5 Awe-Inspiring Wedding Gifts ideas for those on a Budget

Weddings are almost always expensive affairs. It is expensive for those who are getting married and also for those who are attending them! Looking at the current inflation all over the world, it always becomes a tough choice when deciding what to present the newlyweds. If someone close to you is getting married, then the dilemma becomes tougher to solve. Neither you can afford the gift if you are on a budget nor can you afford to miss the wedding!

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Despite the price involved, you would most likely want to witness your loved ones tying the knot. Plus, you would not want to be extravagant in spending for the gift and upset your budget for the month.

Here, we will suggest some ideas for gifting the newlyweds, and at the same time, avoid upsetting your budget for the month.

1. Pictures & Coffee Table Books

Pictures are very personal memories and make good gifts. Nowadays, with digital cameras around, you can take great pictures and frame them in some vintage frames and present them in a wedding. These are very frugal and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Alternatively, you can get the pictures printed into a customized coffee table book. That would make the gift extremely personal and close to the hearts of the recipients.

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2. Entertainment or Adventure Experiences

Gifting experiences is something that etches a strong impression on the recipient’s memory. What can be better than gifting good memories that would last a lifetime? Some of the experiences you can gift to a newly wedded couple are:

ü  Gift coupons for eating out at restaurants

ü  Annual memberships to Art Galleries or Musical Concert Hall’s

ü  Gymnasium memberships for a year

ü  Tickets to visit a wine tasting yards

ü  Tickets to Para-gliding or Ballooning rides

ü  Massage and Spa Packages

ü  Movie Subscriptions like Netflix

ü  Adventure Sport subscriptions

You can get creative in this and can gift them better experiences than the one listed above based on their likings and the place where you live. You can also avail great deals online while purchasing these subscriptions.

3. Books and Albums

Books are a nice choice for a gift too. They will help gain knowledge, as well as, light up their spirits. However, the choice of books you give is crucial. It has to be planned according to the likes and dislikes of the recipients. You can also gift self-improvement books or cookbooks that they might need when starting a new phase of their lives. Another gifting option is gifting a photo album, which they would surely need to stack their wedding pictures.

4. Antiques

Good pieces of antiques are both rare and lovable. They would take pride in keeping this stuff in their showcases in their living rooms and also flaunt it to their guests.


5. Gift Baskets

Wedding gift baskets that are prearranged and wrapped nicely are also available online that can be delivered at your doorstep. I remember a friend of mine who ordered wedding hampers in UK over the phone and they were delivered the same day. If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to figure out what to gift, this can be a great option. Good news is that these hampers come very cheap.

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Things that can make your Wedding memorable

Weddings are memorable for the bride and groom because it is the starting point of their new life. However, it is also important that you make your wedding memorable for your guests, family and friends as well because without their presence the wedding is not fascinating. For this, the bride and groom both have to put efforts on their part to take care of things other than their own. They should not just focus on their dressing, accessories and styling on big day but should also participate in other activities as well so that their guests are also overwhelmed to attend their beautiful celebration day. So what can you do to make your wedding memorable for the guests as well?

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First of all, get out of the thinking that wedding is all about bride and groom only. This is a great misconception. Although bride and groom are the limelight of a wedding but there are other things as well that are of key importance like decorations, seating arrangements, food menu, serving style, color combinations, and many more such things.

A wedding should be fun with some activities involved that keeps the guests on their toes to find what’s coming up next. You can arrange various thoughtful activities like sharing some funny videos of couple with family and friends, tell the couple’s story as a journey by making a picture video of the couple with their memorable pictures.

The guests are honorable so they must be shown respect by allowing them to have some privilage like you can let them have a photo shoot with the bride and groom and get them these pictures later on as a memory. Get them props to have a fun filled and exciting photo shoot.

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Be creative with invitations. The more attractive an invitation is, the more possibility of guests to attend your wedding. You can use certain themes that represent your likeness like if you are a musician you can use musical instrument’s shaped cards, or get any other inspiring invitation cards ideas.

Arrange a mini concert with local artistes to create an amusing ambiance in your wedding. The guests should not feel deprived of any type of entertainment while attending your wedding. Music is the best way to keep your guests alive during the event. A dull and boring background music will not do any good to amuse your guests.

Choose a creative venue. A banquet hall or a private residence are quite contemporary. Try something daring like a sea- side wedding, wedding in a farm house, countryside wedding but don’t make your guests drive too far. These are just a few brainstorming ideas to spark your imagination so that you can plan your wedding venue according to your requirements. Even if the place is a private residence, you can show your creativity by decorating it with a particular theme. Like you can get a theme from some famous romantic movie and implement it in your wedding.

Drinks are an important part of every wedding. You should check which drinks will be served and when? There should be welcome drinks, drinks with the food and also get a small bar arranged for your guests to help themselves. It would be more enthusiastic for them to enjoy their favorite drinks on your wedding. Make sure that drinks are also served with some creativity like use of delicate glasses. Presentation of beverages would make a lasting impression.

Make a separate place for displaying your wedding hampers. Since nowadays you can find gorgeous and attractively designed wedding hampers UK, so they can also be an eye-catching site on your wedding. Get them arranged at a set corner to be displayed to the amusement of your guests.

Wedding hamper ideas that work

Weddings are all about celebration symbolizing the start of a journey of love and caring of a couple. It may be true that marriages are made in heaven but weddings are surely celebrated with pomp and show right here on Earth. Weddings are occasions when family members travel far and wide to congratulate the newly-wed couple and join in the celebrations with unrestrained joy and unfettered mirth. These are also times when a couple start on the journey of conjugal bliss and friends and relatives shower them with gifts galore wishing them a lifetime of joy and happiness ahead.

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When it comes to gifts, hampers make for lovely gifts because these are veritable bundles of joy that recipients look forward to with bated breath. There is also a very wide choice of gift items that you can put inside a hamper that a lovely new couple would enjoy to open up and cherish. These hampers generally come ensconced in splendid wicker baskets with alluring trimmings that add to the attractiveness of the hamper. Flowers and lace are also popular accompaniments to hampers that can easily enhance the look and feel of hampers.

One of the most appealing gifts that couples get are sweet hampers that are given as a symbol of the sweet journey of marital bliss that the newly-weds are embarking on. An assortment of Belgian or Swiss chocolates along with a thoughtfully worded card and lovely flowers are what happy memories are made of. After all, who would not like to handpick a specially crafted gift for a wedding that the couple would cherish for a lifetime? It is no wonder then that people spend hours in stores trying to put together a hamper that is fit for royalty.

If you are looking for wedding hampers in UK, you do not have to look very far to come up with a lovely wedding hamper. Look online and you will be surprised at the wide range of ideas as well as items that can go into a hamper. For one, you can combine electronic gadgets with chocolates or flowers to delight the newly wedded couple. It may be a good idea to camouflage the gadget amid the chocolates as a kind of surprise the couple who open the hamper expecting just chocolates but later realize that an expensive gadget was awaiting them deep inside the hamper.

Weddings are a time when large families and friends come together to wish the couple all the very best. Gift hampers afford the flexibility of being as lavish or as practical as your budget may allow. If you look online, you can get the choicest gift ideas at reasonable prices to ensure that the uniqueness and attractiveness of your gift hamper is not constrained by the size of your budget. You can avail of the hefty discounts and offers that are available every now and then, even though you may have to spend some time and energy looking up online. Weddings don’t happen every day and it makes sense to spare no effort in getting together the best wedding gift hamper that your creativity can conjure!

Sweet & Cheap Wedding Gifts

A wedding gift is very special as it reminds the couple about the love and wishful prayers from the giver. A wedding gift should be such that it becomes a part of couple’s memorable gifts. Buying a random gift that is expensive but of no value to the couple is wastage of money. Also a wedding gift whether expensive or cheap, given with love and affection and lots of prayers for the couple’s prosperous marriage is of exceptional value. A gift’s value cannot be measured by its price tag but by the way it is presented to the recipient. Thus, if you cannot afford to buy an expensive wedding gift, then you can surely go with cheap gifts that are inexpensive but are very attractive. There are various retailers who offer cheap and affordable wedding hampers UK and would make a delightful wedding gift.

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Bring some light into the life of the blessed couple by gifting them a set of personalized candles. Candles represent a ray of hope and a wishful prayer for the lovely couple. Personalized candles are very attractive and they come in various styles with your message printed on them. They can become as a decoration piece of the couple’s house shelf. Every time it is blown, it will remind them of you in good memories.

Crystal blocks with loving message imprinted in them or you can get the couple’s name imprinted in it with a heart to mark their endless love for life. These crystal blocks will make a fascinating decoration item into their drying room or bedroom and would be a vital item of their delicate collections. Gifting a crystal block shows the delicacy of their relationship and how beautifully it is carved with their love.

Stem flutes customized with your best wishes message imprinted on them would be an exclusive gift even at low price. No one would judge your gift for its price since it contains your heartiest wishes in a beautiful form. These flutes with heart shaped crafter stems would be an amusing gift for a wedding of your loved one.

A set of personalized mugs with special messages imprinted on them in funky inks would be a gorgeous gift. They would remind them of you every day when they will sip their coffee together or enjoy their morning tea in breakfast. The mugs are a great keepsake and they can be used in home to keep pens or makeup pencils etc.

If you know they are coffee lovers, then a coffee hamper will be the best idea as a wedding gift. A coffee hamper containing high quality coffee brands, accompanied by chocolate bars, and a tea packet also would make it a grand gift hamper. You can choose various combinations of coffee like a jar of one brand, small sachets of another brand, two to three chocolate bars of different brands, and a tea pack or jar. You can easily search coffee hampers online as they are widely available online at cheap rates.

Another fascinating gift can be a personalized jewelry heart gift box. This angelic box can be personalized with a message of your own imprinted on it. This delicate box will be the most fascinating item of their dressing table. Whenever she will use it to keep her jewelry, it will remind her of your remarkable choice.

A small Spa Bath Tub containing some tantalizing skin care items with mesmerizing fragrance to enthrall your bathroom ambiance. The exquisite collection of body soap, body lotion, butter and spray are a great pampering gift and would give you a lavish experience with their exceptional quality.

All these wedding hampers uk are quite cheap, easy to get and also have presentable value for the couple getting married. Your gift won’t be any less than an expensive gift because it is chosen with blissful emotions.

Gifting on special occasions like wedding

Wedding is an occasion, which is a special event in an individual’s life. It is important to make the occasion special by making all possible arrangements. Gifts can be a key decision area for such events. The near dear ones need to show their love and care using some out of box, innovative and special gifts. Often, we might not be able to decide on the appropriate gift for our near and dear ones. Analyzing some steps for the same can help us in making the process easier.

The trend of hampers  

Hampers have become extremely popular nowadays. Wedding hampers in UK, have captured the interest of a lot of individuals. The biggest advantage of these hampers is that they are big in size, which conveys special feeling to the receiver. It becomes extremely important to select the contents carefully. They should be related to the occasion and the receiver. Many a times, if an individual is not very sure of the gifts and their selection, then, he shall prefer wedding hampers, which have been organized previously by various store individuals.

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When to consider customization of hampers?

Customization should be avoided in such situations. Customization in many situations leads to a hazardous result, which might be unfavorable to us, as well as the receiver. Only in situations wherein you are not able to identify a suitable hamper for your loved ones, you can go for customization of hampers.

Most of the available hampers are well designed with appropriate cluster of items, which may include some small home décor items to some bedroom essentials like show pieces, etc. In case, these hampers do not match your budget, you can go for customization to ensure the hampers are appropriate according to your budgetary needs.

Look for variety    

Many websites, which offer customized hampers, include a lot of varieties on their web portal. Many websites also tend to customize the gifts, according to the guidance of the customers, to ensure their requirements are met aptly. People, who reside in different localities and still want their gift to be delivered to their near and dear ones, on a special occasion like marriage, should look to use the services of websites, which offer express delivery to them at affordable costs.

Such websites have to render services to more than one country to ensure your hampers can be delivered to your near and dear ones. To ensure your selection is fast and appropriate many websites feature ‘Shop by Color’, ‘Shop by Price’ and other relevant options for gifts and hampers. This does not consume a lot of time.

The essence of presentation

Whether it is a flower or a combination of items in the form of hampers, or any other item, it should be wrapped in a very attractive way to ensure it remains fresh and beautiful when the receiver receives the same. The appearance can speak more than the things inside. Hence, it becomes essential to ensure the gift is presented with the best available packaging theme.