Infants are Fond of the Unusual Too

Infants are Fond of the Unusual Too

Whenever you are required to purchase something for a baby, you can only focus on chocolates, confectionaries, teddy bears, toys, etc. It is hard for you to view the young one as a ‘person in his/her own right.’ This individual may also love to receive something unusual and unique, even if he/she cannot actually express his/her appreciation for your thoughtfulness! You might like to fill a hamper with all kinds of things.


  • Personalized key chain: You may feel astounded by this choice, but it is indeed a sensible gift. There are all kinds of key chains available now-a-days. Obtain a simple pattern that will appeal to the young one. Ensure that the name of the child is inscribed on it. The keys to the cupboard containing his/her things, room, etc. may be fitted into it. The doting parents will feel happy to witness their infant’s name every time they use the keys. Additionally, this key chain may be used even through the child’s growing years.
  • Crib Sheets: Numerous stores display beautifully-designed crib sheets on their shelves. You may even obtain them from online shops, after comparing product quality and prices. If possible, request willing salespersons to even engrave the infant’s name onto each sheet. This makes the gift highly personalized. You may do the same with chenille throws and fleece blankets. In fact, the baby will be able to receive a complete bed set. A couple of mattress pads are a good addition, for they will prevent the crib sheets from becoming damp.
  • Colourful Towels: True, the infant is too small to recognize colours by name, but he/she will be able to store away favourites even at this young age. All babies love bright colours. Find soft and fluffy towels in various shades of blue, pink, or yellow; they are pleasant to look at. Do not go in for overly jazzy purples, reds, greens and so on; they are rather harsh on the eyes.
  • Soft Toys and Bells: Teddy bears, monkeys, etc. Are extremely loveable. The child will love cuddling up to them during his/her afternoon nap or during the night. Soft toys are even good to play with, or create stories around; the young one will not lack for entertainment. Similarly, it would be nice to have tiny bells decorating the crib above the baby’s head. Young children love light sounds.
  • Book on Baby Care: This is for the mother. It will prove highly useful for someone who has become a parent for the first time. Ensure that the content is written in simple and easy-to-understand language. The parents will face no issues with nurturing their baby in a proper manner.

Of course, it will not be possible to cram everything into a single baby hamper; you will have to make your choices. You could even try a combination of the usual and the unusual. The ‘usual’ refers to a feeding bottle with nipple, pacifier, packet of chocolates, etc. The baby is not fussy; he/she readily appreciates everything!

Making foods for the startup weaning’s

Making foods for the startup weaning’s

The cutest gift you ever get from God is the baby. With a baby no doubt your life changed fully but in a great positive manner. They are a great responsibility too but sharing your life with a baby is just like multiplying you happiness and joys. No one can understand the feelings of parents when the child gives smiles to them. It’s absolutely normal to feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of the baby as along with the care of the baby you are also going through a lot of hormonal changes and your body also needs a lot of rest to cope up with the entire trauma it has been bearing from the last nine months. But all the things need time, with the passage you will get master in baby care and will also learn to manage time for yourself and for the baby then the life will get smoother.


It’s a great idea when to select a gift for a new baby to give a baby gift hamper loaded with stuff that will help the new mom in the weaning process. As the generic gifts can be given by many and it would make a great gift which would be helpful too. Now when the baby is 6 months and more and you want to start weaning, i.e. slowly reducing the babies dependency on milk and help him to feed from solid foods. A new mom can face many issues and it’s a bit difficult for her to start the process then that gift will make her path a bit easier. There are many other questions that probably hit a new moms mind that what to give a baby, how to give it and many more. So here I will answer all these questions to make this new phase of life easy for you.

The only best thing is to start with a slow pace. It’s not abnormal for a mom to want her baby to eat a bowl full of baby food, and at once grow tall and strong it’s not only the case of a new mom but you also face this situation in life a lot when your mom want you to eat more and more of healthy things. It’s mom’s inner nature. But a baby is small and he need time to understand the taste of foods and master the eating process. More over his stomach need time to get use to the foods slowly. If you will fill him up with food, it has a high probability that the baby do a vomit. Thus it is better that he eats small meal rather than eating large and the spitting up all.

Start first with a rice cereal. It is gentle on stomach and easy to digest. And then introduce other fruit and vegetables. Here are the recipes for baby foods:


Banana puree:

Mash a banana to the full and add 2-3 table spoons of boil warm water and mix it well to form a paste.

Broccoli and cauliflower:

Both of these food are a power house of nutritious adding them to your baby diet is a great way to have a healthy baby.

Boil together 2 small pieces of broccoli and two small pieces of cauliflower until it’s soft. Now blend with a hand blender and add pinch of salt. You can also add little bit of cheese in it once your baby is 7 month old.

Potato and carrot:

Boil potato and a small piece of carrot until soft now in a hand blender mash then with 4-5 tea spoons of water to make a puree. Add a pinch of salt

2_baby fruit

Mashed potatoes:

Boil a potato, add half tea spoon of butter and half tea spoon of cream and a pinch of salt and mash it to form a paste.

Rice and peas:

Boil 2 table spoons of rice and add2 table spoon of boiled peas in it. Mash with a hand mixture with 5-6 table spoons of water and make a paste

Rice pudding:

Boil 2 table spoons of rice the add one cup of milk and boil on low flame for ten minutes and add 1 table spoon of sugar. Then blend it with a hand mixture.

The relationship of new dad and new born

The relationship of new dad and new born

The arrival of the new born is a bucket of joy and happiness for the whole family and particularly the parents. They are the one who are the main care giver and are responsible for the child and among the parents it is assumed that mother is having some magical relationship with the baby and only she can handle the baby with utmost care. It’s not the case. But Pittsburgh pediatrician Mark Diamond says, “Other than the physical act of nursing, dads can do everything else: holding the baby, cuddling, soothing.”  And the unique connection between a new dad and his baby is special and has its very own aspects and importance’s.

6_baby hampers

Being a new dad the feelings are so different and exciting though parts of it may be new to you – like changing a diaper or soothing your crying baby.Never based any conclusion on assumptions, like the mother have a strong instinct to understand the baby need better then you or the connection between mom and baby is naturally strong. It is positive in many cases but you two also have a strong bond only if you spend time with your baby. You can do the routine works for the baby like bottle feeding, dipper changing and giving burb

and bath. The bond may not seem apparent during the first few days when the mother-baby bond may already be thriving – but it will be there.

Caroline DiBattisto, assistant professor of pediatrics at Georgia Health Sciences University, says. “Parents should support each other and work together as a team. It’s important for dads to relax, be themselves, help Mom out, spend time with the baby, and enjoy this special time.”

Many father just thought that only fulfilling the need with financial help is the only responsibility of a father. They also try to show love by buying gifts, toys, baby hamper UK, and bring cloths for the child. No one can deny the financial help aspect, without it the mother also won’t be able to fulfill her responsibility fully too but other than that the father’s should also work on the challenges of early parenthood and don’t leave the mother along in this new and difficult take. She is also new to parenting, she also have no experience in that too so corporate with her to master the skills.

5_baby hamper

It’s not the case that when your baby will grow up then you will play with them as they won’t remember at this very early stage about who is caring for them. It’s true but the baby feels love and care. He smile towards the care giver, he can sense the feelings of their hand and fragrance. So the fathers who have special strong bounds with the child are those who worked for it form very beginning. I think, a lot of dads feel nervous that babies are fragile and they’re somehow going to do something wrong. But don’t be very afraid you will learn within 2-4 day that how your child is behaving and what they need at a specific time. Even the way your child is crying is a great communicator that what the child need at this particular time.

The relationship of both mother and father with the baby is unique and has its own importance. And the love you give to your child will go a long way to build his personality and skills.

The early parenting challenges

The early parenting challenges

The birth of a child is a miracle in itself. From a drop to a full human baby the journey is unbelievable. How the world of a two loving partners changed positively with the arrival of the new born. All friend and family celebrate the new born and give a worm welcome to the world. There is baby shower and the new born rooms is already filled with so much toys, cloths, baby hamper, toiletries, rattles and many other things. It seems really cute for the new parents to thing about the baby to come. They start dreaming how they will play with the child, how he/she will call them, what would be his/her name etc.

5_baby hamper

The charm of the new baby has its own place but after the baby arrives the parents then realize that it’s not only a toy to play but infect a big responsibility on their shoulders. A new born is in fact an imperative task to fulfill. The upbringing of a baby is not an easy job. The early development of the child has a major impact on the child’s later life and development.

The biggest challenge of the new born is to give her complete care and give an utmost priority to all the other things. It’s very difficult to wake up again and again at night0 and also spend sleepless nights and busy days with a child. There can be cases when the child is ill and the only thing he needs in illness is the lap of the mother. He is small he don’t understand the fact that you are tired or you also have other task to look into. He just needs a comforting someone is around all the time. The new born is vulnerable to many things like milk splitting up, the roll over, the gastric issues, colic, milk indigestion etc. all of their need immediate actions otherwise the after effects can be very dangerous.

It was an old approach that the childes behavior development starts after the age of five. The new researches are up to the fact that the child first five years is the basic making the behavior of the child. There are many things you as a parent can do to help your child grow and learn during each stage of development. For the new born the feeling of being secure and staying close to the mother helps in making a strong man in future and also promotes positive thinking.

There are many developmental miles stones that a child achieves and they are also a great source of happiness for the parents to see their child reaching that milestone, but with every now act the baby start here comes a series of protective measure that the parents need to take. Like when the child started rolling over, any place where the child use to be safe is not safe at all. Put piles of pillows around him. When he starts crawling, never leave a child alone on the bed or on any high place.

A waling child is the most dangerous of all specially up to age 3 when everything is accessible to him, he can walk and do whatever he wants but don’t have a strong enough brain to realize the difference between right and wrong. When a baby becomes part of your family, it is time to make sure that your home is a safe place. Look around your home for things that could be dangerous to your baby. As a parent, it is your job to ensure that you create a safe home for your baby. It also is important that you take the necessary steps to make sure that you are mentally and emotionally ready for your new baby.

We don’t know what’s going in the child’s mind. Sometimes you might think that he is acting in a bad manner but the fact is that he actually doesn’t know how to behave. When anybody disturbs him he reacts irrespective of the fact that whoever is seeking to him. Teaching right and wrong from the beginning is very important as the child understand the there are certain limits for me and I cannot do anything beyond that. It’s also a cruel truth that whatever bad thing a child is just the poor upbringing of the mother and all the good traits are the result genetics.

The overall process of child’s development need care patience and tolerance. And there traits play a vital role and their impact goes along the life of the child and play and important role in building the child’s personality.

5 Hampers a New Mom should anticipate

Your whole world changes when you become a Mom. It is like your life has taken a U-turn and you are about to start your new life afresh. All you have to do is cherish your little angel and get blessings from your family and relatives. People congratulate you for being a mom and all are enthusiastic to welcome the little child. Relatives pay regular visits to your home to share the excitement of having a new member in the family. Thus, they bring special gifts and hampers as a gesture of love and happy wishes for your family.

There are various types of hampers or gifts you can receive from your loved ones. Usually on such occasion people tend to bring gift hampers for your new born child only and seldom you get the chance to receive a gift for yourself.However there are a few hampers discussed below that are unique and can be anticipated by new mums on this occasion.

New Baby Flowers

Women love flowers and this occasion is of special importance to them as they have entered a beautiful phase of life. Treating a new Mum with fresh flowers is a great way to welcome her to a new role. New Baby Flowers bouquet adores the relation of Mum very well and it enlightens her world in a wonderful way.


New Baby Cakes

Whether it’s a girl or boy, New Baby Cakes are like hot choice for new born. The occasion is a joyful celebration and you want to share these sweet moments with your loved ones. New born cakes are another gift one can expect to celebrate this moment. These spongy cakes are a spectacular treat as they are filled with scrumptious and nutritious ingredients that are healthy for the new mum.

New Baby Fruit Hampers

Fruits are the most wanted item for a new Mum. During pregnancy, women are advised by doctors to have fruits as they help them to maintain their metabolism and also provide nutritious values to Mum and baby as well. Thus, having fruit hampers by your loved ones is a blessed gift as you need more nutrition for your health. There are some fascinating fruit hampers UK available in the market that are assorted with freshly picked fruits and are specially decorated for these joyful occasions.

New Baby Fruit Hampers

Personalized Gifts

Mums always love to be pampered because they have been through a tough period of pregnancy. Hence, people bringing some personalized gift would be a joyful gift for you. Some personalized gifts can be a pendant with your name, a photo frame engraved with Mommy and so on.

New Baby Balloons

New Baby balloons are the most common gift. You can expect anyone to come with balloons on their visit to the hospital. However balloons show the love, and vibrant happiness you feel on having a baby in your life. Hence it is a very common to receive balloons for your new born. In fact balloons are not counted as gifts but they are an ad on to other new baby gifts like a Teddy Bear with balloons, cakes and balloons, flowers and balloons and so on.

new baby ballon

New Baby Basket

A new baby basket is typical assortment of baby usage items like Baby comforter, cute teddy bear, a baby’s dress, baby shoes and many such items for the new born. Baby baskets come with various varieties of products. Some are assorted with clothing while others can be self-made with accessories like baby lotion, powder, baby oil, baby shampoo and soap.

New Baby Basket1

There might be other hampers that new mums can receive which people can bring on this auspicious occasion but these are the most common and popular choices for a new baby celebration.


Attractive and trendy cheap baby hampers


When you plan to buy something cute and cuddly for the new born, you often run short of ideas. Everyone might want to give away blankets or baby clothes as gift hampers. The loved one has invited you to the naming ceremony of a new born baby girl or boy. And you give away the similar kind of gifts the recipient might feel a little bit saturated though the hosts may not explicitly express opinions on the same. Here is presenting you with some not so usual yet attractive and cheap baby hampers.

Personalized pillow covers

You can buy satin pink or sky blue plain linen pillow covers from online showrooms or from the nearby retail establishment. You can create a theme based design on it. Engrave sweet little poetic wordings on the cover “Sunny my baby boy, hope you grow up to be a smart little boy”. You can include the name of the kid and the date on which he/she is celebrating 1st birthday celebrations. This can add a personal touch and warmth to the gift hamper. You can draw scenic paintings or cute dolls covering the back ground.


Porcelain plates

Not many of you would have even thought of this idea. You can buy medium sized to large porcelain plates. You can choose base colors like grey, white or beige so that you can engrave a beautiful picture of the baby on the plate. What is more when the recipient can even hang it as a center piece in the hall or dining area of the palatial villa? You can also paint pictures of teddy bears, or draw “Cinderella shoes” or depict the apple eaten by “Snow white” or other fairy tale characters on the plate. This can add glam and glow to the whole idea of gifting.

Musical shoes

A lot of glitter or musical shoes come in trendy shades and designs from the market. You can buy a pair or too from a reputed baby’s shop. You can attractively gift wrap the same and send the hamper in style. Make sure you buy the right size. You should know the baby well before you plan to get him/her a nice one.

Talking Cat

This speaking variant of cat has inbuilt stories and nursery rhymes monogrammed within the doll itself. The talking cat is a battery operated toy. You can even record nice songs played on television or radio as it comes with a recording facility. A cute but not so usual baby present.

Gift Vouchers

In case you are simply not just able to find the right type of product for the baby, then choose gift vouchers. Purchase gift vouchers worth $100 to $200. And the parents of the kid can redeem the same later. The recipient can get baby teethers, cartoon dolls, baby care products and quite a lot of stuff with the vouchers.

These are some of the trendy yet not so usual gifting ideas to give during a baby shower or a naming ceremony.