Types of Christmas Gift Givers

Though selecting gifts has become as simple as choosing and clicking thanks to online shopping,   the quest for the perfect gift continues to be difficult.

A recent study has found that while recipients are happiest to get gifts that they have clearly asked for, givers of gifts think that surprise gifts or gifts carefully chosen by them are much more loved.

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Today, experts point out that gifts are more about the givers rather than about the recipients. They have identified certain personality types of gift givers:

  • The Last minute delayer: This is the category, which delays picking gifts not because they don’t like to gift but because they are burdened with trying to find the perfect gift. They delay picking the gift as they want to make a big impression with their gifts. One advice given to them is to ask the receiver for what they want which makes things simpler.
  • The early planner: This is the gift giver who shops all year long for the Christmas gift. But he or she must keep a separate closet for such gifts and carry along a list of gifts purchased. Otherwise, you may build up a closet full of gifts, which you may never end up gifting.
  • Practical gifted: One may choose a practical gift but may lack imagination. Practical gifts are good for people that are just acquaintances or those who you know well but don’t know what they like such as teenagers. An example would be cheap Christmas food hampers in UK
  • The charitable: These are givers who like to contribute to a charity in your name. But don’t make the mistake of contributing to a charity you like rather than one that is close to the heart of the recipient.
  • Perfect or genuine gift giver: These are the pleaser who like to give gifts that recipients love to have rather than what they like to decide for themselves. These people love nothing better than finding gifts that the recipients love. The genuine giver has actually thought about you and decided to give you what you love.
  • The status hound: This gift giver wants a show of money or power or both. This gift has little to do with the recipient and most to do with the whims of the giver.
  • The Wolf in sheep’s clothing: This is a gift giver who gives a perfectly wrapped gift but his intentions are no more genuine than of the status hound. To sum up, Christmas is all about her or him rather than the recipient. He is likely to send a check rather than a present or re-gift presents without thinking whether the recipient will like it or not. The wolf is also likely to be dominating-playing favourites with some and neglecting others purposely in a game of gift-power play. He also expects same amount of money on his gifts from you, so be prepared for some pouting if he or she is disappointed.

These are some of the types of gift givers in the Christmas season.