Tips to select Bridesmaid gifts

The bridesmaid would stand beside the bride on this special day, support, and love her during the wedding planning journey. Also, they have been accommodating some of the crazy requests made since they are aware that it is the wedding, and the bride deserves everything that her little heart desires. For showing some appreciation to them, it is important for the bride to present them with something interesting that they would remember for a long time. This can be done by selecting a wonderful bridesmaid gift. With some tips, it is possible to purchase something for the best girls to show that they are cared for.

Heart-Motif-Pendant-Gift-Bo-300x300Buying them at any point of time

It is not necessary that the bridesmaids’ gifts should be purchased at the last moment when there are chances of it being forgotten. It would be better to purchase these gifts much ahead of time, to save the embarrassment, and to show the much needed affection and love. By purchasing before time, the individual can also save some money by shopping smartly, and availing the best deals, and discounts.

Considering it as a trade

An important thing that needs to be considered while shopping for gifts for the bridal part is by understanding the type of present would suit the bridesmaid, and help them to be satisfied and happy. In case, they are assisted financially, then, the gift could be a bit smaller. However, if the bridesmaids are being asked to spend on shoes and dress, then, it would be better to pay their hotel room and air tickets. By spending a bit more amount would show, how much they are being appreciated.

The Maid of Honour being the MVP

Some amount can be spent on the maid of honour. It can be traded for what little extra things that she would do for the person. Usually, it is her responsibility for organizing bachelorette party, and to coordinate bridal shower. By presenting her with a lavish or unique gift, the person can show the appreciation to her efforts.

Presenting the present

Traditionally, the bridesmaid gifts are generally handed out during the rehearsal dinner, especially after the bride toasts the maid, and then, praises them for their efforts and hard work, which they contributed towards the wedding. In case, the individual is not able to make out time publicly, then, she needs to ensure that a suitable private time is given to the bridesmaid for presenting the gifts, to avoid being rushed.

Gift types

Deciding on the type of gifts to be presented to the bridesmaid could be a difficult task. It could be an individual gift or a uniform one. The uniform gift can be shoes or jewellery that can be worn at the wedding. It also could be matching robes. Irrespective of the purchase made, it should have sufficient function after the wedding.

Giving gifts like the bridesmaid gifts, birthday gifts, or anniversary gifts has been a tradition since long and is increasing in popularity over a period of time.

Four fabulous gifts hampers exclusively for corporate world

corporate giftsIt is very imperative for every business house to consider offering gift hampers to its employees, business partners, and clients periodically. This is a habit that is maintained by most organizations across the globe, to improve their goodwill and loyalty. There are a number of ideas that can be derived for the purpose of gifting. As a matter of fact, innovative ideas can be easily achieved through different brainstorming sessions, personal interactions and expert consultations. However, there could be some employees in the organization, who might not be interested in being innovative, and hence, would require some pushing by the management. A better way to achieve it is by gifting them with something that would compel them to put in their efforts towards the growth and development of the business. Also, there are also employees, who might have been trying to put their best efforts and work overtime to get things streamlined and improve the overall performance.

Four best corporate gift ideas and hampers

  • White Wine Treats: There are many employees, who just love to have a sip while having their lunch. This particular gift idea is sure to delight them much more than anything else. Also, this compact gift comprises of the perfect white wine, exclusively for those individuals having a superior taste. There are hampers readily available containing crisp bread, white wine and a cute little greeting card that is tucked in neatly in the signature gift box. They are affordable and sure to impress the receiver.
  • Delight: Most individuals just love to eat. There are plenty of delicacies that are sure to be enjoyed by the food. The mouth would water at the sight of the delicious treats that are packed into a special hamper. The gift box can include a variety, including May and Luken Coconut Macaroons, Duck Creek Macadamias, Zest Byron Bay Fiesta and Gourmet Nut Honey roasted cashew nut. There is enough quantity for the receiver to share and savour it.
  • Superior Business Sparkling: One wonderful corporate gift, which comprises of a substantial quantity of almost everything. Wine and foodies lovers, alike, would definitely love this wonderful treat. This hamper includes roasted Capsicum mustard, garlic sun-dried tomato mustard, Chandon Sparkling Wine, Duck Creek Macadamias, Crisp bread, and much more. It also contains signature gift box with a greeting card to slip an appreciation note.
  • Moet Sparkling and Gold Class: This is one gift that would be cherished by the best employee of the year. It is believed to be the best gift that can impress and satisfy the person and reward him/her for the extra efforts that have been contributed towards the growth of the organization. The contents present in the hamper tend to exude a great class of its own. Moreover, it would not only delight the employee, but also her/his spouse too, as the box comprises of Gold Class Movie coupons, for making their night all the more special. This hamper includes Moet & chandon Champagne, Ashmoress Strawberries, cream, besides the usual gift box, along with the card of appreciation.

Please your mother with an exclusive gift this Mother’s Day

Everybody likes to receive gifts in this world, and if it is a gift for a mother from her child, then, it will be the greatest pleasure. Your mother is the most affectionate person in your life. She has showered loved and cared all your life. You cannot repay what she has done for you, but you can put a little effort to please her this mother’s day. You should get a gift for her that is appreciated and shows your love to her.

MotherDay01-fullIf you are unable to choose good gifts, or you are running short of ideas, then, you should not worry at all. The online gift stores have a lot of options for Mother’s Day gift hampers in UK. There are many options for gift for your mom for this special day. Below are some options.

•          Chocolates with a card- Chocolates are something that everybody in this world loves. People of all age groups like to receive chocolates as a gift. It will be a wonderful delight, for your mother, to receive a box of chocolate along with a nice card with a sweet message for her.

•          Flowers- A bunch of fresh blossoms will be a good idea to gift on a special occasion such as mother’s day, anniversary or a birthday. You have many choices regarding which flowers to choose. You have orchids, roses and carnations.

•          Gift hampers- There are many beautiful gift hampers available online which are filled with many things such as fresh organic fruits, delicious chocolates and other stuff that will be appreciated by your mother.

•          Exclusive personalised gifts- There are many options for a personalised gift, for example, a photo frame, a key ring or a pen with her name engraved on it.

Why online?

Well, you can also look for gift options at offline stores, but you may have to put plenty of effort and time in searching them. Apart from that, the offline stores do not incorporate much variety for gift options. The online stores, on the other, are full of ideas when it comes to gifts. Another benefit of online stores is that they offer very good gifts on a very handsome price. The reason is the absence of overhead expenses at online stores. They don’t have to pay for rent, heavy electricity bills, and employees salaries; hence, they can provide you nice and beautiful gifts at a very low price as compared to the offline stores.


The online stores provide you very good delivery services that make sure that you get your gift delivered at the place and time of your choice. The safety of your gift hampers is taken care of; hence, it is wrapped in a good rugged packaging that helps the gift to survive the journey. With a global delivery network, you will not face any problem in delivering your gift hampers overseas.

Valentine’s Day Interesting Facts

teddylindtassorted-300x300Valentine’s Day is ready to strike our lives once again with full enthusiasm and we can see the hustle bustle around us as the retail shops are filled with lovely collection of Valentine’s Day chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, gorgeous variety of Valentine’s Day Gift Hampers and a lot more to make your loved ones’ day extra special. This Valentine’s Day will also be no more different as couples would seek every opportunity to bring surprises to their counterparts and to give them something memorable.

Here, we collected certain facts related to Valentine’s Day which would be interesting for you to know.

  • According to a recent study fact posted in an article in Huffington Post, it was revealed that men tend to spend more than women on Valentine’s Day. In fact their spending figure is double the amount of women spending.
  • In 1800s, the Physicians of the time recommended their patients to eat chocolates in order to suppress their obsessive feelings for lost love. It would calm their emotions and they would feel relieved from the heartbreak.
  • In India, the most sought after gift to give on Valentine’s Day is the Taj Mahal or its replicas to mark the true feelings of love for their counterparts.
  • There are around 220,000 marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day each year.
  • Red Rose is considered the flower of love because its red color reflects the strong romantic feelings.
  • More than $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased every year in US alone.
  • Casanova, known as the “World’s Greatest Lover” ate chocolate to make himself virile.
  • The first box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day was produces in 1800s by Richard Cadbury.
  • The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet used to live, is said to receive around 1000 letters addressed to Juliet, every year.

Well these were a few interesting facts that we thought would amaze you. Share these facts to your loved ones or if you know any other facts related to this day, do share.

Eco-friendly gifts for Valentine

One special day for couples is the Valentine, which no one can miss. This is a custom that has been in vogue the last two hundred years and different types of gifts are exchanged by the lovers that range from simple cards to luxurious gifts. It has been noticed that most gifts that are designed for this day are both expensive, and sure to burn a hole in the pocket of the purchaser and are neither ornamental nor of great use. Hence, it would be a better way to celebrate this occasion in a different manner by selecting eco friendly products that are easily available or can be created. Besides saving the environment, these types of gifts are also quite reasonable and also perfect for the individual.

Green Valentine cards

Greeting card industry is, said to be presently in the UK, worth more than £1.5 billion and has been growing with every passing day. The prices of the card are increasing and have become expensive since the last decade. Also, it does create a good amount of waste and pollution. However, retailers have come with a wonderful solution and are selling ‘green cards’ that are created from the recycled materials that have a great respect to the environment. Plenty of online retailers do sell such cards, and there is a huge collection for individuals to select from and pick the one that would fit their requirements.

nestle_ferreroandlindt_1-300x300Delicious chocolates

In fact, one of the most popular choices among gift buyers is the chocolate. This is one item that can be given at any occasion to anyone of any age, anytime and anyplace, without having to worry of being embarrassed. Most individuals love to present their partner with varieties of chocolates or with chocolate hampers on Valentine’s Day. This is why the most chocolate companies have been spending millions of pounds to come with a variety of chocolates that would be tempting and sure to win appreciation from the receiver of the gift. A wonderful way to give a thoughtful present is by selecting the right kind of premium chocolates, instead of the regular ones. Ranging from beautifully wrapped chocolates to simple bars, this is indeed a gift that can be shared with anyone.

Presenting eco-hampers

Eco-hampers are considered to be a wonderful way to purchase for the beloved one and also useful. They are available in different ranges suiting to the budget of the individual, and include everything from premium biscuits to eco-radio and water powered clock. In case, the individual is quite serious and concerned about the environment, then, these can make fabulous gifts on the occasion.

Creating a present

If the individual is creative enough, he can make the gift himself that would involve very less expense. Moreover, it is also sure to add a personal touch to the gift while making it much more personal, and something that can be cherished with others for a long time to come.

The best part is online gift stores make it possible to send gifts online to your loved ones. Other ideas could be in planning for a day out with the beloved one to make the day special and interesting.

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother is someone special, who has been taking care of her children and helps them to grow to be a wonderful man or woman. Every mother takes the responsibility of her children and ensures that they are safe and sound. She understands their requirements, and tries to fulfill them every time, irrespective of the time. As a matter of fact, the bond that takes place between the child and the mother is something that is unbreakable, and it simply cannot be imagined. It has been noticed that the relation between the child and the mother is much stronger than the father. This is why grown up children should reciprocate their love and affection for their mother on the special Mother’s Day. This is one day that they should ensure that their mother is showered with all the gifts and affection that she very rightly deserves for helping them to be what they are presently. One could also express with mothers day hampers that come in various shapes and sizes and are easily available in the market. One can also have it ordered online.

family-hamper-300x300Repaying back with unconditional love

Since mother has been doing everything within her means to provide happiness and comfort to her children, they should now reciprocate with the gifts and wonderful items to show that they also love and care for her. The Mother’s day has been specially created for all the mothers of the world to be appreciated and lauded for their efforts.

Tips to make the Mothers day special

With some tips and research, it is possible for the child to make the mother’s day a significant one without having to go overboard or crossing the budget.

Expressing with her desired chocolate gift basket

Chocolate is a delicious item that is sure to be loved by everyone of any age. Nothing is better than this, and it can be gifted to anyone without any second thought since no one would be able to refuse the assorted, wonderful chocolates. There are several types of chocolate gift hampers available. One can browse through them and gift the hamper that is sure to win the heart of the mother. Rather, this is a gift that can be shared with the entire family.

Orchid Sensation Spa

It is without doubt that every woman loves to look beautiful and attractive, irrespective of their age. This mother’s day, the individual can pamper his mother with the luxurious spa hamper set that does come with various spa items, such as a scented body soap, shower gel, soothing tea and much more.

Fresh fruits and candy gift hampers

Most women are quite health conscious. They would prefer not to indulge themselves in those things that would make them look unattractive. In such a case, the individual should plan to gift hampers that would help her to maintain her looks, and also be a healthy option. Fruit baskets having a mix of different types of exotic fruits are likely to be the best gift that she would receive this Mother’s Day.

Selecting and giving gifts made easy

Gifts are given not only on special occasions, but on any given day, to make it special. Occasions like birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year, getting the degree, promotion in the office, a special achievement, receiving an important research grant, a vital academic achievement or just about anything does invite a celebration and is sure to be showered with gifts from someone special or from others.

cranberry-crush-packshot-300x300Presenting oneself

There are times when one can present themselves also for some accomplishment as a reward for their effort undertaken, or to have achieved an important milestone at the work. The best part in rewarding oneself is the fact that no guesswork is involved in regards to the purchase of a gift. Rather, it could be anything unique and special, like the favourite electronic device like the tablet PCs, latest smart phones, a new flat screen television or a fancy watch.

Selecting a gift for someone unknown

Choosing the right gift for someone whose taste and preferences are not much known could be something of a difficult task. The gift should be as such that it should be liked and not be thrown in some or corner of the house or be gifted away to someone else. However, gifting to a business client or someone in the office could be much of a challenge since selecting the wrong gifts would look awkward. A better way to ensure the right gift hampers for women and men are selected, a proper and thorough research is to be done on the web. There are indeed a huge variety of gift hampers to be found on the online stores that are ideal for any type of occasion and also would fit easily any kind of budget. A great thing about the gift hampers is they do have an interesting appeal to the individuals’ basic instincts for drinks and food. No one would like to say ‘no’ to a selection of the best cheeses or a wonderful bottle of wine.

Some exceptions to the rule


However, the selection has to be careful, keeping in mind the person to whom the gift is to be presented. People, who do not prefer alcohol, should be gifted wine bottles as a gift since it would not be properly received by them. But, do not perceive it as a challenge as such people can be gifted with fruit and chocolate hampers. Basics like chocolates, tea, coffee, fruit cakes, and smoked salmon are undoubtedly favourites among many, and hence, would be enjoyed by them and appreciated when being gifted. By being a bit creative and selecting the right variety of salsas, the gift can have a more meaning.

Visiting the countryside

In case, the individuals plan to treat themselves and their loved ones with a special treat, then they can consider having a customized special gift picnic hamper. It would have the right amount of drinks and food suitable to the number of people going to the picnic. Apart from the fresh air in the countryside, the individuals can enjoy their food and drinks and make the most of the day.


The birthday of a near and dear one is just around the corner, and you are stuck, not knowing what to choose as a gift. Instead of buying a single item (difficult to choose), how about assembling a whole gift basket for him or her.

One can create a gift hamper at home or order one from an online store. Many online stores today allow you to personally choose items that go into the hamper, thus customizing the gift for the recipient. You can choose a theme for the hamper based on the likes, dislikes and hobbies of the birthday boy or girl.

Here are some ideas for birthday gift hampers:

sweets-relish-hamper-300x300Bath theme: Bath goodies like bath salts, bath towels, bath oils, sponges, brushes etc that will be used to pamper the recipient. A bath themed basket can contain luxurious soaps and lotions.

Music theme: Music is a universal favourite. Music stationary, CD’s, music books, tapes, music composition notes, are all good items to pack into music themed hamper. Small models of violins or trumpets can also be used.

Candles and scents: Who will not appreciate wide varieties of candles –different shapes, designs, sizes and scents? Add some candle holders or candle plates for big candles. In addition, include some Pot Pourrie, or Pot Pourrie liquid or gel or even a Pot Pourrie burner.

Gardening theme: This hamper can be filled with small garden tools, seed packets, gardening gloves, bulbs, small potted plants, books and magazines on gardening. All these can fit inside a hamper for a gardening freak.

Homemade items: Goodies made by hand are very valuable. These include cookies, breads, cakes, fudge etc. Pack each item in an individual cellophane cover. Small items can be packed in tins.

Kitchen theme: Measuring spoons, whisks, wooden spoons, oven mitts, aprons, pot holders, dish towels, egg timers, measuring cups and recipe cards. One can download recipe cards from the net.

boulevard_chocolate_hamper-300x300Jars filled with goodies: Jars filled with goodies and tied up with ribbons can make good gifts. You can fill it with kitchen items or special teas or coffee. To add to the theme include coffee mugs. Chocolates can be kept along with marshmallows. There are many online sites for jar recipes. Try Google or Yahoo or other search engines.

Movie and Popcorn: Fill the hamper with a variety of popcorn and different flavours. Add some DVD’s of favourite movies. A big popcorn bowl, recipe cards for popcorns are also good additions.

Fishing theme: Ideal for avid anglers. Add some hooks, lures and worms and plastic containers also. A fishing magazine will also do well as fisherman’s pills, fish bait, gummy worms, wicker fishing creel etc.

Sewing theme: Ideal for someone who sews a great deal. A sewing basket filled with straight pins, spools, threads, fabric tracing paper etc.

Craft theme: Fill it with craft supplies or gift certificates to craft stores.

Specialty tea and coffee: Fill with specialty teas, tea cups, tea pots or coffee mugs filled with chocolates and specially ground coffee.

These are some ideas for a birthday hampers.