Top DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s day is a perfect occasion to celebrate all the fathers in the world. Children want to shower attractive and enticing gifts on their father as a means to express their deep affection and love for them. Children also give gifts to other male members of the family like step father, uncle, grandfather etc.

Father’s day is the perfect occasion to express your gratitude and appreciation for your dad. What better way to impress him than with a gift handmade and crafted by you. Homemade gifts are much appreciated by dads on their special day.

This is because gifts hand made by children touches the hearts of fathers. Gifts crafted by your hand however simple or imperfect, are much appreciated than fancy, expensive gadgets bought from the market. Purchases from the market may be costly and valuable but handmade gifts are priceless.


Creating handmade gifts brings out the creative talents in you. Hidden talents may be exposed, and you may actually have a whale of a time, creating these gifts. What is your talent and what are you good at? Here are some ideas for Father’s day gifts. You can also brainstorm, use your imagination and hit upon your own ideas:

  • Gift baskets: Father’s day gift baskets are very popular. The best part about gift baskets is that you need not rack your brain for a single gift idea. You need not run from pillar to post in the market hunting for a gift. There are many online options for buying gift hampers. You can order a gift hamper from the convenience of your home and order a hamper according to your choice.

Alternatively, you can assemble a gift basket at your home based on the taste and likings of your father. You can pack them attractively using glitter, colourful ribbons, etc. The gift hamper will reflect your thoughtfulness and concern for your father.

Some of the themes for designing gift baskets are:

  1. Chocolate gift basket
  2. Favourite sports gift basket like golf gift basket
  3. Cheese cake gift basket
  4. Gourmet food gift basket
  5. Tools gift basket
  6. Gardening gift basket
  7. Fishing gift basket
  8. Accessories and apparel gift basket
  9. Personalized gift basket
  • If you have a yen for words and creative writing, compose a poem or song in honour of your dad. Get it framed and present it to him on father’s day.
  • If you are a music lover, compose a special piece of music for Father’s day. Present it at a Father’s Day get together and leave a lifelong impression on your dad.
  • Experts at painting would do well to do a portrait of their dad or his favourite haunt like a river side or beach.
  • You can prepare your dad’s favourite meal on Father’s Day or treat him with a box of well loved goodies like homemade cookies.
  • Children can make different crafts by referring to online craft ideas. Use love and imagination to create unique craft ideas. E.g. Father ‘Day printable cards, Grass head for your dad, magnet for family fridge featuring cartoon of your father.

These are some ideas for Father’s Day ranging from hampers in UK to kid’s craft ideas.

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