs. Now you cannot just rely on flowers and chocolates alone as fruit hampers is the latest hamper trend in town.

So, we will give you some unique ideas about what types of fruit baskets are available in the market that you can send to your loved ones for various kinds of celebrations.

Gourmet Fruit Hampers

People are fond of gourmet food and confectionaries hence we have fruit hampers that are assorted with some luxury treat of gourmet foods. These food items usually include gourmet chocolates, cookies, cheese, sauces, brownies and even Gourmet Chocolate Pizza. This fruit basket offers both healthy items with fresh and exotic fruits along with mouthwatering gourmet products to sooth the taste buds of your loved ones. It is a unique combination of two different food categories yet it can be enjoyed at the same time on a meal table. These types of fruit hampers are famous for occasions like Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary or Wedding.

Fruits & Nuts Hampers

Another stunning hamper full of ripening fruits combined with the crackling dry fruits, is a delightful combination. You get two in one advantage when buying this divine mixed basket. These fruit baskets have some market fresh fruits that are less juicy like apples, bananas, guava, Kiwi, Pears etc and also a small dry fruit basket fixed in the fruit hamper containing seasonal dry fruits like almonds, pistachio, peanuts etc dazzling in this fruit hamper.

fruits_and_nuts-500x500These fruit baskets are exquisite in taste and combination and would appeal to the recipients for their lovely presentation and versatile assortments. You can go with this fruit hamper for various informal occasions like Congratulations, Get Well Soon, Thanksgiving or any other usual celebration in your family or social circles.

Luxury Fruit Hampers

If you want to make someone feel enchanted with something extravagant, then you must go for these Luxury fruit hampers. These are gigantic fruit baskets that have a diverse collection of various types of fruits, mixed with other luscious products like chocolates, Stuffed Toy, celebration cakes or a juicy apple cordial. These gigantic fruit hampers are specially designed to treat the luxurious ceremonies or family gatherings as they offer wide variety of fruits and other food items in a single package. When going for a big family gathering, an official party or any other lavish celebration, then you must consider buying this harmonious fruit basket. It would make a beautiful impact on your recipients due to its glamorous packaging and also variant flavors.

Fabulous Christmas Hampers

Christmas is an exciting event and receiving gifts on this auspicious occasion is also a very heart touching feeling. We all are anticipated and excited to receive beautiful, dazzling Christmas hampers from our family and friends and also love to share in the same way. There are various types of Christmas Hampers available in the market but you must be thinking which one would be a perfect souvenir for your loved ones. Hence the best idea is to give them something more traditional which can be enjoyed by everyone. By far, the best type of Christmas hampers is the food hampers as they are versatile, trendy and also very keenly accepted by everyone.


Let us give you some insight into a foodie Christmas Hamper and what can be included in a fabulous foodie hamper for this sentimental celebration.

Sweet & Sour Food Hamper

These kinds of hampers are a perfect choice when it comes to sending a Christmas gift to your family back home. We all love to share the tasteful dishes with our family on Christmas and hence having a sweet and sour hamper would give them fruitful variety of flavors. It can be a blend of various exotic flavored sweet as well as sour items like jams, marmalade, chutneys, flavored curd, and sweet pickles. Such a vicious variety of flavors in a single hamper would entice their flavorless taste buds and it would be a tempting hamper for your loving family.

Traditional Christmas Cakes

Cakes are an important part of every Christmas as they depict the sweetness of this eventful celebration with their scrumptious taste. Hence you can always go with a fudgy and creamy Christmas cake for your friends, colleagues or any extended family members. There are varieties of Christmas cakes available with fresh cream, fruits and spongy items that add desirable flavors to the cake. You can have customized Christmas cakes for your loved ones and make an alluring Christmas Hampers delivery.

Christmas Chocolates Hamper

Few food lovers would be able to resist the stunning chocolate hamper on Christmas. Chocolates are sweet, zesty and entice excitement among its fondants. A lavish chocolate hamper presented would astonish even the diehard chocolate lover. A chocolate hamper is a harmonious combination of decadent flavors that includes various sensuous chocolate genres like milk chocolate bars, Sticky Toffee Chocolates, Chocolate Cookie Truffles, Chocolate Brownies and Chocolate Biscuits. Thus, such luscious amalgamation of chocolate products would make a fabulous Christmas Hampers for your loved ones.

Try one of these amazing hamper ideas to celebrate the traditional event of Christmas with your family and friends and share the joy of memories with them in a magnificent way. You can either design your own hampers according to your moods and taste or if running out of time then you can easily search for tantalizing Christmas hampers on many retail shops and online stores in UK.

Bespoke Cheap Hampers for your Celebrations

Bespoke Cheap Hampers for your Celebrations


Hampers are the best way to greet someone on special occasions as they are a traditional gesture of cordial relationships. We all love to receive gifts and also send to our loved ones to show our affectionate feelings towards each other. Hence when it comes to finding good quality and fascinating hampers for your loved ones, all you need to do is make a quick search online. There are some fantastic bespoke cheap hampers available in various online stores giving you the room to choose from a wide variety. These hampers are distributed in diverse categories which include all types of fruit hampers, chocolate hampers, food hampers, baby hampers, and hampers for men and women etc. Therefore, you will have a broad range to select the one hamper that suits your requirements.

Here we give you certain ideas about different cheap hampers which you can find for your particular occasion depending on your taste.

Food Hampers

People love to enjoy food in any form whether it is nuts, fruits, confectionaries or dairy products. Hence if you are confused as to what type of hamper should be chosen for sending to your loved one, then food hampers are the easiest choice. They are easy to select and quick to buy.

Best Ideas For Christmas Food Hamper


Also they will save you a lot of time and money as they are properly assorted with tasteful food items. You can choose a Gourmet Nuts Tray for someone who loves dry fruits or if your loved one is fond of bakery products then Gourmet Muffins Basket is a perfect gift.

Bath & Beauty Hampers

These hampers are quite exclusive in variety as they offer exceptional set of bath products. If you want to pamper someone and want to gift something totally unexpected, then this range of Bath and Beauty Hampers is a perfect choice. The best thing about these hampers is that they suit every occasion whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding or even Christmas. One can go for a particular bath and beauty hamper to make someone feel enchanted. These hampers consist of various grooming products used by men and women so one can easily select them according to the recipient so they can enjoy pampering themselves.

Luxury Hampers

Another category you can buy from is the luxury hampers. You can make an impressive move with this kind of cheap hamper which is luxurious in variety and appearance as well. These luxury hampers are easily available online and are the perfect way to inspire someone like your boss, colleague, in-laws or your better half, which you wish to please with your gratitude. You can find cheap hampers in this category as they are both tempting and rejoicing to be received on any occasion.

Other than these categories, many retailers offer cheap hampers delivery in UK, specially designed for particular occasions. These include Christmas hampers, Baby Hampers, Birthday Hampers and many more so that you do not have to hassle through a massive set of gifts collection to make a gorgeous hamper delivery.

Tasty Gluten Free Cakes Make Up Diabetic Hampers


When you are diabetic, it simply doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. Nutrition experts have formed a team of bakers who indulge baking fat free and gluten free cakes and pastries. They have the wholeness and richness of mouth watering cakes minus cream and sugar. A range of gluten free cakes and sugar free chocolates make up the diabetic hampers.


  • Elizabeth Sponge Cake

This new sponge cake is made with apricot and lemon flavors complimented by ground almonds and demerara sugar. These cakes were designed to compliment Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee. Fruity sponge with a layer of apricot jam in the absence of  butter cream make these cakes sugar free as well as gluten free. These cakes are available in 6 inch and 10 inch variants. The 6 inch costs you £16.99 and the 10 ich one costing £25. The cake is dairy free as well. Go in for yummy gluten free cakes and enjoy a healthy Christmas.

  • Gluten free Carrot Sponge cake 

Gluten free carrot sponge cake is purely a hand-made one with delightful dose of sultanas and chopped walnuts. These cakes are perfect for your family tea-time. This indulgent cake is made with health conscious ingredients like sultanas, nutmeg powder, cinnamon, grated carrots with thick vanilla butter icing and topped with Vanilla butter cream and sprinkled walnuts. Don’t you feel like having one now itself? Enjoy the festival of Christmas the spirited way!

  • Gluten free apple crumble sponge cake

Gluten free apple crumble sponge cake is made with fresh apple pieces and vanilla cream. It is garnished with chopped walnuts and sprinkled vanilla cream on top. These variants are available in 7 inch and 10 inch. These cakes are attractively packaged with a personalized greeting card. You can gift a nice one to friends and family. 

  • Sugar free chocolate hampers

You can search the entire online store for hand-picked sugar free chocolates. In case you don’t find one, feel free to call customer support executives who would be happy to attend to your calls. They are available Monday to Saturday between 10 am in the morning and 7 pm UK time. You can order for a pack of sugar free chocolates. And the team will be happy to service your needs. Belgian sugar free truffles assorted pack is the indulgent one for you and family members this coming Christmas and New Year.

In case your loved ones are diabetic, fresh fruits can be consumed in large quantities. You can pick and choose fruits like grapes, pomegranate, cherries, plums, strawberries and pears. These fruits contain rich source of magnesium and Vitamin C. Having a bowl of fresh fruits everyday can take your craving off fatty and junk foods and pave way for a healthy living. Good health is any day better than a mine of wealth.

Celebrate Life With Gift Hampers For Christmas

Gifts carry warmth in them and definitely strengthen the bond between friends and dear ones. Loved ones on receiving hampers for Christmas feel really thrilled. Our online gift store has loads of them. A few interesting ones on display


  • Farmer’s Choice Basket

This awe-inspiring collection of

  1. Farmers Harvest Ploughman’s Sweet Pickle 380 g
  2. Farmers Harvest Caramelized Onion Chutney 370 g
  3. English Breakfast Marmalade 114 g and
  4. Strawberry Jam 114 g

Make a great Christmas gift.

  • Sweet and Pickle Hamper

When you have a sweet tutty fruity cake, don’t you want to have some potato crispies to add to the taste? The similar way sweet and pickle hamper is as good as bread and butter. To receive a gift of this kind for Christmas, isn’t it a great experience to rejoice?

The hamper specifically contains

  1. Farmers Harvest English Breakfast Marmalade 114 g
  2. Farmer’s Harvest Strawberry Jam 114 g
  3. Gardener’s Choice Chutney 100 g and
  4. Potting Shed Pickle 100 g

Sweet and Pickle hamper is meant for next day delivery to spice up your relations. Go for the choicest gift this coming Christmas.

  • Harvest Delight Hamper

This mind boggling hamper contains a mix of

  1. Rhubarb and Ginger Jam 454 g
  2. Tangy Lemon Curd 390 g
  3. English Breakfast Marmalade 454 g
  4. Strawberry Jam 454 g
  5. Harvest Fruit Chutney 390 g
  6. Ploughmans sweet pickle 380 g and
  7. Caramelized onion sweet chutney

What more do you want to rev up your kitchen?

  • Classic Lindt Lindor Basket

This awesome gift hamper is full of Lindt Chocolates. You get a chocolatey Christmas/ New Year. Some of the great varieties of chocolate bars inside the hamper are

  1. Lindt Assorted Truffles 200g
  2. Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles 200 g
  3. Lindt White Chocolate Truffles 200 g
  4. Lindt Excellence Chili 100 g
  5. Lindt Extra Creamy 100 g
  6. Lindt Excellence Orange Essence 100 g

This Christmas is bound to be a happening joyful event with this wonderful present.

  • Tower of Chocolates

This hamper is sure to awake the chocoholics in you. This assorted gift hamper is a great way to enjoy the flavor of life. 11 fantastic varieties of chocolates to choose from

  1. Taste Half Chocolate Coated Oat Flips 150 g
  2. Atkins and Potts Luxury Chocolate spread 90 g
  3. Redondo Chocolate Brownie Biscuits 180 g
  4. Farmhouse Choc Chip and Orange biscuits in hessian bag 125 g
  5. Hamlet Assorted Belgian chocolates in gold box 125 g
  6. Radfords Chocolate and Caramel West Country Fudge 113 g
  7. Bojangles French Chocolate Cookie Truffles 100 g
  8. Divine Dark Chocolate Bar 100 g
  9. Divine Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar 100 g
  10. Lily O’Brien Sticky Toffee Chocolates 110 g
  11. Divine Fair trade White Chocolate Bar 100 g

This gift pack is delivered in two woven foldable brown baskets.



Stunning Christmas Gift Baskets steal the show

All the gifts you choose from the online boutique are attractively packaged in cane baskets. These gifts are further wrapped with a satin on top. You also get personalized satin ribbons available which you can place your captions on. And Christmas Gift baskets  are no exception. A display of some exclusive and cool gifts which make a stunner and subsequently steal the show.


  • Designer hair clips

Young girls who still haven’t completed High school just love to wear glitter hair clips. In fact they mix and match hair styles better than us adults. Girls simply love to explore new trends. Why don’t you gift your aunt’s daughter with some beautifully crafted butter hair clips, hair bands and ear-rings this coming Christmas? She will simply jump with joy. You can go to the online store to pick and few some exquisite hair accessories. 


  • Olay range of products

 Olay is known to be a brand winner for its smooth and mild range of beauty products. The Olay day cream helps you fight 7 signs of ageing namely dark spots, pigmentation, acne, wrinkled skin, fine lines and clogged pores. You can discover a new you with these range of beauty products. Or indulge gifting one to loved ones.

  • A set of beauty towels

Assorted packs of beauty towels are sold both online as well as offline. Choose a combination of two large turkey towels which compromise your bathing towels. Two more add up to face towels and a pack of 6 face wipes which you can simply slip into your tote bag. An ideal gift for Christmas worth remembering


  • A mix of chocolate sponge cake and a tutty frutty fruit cake

This amazing combination of chocolate cake and a fruit cake make an ideal treat for Christmas. The saga of festivity is to help families spend their reunion and catch up on the much yearned for quality space, isn’t it

  • Home décor products

Rather than spending the whole lot of money on chocolates and cakes you can think of renovating your home décor. Buying new bed sheets and bed spreads matching your bed room and kids’ room, cushion covers, candle stands and attractive ornamental pieces of porcelain dolls can create a new living space for you to unwind with family and friends. Worth giving a try, isn’t it?

  • Festive lamps

You can adorn your bed room with beautiful festive lamps. They not only bring out the aesthetic sense in you but also help you decorate your living space. You can place these brightly colored lamps near your private garden. When they shine in the moonlit portico where you have hung your Christmas stars, you can take awesome photographs with friends and family. Aromatic candles also arose the sensuous feeling of being together. It strengthens the bond between couples. Why not experiment with something new this Christmas?