The history behind some extraordinary gifts

The history behind some extraordinary gifts

Do you have sweaty palms when you want into a gift shop are a dazzled but also confused by the wide range of birthday hampers that you find there? Then don’t worry; there are plenty of people in the present and in the past that have faced dilemmas similar to yours. In fact, the facts behind some of the well-known gifts are so bizarre that you will congratulate yourself on your gifting skills that are definitely better than that of some others!


  • A statue of friendship – Long back before countries were only competing against each other for power and land, there were days when one country would laud the bravery and nobility of another country. One such popular instance is that of France honouring USA after the Civil War. In 1865, a French politician had expressed his desire to gift a statue to USA. This statue took 21 years to be fully built. Parts of the statue were shipped from French to American ports before they could all be put together to form the complete statue. For those of you who don’t already know the statue being discussed, it is none other than the very famous Statue of Liberty!
  • A sneaky gift –The Russians improvised on the Trojan horse tale and gifted a little something that was not discovered for it really was for 7 years! Leon Theremin, a brilliant inventor of Russian (then known as USSR) had created a bug that was planted in a wooden Great Seal that was gifted to the American Ambassador of the year 1945, Averell Harriman. The bug was so skilfully crafted and then hidden that it could not be traced by even the next three ambassadors and the “gift” hung in the Ambassador’s House office proving to be a valuable asset to the Russians!
  • An elephantine gesture – This is a story of a well-intended gift that was not handled well. Kings and dignitaries of many countries all over the world hold the Pope in highest regards and show their appreciation in the form of many unique gifts. There are few that rival the uniqueness of this gift though – Portuguese King Manuel had gifted a white elephant to Pope Leo X in the year 1514. The Pope was thoroughly captivated by the beauty and thoughts behind this gigantic gift and unfortunately went overboard in his care for the “gift”. He got a special laxative laced with gold to be given to the elephant, named Hanno, when the animal had trouble pooping. Result – the elephant died at the very tender age of 6!
  • A gift that rocks – Diamonds have been popular gifts for a while now and will continue to do so. The allure of these gems is such that people are willing to pay millions for them! One such extravagant gift was made by Richard Burton to the hauntingly beautiful American actress – Elizabeth Taylor. Known as the Taylor-Burton diamond, this was of a whopping 69.42 carats and shaped like a pear. When Dame Taylor chose to sell it, it fetched her much needed $5 million that she used for charitable causes.

Make your gifts as unique as you wish the birthday celebrations for your loved ones to be. Spend a little time choosing your next time before you spend a ton of money on it!

Birthdays are special

Birthdays are special

Birthday is just a simple day like other days, but have you ever thought that why it receive so much hip form people of all age, gender and race. The most touching reason is that we all are special and we need some pampering and spoiling moments which make you realize that you are important and everyone is happy on you birth, thus we want to celebrate a day just to rejoice those pastmemorable moments of our birth. Everyone is special and have some individuality and deservesat least a dayfor justhimself. And if that day was not there, we would not be there too. This is our own special day and we don’t want to share it with anyone. And we don’t want to compromise celebrating it for some other work.

birthday hampers

The birthdays are the remainder of milestone celebrations in one’s life, and thus everyone wants to celebrate it in its own special way. It’s also the human nature that we want the other peoples to celebrate our birthday for us. Do preparation and give surprise to use. We also want our special day to be celebrated with our dear ones. It’s human nature that irrespective of the age we love to receive gifts and presents, we want our loved ones to pamper us with surprise and flowers on that day.

There are many options to gift on birthday and it totally depends upon the age gender and taste of the receiver and the sender both. But in general sending flowers, perfumes, accessories, birthday hampers, cloths and decoration items are popular.

There are so many special, memorable day and miles stones comes and goes in life but those days never counts, no one every even asked about it but only the birthdays are count. It’s obvious on all kinds of forms to ask you for your age no matter for whatever reasons the form are being filled. As the birthday is so very special in anyone’s life and on that day you are the king and queen of your life.

birthday hampers online

For me my birthday is the most special and loved day in my life which brings with it a lot of presents and surprises every year. It’s a day on which I take a day off from all the work and do what my heart want me to. I spend some quality time with my self too and also think on what I have achieved and what I was supposed to achieve. I fixed next year targets for it and plan to achieve those targets. Then I want to cut cake with my friends and family and spend some memorable time .

It really important to spend quality time with loved ones as you never knows what will be the picture of life for you then.Today, you have these people. Tomorrow, you may not. But during the time when they are a part of your life, they are or have been important. Why not make them feel that today, irrespective of what happens tomorrow? Enjoy time with them so that if at any point whey are not close enough to reach for your birthday to can still have some cherished memories for them.

The life never gives you a second chance. The time ones spend can never come back again. So make a good use of every time you have, built happy memories and not only celebrate your every birthday in a memorable manner but also make other birthday to a special day for them. Its how we count what who loves us the most when people do something special for us just to make us happy.

Unique Birthday Hampers

Birthdays usually have to be all about cakes. People usually think about birthday cake whenever someone’s birthday is coming whereas no one bothers to think about the birthday hampers that would last even after the party is over and the recipient would only be looking forward to a lovely birthday gift from its loved ones. Do you want to end up their expectations in a disappointment and just give them a random birthday mug, or a photo frame to be kept in some corner of the house? Well, it is time to reconsider the birthday gifts and change the course of action by having unique birthday hampers for your loved ones’ special day.

37_birthday hampers

The hamper needs to be astounding in looks, style and the elements it contains. For that matter, you do not need to make any special effort if you are not really good at choosing and selecting products to make a fascinating birthday hamper. Now your problem is solved with gorgeous birthday hampers UK variety online. What else can you give your loved one than a trendy and spectacular gift hamper filled with luxury items that would influence them? Talking about the trendy birthday hampers, these hampers are going to give your loved one, goose bumps.

The Pink Hatbox Gift Hamper is a glamorous gift hamper for your lovely lady who is fond of chocolates. These bountiful chocolates are accompanied by a branded mug to pour the luscious hot chocolate sachet of different flavors. The chic ribbon wrapping the pink box makes it look more tempting. The gorgeous hamper is a very stunning birthday gift hamper for your lovely wife, fiancé, girlfriend or mum.

Tea Lovers must be astonished to own this amazingly beautiful tea hamper. The tea for two hamper is a lovely gift for the loved one as you can enjoy your favorite tea time with the delicious tea offerings in this hamper. The savory hamper is filled with delights like milk chocolate truffles from Lindt, English Breakfast Tea 40s, Ginger Jam, Cake Loaf and honey and almond biscuits. All these festive items are very popular for a tea break or while you enjoy a cup of tea with your wife, husband, mum or dad.

Want to get a little cheesy flavored? Well, to all those cheese freaks, this cheesy hamper is a full fledge assortment of cheese items. The stunning hamper comes with some classic cheese products that include Cheddar Cheese, whole meal crackers, Mature Cheddar cheese oat bites, Plum chutney for cheese, Honey fruit cake and Delight cheese board chutney. No one can say less than awesome while having these tempting cheese items in their food menu.

Men are usually difficult to cater when it comes to selecting birthday gift for them. However, this sensational birthday hamper for him is a breathtaking surprise for him. This gigantic hamper is filled with auspicious delights that would fascinate any man whether it is your dad, boyfriend, boss or colleague. The hefty hamper is filled with mouthwatering confectionaries like Blueberry and Blackcurrant cordial, chocolate coated hazelnuts, Crunch caramelized corns, Nibs cheddar and chilli straws, Milk chocolate bar, Gourmet chocolate mini pizza and chocolate truffles ballotin. All these sumptuous items are good enough to melt any man’s mood.

Nibles delight hamper is for those who are difficult to impress. This fabulous hamper is a gorgeous combination of various taste budding products that will not only surprise your recipient by its elegant look but also with its distinct set of collections. Elegant items like Raspberry and Lemon Cordial, Chocolate Balls, Italian Fruit Nougat Slice and many such delectable treats would certainly tantalize your recipient’s expectations.

If you want to make an everlasting impact on your loved one, then select one of these birthday hampers UK to impress your loved ones.

Age no bar for birthday hampers

A birthday is a special day for everyone. Some people may not act like it but almost are aware of that particular day and everything that happens in it, each year. And when a person is blessed with people who love and care for him, he has the fortune of having some truly memorable and spectacular birthday celebrations!

This is the age where even trivial information is at times shared on social networking sites. You have people tweeting, posting, and hash tagging when they come across a funny shaped cloud or a toddler who downed an entire muffin at one go. So, when you are planning a birthday celebration, do it in a way that people remember it fondly and can talk about if forever with a smile on their face! To add a personal touch to the celebrations, especially if you are doing it for someone, who has a place in your heart, don’t leave the celebrations in the hands of expert caterers and vineyards. Get a birthday hamper that includes things special to the person you are making the gift to.

48_gift hampers

The choices in birthday hampers in UK are unlimited. And they’re not just for the adorable little children! Even mature adults can find such a hamper amazing, provided it has been filled with care.

To start things off, you can choose the basket or the container in which all the presents are to be put depending on the occasion and the person. There are the popular wickers baskets that can be decorated with just about everything – satin ribbons, little bows, sparkling and glittering paste stones, flowers, etc. The size of course would depend on their contents. Next, you have ceramic ones that are bulkier but can be used as a showpiece at home even after it has served its purpose as a gift hamper. Ceramic ones with designs that can be found in elegant tea sets are as popular as those with cute teddy bears and Disney princesses printed on them. You also have the ones made of cardboard and plastic that range from the modest to the extravagant.

birthday gift (2)

Coming to the gifts themselves – need we mention a list? It is an endless one. If the hamper is being posted, then of course avoid flamboyant wrapping, complicated bows in net and large hampers. Stick to smaller ones, but make them special with your gifts. Cosmetics, chocolates, premium liquor bottles, children’s clothes and toys, jewellery, kitchen (cookware) and dining sets, clothes, scented candles and flowers – these are just some of the commonly included items in birthday hampers. And if there is something special you want to add to it, like a ring that has been passed down generations or something blue and borrowed for a soon-to-be married lady, then, you just add charm and your own brand of love to the hamper!

So, rather than thinking of just one expensive gift this time, get innovative with creative hampers and little gifts in them!

How to Make a Gift Hamper

Gift hampers are typically baskets in which you can arrange gifts for someone on special occasions. Gift hampers are ideal for occasions like birthdays, wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, graduation, etc.

The design of the hamper will depend on who is the potential recipient: whether to fill it with less costly trinkets or more expensive exotic items. Hampers should contain items woven around a theme and also make the recipient feel appreciated and special.

48_gift hampers

Here are a few ideas for making a great gift hamper:

  • Gifts for Women: There are a variety of gifts that can be given inside hampers for occasions like Grandmother’s day and Mother’s Day. A hamper for a woman can contain perfumes and aromatic lotions. Also, you can add in bath items like bath beads, bubble bath and loofah meant for the exfoliation of dead skin cells. To add glitter to the hamper, throw in some necklaces, rings or personalized bracelets.

48_gift for women

  • Gifts for Men: The hamper for a man can contain items such as tie and dress shirt or a small briefcase. Throw in a belt and wallet. Other suitable hamper gifts for a man are razor blades, shaving cream, after shave, etc, all packed in a shaving kit. One can also get embossed words like ‘The Best Dad in the World’, on cups, pens, and even belt buckles. This will surely leave the man feeling ecstatic.
  • Food Gifts: One can create a delicious food hamper by including items like chocolate, nuts and fruits. Other specialties include wine and champagne along with cheese, cakes, cookies, pretzels and chips. Also, to tease the palates of the recipients are pies, toffee, caramel pop corn, lollipops and sausages. You can also add a personal touch by including food items you have prepared at home, especially in a hamper meant for a kid headed out to college far away.

48_food item

  • Gifts for Kids: For toddlers and small kids, you can assemble a gift hamper full of toy cars, dolls, ballerina dress for the girls and super hero outfits for the boys. A kid will also appreciate personalized picture frames, towels, name badges, mugs and cups. Girls will love hampers filled with dolls and dolls house items. One can also make colourful hampers by filling them with crayons, jump ropes and teddy bears. Children’s hampers can include board games suited to their age group, as well as musical instruments like toy guitar or toy organ.


  • Gifts for Babies: For a baby, you can put together items like baby books, baby shampoo and baby blankets. One can also add items like pacifiers, baby booties, decorations for baby’s room as well as baby bottles.
  • Corporate Gift Baskets: These are meant for employees, co-workers or business associates. These are given to express appreciation, enhance motivation or close a deal. Most popular corporate gift baskets have a food theme with gourmet food, wine and chocolates. They must not be mistaken for office gifts which are, basically, hampers containing items with promotional content like ads and logos.


These are some of the ideas for a gift hamper such as birthday hampers in UK. The quality of a good gift hamper depends on the thoughtfulness of the giver and efforts made to assemble it, if created by the giver.

Birthday hampers for all ages

The best thing about birthdays is they are celebrated for all ages. From a little child to your eldest grandparent and everybody enjoys the lovely wishes and great gift hampers by loved ones. We want to make their day special by planning different things like arranging proper party with guest list invitees, calling for a surprise birthday bash at some place, having a picnic or family Bar BQ, or just get simple birthday cake hampers to celebrate the joy of their life with a little family gathering.

14_birthday hampers (1)

Now there are various types of trendy and stylish birthday hampers available according to all age groups. Now you do not need to worry about the selection, arrangement and then packaging of a gift hamper because your problem is solved by these lovely gift hampers arranged by professional decorators. They know what types of gifts are trending and how can they be a charming hamper for the recipient as per their age group. So let’s give you an overview of what can there be in a birthday hamper for people from different age groups. This would help you choose the birthday hamper next time for your loved one.

Birthday Boy Gifts

Birthday boys usually of young age or teen age are very fond of games, boy toys or comic books. Boys love to have hampers assorted with any of these challenging and adventurous games. Gift hampers for boys are assorted with age group and also relation to you like nephew, grandson, son etc. so you can have a well arranged hamper that might have remote controlled car, a puzzle game, a comic book or their favorite character toy from a cartoon series.

14_gift for boy

Birthday Girl Gifts

The sweet little girls of young and teen age group love to enjoy fantasy stuff like dolls, toys and games of their interest. Apart from that they also like edible gifts like cupcakes, or birthday cake customized with their favorite design. So it is easier for girls to get a gift on their birthday like birthday cake hampers would be a wise choice. So delight your daughters, granddaughters and nieces with these adorable gifts.

14_gift for girls

Male Birthday Gifts

Men are the most difficult genre to please when it comes to wishing them a birthday with gift. Men have limited choices so you can hardly pick a thing. Now there are very creative and exclusive gift hampers for men’s birthday with fine quality foods packed with scrumptious treats, joyful gadgets, interesting books and magazines and men accessories. So now you do not have to think a lot when buying a gift for a man because the hard part is already solved by retailers providing exquisite gift hampers for them.

Female Birthday Gifts

Females whether young or old enjoy pampering with adorable gifts. However mostly females can be pleased with a bunch of breathtakingly gorgeous flowers bouquet, a jewelry item like a pendant, a ring or bracelet and a sweet and savory food hamper. Even though you know what to buy for a female, you can save time by choosing a gift hamper already prepared by experts.

Mature Males Gifts

This is another category that is a little different than other usual men groups. They are older in age and thus need some elegant gift hampers to be fascinated. So you can adore these men like your Dad, Granddad or uncle with a personalized key chain, a bracelet or cufflinks with their initials and a luscious coffee hamper.

Mature Female Gifts

Mature females love to have something traditional like food hampers. So get your mum, grandma or aunt a zesty food hampers with all the pickles, chutneys, jams and marmalade included. You can also get some tasteful cookies, biscuits; tea and coffee in a tea time hamper forher to rejoice on this day.

Making gifts more attractive

A gift is an expression of the thoughts and love a person has for the person to whom the gift is being given. Some people gift extraordinary things like a vacuum cleaner or an apron! But the thought behind the gift may be simply touching. A son may see his mother struggle with a mop each day to keep the apartment clean and decides to gift a vacuum cleaner. A husband may see his wife working long hours at work, and then, come to the kitchen to prepare a meal, struggling with washcloths to cook as neatly as possible to avoid stains on her clothes. He may not be able to cook for her, but he can make cooking a little less tedious with that apron!

12_making gift more attractive

How can you do to make those simple gifts look a little more attractive? Birthday hampers in UK for babies are just as bulky as they are in any other country. You have so many items included in them like bottles of lotion and shampoo to cute, printed baby pyjamas. But do you just have to dump it in front of you friend or wife? Not necessarily! You can make the gift look more attractive and special with these few simple tips.

  • Wrapping a bow on top of anything always gives it a cherished feel. So talking about a baby hamper, you need not wrap each item separately to make it extra special. Instead, put them all in a large, simple wicker basket, wrap the whole thing with a soft, netted piece of cloth in a bright colour such as gold or baby pink and put a satin bow on top!
  • Put a thoughtful card with the gift. Even if you don’t wrap the gift, you can envelope your child, spouse, parent or gift with love when you write a few caring words expressing yourself to the person who you care enough to give a gift. The words need not be poetic. Just as long as you let them know that they hold a special place in your mind and heart, even the mundane seems poetic!

12_birthday hampers

  • Set a good atmosphere when you present the gift. Surprises, usually, do the trick. The transformation of a person’s normal face to an astonishingly happy one leaves you also with a smile on your face! When it comes to romantic gifts, you could light a scented candle or two; arrange an exclusive date at home or in a restaurant and give the gift when you both are in a mellow mood.
  • When the time comes to make the gift, try doing it yourself rather than making someone else do it. A butler is fine to hold out the chair for your lady love in a swanky restaurant and open an expensive bottle of champagne. But, if you are planning to gift something as outrageous as a rock-sized diamond ring or something as sweetly simple as a rose, it’s better you personally hand it to her and not through the butler!

So the value of the gift really lies in the thoughts of the person making the gift! Make your gift count more with your gestures than just their retail value.

How to Make This Birthday Memorable

Birthday is one of the most important days in a year not only for the birthday boy/girl, but for the loved ones around too. Birthdays celebrate the happiness the person brings into the lives of everyone around. With all the school work and office work, arranging a birthday party might seem like a huge task. But it does not have to be stressful. Here are a few ideas to make your loved one’s birthday memorable. Party is not the only way to celebrate the day. It is not necessary to invite a huge crowd to make your loved one feel special. If you are celebrating the birthday of your child, inviting a select few of his friends will suffice. By limiting the number of people you call, you will be able to plan the party better so that each and every one who attends the party will remember it for a long time.

8_How to Make This Birthday Memorable


Decide on the number of people and the date of the party. Having the party on a weekend will make it easy for everyone to attend. You can choose a theme and get the invitations printed using a downloaded template or you can go personal with handmade invitations. If it is your child’s birthday party, encourage your child to pen a few words on the invitation.


The one thing that is quite important in a birthday party is the cake. If you can bake the amount of cake required for your party, you can take it upon yourself to bake the birthday cake. Or, you can order it online from a gift delivery online Shoppe. You can even order birthday cake hampers that come with a toy, chocolate or flowers in addition to cake of your choice as a gift for the birthday boy or girl. When you are ordering the cake, ensure the quantity will be enough for your party crowd. If you are getting a customized cake with pictures for the birthday boy or girl to cut, you can also order another simple cake to feed the party as picture cakes or themed cakes are often too expensive.



After cake, you will have to think about food. You can decide the amount of food you want to arrange. You can simply have some drinks, pasties or crisps with the cake and call it a day or you can go all out and arrange a full spread by calling a catering service. If it is a children’s party, you can order pizzas from a nearby restaurant that can deliver it at the right time so that the food will stay warm.


Entertainment Ideas

Party is not only about cake and food. People who come to the party should have a great time. Depending on the age of people you have invited, you should plan ahead for games. If the party will have tweens and teens, you can try your hand at being a DJ, provided you have the required space at home. You can plan some games that will engage the children for a little while.


Return Gifts

You can plan to give the children return gifts depending on your budget. It can be a simple pencil box or a game set wrapped nicely. Make sure you put the gifts in bags so that your visitors can take it with them comfortably.

8_returned gift

Planning birthday parties for special ones

Birthday is a really special occasion in all our lives. It is a day to celebrate the existence of ourselves and our near and dear ones around us. Each and every individual may be a friend or an enemy holds significance on his/her birthday. It is our due responsibility to make the event a really exciting one, to ensure ultimate experience for the birthday boy/girl.

There is no age limit for birthday parties. People, nowadays, celebrate birthdays of their grandparents in a very grand manner, to reflect their love towards them. For kids, the occasion becomes even more special. For all type of birthday parties, there are some series of steps, which are to be followed to make it grand and special. These steps are as follows-

Location and decoration  

If your budget is not too high and you want to involve only selected family members into the occasion, you can prefer celebrating birthday at home. It ensures convenience and maximum privacy. It is quite suitable for families, who like spending time amongst them. Else, if you want to make the occasion extremely grand and you have a high budget set aside for the event, you can prefer a good convention hall to celebrate such an event. These events may involve a lot of guests in the form of relatives, friends and other near and dear ones.

Location and decoration1

Decoration is an important ingredient in any function. Making a collage of photographs, which incorporates major memories and some really happy events, worth remembering, can add to the decorative items. Right amount of decoration is really essential for any location. Too much decorative items can actually spoil the environment of the party. It should be based on a theme and should not be too much or too less.


Some entertaining games are really essential in an event like this. Birthday is a special event, which should involve fun and joy. Including some really special games like musical chairs, dance programs, singing programs, etc, based on the targeted age group of participants and the birthday guy can be extremely useful.


These games actually bring together the special bonding among the family members and other participants. They should be easy to arrange and should be short, as well. As a perk of participation, each individual should get special gifts for the same. The winner should get a big hamper for his efforts, to win the game organized.


Birthdays are incomplete without gifts. It becomes extremely important for an individual to select the right gift for the same. The birthday hampers in UK are quite famous and apt for such occasions. If your budget is high and you want to show extra love and care, such hampers can make the receiver feel really special. Many online websites facilitate such hampers at a very reasonable price. It is important to select the appropriate gifts by comparing different websites. Arranging some good return gifts for the individuals, who attend the party, is essential.

birthday gift (2)

The above arrangements and a special flavoured cake can complete a very entertaining party, for our near and dear ones.

Birthday cakes – best gift for loved ones

Acceptance of birthday gifts is fun, but giving birthday gifts is more exciting. The gift we choose for someone’s birthday expresses, how much we know and like the person. One of the best options for gifts is the birthday cake hampers. Children enjoy the mouth dripping cake hamper and so do the adults. Cutting of a cake is the most awaited part of a birthday celebration. Everyone like it, especially kids.

birthday cake best gift for loved

How to choose birthday cakes?

For birthday cakes, we need to know about different aspects of selection, right from frostings, toppings, flavours, and even the alternates. The main aspect is the cake flavour. Some of the common flavours include chocolate and vanilla and these are normally liked by all. Different kinds of toppings and frostings add to the look and glamour of the cake. A few other good choices are red velvet, mocha, rainbow, maple walnut, and spice cake.


There are many additives for the cakes such as almonds, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and candy bars that are crushed. Apart from adding flavour to the cake, they also give a specific texture that adds to the charm of these cakes. We could also choose fruity flavours such as pineapple, cherry, banana and strawberry. Apart from the cake choices, we can also choose cupcake varieties because it gives a wider range of options. The next aspect is to choose frostings. Widespread frosting options are dark chocolate, chocolate, vanilla, cherry chip, strawberry, and cream cheese.

Choice of toppings

There is a wide variety of topping options available in the market. We can also customize according to our preferences. We can choose something vivid and exaggerated or go for something simple and dignified, as we like. In the recent times, Airbrushing technique is an interesting method used by bakers. This includes the photograph of the birthday kid or it could be even a favourite pet. We can also choose candles, sparklers, and swirl candles as decorations on the cake, we select.

choice of toppings

Apart from the decorations and looks of the cake, when it is being presented, the most important thing is how good it tastes. This is one important thing we need to ensure that we do not compromise on. A lot of people go by the looks of the hamper and often neglect the taste factor.

Buying cake hampers online

There are many cake bakers available online. They have a variety of flavours and toppings to choose from. The cake hampers gives you a wide range of variety in themes of our choice, as you can choose the type of colour, layout and design, you want. What makes cake hampers very attractive to all is the variety of cakes available in the basket. All we need to do is specify the type of cake hamper from the website and it will be delivered on time.

Buying cake hampers online

Online shopping is convenient and very quick. It saves us a lot of time and also displays all the options available instantly facilitating easy comparison. The happiness on the person’s face that receives the cake will remain for a long time.