What Are Some Gift Hampers For Women

If you are looking for a gift for a woman on her birthday, Christmas or any special occasion, giving a gift basket or hamper is an ideal choice. You can shop around for gift baskets online or otherwise, but an even better idea is to assemble the gift hamper yourself.

60_gift for women

Putting together a gift hamper may seem like a difficult task, but is definitely simpler than you think. The basic idea is to find a good basket and fill it with things she will like. Here are a few ideas for hampers for her in UK:

  • The basket: For creating the best gift hamper, the first ingredient is a perfect basket to hold the gifts. Though it is called as basket, a gift hamper may use any type of container. It can be a sturdy basket, which she can use later for some other purpose. You can search local crafts stores and department stores for baskets or containers. You may want to line the basket with fabric or covering of her favourite colour and design.
  • Selection: Once you have zeroed in to the container, you can start thinking about what to fill it up with. You must consider a few things. Do you want to gift her with goodies to consume now or stuff that she can use long term? Creating gift basket gives the chance for the giver to use his creativity to design a basket, which is the best thing ever received by her. You can set a reasonable budget that will help narrow down your choice.

Some of the choicest ingredients to fill a gift hamper for a woman are as follows:

  • Movie basket: Make a hamper on movie theme for a film buff in your family. Include the DVD of her favourite movie or tickets to the theatre for the latest blockbuster. Add a fleece blanket for watching movie indoors with a treat of microwave popcorn.

60_movie hampers

  • Luxury pampering basket: Include a selection of luxury feminine indulgences like spa treatment. Gather scented candles, bath salts, lip balm, bath robe, nail polish and body lotion. You can also provide a subscription to a manicure and pedicure deal at a salon or a day at a spa.

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  • Romantic basket: Make a romantic hamper for the special woman in your life for your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Gather romantic candles, box of chocolates, bottle of wine and a collection of your favourite photos taken together.

60_romantic basket

  • Food basket: Prepare a delicious basket for an enjoyable food theme. One example is a breakfast theme, which consists of jams, pancake mixes, maple syrup, coffee beans and coffee mugs. Or you can set up a tea and coffee basket made of coffee beans, teas and brewing equipment. Food baskets can be assembled for wine enthusiasts, pasta lovers and chocolate buffs. For a special occasion, you can throw in a bottle of champagne with an elegant glass to drink it in. A gift ticket for a dinner at a favourite restaurant can be the highlight of the hamper.

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Once you have assembled all items in your hamper, it is time to pack it well. Secure with ribbons and tape. Cover in gift paper and embellish with bows of ribbons.