Presenting dry fruit hampers

Preserving and drying fruits is considered to be an age old tradition. This particular method is practiced more in the Middle East countries and Asia. This process does help the fruits to have an enhanced shelf life and retain its taste that can be enjoyed by everyone, without having to worry on hygiene or health related issues. The extended dry seasons and hot summers present in those countries are quite ideal for the dehydration of such fruits and to remove its water content. In this manner, it stays edible for several months and even years, which make it a popular food.

Why dry fruits as a gift?

Dry fruits do have an immense nutritional value and the natural sugar content present in it does make it an ideal food, especially for long journeys. As a matter of fact, the mixed packages tend to include a variety of nuts, dry fruits, seeds and many more. These were valuable nutritional sources of energy for the ancient sports persons and travelers. Also, in ancient Rome, the dry fruits were presented to successful athletes as prizes. These are regarded to be excellent for health as the mineral, calcium and vitamin content in the fruit increases over a period of time with drying. The low sodium content also makes it ideal for the purpose of consumption, especially those who suffer from heart disease and hypertension. It contains vital trace elements and antioxidants that slow down aging and tend to promote bone growth and health. Dry fruits such as prunes or dry plums do have very high pectin content that lowers down cholesterol. These are also wonderful for digestion, weight management and promote oral health.

Presenting dry fruit hampers

What does it include?

The traditional dry fruits tend to include raisins, dates, apricots and figs. Technically speaking, it is possible to dry and preserve fruits of any kind, vegetables or berries. Traditional, dry fruits have been enjoying greater popularity among people, across the globe for a long time. There are also new entrants such as kiwi, apples, mango, peaches, lychees and papaya, which are fast becoming popular. When these are added to sweets, cakes and desserts, they do enhance its flavour by a huge margin and the difference can be felt by tasting them.

Dry fruits as a form of gift

These days’ dry fruits are regarded to be a wonderful gift option. Being on the expensive side, they are rather luxurious items and are preferred gifts especially on weddings, festivals, birthdays, special occasions, and also, corporate events. When combined with nuts such as pistachios, almonds, chocolates, cashews, jewellery, cakes, soft toys and flowers, they do make delightful and interesting hampers that are likely to please any person, be it old or young. This can be such a gift that no one can say ‘no’ to it. Fruit hampers UK delivery can be shared among friends and relatives and sure to be enjoyed by everyone. Being easily consumed, they make wonderful snacks that can be had at any point of time, leaving the person content and satisfied for hours together.