Things that can make your Wedding memorable

Weddings are memorable for the bride and groom because it is the starting point of their new life. However, it is also important that you make your wedding memorable for your guests, family and friends as well because without their presence the wedding is not fascinating. For this, the bride and groom both have to put efforts on their part to take care of things other than their own. They should not just focus on their dressing, accessories and styling on big day but should also participate in other activities as well so that their guests are also overwhelmed to attend their beautiful celebration day. So what can you do to make your wedding memorable for the guests as well?

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First of all, get out of the thinking that wedding is all about bride and groom only. This is a great misconception. Although bride and groom are the limelight of a wedding but there are other things as well that are of key importance like decorations, seating arrangements, food menu, serving style, color combinations, and many more such things.

A wedding should be fun with some activities involved that keeps the guests on their toes to find what’s coming up next. You can arrange various thoughtful activities like sharing some funny videos of couple with family and friends, tell the couple’s story as a journey by making a picture video of the couple with their memorable pictures.

The guests are honorable so they must be shown respect by allowing them to have some privilage like you can let them have a photo shoot with the bride and groom and get them these pictures later on as a memory. Get them props to have a fun filled and exciting photo shoot.

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Be creative with invitations. The more attractive an invitation is, the more possibility of guests to attend your wedding. You can use certain themes that represent your likeness like if you are a musician you can use musical instrument’s shaped cards, or get any other inspiring invitation cards ideas.

Arrange a mini concert with local artistes to create an amusing ambiance in your wedding. The guests should not feel deprived of any type of entertainment while attending your wedding. Music is the best way to keep your guests alive during the event. A dull and boring background music will not do any good to amuse your guests.

Choose a creative venue. A banquet hall or a private residence are quite contemporary. Try something daring like a sea- side wedding, wedding in a farm house, countryside wedding but don’t make your guests drive too far. These are just a few brainstorming ideas to spark your imagination so that you can plan your wedding venue according to your requirements. Even if the place is a private residence, you can show your creativity by decorating it with a particular theme. Like you can get a theme from some famous romantic movie and implement it in your wedding.

Drinks are an important part of every wedding. You should check which drinks will be served and when? There should be welcome drinks, drinks with the food and also get a small bar arranged for your guests to help themselves. It would be more enthusiastic for them to enjoy their favorite drinks on your wedding. Make sure that drinks are also served with some creativity like use of delicate glasses. Presentation of beverages would make a lasting impression.

Make a separate place for displaying your wedding hampers. Since nowadays you can find gorgeous and attractively designed wedding hampers UK, so they can also be an eye-catching site on your wedding. Get them arranged at a set corner to be displayed to the amusement of your guests.