Birthday cake decorating and design ideas

Birthdays is, undoubtedly, an important occasion that is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur by people of all ages, across the globe. Whatever be the form of celebration, the birthday cake is inevitably a part of it and has become a must in this special occasion. The individual can either prepare one at home or order birthday cake next day delivery in London from the reputed online bakeries.


Interesting birthday cake decorating and designing ideas

With a few tips and some suggestions, it is quite possible to whip up a delicious and wonderful cake in a very short time. Birthdays are considered to be nature’s way of informing everyone to eat plenty of cakes. With a properly and beautifully designed cake, it is possible to make this birthday something extra special. The cakes also can be made much more fun and exciting with some ideas.

Decorating tips

Birthday cakes that are homemade are sure to get much better and higher scores that the bakery made ones. This is because of the extra thought, time, and effort that are put into baking one. The individual can simply think of any weird flavour and colour, they are sure to get a cake that is sure to have the best hues required and the correct flavour. Previously, the birthday cakes came in particular shapes like square and circles while the flavours were limited just to strawberry and chocolate. However, with the advancement being made in the culinary techniques, and with the advent of varieties of decorating tools, including specialized moulds, it has become easy to bake different types of cakes with variety of decorations that were never seen before.

Selecting a good theme

It is a fact that a themed cake is sure to make this special day much more special and interesting. Picking the right theme is very much necessary before starting with the cake’s decorations and designs. The surprise that would be seen on the face of the birthday boy or girl, when they have a look at the cake, is something that can be cherished for a long time. The theme could be taken from a favourite music, movie or just about anything that the person likes. The cake could be made to the shape of a musical note, being topped with designs and decorations, which resemble that of musical instruments. But, it is necessary to keep in mind the interests, hobbies, age of the person while picking the theme. There could also be movie based themes, cartoon based themes, sports based themes, animal based themes, colour based themes, computer based, music based, scary ones, pirate, funny themes and much more.

Sizes and shapes

The cake can be given with different types of shapes and sizes. It can be made of different characters like dinosaurs, flowers, houses, buildings, globe, cartoon characters or anything that is imaginable. However, the selection needs to be something unique and innovative. It can also have the individual’s photograph printed on it along with the name.

With plenty of themes and designs easily available on the net, it is possible for the individual to come up with a wonderful decorated birthday cake that is sure to be enjoyed not only by the person, whose birthday is being celebrated, but also by the guests.

What kinds of gift baskets can be ideal for the baby?

It feels great to design gift baskets for babies. One has unlimited options in gifts for babies. They are small and can eat, wear, and enjoy things which get restricted with adults. To gift baskets for small babies, it is better to know about the type and kind they are. Gift baskets are not only the gifts for adults. They are great gifts for kids, as well.

Depending on the age

If a child is in pre-school or junior school, then the basket items can be a congregation of science books, science tools, CDs, scrap books, art and craft items, paints and pencils. Try not to make the gift basket too serious, as they are meant for kids. Short story books with a lot of pictures and a nice box of chocolates would be great.

A lullaby gift basket

If the baby is just crawling, then the lullaby basket would be the right one for his age. There would be an audio-video CD, which can play baby songs, and some stuffed toys for his playtime. Animal stuff toys are better as they will help babies to identify animals from a very young age. Also, a cuddly blanket, a pair of pyjamas, and a feeding bottle will do the deal.


A fantasy gift basket

Kids will love fantasy items in their gift baskets. So, the fantasy gift basket should have some Cinderella dresses and crows for the baby girl. There should also be a lot of pink in the basket. Pink shoes, crowns, hankies, wands, pencil boxes, fairy tale books etc. For the little boy, there can be a few of his favourite cartoon characters, and some Harry Potter books, and wands.


A bathing basket

A bathing basket is the most fun basket for kids. There will be shampoos, powders, soaps, towels, a small bath robe, a brush, comb and other bathing stuff, which the little thing needs while having a great bath. A rubber duck, submarine, puppets can be great fun when he is in the bathtub. Make sure that the products are all for babies and do not have anything harmful in them.


A baby fruit basket

Babies should learn to identify and explore different fruits and flavours. Fruits are very important during their growth years. So, make a small colourful fruit basket where the baby is able to have all the fruits that the doctor has recommended for the baby. It is always safe to consult with the mother about the type of fruits that the baby would enjoy or rather would be right to feed him. Try to add more colours to the fruit basket as children get excited on seeing colours. Stick some cartoon and animal stickers on the body of the basket and give it the ideal baby-world feel. Also, it is important to make the basket small considering the appetite and size of the baby. These baskets would be a very kind and useful gift in place of something that will run out of fashion with time.



Come Christmas and you are left wondering what to gift your loved ones. One idea for gifting a special women you know- mum or girl friend – is a DIY drugstore beauty hamper. If you wish to gift a hamper of beauty products without making a hole in your pocket and without resorting to dull, generic range of products, you can keep in mind a few points.

download (4)

If you are not sure about the favourite colours and fragrances, you must stay away from concealers, foundations, and other items of make-up (cosmetics) that require colour considerations.

You must keep in mind the recipient at all times. If your friend is conservative, you must avoid bright blue eye shadow and fuchsia lipstick. It is good to introduce the recipient to colours and fragrances outside her comfort zone but ultimately, you want to give her items that she will surely use.

The gift items in beauty hampers for women may be divided into three categories:
• For fun, colourful gifts:
First is, eye shadow trios of Wet n Wild coloricon range. They are equivalent to high end products and may be termed as the best products in drugstores, this year. Best part is that trios are really cheap so you can buy several of them. Some good options are I Got good Jeans, Don’t Steal My Thunder and Silent treatment.
Next item is a wearable red lipstick. Choose a shade that will complement most skin tones. A shade akin to cranberry or brick would be ideal.
A blush is next. Include highlighters, bronzers along with blushes. Milani is a great brand, which can trounce all competition. E.l.f. also has a great range of these three products, which will leave you with a gorgeous glow.
Luscious lashes: The choice is difficult due to numerous mascara brands available in the market. Include a tube of your favourite brand. You could even throw in some false eyelashes. This may be an item the giftee wouldn’t buy herself but wouldn’t mind trying on if you gift them some.
• Less flashy, more substance;
Good brushes are worth every penny. The brand Eco tools are available in drug stores. E.l.f. studio brushes are wonderful for applying makeup. Target showcases a slightly expensive but well stocked collection
Eye primers are products unfamiliar to many. They are a great way to shake up and intensify already applied eye shadows. E.l.f makes a good primer and available for only $1. An eyelash curler is also a great gift.
Nail strips: Nail polish strips are unusual gifts very women will love to try. Add a glass nail file.
Goody spin pins: They do the work of 20 bobby pins.
• For dressing down:
Make up wipes make the removal of makeup easy.
Face masks: Women mistake that they are expensive. Some affordable ranges are available, and that too suitable for a variety of skin types.
Lip balm: A welcome gift for all women who want to get rid of dry, chapped lips.
Pedi scrub: Pedi scrubs made of Shea butter, olive oil, glycerine, tea tree oil incorporated in a double sided sponge to relax, smooth and exfoliate, tired feet.

Bath and shower gels: Bath &Body works brand is really great for a day of relaxation and pampering.
Feel free to mix and match products to create a beauty hamper. These ideas help you to choose between different items so that you can totally personalize the gift hamper.

Affordable gift for all seasons

People love to give and receive gifts on all occasions. This is because gifts are said to be a wonderful way to deliver the message that how much the person is being liked. Be Christmas, New Year, Easter’s, Birthday, Wedding anniversary, New born, etc, whatever be the occasion, it is possible to enhance the importance of the event by having the cheap hampers delivered on time.

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Best gift hampers

It is important for the individual to take out ample time to do some research, and find out the different tips and suggestions that are present on the net. This way they can plan something interesting and new that would be easy to spoil the family, friends and clients, without actually having to leave the home. There are plenty of websites that do offer tips for the individual to create some kind of exciting gifts prepared at home, or a selection of gifts of various categories, which can be selected and ordered, without any hassle. Irrespective of the requirement, there are different types of gift hampers available in the market ready to be selected, shared, and to win praise for the giver.

Right time to plan the gifts

However, in order to be lauded for the gifts, it would be essential for the person to plan the gift in advance, so that enough time is taken out to select the type of gift that is to be given to a particular person/(s) and to suit their preferences and tastes, along with the occasion. Also, it would avoid any kind of last moment embarrassment. Besides, by starting in advance, it is also possible for the individual to avoid the stress and issues of finding the right kind of gift. Also, it is very important for the personalized and corporate orders since they are to factor in various lead times, including delivery logistics. With enough time given to the selection, a good and reasonable gift can be selected that would touch the receiver’s heart and be cherished for a long time to come.

Why hampers are so popular?

Hampers are considered to be quite simple. As a matter of fact, they are known to cut down the shopping centre stress, along with the commotion that is associated with the particular occasion. One can easily find gifts that are suited to a particular occasion that makes gift giving all the more easy and quick. There are the traditional gift hampers such as festive food, pampering items, etc. Currently, hampers have evolved a lot. Gone are the traditional white, green, red, tinsel and the curling ribbons and cane basket hampers that are wrapped neatly in cellophane. These days, such gift hampers are replaced by something that is more memorable, luxurious and stylish and provide the gift receiver with a unique and pleasurable experience.

Going through a reliable gift website, would offer a huge collection of gift hampers that can be selected from with a single click and have it delivered to the specified address.