gift hampers to Jersey Channel Islands.


Have you ever thought of presenting your friends or relatives with antique gifts? Very rare and exquisite in nature. These gifts will surely be remembered for an entire life time by the recipient. Of course you never think of gifting these kind of items when it is the need of the hour. When you give away chocolates or cakes signifying birthdays and anniversaries your recipient feels bored. You can add a dash of twist and fun to conventional gifting styles. Do you have a gang of friends residing in Jersey Islands?Here is presenting you with some cool ideas to give away gift hampers to Jersey Channel Islands.

Big wide hats and large framed sun glasses

Is your friend or loved one fond of swimming? Then this is a must pick gift hamper. You can buy wide sized hats. These are typically known as cow-boy hats. The commonly available shades of cow boy hats are grey, beige and off-white. You can pick one having a trendy design. Plus a pair of large frame sun glasses. Wrap it up in a great looking gift hamper. This gift will be savored by the recipient for its elegance and style.

Pen stands and leather wallets

Pen stands are antique gifts which you can send away exclusively packaged. Post boxes in trendy designs made out of cotton mesh are available in leading retail establishments or in small-key shops as well. A lot of compartments are added to the post box shaped pen stand. You can flip letters, envelopes, latest telephone bills apart from pens and pencils within this spacious stand.


Leather wallets are best buy for your hubbies who hold a lot of credit cards inside the purse. Metallic wallets are also available in the market for you to choose from.

Antique wall clocks and watches

Antique watches can make a fashion statement for the present day generation as well. Big frames, Flores ant lighted hour and seconds dial and antique designer watches are actually in vogue.

Wall clocks like pendulum clocks and antique variety big sized clocks will be greatly appreciated by your grand-mom and grand-dad staying in Jersey Islands, UK.

Pet dogs

You can gift a cute looking puppy to your mom in lieu of her birthday. You can wrap a pretty satin ribbon on to the pup. Put the lively one into a neat gift box. Make sure the gift carton has sufficient holes so that the pup can take a snuff.

Miscellaneous gift articles

Other nice gifts include t shirts with spunky words and funny anecdotes, cigar sets, beer mugs, cigarette lighters and ash trays which you can send away in style. The recipient will realize your high funda attitude which you portray in gifting stuff.

You have personalized cards and flower bouquets which you can include along with the hamper. The warmth which you display sending gifts is well taken by the recipient.

The kind of gifts mentioned above are usually not thought of and when you send these gift articles to your recipient, they are well acknowledged.