Ideas for Cheap Gift Baskets

Gift baskets add more colours to your gifting and also save you a lot of money. One can make gift baskets on one’s own for personalized and creative gift ideas.


To create the perfect gift hamper, consider the following: What are the hobbies of the recipient and what activities does he/she enjoy? Do they love the outdoors, camping, hitting the gym, cooking or gardening?

23_Forman and Field Christmas Essentials

You can use different types of boxes like recycled tin boxes or useful items like flower pot or serving bowl. Here are a few ideas for themed gift baskets:

  • Gardener’s basket: For the recipient with a green thumb, search for a large pot-rectangular shaped or round shaped to fill the items. Fill up the pot with a range of garden items like seed packets of vegetables and flowers. For inexpensive ideas, go for tulip bulbs or lilies bulbs. Add relevant items like gardening apron, gardening gloves and pairs of gardening clogs. Include magazines or books on gardening and some gift cards for advanced equipments like sprinklers and lawn mowers.


  • Chef’s basket: Assemble a special chef basket for the chef in your life. Local stores may carry inexpensive kitchen items such as high quality substitutes for basic kitchen items that have got worn out. A basket can be replaced by a mixing bowl. Stuff the bowl with spatulas, spoons, pastry brushes and measuring cups. One can also include a ready to make version of exotic meals like an Indian or Thai curry. Add exotic spices and sauces as well as special utensils to serve such meals. For example, you can include chop sticks to accompany an Oriental meal. This will help your beloved chef to experiment and perfect his craft.


  • Sports enthusiast: Buy tickets to the latest game in town, be it cricket or football. Include memorabilia of a favourite sports team. Add cans of popcorn and beer for hosting an evening of sports watching on TV along with close buddies. Sports players can be gifted sporting gear- from racquets for tennis players to golf clubs for golf enthusiasts. One can also gift membership to a sports club.
  • Breakfast surprise: Surprise your loved one with a special breakfast in bed gift basket. Fill the basket with goodies to start the day. This includes a pack of pancake mix, authentic maple syrup and a coffee package. Add some coffee mugs to round off the gift.
  • Home spa basket: Gift a spa day at home with a bubble bath basket. Fill a basket with bottled bath salts and scented soaps for especially warm gift. To save on your budget, make the bubble bath yourself with liquid glycerine, distilled water, essential oils and Castile soap. The recipe is as follows: Mix a bar of Castile soap (grated), distilled water (2 pints), liquid glycerine (7 tbsp), lavender oil (6 drops) and Patchouli oil (3 drops). Stir together properly and fill into a clear, clean glass bottle. Keep in a shower basket along with a loofah sponge. Line the basket with several rolled up wash cloths. You can also fill other bottle with bathing salts, which you can buy in bulk. If you have more money left in your budget, add a bathrobe and bathroom slippers.


These are some of the themed gift baskets, which you can assemble at home. You can use reliable couriers for cheap gift hampers to deliver all around the country.


Good Times! Food Times! BBQ Times!

Summers! The glorious time when birds sing, sunshine smiles down upon us and everything is bright and cheerful. The chill and gloom of winter disappears and is replaced by a weather that literally demands swims in cool pools, suntan beds, picnics, seaside and, of course, – the garden parties and sizzling BBQ.

So, if we focus on cheap gift hampers in UK that aims to give us the perfect barbeque this summer, and that would obviously draw us to the BBQ Eat and Feast Gift Hamper. So let us look at a few things this cheap, affordable gift hamper provides us.


  • BBC Good Food Barbecues and Grills Recipe book: We all need to break out conventional dishes, and if the same chicken, sausages and burgers are no longer satisfying you, put on an apron, consult these cookbooks and go on an adventure with modern and new ways of sizzling up your BBQ.
  • Boxed 200 Wooden Skewers: Now that you have decided on the perfect recipe, you will need the perfect tools. These skewers are yours for those delicious crispy veggie kebabs or the best chicken ever.
  • Tortyrrells Somerset Sour Cream Crisps: While the grills and the coals get ready, get these perfect appetizers out and for people who are waiting for the main course, these are marvellous to have alongside, with a dollop of the perfect salsa.
  • Jarrah Ridge Shiraz Wine: Red meat, red wine, and the perfect Shiraz. This is one of the best finds in this cheap gift hamper. Need we say more?
  • We all know that the best ingredients are needed for the perfect dish and to give your BBQ the perfect flavour that will leave all the guests licking their fingers, you just have to try the  Cottage Delight Thai Marinade and Cottage Delight Smokey Barbecue Rock Salt that have been carefully prepared for the perfect dish. There are a wide range of condiments, as well including the Cottage Delight Hickory Smoked Barbecue Sauce, The Bay Tree Wholegrain Mustard, Great British Sauce Tomato & Habanero Chili Sauce and Mrs. Bridges Red Pepper & Garlic Salsa and all these will cater to everyone’s needs, no matter their choice of flavour.
  • We all know that when the last jacket potato is eaten, it is time to wrap up, but why should we stop here? This incredibly cheap and bountiful gift hamper has some more surprises for UK- the delicious 150g marshmallows and the BBQ chocolate.

So there it is! The perfectly decadent, cheap gifts hamper- The BBQ Eat and Cook Feast Gift Hamper where even the soft lined wicker basket can be used as a bread and bun basket. This will be the perfect partner throughout summer, whether you are entertaining guests or cooking for the special someone or just simply enjoying yourself.

Go on, give yourself a treat. You deserve it and the affordable price doesn’t even pinch the pocket.