What Are Some Gift Hampers For Women

If you are looking for a gift for a woman on her birthday, Christmas or any special occasion, giving a gift basket or hamper is an ideal choice. You can shop around for gift baskets online or otherwise, but an even better idea is to assemble the gift hamper yourself.

60_gift for women

Putting together a gift hamper may seem like a difficult task, but is definitely simpler than you think. The basic idea is to find a good basket and fill it with things she will like. Here are a few ideas for hampers for her in UK:

  • The basket: For creating the best gift hamper, the first ingredient is a perfect basket to hold the gifts. Though it is called as basket, a gift hamper may use any type of container. It can be a sturdy basket, which she can use later for some other purpose. You can search local crafts stores and department stores for baskets or containers. You may want to line the basket with fabric or covering of her favourite colour and design.
  • Selection: Once you have zeroed in to the container, you can start thinking about what to fill it up with. You must consider a few things. Do you want to gift her with goodies to consume now or stuff that she can use long term? Creating gift basket gives the chance for the giver to use his creativity to design a basket, which is the best thing ever received by her. You can set a reasonable budget that will help narrow down your choice.

Some of the choicest ingredients to fill a gift hamper for a woman are as follows:

  • Movie basket: Make a hamper on movie theme for a film buff in your family. Include the DVD of her favourite movie or tickets to the theatre for the latest blockbuster. Add a fleece blanket for watching movie indoors with a treat of microwave popcorn.

60_movie hampers

  • Luxury pampering basket: Include a selection of luxury feminine indulgences like spa treatment. Gather scented candles, bath salts, lip balm, bath robe, nail polish and body lotion. You can also provide a subscription to a manicure and pedicure deal at a salon or a day at a spa.

60_pamperong hampers

  • Romantic basket: Make a romantic hamper for the special woman in your life for your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Gather romantic candles, box of chocolates, bottle of wine and a collection of your favourite photos taken together.

60_romantic basket

  • Food basket: Prepare a delicious basket for an enjoyable food theme. One example is a breakfast theme, which consists of jams, pancake mixes, maple syrup, coffee beans and coffee mugs. Or you can set up a tea and coffee basket made of coffee beans, teas and brewing equipment. Food baskets can be assembled for wine enthusiasts, pasta lovers and chocolate buffs. For a special occasion, you can throw in a bottle of champagne with an elegant glass to drink it in. A gift ticket for a dinner at a favourite restaurant can be the highlight of the hamper.

6_food hamper

Once you have assembled all items in your hamper, it is time to pack it well. Secure with ribbons and tape. Cover in gift paper and embellish with bows of ribbons.

Pampering Gift Hampers For Women

Gifts are the only thing by which women’s heart can be won and which women cannot resist. They cannot even say ‘no’ to it. Sometimes, we are confused what to gift? How to gift? Either in wrapping papers or in net wrap packing! Here is a solution i.e. gift hampers for women.

Gift hampers are a true pampering hampers, which are the combinations of everything you need to include. They are all packed with little luxuries, which are to be appreciated. These gift hampers are a combo of all those luxurious gifts in one pack, which arrives beautifully, presented with a wrapped ribbon making it a perfect stunning present for women and can be delivered to her with any special or meaningful message.

2_gift for women

These hampers can be an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, showers, wedding, New Year eves, formal parties like business parties and all auspicious occasions.

Gift hampers can be with or without alcohol such as:

  • Pampering treat hamper

This is a wonderful Italian treat with handmade truffle chocolates, wine; cookies. Everything is packed in tissues and gorgeously presented in a gift box.

  • Finest English chocolate truffles:

This would be the yummiest gift hamper. Each truffle will melt in the mouth and this would be an ideal treat as a gift hamper for women to make her feel relax and happy.

  • Leather travel wallet:

This is stylish and useful and inside it there are pockets for money plus small holders to keep business cards, as well. It is another awesome gift hamper.

  • Natural organic spa toiletries gift:

This is a stunning gift hamper with a real touch in luxury and fragrant with elegant bottles of organic oil and many luxurious items wrapped in tissues and ribbons.

  • Message biscuit tin and handmade cookies:

In this gift hamper, there are boxes of handmade cookies and biscuit packed in different shapes of tin with elegantly wrapped ribbon. It can be an ideal gift hamper for formal parties.

  • Emerald white wine hamper

These gift hampers are presented in handmade wooden basket. It comes in elegantly wrapped positive message on it.

31_spa basket


  • Christmas hampers
  • Food hampers
  • Chocolate hampers
  • Wine hampers
  • Cheese hampers
  • Luxury hampers
  • Beer hampers
  • Themed hampers
  • Vegetarian hampers
  • Picnic hampers
  • Vodka hampers

Like greetings, cake gift hampers are also becoming popular for all occasions. While buying these gifts hampers, budget should also be set as the luxurious item may not be affordable for the common person. Exchanging gifts hampers on occasions is also becoming a trend. Women buy these gift hampers to show their standard and status as it adds more importance to these gift hampers.

Also, if you are gifting handmade gift hamper, then the items you are packing in it must be properly sealed and wrapped with a tissue and with a stylish ribbon to give it an elegant and sparkling look.

How to Make Inexpensive Gift Hampers

Creating gift hampers at home to present those on your gift list will allow you to be creative with your gift ideas, as well as save you a lot of money. Homemade gift baskets also have great value as you have spent time and effort to put them together keeping in mind the needs and tastes of the recipient.

42_luxury hampers

This holiday season, one can save a lot of money, as well as create wonderful handmade gift baskets. Some of the cheap hampers are as follows:

  • Theme of food items: Inexpensive food hampers can be filled with cookies cooked and baked in your home. Candy makers can create different types of candy like truffles, chocolates, fudge, etc. Gifts for holiday season include baked items like cookies, specialty breads and cakes. Make a collection of canisters and cookie tins to pack your baked items. For a festive look, cover hamper with bows and ribbons.

  • Theme of hobbies: One can also design hampers around accessories, which help the person pursue his or her hobbies. For instance, if there is a person on your gift list who is an avid golfer, pack into his gift basket accessories like golf towels, tees and golf balls. For the aspiring chef, include pots and pans and spices and sauces. To keep with the budget, select small items that will help in pursuit of hobby.

  • Theme of needle crafts: A gift basket is a great way to assemble products of your knitting, embroidery or crocheting, if you are talented in needle craft. Fill your basket with homemade mittens, booties and scarves to fight the cold. One can also include hand embroidered kerchiefs and monogrammed items. This hamper saves a lot of money, as well as lends a special personal touch.

  • Luxury items: How to make a cheap hamper of luxurious items? The key is to shop for the items individually and when there are offers and deals. For a spa theme, bath products like loofah or bath oils can be purchased at reasonable prices. You can add soft towels and robes to enhance the luxurious experience.

The next problem in assembling a gift basket at home is to shop for supplies needed for the same like baskets, filler material, bows and ribbons.

 42_gift hamper

Some of the best sources are:

  • Dollar stores: Bags of filler material and gift baskets are available at very affordable rates at these stores. Go for unbleached crinkled paper for natural theme like spa theme while colourful items may be used for a party theme.

  • Fabric retailer: Large chains or small retailers are good for getting cheap gift wrapping materials. Cheesecloth and Tulle are ideal for gift wrapping. Fabric stores also offer plenty of options for ribbons.

  • Craft stores: They are the most inexpensive of retail stores for gift wrappings supplies, especially gift tags. From multi pack miniature cards to buffet of coloured card options; this is the right place for gift tags.

  • Hardware stores: They are the unlikely source for gift baskets and wrapping supplies. One can find canning jars and boxes of different sizes. These are good for assembling gift baskets like food themed gift baskets for storing spices, sauces and baked items.

These are the ways in which you can assemble great gift baskets for any purpose or occasion while saving money and lending a personal touch to the gift.

The essential types of Chocolates and their differences

Chocolate is one of the most loved and cherished foods all around the world, especially with children. Chocolate is so versatile that it can be used in cooking to make different types of confectionaries and cookies or even beverages like chocolate milk and hot chocolate.

34_main_choclate hampers

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is even considered healthy when considered in moderate amounts. Chocolate can relieve stress, improve blood flow and also lower blood pressure. Of course, chocolate also has the reputation of being a food fit for all kinds of celebrations. Here are some different types of chocolates you should know.

  • Unsweetened Chocolate: This is the purest form of chocolate with no sugar added. It is also known as ‘chocolate liquor’. It is prepared from roasted cocoa beans, which are later crushed and ground. It is highly bitter and cannot be consumed directly. It can be used in small amounts to give flavour to various cookies, brownies and cakes.

30_Unsweetened chocolate

  • Semi-sweet Chocolate: This comes very close to unsweetened chocolate, however it varies narrowly. A slight pinch of sugar is added to make it sweet along with cocoa butter. Vanilla is also added to give it a unique flavour.

10_semi sweet choclate

  • Bittersweet Chocolate: Also known as Dark chocolate, it can contain chocolate liquor anywhere between 35 to 99 percent. Sugar and cocoa butter are added to give it taste and fine texture. The milk solids used cannot be more than 12 percent of the whole. Dark chocolate is said to have a distinct European flavour, as well. Dark chocolate can be directly eaten. It has a number of health benefits, as well.
  • Sweet Chocolate: Sweet chocolate is the form, which is familiar to most of us. It can contain chocolate liquor within 15 to 34 percent range. Sugar is used in the sweetening process. It is widely consumed around the world in the form of candy bars. It possesses a rich and creamy texture due to a large amount of cocoa butter added. Sweet chocolate by far is the most popular kind of chocolate among all.

30_sweet dark choclate

  • Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate is widely used in smaller chocolates and confectioneries for kids. It is called milk chocolate due to large amounts of milk solids and milk fats like cream and milk powder used in preparing it. Milk chocolate can be eaten directly or used in flavouring and garnishing while cooking.

10_milk choclate

  • White Chocolate: White chocolate is technically not even chocolate since it does not contain any cocoa solids. What it does contain are milk solids, cocoa butter, with lots and lots of sugar. It has a very smooth and creamy texture complemented by a rich sweet taste. Generally eaten as candy bars.

Chocolates are also known for being the perfect gives to your loved ones. Beautiful chocolate hampers are always appreciated. If needed urgently, chocolate hampers with next day delivery are also available!

Things that can make your Wedding memorable

Weddings are memorable for the bride and groom because it is the starting point of their new life. However, it is also important that you make your wedding memorable for your guests, family and friends as well because without their presence the wedding is not fascinating. For this, the bride and groom both have to put efforts on their part to take care of things other than their own. They should not just focus on their dressing, accessories and styling on big day but should also participate in other activities as well so that their guests are also overwhelmed to attend their beautiful celebration day. So what can you do to make your wedding memorable for the guests as well?

10_wedding hamper

First of all, get out of the thinking that wedding is all about bride and groom only. This is a great misconception. Although bride and groom are the limelight of a wedding but there are other things as well that are of key importance like decorations, seating arrangements, food menu, serving style, color combinations, and many more such things.

A wedding should be fun with some activities involved that keeps the guests on their toes to find what’s coming up next. You can arrange various thoughtful activities like sharing some funny videos of couple with family and friends, tell the couple’s story as a journey by making a picture video of the couple with their memorable pictures.

The guests are honorable so they must be shown respect by allowing them to have some privilage like you can let them have a photo shoot with the bride and groom and get them these pictures later on as a memory. Get them props to have a fun filled and exciting photo shoot.

18_Wedding hampers in UK

Be creative with invitations. The more attractive an invitation is, the more possibility of guests to attend your wedding. You can use certain themes that represent your likeness like if you are a musician you can use musical instrument’s shaped cards, or get any other inspiring invitation cards ideas.

Arrange a mini concert with local artistes to create an amusing ambiance in your wedding. The guests should not feel deprived of any type of entertainment while attending your wedding. Music is the best way to keep your guests alive during the event. A dull and boring background music will not do any good to amuse your guests.

Choose a creative venue. A banquet hall or a private residence are quite contemporary. Try something daring like a sea- side wedding, wedding in a farm house, countryside wedding but don’t make your guests drive too far. These are just a few brainstorming ideas to spark your imagination so that you can plan your wedding venue according to your requirements. Even if the place is a private residence, you can show your creativity by decorating it with a particular theme. Like you can get a theme from some famous romantic movie and implement it in your wedding.

Drinks are an important part of every wedding. You should check which drinks will be served and when? There should be welcome drinks, drinks with the food and also get a small bar arranged for your guests to help themselves. It would be more enthusiastic for them to enjoy their favorite drinks on your wedding. Make sure that drinks are also served with some creativity like use of delicate glasses. Presentation of beverages would make a lasting impression.

Make a separate place for displaying your wedding hampers. Since nowadays you can find gorgeous and attractively designed wedding hampers UK, so they can also be an eye-catching site on your wedding. Get them arranged at a set corner to be displayed to the amusement of your guests.

Cheap christmashampers uk

With the advent of December next month, Christmas preparations will begin. We can see the hustle and bustle of this lively festival at every corner of the street. The markets will be loaded with tantalizing Christmas themed products. Christmas trees will be seen round the corner to mark the event. Santas dress codes will be followed and jingle bell songs will be enchanted in restaurants and bars. Everyone must be eagerly waiting for the Christmas holidays so they can plan their vacations to celebrate this glorious day enthusiastically. Thus, the whole atmosphere of Christmas is filled with joyful activities. The most important aspect of celebrating Christmas is its gift hampers. Yes, this is one such event where not just children but elders are also super excited about the Christmas hampers they might receive from their loved ones. Since the occasion requires social gatherings and meetups, thus we have to arrange for Christmas gifts for others as well. So where can you get cheap christmas hampers UK that look ravishing as well? Express Gift Service is one such place spreading Christmas smiles with their desirable and cheap Christmas hampers.

9_cheap christmas fruit hamper 3_sweet hamper (1)

Getting a luxury Christmas hamper does not mean you must spend a lot to get an exclusive gift that can impress your loved ones and also fulfills the occasional needs. Here you will find some breathtaking Christmas hampers that do not only look extravagant but also contain qualitative variety of branded products that your loved ones would admire you for. These hampers are designed and assembled with such luscious collection of products that your loved ones would feel enthralled by having such a charming gift. The best thing is it would cost you so less to struck this deal for finding the best Christmas hamper at cheap rates.

7_Buying Gifts in a special occasion like Christmas

What can you find in a Christmas treat box that you might choose for your lovely family back home. It is an aspiring assortment of goodies like Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Fingers, Eternal Grocer Chocolate Coated Nuts & Raisins, Taste Rich Christmas Mince Pies, Mrs Bridges Christmas Mulled Wine Preserve, Radfords Chocolate & Caramel Fudge, Camaruge Ballotin Belgian Chocolates, and Ahmad Breakfast Tea. The items are delicately wrapped in a beautiful red carton gift box to show association with the event.

Their Sweet Delicious is another delicacy that can serve your lovely relatives with their sinful collection of chocolate products. This gorgeous hamper is presented in a beautiful black tray filled with bountiful products like Redondo Chocolate Brownie Biscuits, Redondo Chocolate Brownie Biscuits, Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Bar, Atkins & Potts Luxury Chocolate Spread, Sally Williams Dark Chocolate Coated Nougat , Farmhouse Luxury Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chip Biscuits, Cocoabean Caramels Bag with Black Ribbon, and Lily O’brien Sticky Toffee Chocolates. What else can be so tempting on a Christmas eve to wish someone special than these scrumptious chocolate fantasies.

3_sweet hamper (1)

Send this exquisite Christmas Wishes hamper to your lovely friends or relatives to give them a lavish treat at cheap price. This precious hamper consists of pleasurable treats like Belvoir Blackcurrant and Apple Cordial, Eternal Grocer Tube of Sweet Lemon Zest Biscuits, Taste Old Fashioned Milk Chocolate Eclairs, Cocoabean Handmade Chocolates in Fudge & Butterscotch 6′s, Verdujns Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Biscuits, Dormens Chocolate Peanuts & Raisins, and Mrs Bridges Orange & Cranberry Marmalade. All these offerings will bring utter delightfulness to your loved ones with their sensational tastes.

Another such marvelous gift hamper is the Joybelles Hamper that is presented in themed red gift box. The hamper is a decadent collection of whisky marmalade, shortbread fingers, mince pies, vanilla fudge and Belgian chocolates to name a few of the heavenly delights. The gigantic hamper is one of the most vivacious Christmas Hampers UK that you can find at such low price.

How to make a cheap fruit hamper?

Some people love to be creative when it comes to gifts. Sometimes they just buy something from market and use creative ideas to wrap the gift uniquely while others try to get things creatively assembled in a beautiful gift hamper. Whichever type of person you are, it is important for you to consider how can you make a cheap gift hamper by being creative at the same time. There are various types of gift hampers available in online stores ready to burst happiness in the lives of your lvoed ones. Whereas if you are artistic yourself then you should not fall at the hands of retailers. Fruit Hampers UK are quite popular these days. You can design your own hamper as per your needs and requirements of the occasion. So how can one make an exclusive gift basket of fruits that does not cost you much.

8_fruit hamperTo begin with, you must know where to get the basic supplies for the package. The market is filled with all types of fruit variety but it is upto you where can you get quality and nutritious fruits that are fresh as well as cheap. For this instead of going to separate shops, you can visit retail stores, or hypermarkets as they are much cheaper than usual markets. Some of them might give you packages at discounted rates. So get your search on to these super stores to find the best quality fruits at cheap prices.

Then comes the decorative items that you need beforehand when designing your basket. For this purpose you must decide earlier what type of decoration will you do so that you buy only those things that are required and avoid extra spending. Things that you need for decorating are easily available in the market and sometimes you can find them in your home too. These are ribbons, bows, flowers, Wicker basket, shredded paper, sealable plastic gift wrapper, scissors and of course fruits.

One thing you can be creative with is the fruits selection. Instead of going with simple fruits like apples, bananas and oranges, try some different varieties of fruits like guava, pomegranate, plum, peaches etc. If you can find off season fruits in the market then it would also be delightful since it would enhance the variety of your fruit hamper.

5_border fruit hampers

Now take your wicket basket and fill it with colored shredded paper. Then arrange the fruits on top of it in such a way that they are represented in different colors. Do not put same colored fruits together. Also while keeping fruits, put the hard ones in the base and soft fruits on top so that they are not perished at all. Use shiny wrapping strips and spread them in between the fruits to give them elegant look.

Now put the gift basket in the middle of the wrapping paper. Bring all corners of the wrapping paper in the centre like you make a pony tail. Then you tie it up with a colorful ribbon and make a bow. If you have bought a bow then you can use it as well otherwise you can easily make a bow of the ribbon yourself. Also use flowers if possible to embellish the basket. Flowers make an exotic look and make the basket more enchanting.

You can also do a little search online to find various fruit hampers UK to get an idea about decorating your own basket. This will enhance your creativity and you will be able to get something exquisite yourself. After making the fruit hamper, you must also deliver it carefully since fruits are perishable commodities and need special care and attention.

Which hampers to choose this Festive Season

The festive season is coming up with Christmas and New Year celebrations, so everyone is gearing up with plans of celebrations and gifts exchange. Some people plan beforehand about the gifts they are going to buy while others tend to rely on last minute shopping. Since there are plenty of retail shops online offering to send hampers by post to your friends and relatives, it gives you much room to search for the right hamper for the occasion. You can find some zralous variety of hampers online that are offered at discounted rates or with special packages for the season. We have discussed below a few types of hampers that can make fabulous festive gift for our loved ones to enjoy this season. We will discuss hampers according to categories they fall in to so it becomes easy for you to differentiate.

6_hampers by post

The most widely used and famous hampers are the food hampers. This is because they are easy to select and have less chance to be unliked by the recipients. Food hampers contain further divisions with various products offered depending on the moods, demands and requirements of the people. Now what comes in mind when you think about a food hamper? Chocolates, Cakes, Fruits or pickles and jams? All these products range is widely available in the form of astonishing gift hampers.

If you do not have any idea about the likes of recipient, then you must choose a food hamper to greet them. Food hampers are a safe investment as they are consumable items that are usually loved by people. Like there is a coffee hamper for coffee lovers and winters is the best season to select this hamper. Then there are chocolate hampers that include variety of chocolate products like liquid chocolate, chocolate bars and truffles etc. other than these there are fruit hampers with juicy collection of fresh fruits. You can also find some mixture of sweet and sour flavors in a hamper like jams, marmalade, pickles and chutneys togive you a mouthwatering taste.

10_cheap food hamper

After food, there are pampering hampers with products variety for your skin care. These hampers are specially personalized with products for men and women individual needs. These luxury bath tubs or bowls are equipped with bathing accessories, skin care portions and lotions. These include bath salt, massager, body lotion, body butter, body spray, shower gel, foot butter and many more such chic items to pamper your loved ones. The best thing about these hampers is they are extremely elegant in appearance and give an exclusive look but are quite cheap. So if you want to impress someone with an expensive looking gift, go with these exquisite pampering hampers for your loved one.

Personalized gifts can never be ignored when it comes to gifting your loved ones on occasions as important as Chrismtas. Sending a personalized mug with “World’s Best Dad”, a personalized key chain with your loved ones name imprinted on it or gifting a frame with your family pictures engraved with “Love You Grandma” are some of the simple yet cute personalized gifts. These gifts can enchant your loved ones with their simplicity and uniqueness. A jewelry box with your love filled emotions imprinted on it would have a deep impact on your lovely wife. These things are adorable and are kept as a keepsake in collectables. So if you want to show more coziness and warmth of your love to your family, friends or relatives, then choose personalized gift for them this season to make it a memorable gift for years to come.

The best thing about all these hampers is they are cheaper than individual products you buy and more alluring due to their exotic looks and styling. So which one of these will you choose to send hampers by post this season?

Best Ideas for Cheap Hampers

Is it someone’s birthday or anniversary coming up? Are you a social person with so many friends and relatives that you have to wish someone often every other month? Then you must be feeling tight on your wallet. It is not easy to make friends these days. If you are social and you want to keep your social circle happening, you have to go through this give and take situation on various occasions to keep your relations strong. But what can we do when we are not having enough savings to deal with these day-to-day occasions. Here we will give you some ideas of getting cheap hampers UK which would enable you to develop cordial relations with your social circle.

12_making gift more attractive

Now firstly, you should sort out your friends list. You must know which friends and relatives are closest and should be greeted with special gifts and which one are just a simple wish away. We all have that distant circle with which we have acquaintance up to just messaging or face booking. These should definitely be sort out of your primary list.

Then you should categorize them further that which of these groups are the closest to you and if you won’t send any special gift to them, it might cost your friendship. This should be your priority group. You can easily make a list in an excel sheet along with their birthdays and anniversary dates along with other yearly festivals like thanksgiving or Christmas.

Now these special friends that are in your priority list should be acknowledged with some fascinating gift hampers that neither cost you very much nor look cheap in appearance. The best thing to do is go online and search for discounts and sales on various gift hampers. Instead of going for shopping yourself you must search retail stores online that make delivery in the areas of your recipients. You should get 3 to 4 retailers on your final list and then compare their price and gift hampers.

Many retailers offer different types of gift hampers that include food hampers, fruit hampers, personalized gifts, coffee hampers, chocolate hampers etc. Thus, you can have variety of hampers in front of you with different price range. While short listing the retailers, you must also check which retailers have discounts on their gifts or if there is any sale on certain items that can be sent as gift pack.

12_gift hampers as giftSome retailers in fact sell cheap hampers UK as a separate category and include all the above mentioned types of gift hampers in this category. This is really convenient for the shopper since they just have to select the blissful hamper and not consider its price as well as it is already in their budget. You can also ask the retailers if they can suggest you any hampers that are relatively cheaper but are quite elegant in looks and products included in it.

Many retailers have customer services where they have special agents to serve customers and reply to their queries regarding hampers. Hence if you are confused as to how can you find a cheap hamper then you must consult their representative and tell them your requirements of a cheap hamper.

Once you find your favorite hamper, you can order it directly to be delivered to your loved ones’ place or just get it delivered to your home to have a look. In fact it is recommended to directly send the gift to your recipient’s place as these retailers have special services to take your package with care.

Other than that some retailers offer you to design your own hamper with the available products range at cheap rates. You can always show up your creativity with full confidence.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Those gifts have a long way to go!

When you are gifting something to your loved ones or when you are expressing your gratitude and appreciation in the professional field, the first thing that everyone lays their eyes on is the wrapping of the gift! Looking at the size and shape of the gift, a hundred thoughts run in a person’s head to anticipate just what may be under all those wrappers and bows! Little ones jiggle and rattle the presents and shout with glee as they try to figure out what’s in store for them! Adults, of course, don’t quite exhibit that level of enthusiasm but hey! We are all curious to know what is inside the pretty wrapping and those big red, satin bows even before we can lay our hands on them!

23_christmas hamperWhen you can give those gifts personally, the joy of course is shared at the same time. But, if you are far away this Christmas season and are worried about gifting something special, you don’t have a reason to worry!

Box ‘em and ship ‘em!

Well, it’s not necessary to ship all your gifts to far away distances! There are efficient online services that will deliver your package in time. Christmas hampers by post are popular ways of sending a bunch of gifts together to your family or your loved ones. Here are some popular hampers listed to help you choose the right hamper:

  • Fortnum and Mason – The family Christmas Hamper – Everyone is familiar with the popular brand Fortnum and Mason. Popular for the quality products they sell, they offer a wonderful hamper that includes nearly everything you need for the season celebrations except fresh fruit and meat! The large hamper contains 3 types of wines, Christmas pudding, jams, coffee beans and/or tea leaves, cognac butter and a range of candies and sweets.

23_Fortnum and Mason

  • Forman and Field Christmas Essentials – Another popular hamper stocked in stores during the season, their hampers again can sustain a large number of people during the celebrations. Their hampers contain cold cuts such as a large Alderton ham, a 500g piece of Colston Bassett stilton, Christmas pudding, brandy butter, chocolate truffles, some smoked salmon and an assortment of sweets.

23_Forman and Field Christmas Essentials

  • Carluccio’s Il Massimo – If you want to try something exotic and spicy in flavour this year, go for this hamper! Instead of the traditional cold meats and sweets, this hamper contains Italian dishes that are guaranteed to make your celebrations unique and yummy. Their hamper contains a bottle of a tangy Prosecco that is made by them in their centre. This is a fizzy drink that takes the place of champagne. Also, included are pasta in sauces and olive oil, panettone for the people with a sweet tooth, Gianduiotti chocolates, a big gold coin and chocolate coated coffee beans!

So, go ahead and get your gifts posted this year so that your wishes for this season reach everyone, without fail!