Chocolates Grow on Trees!

The journey of chocolates begins from a tree!

The piece of chocolate treat that quietly lies wrapped in the shelves of a candy store carries with it stories of people in the African continent who grow these magical tropical trees. As we remove the wrapper, we uncover the cocoa seed, at the same time we connect with the ancient people who grew them to the most modern of the human race who use it as a symbol of love or as an icon to celebrate happiness. Nowadays, chocolates have become an everyday luxury. Chocolates are readily available in shops as well as online. Today, just takes a few clicks of the computer mouse to gift a Cadbury hamper in UK to your loved ones who stay there.

13_cadbury hmapers

The story of these wrapped chocolates is very amusing. It starts from the trees goes on to the farmer’s hands and ends up with you consuming it. A chocolate treat that is appreciated worldwide has a very modest beginning. A cocoa bean starts its journey from inside the fruit known as a pod. These pods grow on trees found in West Africa, South America and parts of South-East Asia.

Cocoa trees are delicate and covered with flowers that need a lot of tending. They grow in tropical forests in a mixed farming mode with cash crops such as rubber and bananas. Cocoa is normally grown by small farmers and they leave the farm handpicked and then transported in carts.

When the cocoa reaches the factory, it is ground and powdered after roasting. Once that is done, they are reduced to a paste, which is known as chocolate liquor. This is followed by a series of pressing, rolling, adding sugars and sequential heating and cooling. Once all this is done, it leads to the formation of chocolate syrup.

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Human race has adopted the use of chocolates since the medieval times. And it began in South America. After that, people all over the world have used chocolates from curing diseases, to pleasing gods, for love, for holidays, to survive fasts, to ward off poisonous insects and scorpions and to gift their loved ones.

Cocoa industry today is very big and about 50 million people are employed here. These include all sorts of people from farmers to workers to chefs and bakers.

The chocolate bar is divine to taste because of the way it tastes and then swirls and melts in your mouth. Chocolate blends with more than two thousand flavours from lemon to vanilla to oranges and with currants. So that provides a wide canvas for various recipes.

A bar of chocolates’ soft feel and its buttery after taste also makes it a thing to desire for again and again. If you enjoy chocolate, you would enjoy a lot of other ice creams and deserts that have it as their main ingredient.

When tasting a bar of chocolate that gives a divine feeling when it goes down your throat, it is hard to believe that all that began from a tree.

Sweet hampers that delight

Hampers are quite a convenient as well as alluring way of gifting. Gifting can be quite a taxing and brain racking process because you need to get all the elements right to ensure that your gift recipient is happy and contented with what is being gifted. The advantage of hampers is the amazing flexibility that it affords in terms of what you can put into the hamper. The range of choice can be mind boggling, however, this is also quite a liberating experience because it gives wings to your creativity. One of the popular means of gifting happens to be sweet hampers that are quite popular and are especially, appreciated by those who have a sweet tooth.

Here is a lowdown on some of the popular sweet hampers that one can put together for someone you love:

3_sweet hamper (2)

Traditional sweet hampers: These are hampers that contain traditional and local sweets that vary from region to region. The sweets could range from Halwa in India to cakes of every kind in Europe and Baklava in Turkey. These are always quite popular because they tickle the palate of the discerning consumer. These are also much in demand among visitors because these give a sweet snapshot of country’s culture, as well as history and quite apt for those who savour the better things in life. Just imagine the lovely combo of éclairs and bonbons in France and the kind of response this would evoke in the mind and emotions of those who get these hampers.

Retro sweet hampers: These are sweet hampers that bring a wave of nostalgia in the minds of recipients as these hampers are choc-a-bloc with sweets from a different decade. Sweets and candies have changed in taste and texture, as well as type over the years, but their memories linger and provide lots of joy to those who have enjoyed these sweets over the years. Liquorice, toffees and other candy are key favourites in these hampers.

Cadbury hampers: These are an all time favourite and quite a lovely assortment of lovely, delicious Cadbury chocolates. Cadbury’s happens to be the leading chocolate brand in many countries of the world and these chocolates always go a long way in providing undiluted joy and satisfaction. These chocolate hampers are a hit among kids and always cherished fiercely. Whether it is Dairy Milk, Silk or Bourneville chocolates, you can rest assured that these chocolates would evoke delight and joy.

3_cadbury hampers

You can also combine these hampers with lovely paper and other gift items that would just add to the whole effect of expressing love and affection for those you love. There is always a reason and a season to gift sweets. Birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations of success invariably provide an occasion to indulge your sweet tooth and this is when the impact and sales of sweet hampers get enhanced, not to mention festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Eid or Bar Mitzvah. Choose from the wide range of sweet hampers that are available and you can be an angel of love and joy for folks around you!

Gift hamper varieties for you to choose from

Gift hampers have been quite a hot favourite among those who would like to send suitable gifts based on the occasion. Birthday parties, corporate events and holiday seasons invariably witness a huge increase in demand for hampers of every hue and size. Hampers afford a lot of flexibility and choice in terms of what could be composition of the gift combos that delight and win hearts. Hampers also provide an opportunity to add in more than one category of gift item, as well as options of not only ordering from vendors, but also the possibility of creating something on your own.


Do it yourself gift hampers have something very special about them because these denote and indicate the personal attention, as well as love and care that goes into creating such hampers. Just imagine a birthday party where you put together hand-made cards along with a bunch of flowers, as well as a hand-picked gift for your loved one. The effect this has on your beloved spouse or a close friend will be nothing less than electrifying. Such hampers have such amazing power to delight that it is quite possible that these could be effectively used in healing impaired and well-nigh broken relationships too.

As far as corporate gifting goes, lots of companies use special events like Christmas or Easter to send special hampers that create enormous goodwill and help in reinforcing a positive corporate image in the minds of cherished partners. It is true that festive times see corporate honchos and offices inundated with gift hampers and it is true that only the crème de la crème of the hamper that stands out in terms of quality and excellence will find favour. This is why it is important for companies to pay attention to the kind of gift hampers that they put together.

7_cadbary hampers

Gift hampers for kids are also one of the big categories when it comes to gifting. These are typically put together by doting parents and also friends to be gifted on birthdays, as well as Christmas time. These are also gifted on special achievements like scholastic events or perhaps to reward special sports achievements. These gift hampers are filled with goodies like confection, gifts and toys that are quite suitable to delight the kid and make him or her smile the whole day through. One would be surprised, but it is true that such special gift hampers are cherished and treasured by kids for years after the event is over.

Sweet and Cadbury hampers are well-sought after by those who have a sweet tooth. These hampers contain a large number of chocolates and sweetmeats that are designed to pry out squeals of delight and pure joy from those who are fortunate enough to receive and savour a sweet gift hamper.

Gift hampers have been well established as an excellent gifting choice. This is undisputed however one needs to remember that the choice of gifts and the way they are packaged and delivered create a world of difference.

How to Choose a Gift for Every Occasion

You do not need an occasion to surprise your loved ones with a gift. But it is important that you choose the right gift during the important occasions to make the days memorable. Action speaks louder than words. A thoughtful gift can show the recipient that you care about them. Birthdays are not the only event when you will need to choose gifts for loved ones. Every event brings with it different emotions and you have to choose a gift according to the importance of the occasion.

7_cadbary hampers

A gift always takes more value when you are there to deliver it. But sometimes, it becomes impossible to do that. The reason could be work stress or other family problems. You might have to travel an impossible distance to attend an event. In such cases, the next best option is to get the gift delivered at the right time. There are many gift delivery services in UK. These services can deliver the gift on the chosen day. Do not forget to add a personalized message, which will make the recipient feel more valued. Make a phone call around the time you expect the gift to reach and convey your wishes and greetings personally too.

The online gift shops have a huge collection of gifts for you to choose from. Remember to choose a gift that is appropriate for the recipient. While flowers are good choices for most occasions, it will not make the best choice if you are choosing a gift for a ten year boy’s birthday. Below are simple gifting ideas for certain occasions.

Gifting Suggestions

Valentine is the time of the year to show your loved ones your appreciation of them. It can be your new girlfriend or your husband of fifty years or your children. A valentine gift does not have to be covered in hearts and red. It can be a simple toy for your child or an elegant piece of jewellery for your partner. It can be a cake that your girlfriend loves the most. Christmas is the time for gifts. It is the time when you might have to choose gifts for people you do not know much about. In cases, when you do not know the likes and dislikes of the recipient, it is best to stick to generic gifts. Chocolates and flowers do well in most of the occasions. It can convey a message of happiness, which is apt for any moment of celebration. You can buy Cadbury hampers in UK from many of the online gift shops with delivery services and choose the right time for delivery.

Chocolates will do well as a message of congratulations too. Chocolate hampers can be sent to convey congratulations to a new graduate or a new parent. If you are choosing gifts for a patient, remember to check with the hospital if there are restrictions on gifts you can send. Fruit baskets and flowers are most suitable to convey the message of Get Well Soon. Whatever the occasion, do not forget to add a personalized message with your gift.

Chocolate hampers that light up your life with joy

Is it said that chocolate can lift the spirits and heighten the lowest of moods? There are millions of folks who swear by chocolate as being an inimitable ingredient for elevating one’s state of wellbeing, to the extent that it is almost considered therapeutic. Lovers will also readily attest to that fact that there is nothing quite like a hamper of chocolates that can win the heart of one’s spouse or girlfriend. You also associate chocolates with celebrations because these delectable treats invariably add to the joy and mirth of Christmas and Easter or birthdays and felicitations for that matter.

1_Cadbury chocolate hampers

When it comes to chocolates, Cadbury is one of the most coveted and well known brands across the globe. You mention the name of Cadbury and it is enough to light up with smiles faces of kids and adults alike. And if you were to gift a chocolate hamper, you can well imagine the extent to which the delight and joy would be magnified. It is not surprising then that Cadbury chocolate hampers constitute one of the very best and topmost gifts, as well as reward ideas in a home or corporate context.

If you are throwing a party, getting a chocolate hamper to regale your guests is a fabulous idea. Once the dinner is over and drinks have been served, you can rustle up the chocolates with a flourish, to the squeals of delight that are bound to accompany the sight of the hamper. You can bet that your guests, young and old would surely remember you with fondness and love on account of your thoughtful generosity in serving up a wide variety of Cadbury chocolates.

Cadbury chocolates also have the added benefit in the wide variety that these afford. While everyone loves and ravishes Dairy Milk bars with unbridled gusto, you can also choose from a huge range of dark, light, rose, heroes or Gems that are loved and enjoyed the world over. Creating a kid’s chocolate hamper is such a joy even for adults as the very task of choosing chocolates is enough to transport you to a magical and almost fairytale world. Chocolates are quite age neutral, and whether you are eight or eighty, a chocolate hamper is a coveted gift across all age bands.

We live in a world of customization and individuality. Keeping this in mind, Cadbury gives you the option of not only selecting from a range of chocolates, but also creating personalized chocolates to go into your gift hamper. You just have to go online and click on a menu based chocolate personalization process to come up with a chocolate that bears the unmistakable stamp of your personal creativity and ingenuity. The joy of a wedding anniversary or your spouse’s birthday can be immeasurably enhanced by exerting a wee bit of effort in customizing chocolates for your loved one.

Chocolates as gifts are a sure shot way of expressing love and affection for your near and dear ones. There are also a lot of corporate entities that send across chocolate hampers to clients and vendors during the festive season. With chocolates, you are sure of always being right!

Popular Chocolate Gift Ideas

Chocolate is the key to happiness. You will seldom find someone who does not like chocolates in one way or the other. If someone claims to hate chocolate, they are lying. You can’t hate chocolate and also you cannot ignore it. Chocolates are present in various varieties in our food items like cakes, pastries, ice cream or hampers like Cadbury Hampers UK.It is because they are one of the most commonly consumed items. In fact some countries are famous for producing quality chocolates like Swiss chocolates or Belgian chocolates. As chocolates are very famous thus they are commonly gifted among people on special occasions. Keeping in mind the popularity of chocolates here are a few gift ideas that are popular chocolate gifts.

Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate cakes are the most common type of gifts to be used among people. They are popular on occasions like Christmas, Eid, Thanksgiving, or New Year. Hence, various types of chocolate cakes are available in market that are luscious in taste and are also unique in flavors depending on the type of chocolate used in it.

cadbury hampers-choclate cake

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars are a usual pick. When going to your friend’s home or meeting your date, you can easily grab your loved one’s favorite chocolate bar on the way. They are simple, easy to get, and a great savior of relations. Yeah, gifting a chocolate bar to your loved one would let you see their gorgeous smile immediately no matter how moody they are.

Cadbury Hampers UK(p-2)

Chocolate Ice Cream

Okay it is not just kids that are crazy for chocolate flavored ice creams. Most women and even men love to lick chocolate ice creams. So when you want to enjoy a movie with your partner or going for a family dinner on weekend, you can easily pick a chocolate ice cream tub on your way as a customary gesture. This gift is especially popular among kids so whenever you want to delight a kid, a simple way is to grab him or her chocolate ice cream.


Chocolate Liquids

Have you heard or tried a chocolate shake? Well, you must if you are a fan of chocolate. You can find chocolate flavored shakes, smoothies, juices and many such vicious types of chocolate drinks in different outlets. Want to give a treat to your friend, then take him to a nearby outlet, and buy a chocolate drink.

Gourmet Chocolates

There are various bakery products that use chocolates and people love to enjoy both favorites in one go. Some of the bakery products are Gourmet Chocolate Pizza, Chocolate pastry, Chocolate brownies, chocolate muffins and many more. All these items make a good impact as a chocolate gift on special occasions like Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Anniversary.


Chocolate Hampers

Chocolate hampers are great gift for any kind of formal setting. Whether it is your official party, a Christmas gathering, a Birthday of your loved one, a wedding anniversary or a simple Thanksgiving, chocolate hampers are gorgeous gift for all such ceremonies. There are various types and varieties of chocolate hampers available in the market. Since the trend of hampers is rising, retailers are now making specialized chocolate hampers for such occasions. These hampers consist of marvelous collection of chocolates from various top brands like Nestle, Lindt, Cadbury, and Belgian. Cadbury hampers UK are one of the most popular choices among chocolate gifts. It is because their chocolates are widely loved, and have diverse variety of quality chocolates all wrapped in a single basket.


All occasions can be celebrated with joyful gifts sharing and chocolates tend to be the most widely accepted gift. They are luscious, tempting and are in exceptional variety. So whenever you want to gift someone on any occasion and cannot find the right gift, Cadbury Hampers UK would be there to save your day.