Fall in love with chocolate all over again!

Fall in love with chocolate all over again!

Chocolate lovers are always on a quest to find something to excite their palates, all wrapped in chocolate. Chocolate is something that is adored by the old and young alike. They are great in food, have been used in cosmetic products too! This is such a popular food product that there are several chocolate hampers– hampers containing ONLY chocolates and nothing else, that have been in demand for a very long time now. So, here are some interesting varieties of flavoured chocolate that you must try if you have not already done.


  • Chocolates with bananas – Bananas are popular fruits. Most people enjoy eating bananas as a healthy snack or as part of a strict routine. Bananas have a fresh, sweet flavour that complements chocolate very well and this combination has been a huge hit in many places. You can easily get chocolate bars in this combination that you should not pass up, whether you are a food junkie or health conscious – it has something for both categories of people!
  • Black Pearl – Forget about Johnny Depp and his beloved Black Pearl for some time. Black Pearl chocolates are fantastic bars of chocolates that will surely grip your attention just as much as Depp did, or may be even more! Dark chocolate is mixed with ginger, black sesame seeds and wasabi to create a very unique and dark chocolate beauty. A burst of different flavours will hit you the moment you bite into this chocolate bar, and it is an experience that adventurous chocolate lovers would not want to miss.
  • Chocolate and lavender – Lavender is no longer confined to cloth dyes and cosmetics. This pretty variety of flower has travelled a long way from flower bouquets to delicious chocolaty concoctions! Truffles made of chocolate; lavender and hints of cardamom are hailed to be the next best thing in unique chocolates and are a must-have for chocolate connoisseurs looking for something truly beautiful but tasty.
  • Wild, wild chocolate – This is a combination of chocolate that you don’t want to try with a faint heart! Goat cheese combined with Pear Williams, powdered black pepper, buttercream and lots and lots of dark chocolate lead to the creation of one of the fanciest version of chocolates that one could have ever imagined. Pair these dark delicacies with the best of your wines and after a sumptuous meal to give your taste buds a heady treat.
  • Spirited treats – This version is sure to garner a lot of adulation and fan following! Who could have imagined that lemongrass, white chocolate Ganache, pink peppercorn and VODKA could create something so pretty and special that very few would be able to resist it? Try this exceptional combination of chocolate and the odd ingredients if you are in the mood to sample something bold and exciting in chocolate.

Chocolate lovers will never tire of experimenting with different types of chocolates and people all around the world will continue to cook up some more fabulous chocolate-laced recipes. Get ready to hear about some more exciting chocolate hampers in the near future!

This is for All the Chocoholics in the World

This is for All the Chocoholics in the World

Age proves to be of no hindrance to people with a weakness for delicious and fragrant chocolates. In fact, chocoholics are ready to consume this sweet food in any form, be it bars, chips, cookies, pastries, cakes, candies, sauce, or drinks. They carelessly discard the dire warnings that accompany frequent over consumption. However, there is some good news on the way. Eaten in limited quantities, the mysterious ‘dark’ chocolate is great for maintaining proper functioning of the human organs and organ systems.


  • Avoid Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases: If you have been used to chewing on milk chocolate bars always, discard them for mysterious ‘dark’ chocolate chunks instead. Researchers will assure you that this slightly bitter foodstuff contains anti-oxidants and a healthy amount of flavonoids. As a result, your blood pressure remains stable, your arteries and vein retain their flexibility in spite of advancing age, and the risk for heart failure reduces. Do remember to restrict yourself to a small square each day or a couple of servings each week; do not go overboard with your eating. Additionally, do not skip your daily walks or exercise routines.
  • Prevent Diabetes: If you are insulin-resistant, just consume a piece of this delicious stuff (size of a candy bar) every day. With the release of excess nitric oxide, your insulin sensitivity may be controlled to a large extent.
  • Lose Excess Weight: You will find it easier to adhere to your recommended diet, since this dark knight saves you from succumbing to excessive cravings for fatty, sweet, and salty foodstuffs. Smaller portions, five small meals a day and regular physical activity should suffice to give you a marvellous physique.
  • Bid Goodbye to Stress: Your brain will be encouraged to secrete larger amounts of the happy hormone known as ‘serotonin’, instead of the stress-causing hormone known as ‘cortisol’. Yes, you will find yourself feeling more alive and energetic, instead of fatigued and depressed. Pregnant women consuming dark chocolate find themselves giving birth to happier children.
  • Enhance Your Intelligence: Whenever you pop a piece of your favourite brand into your mouth, your circulatory system becomes very active. It allows a larger amount of blood to flow to the key areas of your brain. Even if it is for a short time only, your alertness and performance will remain above average, especially where tests are concerned. Nevertheless, do not stuff yourself to the maximum just because you wish to do well in exams; you will invite ill-health.
  • Cure Your Child’s Diarrhoea or Cough: Dark chocolate contains cocoa. The flavonoids in the cocoa join hands with a special protein present in the small intestine, to stop diarrhoea. This protein is responsible for fluid secretion; it regains its functional balance. Similarly, if your child is prone to excess coughing, the theobromine in the chocolate brings these unpleasant coughing bouts to a halt.

Admittedly, any recipient of a chocolate hamper will welcome it with squeals of delight. After all, you are offering a combination of good health and sweetness.

Making of Chocolate from cocoa Beans

Making of Chocolate from cocoa Beans

Chocolate is one of the most demanded flavor in many desserts and ofcourse in chocolate bars. It’s used widely in cakes, shakes, sweets and other desserts too. It has a great power to alter mood and to reduce the effects of depression. It is also a great gift on any number of occasions. That’s why the gifts of chocolate hampers are very popular.

Despite its popularity, most people do not know the unique origins of this popular treat. There are a large number of processes involved in the overall process of chocolate making from harvesting to the end chocolate bar form. It is very interesting information to read about the processes of your favorite eatable.


Cocoa tress are cultivated in tropical ever greet forests. Mainly the cocoa is cultivated in with Theobroma Cocoawhich grow in the wet lowland tropics of Central and South America, West Africa and Southeast Asia. The harvesting process is manual. It collected from trees, placed in piles and the shipped for production.


Cocoa is removed from of pods. N machine can be used in the process as it can damage the pods. After collection of pods, the cocoa seed are taken out of them, initially they are yellow in color. Then through fermenting process i.e. sun drying, the seeds are dried and it takes 6-8 days. After the seeds are dried they become brown in color. And its weight reduces to half. Then it is shipped to manufactures.

Manufacturing process:


In the manufacturing company the first step is to roast the cocoa beans in large pots and then cut them in small pieces called cocoa nibs. The roasting process makes the shells of the cocoa brittle, and cocoa nibs pass through a series of sieves, which strain and sort the nibs according to size in a process called “winnowing”.


The process of grinding results in a cocoa liquor which is made by grinding of nibs. The cocoa liquor is unsweetened chocolate. The grinding process generates heat and the dry granular consistency of the cocoa nib is then turned into a liquid as the high amount of fat contained in the nib melts. The cocoa liquor is mixed with cocoa butter and sugar. In the case of milk chocolate, fresh, sweetened condensed or roller-dry low-heat powdered whole milk is added, depending on the individual manufacturer’s formula and manufacturing methods.

Blending Cocoa liquor and molding Chocolate:

Now the cocoa liquor is molded according to the company recipe by adding milk, sugar, cream, butter and other ingredients to it. By varying the ratio of these ingredients the manufactures make different types of chocolates like milk chocolate, dark chocolate,white chocolate.
After blending is complete, molding is the final procedure for chocolate processing. This step allows cocoa liquor to cool and harden into different shapes depending on the mold. Finally the chocolate is packaged and distributed around the world.

Chocolate Hampers- the ultimate gift of joy

Chocolates are the most exceptional gift one can give despite being a very contemporary confectionary. It is not simply a chocolate bar that you will give as a gift but the way that chocolate bar or bars are elegantly wrapped, decorated and presented in a gift basket. A little effort to enhance the beauty of a simple gift item would turn that usual thing into an extraordinary gift. Therefore, the art of gift wrapping is the most important thing in a gift hamper. It is better if we spend more money on decorating the hamper rather than buying expensive products and not giving them a presentable look.

12_chocolate hampers

Just think for a moment, when you receive a beautiful box of chocolates that is presentable and appealing in its look regardless how the chocolates inside would taste; on the other hand, you are given a handful of chocolates without any proper wrapping or stylish packing. Which one would you prefer? Of course, we will be impressed more by the box of chocolates even if the chocolates inside are just ordinary. Hence, when gifting someone chocolates, you should try to make them look exquisite in its packing and presentation so that the recipient would feel more excitement while having your gift and enjoy it more. After all, the main purpose of gift is to rejoice the loved one with something that they want to cherish and be thankful for.

Chocolate hampers tend to be more fascinating and enchanting gifts because they are alluring in looks, style, décor and the content they contain. Hence the retailers offering chocolate hampers next day delivery take special care that their gift hamper is perfectly delivered without any damage to the recipient. Thus, anyone who is having a celebration but you can’t reach out to them on time or the day celebration takes place, you can simply avail this facility of next day delivery to send gifts to your loved ones.

Additionally, chocolate hampers are not simply about chocolates, they have a standard that is equally remarkable as any other expensive gift. Hence, if you are choosing to send a chocolate hamper to a loved one on their birthday or anniversary, then you do not need to worry about its value being less than other expensive gifts. These hampers are so extravagant that everybody would be amazed to see your hamper. In fact, it would grab the attention of people more than any other gift due to its charismatic decoration and perfect packaging.

Also chocolates tend to revive our moods because they have that special element that can stimulate our emotions. This is why we see in advertisements how chocolates can mend relationships or used to express your lovable feelings to the special one. These exquisite qualities are not that evident in any other food item that is so tasteful as well as amusing. Therefore, if you want to make a convincing move towards your loved one in your relationship, and want to take it on a joyful level from mere formality, then initiate your stance with a gorgeous chocolates hamper.

3_sweet hamper (1)

You will be fascinated by the types of chocolate hampers available in the market as they are properly distinguished by their categories. You can have chocolates for vegetarian people, non-alcoholic chocolates for children, gluten free chocolate hampers and many more such distinct categories. Due to their diverse set of flavors, types and various styles, you must choose chocolate hampers as the perfect gift for your loved one to rejoice on their special day. You will see how chocolates can bring the ultimate joy to their life with their awesome flavors.

Cadbury Hampers- the Ultimate Chocolate Gift

Cadbury chocolates are the world renowned manufacturer of extravagant chocolates. The house of Cadbury is known for its marvelous chocolates collection of all kinds from milk chocolate bars to dark chocolates and chocolate wafers too. We all have one or more of our favorite Cadbury chocolates like Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar, Eclairs, Cadbury’s Twirl, and Cadbury’s Crunchy Bar and many other tempting brands. Cadbury chocolates are full of flavorsome ingredients that make them the most wanted chocolate brand in the world. People from all age groups have their favorite Cadbury chocolate because it offers such a diverse range of flavors and tastes that it can tempt anyone to become its fan. Such popularity has made Cadbury has household brand and thus we now usually use Cadbury hampers as special gifts for our loved ones to share the joy of their life with this scrumptious chocolate variety. Nothing can be more entertaining on a celebration than having your favorite Cadbury bar.

7_cadbary hampers

If you are a Cadbury fan then you must know that Cadbury chocolates have some great facts about it that you would like to know. After all you must be aware about your favorite chocolate so that you can tell someone the reason why you are in love with Cadbury delights.

Cadbury Dairymilk is its most popular brand which was launched in UK in 1905. Its recipe was created in rivalry to the Swiss chocolates by the legend himself George Cadbury Jr. Dairy Milk is currently the leading Cadbury chocolate around the world due to its distinct flavors variety of fruit and nut, roast almond, Caramel.

More than 60,000 tons of cocoa beans are used to produce a year’s supply of Cadbury chocolates.

Cadbury’s major turning point came when a new technique was introduced which launched UK’s first pure cocoa i.e. Cadbury Cocoa Essence.

The brand with such a rich history can be a perfect gift for any lovely celebration. How about celebrating your loved ones’ Birthday party by sending him or her spectacular Cadbury hampers. The temptations will be out of control to receive such a gigantic Cadbury basket filled with your favorite chocolate brands from the house of Cadbury. You will have the access to every delicious flavor of Cadbury that you can enjoy at random times.

A Cadbury hamper is sensational treat one can give to your loved ones; especially when you are bound to treat your friends who are asking for some exceptional treat to celebrate your success or achievement. This gorgeous hamper contains some of the famous brands of Cadbury like Dairy Milk Chocolate which is the world famous milk chocolate and loved by people of all ages. A pack of chocolate Eclairs which is the scrumptious type of toffee filled with liquid chocolate inside giving you a bursting flavor in mouth. The Cadbury Crunchy bar, Caramel bar, Twirl, Flake, CurlyWurly, Star Bar, Picnic and a lot more. In fact this treat would be the most economical one as it is quite affordable and also gives you the ultimate experience with chocolate indulgence.

7The best thing about Cadbury Hampers is they are suitable for all types of gatherings. Whether you have a family gathering to celebrate your sister’s Birthday, your promotion party with colleagues and peers, your friend’s wedding anniversary party or any such auspicious gathering that you intend to enjoy with something sweeter and craving.

Also it is acceptable for all age groups so if you are choosing it for an elderly person like your favorite aunt, sending this fascinating hamper to your boss to impress him or her, or making it a gift delivery for your little angel. This hamper is a perfect choice to send your lovely wishes.

Chocolates Grow on Trees!

The journey of chocolates begins from a tree!

The piece of chocolate treat that quietly lies wrapped in the shelves of a candy store carries with it stories of people in the African continent who grow these magical tropical trees. As we remove the wrapper, we uncover the cocoa seed, at the same time we connect with the ancient people who grew them to the most modern of the human race who use it as a symbol of love or as an icon to celebrate happiness. Nowadays, chocolates have become an everyday luxury. Chocolates are readily available in shops as well as online. Today, just takes a few clicks of the computer mouse to gift a Cadbury hamper in UK to your loved ones who stay there.

13_cadbury hmapers

The story of these wrapped chocolates is very amusing. It starts from the trees goes on to the farmer’s hands and ends up with you consuming it. A chocolate treat that is appreciated worldwide has a very modest beginning. A cocoa bean starts its journey from inside the fruit known as a pod. These pods grow on trees found in West Africa, South America and parts of South-East Asia.

Cocoa trees are delicate and covered with flowers that need a lot of tending. They grow in tropical forests in a mixed farming mode with cash crops such as rubber and bananas. Cocoa is normally grown by small farmers and they leave the farm handpicked and then transported in carts.

When the cocoa reaches the factory, it is ground and powdered after roasting. Once that is done, they are reduced to a paste, which is known as chocolate liquor. This is followed by a series of pressing, rolling, adding sugars and sequential heating and cooling. Once all this is done, it leads to the formation of chocolate syrup.

7_cadbary hampers

Human race has adopted the use of chocolates since the medieval times. And it began in South America. After that, people all over the world have used chocolates from curing diseases, to pleasing gods, for love, for holidays, to survive fasts, to ward off poisonous insects and scorpions and to gift their loved ones.

Cocoa industry today is very big and about 50 million people are employed here. These include all sorts of people from farmers to workers to chefs and bakers.

The chocolate bar is divine to taste because of the way it tastes and then swirls and melts in your mouth. Chocolate blends with more than two thousand flavours from lemon to vanilla to oranges and with currants. So that provides a wide canvas for various recipes.

A bar of chocolates’ soft feel and its buttery after taste also makes it a thing to desire for again and again. If you enjoy chocolate, you would enjoy a lot of other ice creams and deserts that have it as their main ingredient.

When tasting a bar of chocolate that gives a divine feeling when it goes down your throat, it is hard to believe that all that began from a tree.

The essential types of Chocolates and their differences

Chocolate is one of the most loved and cherished foods all around the world, especially with children. Chocolate is so versatile that it can be used in cooking to make different types of confectionaries and cookies or even beverages like chocolate milk and hot chocolate.

34_main_choclate hampers

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is even considered healthy when considered in moderate amounts. Chocolate can relieve stress, improve blood flow and also lower blood pressure. Of course, chocolate also has the reputation of being a food fit for all kinds of celebrations. Here are some different types of chocolates you should know.

  • Unsweetened Chocolate: This is the purest form of chocolate with no sugar added. It is also known as ‘chocolate liquor’. It is prepared from roasted cocoa beans, which are later crushed and ground. It is highly bitter and cannot be consumed directly. It can be used in small amounts to give flavour to various cookies, brownies and cakes.

30_Unsweetened chocolate

  • Semi-sweet Chocolate: This comes very close to unsweetened chocolate, however it varies narrowly. A slight pinch of sugar is added to make it sweet along with cocoa butter. Vanilla is also added to give it a unique flavour.

10_semi sweet choclate

  • Bittersweet Chocolate: Also known as Dark chocolate, it can contain chocolate liquor anywhere between 35 to 99 percent. Sugar and cocoa butter are added to give it taste and fine texture. The milk solids used cannot be more than 12 percent of the whole. Dark chocolate is said to have a distinct European flavour, as well. Dark chocolate can be directly eaten. It has a number of health benefits, as well.
  • Sweet Chocolate: Sweet chocolate is the form, which is familiar to most of us. It can contain chocolate liquor within 15 to 34 percent range. Sugar is used in the sweetening process. It is widely consumed around the world in the form of candy bars. It possesses a rich and creamy texture due to a large amount of cocoa butter added. Sweet chocolate by far is the most popular kind of chocolate among all.

30_sweet dark choclate

  • Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate is widely used in smaller chocolates and confectioneries for kids. It is called milk chocolate due to large amounts of milk solids and milk fats like cream and milk powder used in preparing it. Milk chocolate can be eaten directly or used in flavouring and garnishing while cooking.

10_milk choclate

  • White Chocolate: White chocolate is technically not even chocolate since it does not contain any cocoa solids. What it does contain are milk solids, cocoa butter, with lots and lots of sugar. It has a very smooth and creamy texture complemented by a rich sweet taste. Generally eaten as candy bars.

Chocolates are also known for being the perfect gives to your loved ones. Beautiful chocolate hampers are always appreciated. If needed urgently, chocolate hampers with next day delivery are also available!

Sweet hampers that delight

Hampers are quite a convenient as well as alluring way of gifting. Gifting can be quite a taxing and brain racking process because you need to get all the elements right to ensure that your gift recipient is happy and contented with what is being gifted. The advantage of hampers is the amazing flexibility that it affords in terms of what you can put into the hamper. The range of choice can be mind boggling, however, this is also quite a liberating experience because it gives wings to your creativity. One of the popular means of gifting happens to be sweet hampers that are quite popular and are especially, appreciated by those who have a sweet tooth.

Here is a lowdown on some of the popular sweet hampers that one can put together for someone you love:

3_sweet hamper (2)

Traditional sweet hampers: These are hampers that contain traditional and local sweets that vary from region to region. The sweets could range from Halwa in India to cakes of every kind in Europe and Baklava in Turkey. These are always quite popular because they tickle the palate of the discerning consumer. These are also much in demand among visitors because these give a sweet snapshot of country’s culture, as well as history and quite apt for those who savour the better things in life. Just imagine the lovely combo of éclairs and bonbons in France and the kind of response this would evoke in the mind and emotions of those who get these hampers.

Retro sweet hampers: These are sweet hampers that bring a wave of nostalgia in the minds of recipients as these hampers are choc-a-bloc with sweets from a different decade. Sweets and candies have changed in taste and texture, as well as type over the years, but their memories linger and provide lots of joy to those who have enjoyed these sweets over the years. Liquorice, toffees and other candy are key favourites in these hampers.

Cadbury hampers: These are an all time favourite and quite a lovely assortment of lovely, delicious Cadbury chocolates. Cadbury’s happens to be the leading chocolate brand in many countries of the world and these chocolates always go a long way in providing undiluted joy and satisfaction. These chocolate hampers are a hit among kids and always cherished fiercely. Whether it is Dairy Milk, Silk or Bourneville chocolates, you can rest assured that these chocolates would evoke delight and joy.

3_cadbury hampers

You can also combine these hampers with lovely paper and other gift items that would just add to the whole effect of expressing love and affection for those you love. There is always a reason and a season to gift sweets. Birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations of success invariably provide an occasion to indulge your sweet tooth and this is when the impact and sales of sweet hampers get enhanced, not to mention festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Eid or Bar Mitzvah. Choose from the wide range of sweet hampers that are available and you can be an angel of love and joy for folks around you!

Gift hamper varieties for you to choose from

Gift hampers have been quite a hot favourite among those who would like to send suitable gifts based on the occasion. Birthday parties, corporate events and holiday seasons invariably witness a huge increase in demand for hampers of every hue and size. Hampers afford a lot of flexibility and choice in terms of what could be composition of the gift combos that delight and win hearts. Hampers also provide an opportunity to add in more than one category of gift item, as well as options of not only ordering from vendors, but also the possibility of creating something on your own.


Do it yourself gift hampers have something very special about them because these denote and indicate the personal attention, as well as love and care that goes into creating such hampers. Just imagine a birthday party where you put together hand-made cards along with a bunch of flowers, as well as a hand-picked gift for your loved one. The effect this has on your beloved spouse or a close friend will be nothing less than electrifying. Such hampers have such amazing power to delight that it is quite possible that these could be effectively used in healing impaired and well-nigh broken relationships too.

As far as corporate gifting goes, lots of companies use special events like Christmas or Easter to send special hampers that create enormous goodwill and help in reinforcing a positive corporate image in the minds of cherished partners. It is true that festive times see corporate honchos and offices inundated with gift hampers and it is true that only the crème de la crème of the hamper that stands out in terms of quality and excellence will find favour. This is why it is important for companies to pay attention to the kind of gift hampers that they put together.

7_cadbary hampers

Gift hampers for kids are also one of the big categories when it comes to gifting. These are typically put together by doting parents and also friends to be gifted on birthdays, as well as Christmas time. These are also gifted on special achievements like scholastic events or perhaps to reward special sports achievements. These gift hampers are filled with goodies like confection, gifts and toys that are quite suitable to delight the kid and make him or her smile the whole day through. One would be surprised, but it is true that such special gift hampers are cherished and treasured by kids for years after the event is over.

Sweet and Cadbury hampers are well-sought after by those who have a sweet tooth. These hampers contain a large number of chocolates and sweetmeats that are designed to pry out squeals of delight and pure joy from those who are fortunate enough to receive and savour a sweet gift hamper.

Gift hampers have been well established as an excellent gifting choice. This is undisputed however one needs to remember that the choice of gifts and the way they are packaged and delivered create a world of difference.

Gifting is more than just about money

Gifting has been an important part of many social gatherings. This tradition has been prevalent from a very long time. Just the type of gifts exchanged has changed. Take, for example, cavemen. When one man was skilled in hunting animals and another was skilled in curing people of diseases, barter system was followed and they gifted each other something that the other did not possess. Skip a few thousand years later and we had kings and queens of various nations trying to make peace and build relations with neighbouring countries by gifting the exotic and the precious. Some people gifted purebred horses while others gifted parcels of land. In the present generation, the gamut of gifts available for exchange is large and diverse. And with an increasingly complex list of gifts available in the market, the art of exchanging gifts too has become more complex!

13_cheap choclate hampers

Many people spend hours in choosing the right gift and attractively gift-wrapping them for their loved ones. But some people have doubts when it comes to selecting the right gift. A 5-year-old may crave the cheap chocolate hampers in bright purple and orange hues that are set in confectionery stores, but their relatives may wonder – are those hampers really good enough? So, what they may end up gifting is a space toy with many complex buttons, which the child may not want, but has to accept nevertheless!

Here are some useful tips for you to choose the right gift:

  • See what is preferred by peers of the person whom you are gifting something to. Take, for example, a girl who is just blooming into adulthood. Do you think a copy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will do the trick? It may have when she was 12 but not anymore! She may hang out with young girls of her age who are now more interested in experimenting with makeup kits and fashionable hand bags so these may be good options for you.
  • Not all people fit in a group, though. Some think predictably and are easier to choose a gift for. Stoic men, who enjoy a glass of port every night, will enjoy a bottle of good, vintage port. But some people are hard to categorize. They are unexpected. This may make them all the more dear but tough to buy gifts for! So get to know the person better and spot something they show interested in (usually from their hobbies) and gift them something accordingly.
  • Gifts are not always measured by their monetary value. Some gifts hold special places in hearts because of the memories they bring back or because at a particular time, that gift meant something very special. Something in blue for the bride at the wedding, something in pink for a girl on her first date – it’s important to think from the heart for romantic and sentimental occasions to hit the jackpot with your loved one!

So, gifting is not really that difficult if you know a person reasonably well and open your heart (along with your wallet!) when the occasion demands it!