FATHERS Day- It’s Time to Thank Your Dad

Life is the name of competition. Long ago the famous scientist Darwin put forward the theory about the evolution of life, describing the survival of the fittest and the extinction of the weakest. Our life follows the same strategy. One who is the best is on the top and liked by everyone. There is no position for the weak in the society. Our lives are composed of a race in which everyone wants to be on the front, leaving everybody far behind. No one wants to see you in a better position than him, and if you are at a better position than him, then he is twenty four hours ready and looking for a chance to tear you apart. In every field of life you are facing leg pulling by your fellows.

Well, in this world full of competition, there is only one person who is working hard to give you a better position. The purpose of his life is to give better life and to make you successful. From the day you born all his efforts are dedicated to your success, your life and your future. He is the greatest blessing of nature, he is your helping hand, and he is the one who stands with you in your failure and he is the happiest person on your success. He considers your success as his own and his feeling of joy is unmatchable. He is none other than you “father”.

Fathers are the gift of nature rather they are the most important gift of nature. He trained you to live in this world. The importance of a father should be asked from those who lost him in very young age. The love of a father for his children is divine. His effort is matchless and his contribution to your better future can’t be rewarded back.

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To celebrate the fatherhood and to honor fathers throughout the world a day called “father’s day “is celebrated. It is usually celebrated on the third Sunday of June. It is a very good practice and this day should be celebrated to make the fathers realize that all their efforts turned into something good and they are honored and respected by their children and are loved by their children. Different people celebrate father’s day in their own fashion. Some present cards, perfumes and other such gifts to their fathers. Some arrange family dinners to celebrate their love for their fathers; some take their father along with them to watch a movie. Some present special gift hampers to their fathers. Today, there is a trend of selecting a gift from the online market. People select gifts from the online stores or websites and then place their orders; these websites and online stores offer a wide range of father’s day gift hampers among them you can select any one of your choice. Cheese club, birthday hampers for him and chocolates bite size hamper are some of the FATHERS DAY GIFT HAMPERS available on these online stores. If you are not in a position to visit their place and are busy then you can send these hampers directly to their place to surprise them.

The trend of celebrating father’s day is one of the best emerging traditions of the human race. This beautiful day is a way of paying a tribute to the endless efforts of a father. This day gives a chance to those children who are not living with their parents for the purpose of job or education or those whose parents are living in the old houses to spend some time with them and to show their love for their father.