Innovative yet cheap hampers for UK

gift_hampers_delivery-xNot all of us are flush with funds. All of you would love to give your friends attractive gift hampers. But the whole idea of gifting cannot turn out to be very expensive as well. You can seek for gifting options within the £30 limit.

A look at cheap gift hampers UK for £30 or below

  • To Express love

You have got an awesome pick from our online gift store to woo your lover or your boy-friend. This Helium balloon which says “I Love You” is the ultimate pick to say how much you love the dear one. What’s more when the balloon is heart shaped? Go for this most creative gift for Valentine ’s Day and watch how love goes high up in the air. The hamper contains a cuddly teddy bear and a single red rose as well. It is priced at £19.99. Magical, isn’t it?

  • Crimson Blossom Flower bouquet

This awesome set of pink flowers neatly arranged in a stylish flower vase creates a beautiful bond between the father and daughter. Why don’t you gift one for the coming Father’s day and make your dad shed tears of joy? The pick is priced at £29.

  • East or west, my grand-mom is always the best

An awesomely looking pink teddy bear 25 cms and 7 inches wide with a personalized card can take your grand-mother by the sweetest of sweet surprises. She would definitely make those crispy pan cakes and hot tea to make your day better. She can have the teddy as her bed side pillow. This awesome out of the blue pick is just priced at £11.99.

  • Brixton Dark brown Russ

This giant sized chocolate brown teddy bear is the ideal gift for your sister who has just completed 12 years. Pick up the brownie in style at just £11.99 and pen down your feelings on the personalized card.

  • Baby boy blue bear

In case you are venturing out to your aunt’s place to christen her new born baby boy, this awesome sky blue baby boy bear would be the pick of the century for sure. When this cool hug teddy bear costs you just £14.49 what else are you waiting for?

  • Thank You balloons

In case you wanna thank your mom for all the wonderful things she has done for you in life, the balloon with wordings “Thank you” with retro colors add to the fun and frolic. It is priced at £12. You can also add a bouquet of flowers to create the magical effect.

  • Grey Pearl Bracelet

In case you want to woo your girl, a grey pearl bracelet would be the most ideal gift. You can personalize the necklace by engraving your girl friend’s name on the necklace. Jewelry worth its value for money and effort is just priced at £29.99.

Innovative ways in which hampers for Christmas, UK are designed

The write up concentrates on how designer gift hampers for Christmas UK are made. The product whether it is an exotic collection of fruits or a pack of paints or crayons or an antique jewelry set or a home décor product cannot be marketed by retail companies without the appropriate packaging. Attractive packaging adds goodwill to the product. A food item needs to be garnished attractively for the customer to get tempted to order the particular item from the restaurant’s menu. Gift hampers play the similar role. You can make a designer basket yourself.

5 steps to make a super duper designer basket all by yourself

  • Choose the right size of basket

Empty and pain baskets are available in the wholesale market. You can select the right type of basket to suit the occasion. You would want to gift a bouquet of flowers or you may want to gift a collection of home-made wines and champagnes’. You may want to gift an exotic array of chocolates. Depending on your need, you need to buy a couple of baskets. Nude colors like skin brown or shades of cream and pink ones are to be selected.

  • Fill the basket with a natural mesh

This is to hold the article. Say for example if you are gifting your loved one with dolls made out of ceramic or porcelain, the possibility of the dolls breaking up are quite high. In order to hold the article in a good shape you fill the basket with natural mesh, may be made out hay. Or you could wrap the inner circumference of the basket with a polythene plastic having bubbles all over. 

  • Start arranging the articles

Whether you want to keep an exotic bouquet of flowers, or assorted chocolates or jewelry items, keep arranging the products. In case you have fillers in between, i.e. empty spaces in between cover it up with chocolates or toffees. Other confectionary items like fruit bars or jelly bars can also be used to fill the gaps. You can add confetti or spray snow to the gift basket. When your friend opens the basket, the confetti powder sprays all over him/her.

  • Decorate the handle

You can decorate the handle with a satin ribbon or colored gift paper or with a designer cloth filled with chumkis and pearls. Any decorative stuff would do. Or you can have a color paper and stick artificial flowers on the paper and stick it along the rim of the basket.

  • Final touch: Once you are done with decorating the handle of the basket, wrap the entire basket with a thin transparent plastic sheet and stick a personalized greeting card. You need to write the wordings to suit the occasion. Your designer gift hamper basket is now ready with the gift packed. So did you know how gift hampers are made?


Attractive Christmas gift hampers delivered in style

This guide is going to take you through an insight into gift hampers exclusive to Christmas festival. Let’s also see how these Christmas hampers delivered in style

Harvest Delight

You have this magical gift hamper comprising of Farmer’s Harvest products like jams, marmalades, and chutneys. The mingle treat hamper as it is otherwise called comprises of Strawberry jam, 3 fruits mixed fruit jam, mango chutney and red onion chutney. All the food hampers are elegantly packaged in wicker baskets with a satin ribbon on top and personalized greeting cards. You can gift one to your uncle or aunt on the arrival of the spring season, not necessarily only for Christmas.

Snowflake Christmas fruit cake


It is an amazing cake made out of dry fruits, a layer of marzipan and ice flakes. The cake box comes with a medium sized Christmas tree which makes an ideal Christmas present for friends and relatives. The other highlight on this cake is that the cake is suitable for vegetarians and has a shelf life of about 6 months.

Family Christmas Delight

This aromatic package is a picked and chosen combination of fresh fruit jams, marmalades, fruit jellys, sweet and sour chutney and a mix of spices including pepper and cinnamon. Worth a pick for Christmas.

Chocolate tower fantasy

This amazing Hansel and Greetel tower comprises of chocolates of Lindt Good. Dark, milk, fruit and nut, crunchy bars and coconut bars are included as a part of this hamper. Hansel and Greetel is a fairy tale story where Hansel would lead Greetel to a forest made out of chocolates. The fairy tale cum true effect can be felt with this gift hamper.

Christmas tree shaped cane baskets

You get Christmas tree shaped fruit baskets on our exotic collection of designer fruit baskets. You can pick one of your choice and gift your loved ones.

Coniferous tree cake

You know the fact that the legendary Christmas tree looks very much like a coniferous tree. It is tall and has branches at its sides. The cake also resembles the coniferous tree. Icing with a combination of red jams and green pistachios sauce is layered to form a tall cake. Vanilla essence and garnishing nuts are decorated on top.

A combo pack of teddy bears, chocolates and greeting cards

Though teddy bears and chocolates are conventional Christmas gifts which people have been giving and simultaneously receiving year after year  as ‘Xmas presents who would say no to a combo pack containing teddy bears, chocolates and greeting cards attractively packaged as a hamper? So, go in for the pick online before they go out of stock.

Lingerie Wear

It is party time for you, ladies. Go in for some designer lingerie wear. Lacy bras, comfort fit camisoles and night gowns are the ultimate pick and make for a lovely Christmas present. Strapless low neck bras are also available in the online market. They make you the party show stoppers. A nice sexy dress without suitable lingerie is like a photo-frame without the photo, isn’t it?

Great ideas on attractive and trendy yet cheap Christmas hampers

Hello everybody. Well it is Christmas time. Christmas as we all know ear marks the birthday of Lord Jesus Christmas. And you are also reminded of gifts, fun and frolic. The occasion paints the whole town red. A variety of interesting and innovative gifts are available for pick from our online store. Why not take a look at them and add a dash of color into your life? Do you want to shop for some exotic varieties of  Cheap Christmas hampers?  The article tells you how. Not many would get these ideas into their mind. People are very confused when it comes to choosing the right kind of gifts.

An entire spray paint kit

As discussed in the introductory paragraph, Christmas and New Year are festivals which paint the whole town red. These two festivals are celebrated with grandeur all over the world. So folks why don’t you gift your friends an entire can of spray color or a paint kit. You can ask them to spray color their walls as well. A spunky way to innovate your home décor for the coming Christmas. You can also gift your loved ones with fabric paints crayons and color pencils set. You can bring out the hidden artist in them.

Christmas tree shaped wall hangers and wall clocks

This Christmas, you can try out something different. Instead of conventional gifts like soft toys and chocolates, why not give your hand at wall hangers and wall clocks? Christmas tree shaped ones are available in the online market. Plus you can gift other attractive wall hangers. Few of them include cuddle toy hanger, key chain hanger, ceramic Photo frame hanger, wall hanger taking the shape of a bunch of grapes. Trendy wall clocks can also be selected as per your choice.

Perfumes and Deo sprays

Do you wanna look your best for the coming Christmas and New Year. You could try from our mind blowing aromas of perfumes and deo sprays. Cool menthol sprays, lemon sprays, floral fragrances including that of rose and jasmine, fruit flavoured deos are some of the perfume and deo sprays available. You can select one suiting your budget.


Designer jackets, jump suits or floral vintage gowns are available in plenty. In fact online companies are flooded with loads of them. You can gift your friends with a stunning piece of apparel suiting the occasion. And you can shop one yourself. Monochrome and multi colors add spunk to your wardrobe. Try buying those color outfits which you don’t have.

Home décor products

Well if you want to get a peek into some cool interior designing to renovate your bed rooms and living rooms, festival time is the great occasion to do it. You can invest on night sky make shift ceiling wallpapers. These are inbuilt with fluorescent lamps. Once you have all the lights switched off, you have the entire galaxy unfolding in front of you including laughing stars, mischievous moons, tail planets, etc. You can also go in for stylish bed spreads and cushions this Christmas and make your guests feel at home.

Some ideal tips on how to choose and buy cheap Christmas gifts

Though you associate Christmas time with celebration and gifting wonderful presents to near and dear ones, you just cannot afford to splurge. You would not be left with money for the New Year. This guide will tell you interesting tips and ideas on how to give interesting and innovative yet cheap Christmas gifts.

Top 7 gifts to take your loved ones to cloud 9 are described below:

Parker Pens

Forget contemporary gifts like greeting cards, chocolates and teddy bears. You have your uncle of yours who is a freelance writer and you want to make him feel special this Christmas, why don’t you gift him a pack of 2 beautiful set of Parker pens? It is definitely an affordable pick, this Christmas.

Sun Glasses

You have a friend of yours who loves partying in the hot sun. A pair of trendy grey or black sun glasses preferably giant sized would be the pick of the season. You can visit our online store to have a look at some of the rave varieties of branded sun glasses at an affordable price. Huge discounts of 20-25% flat are offered on sun glasses to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

Swim suits- trendy ones

Swim suits are meant for your holidaying friends who are planning on a holiday to Mauritius group of Islands. Trendy ones and water proof jackets are the absolute choice. Exotic islands with a ravishing set of trendy swim suits will go a long way in making the tropical holiday worth remembering an entire lifetime.

Body lotions and Creams

For a fashionista friend of yours who is always after make-up, you can go in for attractive hampers of body lotions and hair serums. They last long enough not only for Christmas for the whole year around. Day and night creams, eye creams to reduce puffiness near the eye-area are also included as a part of the hamper.

Hair clips

Hair accessories are meant for your girl friend who loves trying different hair styles and changes her hair style for every party. Halloween masks also can be gifted to your party animal girl friend. You can go in for fashionable hair clips and brooches to make her festive day a gala one.

Mobile tablets

You don’t have to go in for very expensive ones. Local brand tablets are available. They have inbuilt features like downloading 5 GB of music, 3.5 GB worth movies, a camera and access to messaging on Facebook and Twitter. You can go in for a trendy piece but not the one which is out of your pocket. This is an ideal Christmas present, for sure. Tech freak friends will love this one. You can add a few latest chart busters from your phone before you gift the tablet to your friend.

A pack of 5 ear-rings

You can buy a set of 5 cute little ear-rings and an antique silver plated jewel box. You can neatly adorn the ear-rings in the gift box and present one to your friends. Online market has exclusive pick of jewel boxes for you to choose from.


Celebrate Your Occasions with Cheap Hampers to Save on Your Pockets

When do you start scouting for inexpensive gifts? When it is the month end and you are left with very little cash after adjusting your bills. Suppose it is Christmas and New Years’ time you have had an exotic vacation with your partner. You also gave away expensive gifts to quite a few of your close friends. It so happens that your sister’s birthday falls in the same month. What would you do? You start browsing the net for a collection of cheap hampers. A few suggestions on gifting relatively less priced gifts may help select the best pick next time.

poKey Chains: These are ideal gifts in case you are slightly short of funds. You can get the initials of the loved one engraved on these key chains and gift the same. Costs anywhere between £5 and £10. But no compromise on expressing your love, whatsoever.

Set of 5 roses: You can check out on online floral boutiques and check on set of 5 roses. Yellow denotes friendship and red symbolizes love. You can choose one accordingly.

Personalized mugs: You can have messages engraved as “I love you” or ‘You are simply the best’on mugs. Though these are slightly low key gifts they add warmth and say how much you simply care about the person sitting at the receiving end. These are amazing feel good gifts.

Photo frames: In case you have a photo of your best friend or you chat regularly through Facebook you can download a picture of your friend’s from FB and have the photo engraved on the photo frame. They go a long way in conveying the message of friendship.

Candles: Designer candles and ornate pieces including attractive candle sets are available both in the online as well as offline market. You can choose among the best. At the same time it should not burn a hole into your pocket. Fragrant candles are also available in a plenty of designs. You can gift heart shaped candles to your fiancée or boy-friend in lieu of Valentine ’s Day.

You can choose the occasion. It can be your mum’s birthday or upcoming father’s day. It can symbolize friendship’s day which falls on the first Sunday of August each year or it could be Mother’s day which falls in the month of May. It is not the value of the gift that measures how much you love a person. It is the care and effort you take in remembering the person and sending him/ her a nice gift. You need to check on dates. For example, if your dad’s birthday falls on the 14th of September, you should see to it you send the gift across by 1st or 2nd September. You can be rest assured that the gift reaches the intended recipient on time. You also need to guage your friend’s interest before deciding on the type of gift you plan to buy.


Gift hampers: A gift that can be shared with anyone again and again

With physical distance increasing among families, it has become more and more important for people to look for ways and means to connect to their beloved ones. Online gift sites have made it possible by providing them with the option of choosing a variety of gift hampers that can be sent to their dear ones, without any hassle. All the individual needs to select a gift website that delivers hampers in Jersey Channel Islands, check at the collection available, and select one that would fit perfectly the requirements of the recipient.


Online gift sites

The online gift sites are considered to be a boon to such families that live apart, and also, a wonderful source to connect with one another without huge expenses getting involved. There are plenty of inexpensive ideas and gift hampers to suit any occasion. The gift hampers can also be selected for no reason and sent to the recipient to show how he/she is being missed. It has been noticed that more and more people have been turning towards such online sources to keep their family bonding intact. As a matter of fact, the perfect gift idea can be found from the comfort and convenience of the office or home. The person can have it ordered at any point of time, have it neatly packed and delivered to the specified address, within the city, country or abroad without any hassle. If the individual is creative, has time and would like to try out something by himself, then it could be a fun filled experience that can also be highly rewarding. Gift hampers are fast becoming a wonderful choice since they are filled with uniqueness and variety.

Variety present

Most gift websites tend to change the choice of gifts present for selection from time to time and to suit a personal occasion. Also, it provides the shopper with the choice of creating personalized gifts that is sure to give a much better impression. Custom, unique, handmade, and highly affordable hampers do allow gift making a completely interesting and fun filled activity and sure to match the sentiments. Be it any type of occasion, one can avail a gift hamper that is designed specifically for this special day. Moreover, the hampers are also designed to suit the individual to whom it is to be presented, be it a man, woman, or child. The gift hampers includes gift items like beauty products, spa and bath products, baby products, children’s items, hampers for adults, and much more. A careful selection keeping in mind the recipient requirements can help the person to make a great choice. Also, the reputed sites have employed highly skilled and talented professionals who are eager to help their clients to select a good gift, within their budget. Also, the hampers are actually baskets that can be reused in the kitchen or any other place in the home and for any purpose, once the gifts in it are used or consumed.
It is for all these reasons that gift hampers from well established online gift sites are regarded to be excellent choices.

A gift for the girlfriend

Giving gifts is an age old tradition and is said to increase the bond between the sender and the recipient. This is because the sender of the gift does take a good amount of time, effort, and patience to select a gift according to the preference of the recipient, which makes it all the more essential and important. Every person would like to gift his girlfriend with something unique or innovative so as to impress her and make her feel special. The gift is also a wonderful way to express how much he loves and cares for her. It is also a way to show that every moment is spent on thinking about her and their union.

Sending hampers for her in UK

Before selecting a gift for the girlfriend, there are several things that the individual has to understand in order to make the perfect choice so that it can be well received and appreciated. It is actually surprisingly much easier when the individual takes out some time to ponder about the lady, who is to receive the gift. Precisely, what is the relationship with the girlfriend – close, intimate, or casual? No individual would like to make a mistake of presenting something that would be taken as an intimacy signal, especially with someone that the person intends to be casual with. Also, the reverse is true.


What is the girlfriend interested in?

It is very important to focus on what her likings are and not as to what the individual wants her to prefer, what the mother likes or what the person personally likes. Some people make the mistake of offering the girlfriend with something that will not be appreciated by her and sure to be rejected or have her feelings to be hurt.

What message is to be given?

This is referred here about a subliminal message. Items that are purchased as a gift for the girlfriend would simply come back if something that appears useless, cheap, or is highly expensive or something which states that it was grabbed since nothing else could be found. With lots of gifts around for her, selecting a good one can be confusing. If the individual does not have experience or expertise, he can ask for help from someone known to him to choose something great, which would help him to impress her in every possible manner. Gift hampers can be a wonderful solution for all occasions and reasons.

Themed gift baskets do come in different sizes and shapes, and also come with attractive packages. It is to be understood that the first impression is definitely much important for presenting any gift to her. Items present in the gift basket are considered to be cute little packages, with each of them carefully examined and packed. When unwrapped, it is sure to prolong the joy of receiving such gifts.

Most of the items present in gift hampers are also consumables, which means once the gift items are completely used up, the girlfriend can happily receive another basket.

Top gift basket ideas for making her day

Women and men indeed are known to have personalities, tastes, and mannerisms, which do move in somewhat opposite direction. This also holds true as far as gift basket preferences are concerned. It means that while shopping for gift hampers for women, it is very important for the individual to have a proper focus and keep her in mind.

Things to remember

One first needs to determine what feminine hobbies, edibles, and interests would be appealing for the specific person being shopped for. With some tips and wonderful ideas, it is possible to impress that woman in ones’ life and make her to feel extremely special.

christmas hampers

Exotic ideas that make a wonderful gift

Most women love to experience the spa. It would give them some refreshing time of relaxation, tranquillity, pampering and luxury. This renewal of mind, sprit, and body can be easily accomplished with the spa and bath gift hampers. With this unique gift, it is very much possible for the individual to ensure that she can unplug herself from this world and unwind a bit in her exclusive personal spa at her own home with this hamper. This is likely to make her relax and calm after a day of labour and stress.

Other wonderful ideas for her

One can also think about the irresistible chocolates that are available in different flavours. This particular item is considered to be a passion, and also a weakness, which simply cannot be resisted by any woman. The very thought of this particular delicious item is sure to make the minds of every woman to turn into dreams of ecstasy.

There are some women, who simply love pastimes like golf, movies, and gardening. There are also gift baskets that do provide such specific themes. Therefore, a gift can be selected that specializes on those things that are sure to bring immense happiness into her life.

Gardening hampers can be an excellent choice for those who are the outdoorsy types and are not afraid to get themselves dirty in the process. It contains items which are likely to place her with a frame of mind for a hobby, which she might hold close to her heart. It can be regarded to be a brilliant move.

There are also present movie gift baskets. It includes bevy of gooey, tasty sweet snacks, which are similar like that of the theatre. Most come with a surprising blockbuster gift card that would allow for selecting a movie of her taste and likings, besides the yummy goodies.

If she is an avid golfer, then one can go for the golf gift baskets, which can have her completely taken back. There are some of them who are food junkie and cannot stop at the thought of varieties of food or love to taste new ones or from newly opened joints. The individual can choose from gourmet food, kosher food, Italian food, and even healthy food.

A perfectly chosen theme to suit her taste and preferences is sure to win her over easily and without much hassle.

Innovative and affordable gift hampers

At times, some people have to face the challenge of having to select the ‘perfect’ gift for someone known to be presented on a particular occasion. This can indeed be a tough task, but has to be overcome in the right way, so that the receiver is impressed by it. This is why most people usually turn towards safe gifts list so that they do not fall into an embarrassing situation. Items such as candles, bubble bath or chocolates might not have failed previously; however, they also seem somewhat impersonal.

Why cheap gift hampers?

Over a period of time, it has been noticed that there has been a sharp increase in sales in gift hampers due to its rising popularity. It does take quite guesswork for finding a good gift. Gift hampers are not at all boring and the individual can select appropriately how personal gift selection in the hamper needs to be. The innovativeness and uniqueness of a highly creative gift hamper does lie in the fact they are very much appreciated by its recipients, and also, when prearranged, the hamper does remain a personal and well thought out gift.

Hampers do provide the recipient with a huge variety of gifts. Although there could be an item present that the recipient might not like, but, there are others which he is sure to find perfect. Hence, hampers come very much in handy, especially if recipient is quite notorious in regards to being finicky in his likings. The gift hamper is sure to delight even those having discerning tastes.

These hampers tend to prove to be quite appropriate for every occasion, including celebration of new baby, Father’s day, mother’s day, anniversaries, thank you gift or just about anything. Irrespective of whom the recipient is, their hobby, age, interests, etc., the gift hamper does make an ideal gift.

food hamper

Corporate gift hampers

Plenty of outlets are present where a wide selection of gift hampers can be availed with much ease. In most instances, where the individual is offering corporate gift hamper, it is better to know several things about the company or client.

If it is meant for a company, then it would be necessary to know their culture. Details like if the company is trendy or has an artistic environment, or it is conservative and elegant company, etc. Also, the company’s etiquettes are to be understood to ensure that the gift hamper reflects them and to avoid upsetting anyone.

If it is meant for a client, then selection is much easier if the details of the individual are known, without getting too personal. Their hobbies, dislikes and likes, interests, etc. can help personalizing the gift hamper.

Unless the gift hamper is intended for any religious purpose, it is better to avoid religious themes and messages. Making it general is sure to be welcomed by each and every recipient and enjoyed by them whole heartedly. It would really pay to be original and creative. In short, a well thought gift hamper can make a long lasting impression on the recipient.