Finger Linking recipe of soothing strawberry soufflé

Finger Linking recipe of soothing strawberry soufflé

The desserts are the heart of all kind of events, whether they are a dinner party or enjoying something on lunch. They make a great yummy to tummy shake at any time of the day. now it is the Christmas time. There would be many guests come to your home. Making coffee again and again and making up the table every time would be a tiring task. But there is no other option left with us. We have to give special treatment to our loved ones when they come our home, we can’t imaging not to be hostile for a friend who will bring a luxury Christmas hamper for us just because we feels tired. So here I have an easy and delicious solution to the problem. Likewise us our guests would also be fed up of the cup of coffee every time with a Christmas cake and cookies. Here I will share with you an amazing strawberry soufflé recipe. Just make it and put them in beautiful mugs for individual servings. And you don’t have to do much hassle when the guest will come and believe me you will get classic appreciation form the guest on this soothing strawberry soufflé delight.


What you will need:

  • One can of condense milk 8 Oz (chilled)
  • One small pack of plane cream 8 Oz (chilled)
  • One cup of Yoghurt (chilled)
  • One small pack of strawberry jelly
  • 1 table spoon of gelatin powder
  • 200 grams fresh strawberry

Ingredients for Decoration

  • 2 egg whites
  • 4 table spoon of caster sugar

How to do that:

  • Take a large bowl and mix the cream, condense milk and yoghurt and beat on medium speed for 5-8 minutes.
  • Prepare the jelly and put a side. Don’t let the jelly to set completely, when the jelly starts to set keep on mixing it with spoon. So that bits don’t form an them mix it with the cream mixture and beat for one minute
  • Mix the gelatin in ¼ cup of cold water and then heat it a bit by placing it on boiling water. And then add the gelatin to the soufflé bowl.
  • Finally add the small chunks of strawberry to the mixture
  • Pour the mixture in small glass serving cups and put to the refrigerator
  • It will need 8-9 hours to get completely set.


Wisk the egg white with sugar for 5-8 minutes or until the soft and fluffy cream is formed. Put the cream in the decoration cream pouring instruments and decorate the serving cups with cream and fresh strawberry slices.

Exciting ideas for a Christmas gift for wife

Exciting ideas for a Christmas gift for wife

The most amazing person and the most amazing relationship which we can feel and enjoy with the person we want to live with is that of a wife. We are not bound by any blood knots to select a girl to make our life partner. It’s not like our relationship with our parents and sibling who was out of our control and predefined and we can alter it. God has given us with the full choice to select the life partner. And thus after our selection it is out wholesome duty and the right of that girl to get out unconditional love and unshared care. She is the one who leave everything for us, her family, home and belongings.  It’s not the case that you should care and show love on events or on special occasions, love is ongoing emotions which don’t have any particular time attached to it for to be shown but special event also demand special gestures. That’s because she will be eager to receive something from your side. It’s the Christmas time now. Full of sales, and everyone here and there is busy in selecting the gift for the love ones. She also thinks that what her life partner would be giving her this Christmas?


We know mans are bad in selecting gifts, they might buy and expensive one but they don’t know what her wife would be in need of or what she dreams to get from him.

Gift Card:

Give your wife an open hand that she can buy whatever she loves to by giving her the gift card of her favorite shop.  This would be a great idea which also put a stop to her saving habit if you give her money for shopping a gift for her. Now she is bound to purchase a gift for her and the gift won’t go wasted because it would be of her choice.


The timeless gift for all ages and it worked for all age group of women. God knows why the women’s are crazy about the jewelry. And form her previous collection you might be having an idea that what kind of jewelry she loves to wear, weather its diamonds, pearls, silver or gold. And if you don’t have an idea then simply walk with her in the mall and slow down your walking pace in front of a jewelry shop. Believe me you will notice her eyes will stuck on something for few seconds and here you get the chance to grab the best present for her.


On the Christmas day there is a large variety of Christmas gift hampers available in the market with a hell of variety. From toiletries, eatables, fruits, cosmetics, accessories to the perfumes and watches you can find hampers of miscellaneous items and if you find it hard what to choose for your wife the just take a big hamper and present it with flowers and chocolates and the gift would be deeply loved.

Exciting ways to celebrate Christmas alone

Exciting ways to celebrate Christmas alone

Christmas is the time for celebration. And the celebration is something’s to do with the people, with the love ones. The craze of charismas parties and enjoying time with family and friends is the best part of Christmas holidays which make them more appareling and enjoying for us. But what if you don’t have anyone to share these joys with? There are millions of people who work in different parts of the world away from their native home, the blood relatives and childhood friends. They are living in homes that are not houses.  And there are many times that they are not able to go back to their hometown for celebrating the Christmas for some reason. So what they should do then? It sound horrifying to celebrate the Christmas alone but it only seems to be not in actual.

3_christmas hampers

Life is how you take it. If you decided to be happy, nothing matters if you are with family and friends or alone and if you are a kind of a person who don’t know how to be thankful to God in whatever you have and you are not a contented person then no matters you are in the middle of a crowded party but feels alone and sad. So don’t feel pity on yourself. What if you are alone, you can still enjoy the Christmas and make it memorable.

So here is a list of things that you should try out if you are alone and you will love them:

  • Decorate your home, it is not who will see but it’s about you love yourself and want to enjoy.
  • Plan a trip to a lace you have never seen before or a place you love to visit again and again
  • Stop listing to the peoples sympathetic comments on your alone celebration, tell everyone that you love to stay this way
  • Indulge in great food eating whole day, no matter you are a patient of cholesterol, diabetic or you are on weight watching diets. It is just one day. Noting will harm you for just one day if you are stick food controller. Eat whatever you want to.
  • There might be smoother colleagues or friends of you who are also passing through the same situation as that of yours so believing in one and one makes eleven, try to join them.
  • Go for watching a movie
  • Give time to yourself. Have a makeover. Trim, shape and condition your nails, hair skin and all parts and feel good about yourself
  • Go to a spa and relax or have a comforting body message
  • Give time to some great activity or hobby.
  • Do some charity or try to go to some charity home and spend time with those people; it will give you so much internal satisfaction and piece and will make your day worth memorable.
  • Send gifts to your loved ones on Christmas online, if your family and friends lives in UK then try out Christmas hampers Delivered UK
  • Cook something you are master in cooking at.
  • Decorate a table and enjoy you meal with light music and dim lights.
  • Never feel pity on yourself
  • Go for shopping for yourself, give yourself presents and enjoy.

2 Most Exciting ways to make you girlfriend happy this Christmas

2 Most Exciting ways to make you girlfriend happy this Christmas

God has made such a nature of girls that they always love to ne affectionate and being loved. The simple line of I Love You doesn’t work for them; the girls want the assurance of being loved with love, gestures and words.  Not one time but again and again. When a girl is in a special relationship with a guy, she wants him to show how much he loves her again and again.  And many times even the guys are trying hard to do so but they are not doing it in a right way so they end up not being able to keep her girlfriend happy. Christmas is a special time of the year. Your girlfriend wants to treat her in a very special way. Girls want to be treated by their prince in a way no one else before that do that ever with any girl. She wants to be happier than the heroines of the movies and serials.


Treat her well in Christmas Parties:

Girls not only want your simple love and romance but also want you to treat her well in public and especially in front of her family and friends. She want everyone know that the guy with whom she is in relationship is the one who not only love her but cares for her and respect her. This is the thing that not only the girls want but also the loved ones of her want that she should be treated well. Be very jolly with her, just keep your focus on her in the party rather than staring other girls, believe me this would create a big mess for you after the party. And it would become difficult for you to handle. This is that thing others also watch in you. So give attention to her. And also give value to her love ones. The girls want their partner to be gentle and kind and the friendly with whom she loves. Talk to her family and friends and tell them what good you have seen in her and how lucky you are to have her. These points will do wonder for you and make your Christmas the best ever one in your life.


Give her the Christmas gift Surprise:

Never create a hip about what you are planning to give her on the Christmas. If you do so she will start setting more and more expectation and in the end whatever you give her will not satisfy her level of satisfaction. So always try to hide what’s in your mind. The one thing you should do is that whatever you want to select just do it in a loving manner. Think what would make her happy while staying in her shoes.  There are many options available in the market from perfumes, hamper for Christmas, jeweler, cloths and much more. You have a big range to choose from. So select what would be special for her. Personalized gift are the most hit now a days. These will not only become a keep sake model but also that speaking truth of your love that she can show to anybody with pride.

How to make a winter wonderland at home?

How to make a winter wonderland at home?

Winters are the most classic time of the year. The snow is all around. The days are busy and the nights are cozy. We find comport in drinking coffee, hot chocolate and eating nuts. The idea of winter wonder land and throwing children’s party is classic. It’s also a great idea to celebrate you child’s birthday if it is in winter, with the winter wonderland theme but we just stuck in that how to make a classic winter wonder land?


The concept of winter wonder at home is just like creating the winter amazing snowy look in the home inner warm environment to make children enjoy the effect. Here are some great ideas:


  • Get hold of the polyester ball that is used in the pillow. The quantity depends on the area you want to decorate. It gives the best snow effect for sure.
  • Collect the winter animals. It can be stuff toys or just the pictures to paste on the wall. The animals’ best suits are penguin. The snow dear, the white bears
  • Make a bi snow man in the house, oh you think it will melt and create a mess. Not a real one, make the snow man with the help of white cloth. Snow man is the perfect symbol of winter celebrations
  • Take some snow fall sprays and shower it when you guests arrive.
  • Take the disposable plates and glasses and decorate them with cotton balls all around.
  • Decor the table with polyester ball in clusters. Also spread polyester ball all around the party area to give full winter look.
  • Include hot beverages of winter like hot coffee, hot chocolate etc. on the menu.
  • Get the nuts used in the dishes and you can also use them serve separately.
  • Make small hampers loaded with Christmas stuff and place in a corner. You can also buy Christmas hampers online UK and reduce you load of work.
  • Make a big Christmas tree full of tights, stars and balls etc.
  • But some empty gift wrap boxes around the Christmas tree.
  • You can hire a Santa cloth and the kids will love it.

These small tips will help you make a great party place for your kids. It will not need a much cost but worth enjoying. This concept of winter wonderland at home will also make your child’s day memorable and enchanting

4 amazing way to make your Christmas memorable forever

4 amazing way to make your Christmas memorable forever

Christmas is the time to enjoy and rejoice. After a whole hectic year full of busy life and tough routine here comes the Christmas time, which have holidays, time to relax and to regain the energy for the next year. The Christmas comes every year and then goes. We celebrate it every year but what is there that is missing which hinders it to make it worth memorable for the rest of the life?  Here you will find 4 surprisingly amazing techniques to make your Christmas worth memorable and enjoyable.


  1. Through a party with more fun:

Parties are the most important part of Christmas celebrations. The way you through a party deeply depends in the budget but there is one more thing which can make party more enjoyable then the lots and lot of budget can  do, it’s the fun and games in the party. Rather than only focusing on food its and decorations on the party, focus on how you can make your Christmas party mark different from other. The food is in all the parties, the decorations can be the most beautiful by putting more and more budget. But the fun element can only be put in the party if you really are eager to do so.  Arrange small game and put Christmas gifts for the winners. Invite all the persons special for you in the party. Try to talk with the entire guest and involve them in group discussions rather than focusing just on the food stuff. In this way the party would be memorable not only for you but also for the guests.


  1. Become a Santa and visit poor children’s:

Christmas is the time to share the happiness. It’s the time to make others happy. The act of making others happy with you will always give internal satisfaction and peace of mind. There are children who live in orphanage. They need the love and support of others to give a kick start to their mood. So become a Santa, buy small gift and go to some orphanage and spend some time with the children there. This will give you internal satisfaction and make your Christmas worth memorable.

  1. Plan an out of country tour:

The daily routine life don’t have much time so that we give times to outings for long days and plan some trips, but the Christmas winter holidays are the most amazing time to do so. Palm a trip to some country with your friends, family or just with some special someone with whom you want to spend quality time. When you go out to some new place to visit some special hormones are release by the body which relax out mind and give us inner feeling of joy. That’s why most psychiatrists recommend to the patients of depression to take a break and go to some resort for few days.


  1. Give time to hobbies and yourself:

Our inner self is the best partner of us. Spending some quality time with just ‘You’ and do what you want to do. Spend some time with your hobbies. Try to make your days different form the daily routine. Find out your hidden talent and work on that. In this way you will spend the holiday time in the best way and thus it would be worth memorable.

The most loved peanut cookies you have ever baked

The most loved peanut cookies you have ever baked

Cookies love is never ending, whether it is some good occasion like Xmas, Easter, any   celebration or just a simple evening tea or coffee time. These small bites have the power to alter moods and add a bit of crunch in the daily tough routine. Kids, adults, old age people, all love to eat cookies.  The make perfect gifts for any occasions specially the Xmas Hampers are loaded with delicious cookies. You can also present it to your loved ones on any number of occasions.

15_christmas hamper

The exciting site of the picture is that you can makes delicious cookies, more appealing in look and taste that you might have seen on some bakers. Just give a try and you will be surprises by the results.

Dark chocolate peanut butter cookies:

For the peanut butter fans I have something really amazing to share. Its peanut butter cookies with an amazing taste of Choco surprise. These amazing bites of heaven will make your taste buds crazy and make your tea time a fun time.


What you will need:

  • 150 grams of peanut butter
  • 150 grams of unsalted butter
  • 300 grams dark chocolate finally chopped
  • 1 cup Caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/3 cup plane flour
  • ¾ tea spoon of bicarbonate soda
  • 2 table spoons cocoa powder
  • 3 table spoons of roasted peanuts
  • Beat the egg until light and fluffy. Put a side

How to do it:

  • In a glass bowl put the butter and the dark chocolate and place the bowl on hot water bowl place on the flame and stir it so that butter and chocolates melts but don’t let the mixture to boil.
  • Now take half of this mixture and mix the peanut butter, sugar and beaten egg in it and mix well. Then add flour, peanuts bicarbonate soda and cocoa powder. And slowly add butter mixture to make dough. If at any point you feel that adding more butter mixture will thin the dough then stop adding more. Make soft dough.
  • Now make small balls of the dough, and press them slightly to give the shape of a cookie, you can also give star, heart or any other shape you like. Place on the greasy baking tray and put those 3-4 inch apart from each other.
  • Place in a pre-heated oven at 180 C for 15 minutes. Don’t over bake the cookies.
  • Place it on a wire rack to let it cool and then enjoy the marvelous peanut cookies crunch.

The most common mistakes of gift selection

The most common mistakes of gift selection

Sending and receiving gift increase the love bound and respect for each other. The act of sharing gifts has the power to melts hearts. It is a simple process which is associated with giving something to someone without taking payment or without asking for any task or work done in return. And if we expect any action or thing in return of our gift then it’s not simply gifting, it will then go in the category of bribe. So whenever you want to gift something to any one, do it generously and just to show love and care. But selecting a gift is not an easy job. There are many things we have to keep in minds before selecting a gift. But after reading this you won’t repeat the common mistakes of gifting and thus select a gift that would be remembered by the receiver.


Age of Receiver:

There are many times in life when you select the gift for the person might be above or below you age group and possible it can be a child. In this care rather then selecting the gift on your choice select the gift that would suit them according to their age. If you are in a toy shop selecting a gift for a 5 year old child, so rather than thinking that “oh I should select this cartoon character because I love this when I was of this age” no it’s a bad idea. Time has changed and children preferences too. Now there are large number of new characters and children love them more than the old one. So look around in the toy shop and find a child of possible of that child’s age and ask him/her what toy you would buy if I give you the option and then from those options created by the child you can make preference according to your wish and budget. Similarly policy you should consider for peoples of other age groups and gender.


Event based gifts:

On should consider first that for what event the gifts are being selected. If you want to something for a loved one living in UK on Christmas then go for Christmas Hampers UK, you can take ideas from them and also make up your own. The gifts of perfume, flowers and shirt and tie are no doubt great gift but they don’t work all the time. You should give time so that can be a bit different from other and don’t always rely on generic gifts.


Selecting according to your wish:

You are the buyer and also the payer. We know that you would be having your own budget. But there are not only one thing available in the market with your desired price. There can be thousands. So be patient, select a gift that would be liked by the receiver. Sit back and first pounder what is the liking of that person, now he used to dress up, what kind of perfume he loves to wear etc. and the come to a conclusive point.

Don’t gift just because you have to:

Gifting is a loving gesture; it’s not a task or job that needs to be done. Enjoy it. Selecting a gift is a classic process that has a positive effect on the psychological health of both buyer and receiver. So let your body take a full advantage out of the process.

Unnecessary buying from sales:

Try to focus on what is of importance to the person to whom you wish to gift. The common problem of today’s time is that what things we find out on good price on sale we just grab it. And when we have to give a gift to someone, we open out treasure of sales items and then just gift things out of that and what is the result of that, our gift go wasted and not liked by the receiver. So it’s better to gift a small thing, although of very less cost but it should be pretty enough to be liked by the receiver. Otherwise gift giving will have a negative effect rather having a positive one

The Christmas hampers hit the peak sales in 2014

The Christmas hampers hit the peak sales in 2014

The hampers are one of the most loved gifts and it has become one of the hottest gifts from the past few years. It is easy to give by the receiver and also has a good acceptance level by the receiver. As the hampers are load with numerous things so there are less possibility that your gift will go wasted.

Christmas hampers

The ratio of Christmas gift to go wasted is very high. The people buy things on a low prices on sale and at many point they thinks more of the low price of the selected thing rather than going for those which would like by the receiver. According to a research more than the45% of the gifts purchased on the Christmas sales have goes in thrash holds and charity. Then what is the use of buying then if your gift will not be liked by the receiver. And these kinds of gifts will eventually have a negative effect on the relations rather than making them a strong one.

In this regard the gift of a Christmas hampers is one of the most suitable gift to present to anyone. This is one of the reasons that the sales of hampers have gone very high in 2014 Christmas sales as compared to the history sales. The leading stores of London gained high profit ratios by the sales of the hampers. According to the retailer of a big stores chain Fortnum & Mason the sales grew about 15 percent from the previous percentages in the last five weeks of year to January 5. And the hampers of biscuits the sales increase to 39 percent.

15_christmas hamper

One of the big reasons of hamper sales this year is also the versatility in the hampers. There are huge range of hampers are available in different size and kind. They are designed by keeping in mind all kind of people, age groups and different taste. There were food hampers, cosmetic hampers, accessories hampers, sweets and cookies hampers, baby hampers and many more. Its thus provide a huge range of choice to select for the desired person, moreover the budget range also cater all kind of individual. On can find hamper a low price to a very high one depending upon the products by which the hampers are filled and it’s designing.

Thus when selecting the gift for a loved one the hampers are the best option which would be loved and had a least probability that it will go wasted.



Special ideas to enjoy the mother’s day

Special ideas to enjoy the mother’s day

Celebrating mother’s day is now becoming more and more common all around the world. People tend to take time out of their busy lives in order to spend some quality time with their mothers just to make them feel special and loved. And now, people have also dedicated one common day for this purpose so that it becomes more common and people would not forget to celebrate and recognize the efforts that have been made by their mothers throughout their lives. This day has been originally celebrated on different dates in the different parts of the world, but regardless of the date or place; the occasion all around the world gives the same message from children to their mothers.

ideas for Mother’s day hampers

Every person therefore from all around the world, celebrates this day with full joy. Some people make calls to their mothers, and some send cards or flowers to remind them of their value. But now, a better and more joyous way to celebrate the day is by sending or taking with them a gift hamper that would be useful for the moms’ daily life and would also make them feel more spectacular. These gift hampers are specially designed in a way to make moms happy and feel special. Also, all the packages/hampers are wrapped up in gorgeous packaging along with delightful silk ribbons to make them look even more wonderful.

There is a wide variety available on the online shopping stores from which the customers can make a choice and select the best and the most suitable gift hamper for their lovely Mums. Eatbales or food hampers make the best and most loving gift ideas for Mother’s day hampers. These exquisite products include various kinds of eatables that are filled with splendid flavors and blissful tastes to mesmerize your mum’s taste buds.Like there is Cafe Tasse Pink Chocolate Gift Hamper that includes items such as a café tasse mug, some chocolate bars, a small hat box to keep the items placed in, assorted chocolate cocoa sachets. Another delightful hamper is cheese and drink selection that has a bottle green Pomegranate And Elderflower cordial Cottage Delight Rhubarb and Ginger jam, Basil flavored crackers for cheese, cottage delight sweet apple chutney, Farmhouse English cheddar cheese and also an exotic fruits for Cheese Lime and Chili. Other than this there is a package that includes Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles, clippers English breakfast, cottage delight ginger jam, honey blossom rich fruit cake and artisan honey and almond biscuits all wrapped up in a wicker basket with a satin ribbon and is known as the Tea for two Hamper.

24_mothers day

There are some chocolate hampers that include a mix of chocolates along with a little cute teddy bear to surprise the moms such as the celebration Cadbury chocolate and the Cadbury ultimate basket, a very special hamper named as the festive delight also includes of Belvoir raspberry and lemon cordial country fare orange blossom honey cake, Macaroons Amande, biscuits roses, Nib Nibs chili cheese straws, English breakfast black tea and lastly the Rococo dark chocolate wafer. There are some more hampers also available to enlarge the list of variety for the valued customers such as the cheese and chutney delight, the cheese club, the tear and share gift hamper, the afternoon tea basket, indulgent afternoon gift hamper that includes a Belvoir Lime and Lemon grass cordial country fare orange blossom honey cake, Macarons Amande, biscuits roses, Nib Nibs cheese straws, Rococo soft Italian fruit nougat, English Breakfast Black Tea and also the Rococo Dark Chocolate Wafer Basil & Lime.

All in all, you can have the most vivacious variety of flavors for like spicy, sweet, sour etc to make your mum feel extraordinary on this special day dedicated for her only.