The magical uses of Lemon

A simple little and big balls of yellow color which is indeed a big gift of nature and we call it lemon. No doubt it looks good to the eyes and also adds superb flavor to your drinks and foods. But the advantages they can give are many more and can be beyond what you think. Lemons are a useful fruit, its pulp, juice, seeds and zest everything is loaded with countless amazing magical effects. When every you are thinking to send someone a fruit hamper it’s a wise idea to select fruit baskets which is loaded with miscellaneous fruits including lemon to let them enjoy maximum health benefits out of your gift.


Here I will tell you some surprising uses of lemon and after reading this I know your refrigerator will always be having lemon in it.

  • If you have oily hair just raise your hair with lemon water after shampoo. It will remove the oil and close oil excreting pours.
  • For whitening the teeth mix baking soda and lemon juice and apply it to your teeth with a toothbrush and rub gently for ten minutes and see the magic.
  • When suffering from sore throat or your mouth smells bas just gargle with water having few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt.
  • There is a hell of smell in garbage containers even though you clean them every now and then, try cleaning it with lemon juice and it will smell fresh.
  • If you find that the luster of chinaware has dimed just mix lemon juice with salt and rub them on chinaware crockery with soft cloth.
  • For polishing your furniture and removing the dirty stains mix lemon juice with two part of olive oil and rub gently with soft cloth.
  • If you are having brittle nails just dip your nails in a mixture of water, olive oil and lemon for 10 minutes once a week.
  • Lemon has a marvelous skin bleaching properties, applying it on dark knees and elbows will reduce the darkness in few days.
  • If your paint brush gets hard because it’s not being in use for many days, don’t throw it away and spend money on a new one, just boil water with lemon juice and dip the brush in it for 15-20 minutes and the wash it with foamy soap water.
  • If you’re white marble changes its color to yellow or pale. Cut a lemon dip it in salt and rub it over the marble surface. Leave it for 5 minutes and then wipe it off with clean cloth.
  • Lemon helps to clean the wooden cutting board. Just sprinkle salt on the board and rub it with lemon. Clean it with water.
  • If you glasses starts giving some smell even though you wash them, then try lemon and salt mixture, they will smell fresh and shine like brand new.
  • Lemon helps to brighten up your while cloths which have turned yellow. Dip cloths in water of baking soda and lemon for 30 minutes before washing them.
  • If there is some stains of dried paint on your glass just apply hot lemon juice and the clean it with wet cloth.
  • If there are stains of water and soap etc., on your washroom tiles and sink, clean hem with a mixture of lemon juice, washing powder and salt with a sponge and they will shine like new.
  • Are you scared of marinating fish or cutting ginger, garlic and onion because of it leaves hands smelly. Just wash your hands with lemon water and feel the difference.
  • Do you feel some bad order in your room, washroom or garage just place a pot of boiling water with lemon in the area and close the doors to let lemon fumes stay in for a while. It will act as air fresher and remove the order.

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