Presenting a gift card or voucher as Christmas gift is not always a perfect idea.

Presenting people with a voucher of their favorite shop and letting them buy whatever they wish in a particular budget seems to be a good idea at first glimpse but what if I tell you a bitter truth that last year families waste an amount total of £84m on Christmas gift cards which goes unspent. The main reason behind this is the expiry date of those cards. Many of the cards have very short expiry time and many of them expired even before the recipient gets the chance to spend it. People have much to do for Christmas celebrations and they simply don’t have time to go on a particular shop and make the purchases. One other thing which result in huge non spend amount is that if you are gifting a £30 gift card and the receiver make a purchase of £25 then the remaining £5 goes wasted and people don’t bother to make purchases against such a small amount when everything else in the store is not less than £10 or £15

The other big reason behind the waste of Christmas gift cards in UK is that many high street firms has collapsed just after Christmas and the vouchers and gift cards ending up with nothing more than a piece of paper or plastic with no worth at all. Although those cards and vouchers have some worth as they are also the creditor of the company but they comes in the last on the priority list and the value of a card goes in Pennies, that’s why no one bother to take it as a Christmas gift.   Marin Lewis who is the founder of consumer website says about gift cards, “They’re just a promise from a company, but if that company goes bust or changes hands you’ve no rights,” he said. “Remember too that one of the ways that companies make money from vouchers is that many remain unredeemed.”

christmas-gift-ukAndrew Johnson of the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association said that if you are keenly interested in gifting a gift card as a present then you should buy it from the company which have a good credit history and it’s not supposed to collapsed soon and keep an eye on the expiry date of the card. Gift a card which has at least 2-3 month of expiry time. And if you are a card receiver then make the purchase in the January sale to avoid the card to go wasted. A research shows that people make 40% more purchases then the face value of the card. So the main motive of the companies is to bring more and more people to their shops rather than giving them the variety to choose the gift. If you are keenly interested in gifting someone’s on Christmas for their happiness then you should focus on what is the choice of the receiver and gift him/her a present which would be truly loved rather than bounding them by presenting a gift card to go on a particular shop and buy something out. One better idea in this regard would be presenting cash and let them enjoy it in any way they want.

A simple Recipe for a perfect Christmas Gift Hamper:

Jingle bells, the sound starts coming in our ears as the Christmas countdownbegins 10, 9, 8 ….. . And it also reminds us to hurry up and speed up our Christmas preparations so that we don’t have too much work on the big day or a day before.

What to send to your loved ones on this special time of the day? A Christmas hamper gift..….? The idea is quite good as you can make hampers as per recipient need and wishes. So here we present you a simple recipe for making a beautiful, eye catching Christmas gift hamper. It consists of three simple steps.

  1. Selecting a Basket or Box

Take a simple cane basket or simply take the cardboard box of any product you used to buy like Milk cartons etc. Wrap it with a wrapping sheet; the best one would be of silver of Gold color to give your hamper a luxury look.

  1. How to fill it up:

Fill the hamper with the products as per your wish keeping a close eye on the recipient choice. Making hamper by yourself give you a lot of room to move according to you budget. You can go as high or a low as you want. You don’t have to compromise on the assorted product of market made hamper and you will be able to choose whatever you want to put in your hamper. You can make different kinds of hampers like:


        I. Focus on one kind of Product range

It can be a good idea to focus on one product and make your hamper loading with its variety. These hampers also sound good if you know that the recipient like something specific like no other. The Examples of these hampers are

  • Chocolate
  • Biscuits and cookies
  • Cheese based products
  • Sweets
  • Fresh fruits
  • Dry Fruits

      II. Gifting some drinks

Sending the hampers based on drinks can be a good idea to sizzle up Christmas celebrations. One would love to enjoy your hamper on Christmas night with friends and family. The drinks can be:

  • Some good wines
  • Champagnes
  • Whiskies and other alcoholic bottles
  • Soft drinks
  • Alcohol free drinks
  • Fruit Juices

    III. Focus on Dietary needs

There can be some friends or family in your circle who has some health issues or they are on weight loss diet so you can make your hamper in a way that they can enjoy it with no restrictions or resistance. The examples for such people can be

  • Diabetic
  • Low calories products
  • Vegetarian
  • Those with food allergies such as gluten intolerance

    IV. Assorted hamper

The most popular kind of hampers is assorted hampers. They are more popular when you are giving a gift to the family not for individual person. So you should add one or two products for each member. The best idea is to make hamper combining the options mention above thus creating a one big hamper for a family Christmas celebrations.

  1. The final wrapping and message card:

Garnish this beautiful Christmas gift hamper with a big transparent bag and tie it beautifully with a ribbon and present it with a message card. Do try our simple recipe to send Christmas gift hampers UK or anywhere in the world.