Sweet & Cheap Wedding Gifts

A wedding gift is very special as it reminds the couple about the love and wishful prayers from the giver. A wedding gift should be such that it becomes a part of couple’s memorable gifts. Buying a random gift that is expensive but of no value to the couple is wastage of money. Also a wedding gift whether expensive or cheap, given with love and affection and lots of prayers for the couple’s prosperous marriage is of exceptional value. A gift’s value cannot be measured by its price tag but by the way it is presented to the recipient. Thus, if you cannot afford to buy an expensive wedding gift, then you can surely go with cheap gifts that are inexpensive but are very attractive. There are various retailers who offer cheap and affordable wedding hampers UK and would make a delightful wedding gift.

7_wedding hamper

Bring some light into the life of the blessed couple by gifting them a set of personalized candles. Candles represent a ray of hope and a wishful prayer for the lovely couple. Personalized candles are very attractive and they come in various styles with your message printed on them. They can become as a decoration piece of the couple’s house shelf. Every time it is blown, it will remind them of you in good memories.

Crystal blocks with loving message imprinted in them or you can get the couple’s name imprinted in it with a heart to mark their endless love for life. These crystal blocks will make a fascinating decoration item into their drying room or bedroom and would be a vital item of their delicate collections. Gifting a crystal block shows the delicacy of their relationship and how beautifully it is carved with their love.

Stem flutes customized with your best wishes message imprinted on them would be an exclusive gift even at low price. No one would judge your gift for its price since it contains your heartiest wishes in a beautiful form. These flutes with heart shaped crafter stems would be an amusing gift for a wedding of your loved one.

A set of personalized mugs with special messages imprinted on them in funky inks would be a gorgeous gift. They would remind them of you every day when they will sip their coffee together or enjoy their morning tea in breakfast. The mugs are a great keepsake and they can be used in home to keep pens or makeup pencils etc.

If you know they are coffee lovers, then a coffee hamper will be the best idea as a wedding gift. A coffee hamper containing high quality coffee brands, accompanied by chocolate bars, and a tea packet also would make it a grand gift hamper. You can choose various combinations of coffee like a jar of one brand, small sachets of another brand, two to three chocolate bars of different brands, and a tea pack or jar. You can easily search coffee hampers online as they are widely available online at cheap rates.

Another fascinating gift can be a personalized jewelry heart gift box. This angelic box can be personalized with a message of your own imprinted on it. This delicate box will be the most fascinating item of their dressing table. Whenever she will use it to keep her jewelry, it will remind her of your remarkable choice.

A small Spa Bath Tub containing some tantalizing skin care items with mesmerizing fragrance to enthrall your bathroom ambiance. The exquisite collection of body soap, body lotion, butter and spray are a great pampering gift and would give you a lavish experience with their exceptional quality.

All these wedding hampers uk are quite cheap, easy to get and also have presentable value for the couple getting married. Your gift won’t be any less than an expensive gift because it is chosen with blissful emotions.

Apricot for Young looking Skin

Apricot is a delicious fruit and packed will countless health benefits that’s why whenever you are looking for some amazing fruit hamper in UK you will find that apricots are always part of that hampers. It’s loved by many and can provide amazing benefits for achieving smooth glowing skin. Apricots have a magical effect of slowing the aging process of skin by providing healthy minerals and vitamins to the skin cell. They are advantageous in both ways; one can eat it or make a face pack. Here I will tell you three amazing face packs made out of apricots that will leaves you skin glowing, smooth and nourish it in a much better way than the costly products at the market shelf.


Glowing skin mask for oily skin:

  • 2 apricots, remove the skin and mash them
  • 1 table spoon of lemon
  • 1 table spoon of milk

blog20_3Mix the above mixture and apply it one you face after cleaning with a gentle face wash. Let the mixture rest for 15-20 minutes and then remove with warm water. This mixture can be used on arms and feet.

Revitalizing skin mask for all skin types:

2 Apricots pulp with skin

One table spoon yoghurt

½ tea spoon of turmeric powder

1 table spoon honey

Mix the above mixture and apply it one you face after cleaning with a gentle face wash. Let the mixture rest for 15-20 minutes and then remove with warm water. This mixture can be used on arms and feet.

Apricot scrub for perfect exfoliation:

1 table spoon of sugar

½ tea spoon of beach sand or egg shell powder

2-3 apricot pulp

1 table spoon of fresh milk cream

Mix the above the mixture and scrub your skin of face, arms and feet. This scrub is equally effective for all body.

Fruit Hampers- The contemporary and delighting gift item

If one has to send a “Get Well” present to his near and dear ones, bouquets of fruits can be one of the best options. Even in recent past, people mostly use to send flower bouquets, praying for health. But, with very frequent uses, this turned to be very common practice and the emergence of the idea to send fruit baskets had, however, given people some innovation.

50_fruit hampers

Why to go for gifting food baskets?

Fruits contain rich food values in terms of the quotients like health and nutrition. Thus, once someone receives a basket filled with fruits, he can make out that the sender is literally praying for his health. These items are contemporary and colourful that makes it an excellent gift item to share among the personal or the business networks.

Flowers or other conventional gift items may either get rotten up or damaged but gifting fruits is sure that the receiver gets to utilize it directly. Indeed, once one gets some fresh fruits delivered at his doorsteps in attractive wrappers, it is not only some fruits or mere gift items that he receives. Rather, it’s a present that bears the blessings of the Mother Nature. Additionally, while sending these baskets, one can personalize his message to the receiver, if any. These fruits along with the personalized message reflect the affection and the concern that the sender holds in his heart for the person he is gifting to.

The available options

Deciding the kind and type of fruit basket to be gifted, however, demands some consideration. The sender needs to be sure upon the fruits that the receiver might like. It makes no sense to send such a bucket to a person with fruits that the person dislikes. While to procure the item, one can either go for the fruit assortment that happens to be a common choice or the person can go for some selected varieties depending upon the likings of the person to whom the gift is to be forwarded. The budget shall also have its own role to play upon the selection.

Where to get these items?

The real as well as the virtual market place have millions of shops that deal with fruit baskets.  One simply needs to pay a visit to the nearest shop or alternatively he can browse the internet to get access to similar shops. These online sites display the items they offer and the price along with. One simply needs to place his booking online and subsequently the fruit basket gets delivered to the doorsteps of the person intended. Wide varieties of standard as well as customized fruit baskets can be selected from. With the availability of these varieties, it’s assured that one gets the right combination that shall match with his purpose and budget.

Fruit hamper in UK had taken the place of the most widely sought after gift item these days.  People from UK who are known for their sobriety and hospitality probably can relate their qualities with these fruit hampers.

Christmas gift hampers – A missing link which could help the business to grow in leaps and bounds

Gift giving is undoubtedly an expensive affair, but also a compulsion during occasions. Through gifts, it is possible for the individual to let know the receiver as to how much he/she is being cared and mean them in their lives. It is not at all necessary for the person to choose only expensive gifts to be presented to family members, relatives, and friends. These days it has become quite easy to find gifts that are not only gorgeous, but also are very much affordable for the pocket. Hence, there is no reason for the individual to think thousands of times for buying a gift.

33_christmas basket delivery

Corporate gifts

In this age of high competition, it has become very much important for any organization to stay ahead of its competitors. The best way to do so is to try to connect to the customers, partners and vendors and suppliers. The entire cycle would then be smooth and help the business to grow in leaps and bounds. This is something that can be achieved through Christmas basket delivery. As a matter of fact, an act of gift giving can set a positive new tone to the office and also make the clients to remember the brand for a long time. It can be adequately termed to be the ‘perfect holiday secret weapon’ for conducting business. This does work in an effective manner and increase loyalty of the employee and also enhance sales from the present client base.

Buying the right gifts for Christmas

The Christmas is a season that witnesses people from all part of the world indulging in hectic shopping. This is the right time to buy gifts that can be shared with the clients. Buying gift baskets have become easy. No more has the individual to search for shops that sell affordable gift items of various types and bargain for discounts on the purchase made. There are plenty of websites that do provide gift hampers of all sorts. The individual just needs to go through selected reputed websites and find out the different categories that would best fit the needs. The other thing to take care is the type of gift to be purchased. It should be something that would be useful and can be kept for a long time. The next thing to do is to compare the prices with the other gift sites and select the one that has immense reputation in the market and known for providing high quality items at the right price and with prompt delivery. Several sites also provide fabulous discounts and wonderful deals on bulk purchase that can be a real money saver.

asThe whole process of ordering, having baskets to be delivered to the specified address has become very simple. The online gift sites are equipped to handle all types of orders and also are efficient to provide to the specific address on time. This means the entrepreneur can simply save a good amount of time and money, not only on the purchase, but also in getting them managed and on courier charges. In short, the gift sites are something like a dream come true, for those who would like to keep their expenses to the minimum, without compromising on quality.

The gift from the casket of Mother Nature

Gifts are basically the ways that express our feeling of joy and concern for the ones who are special to us. Fruit hampers can be an innovative way to express the affection we hold. During the festive seasons of the year, we definitely go on thinking what to be gifted to our friends and relatives. Sometimes, deciding the perfect gift almost becomes a challenge. This article is meant to discuss upon the qualities that had made the fruit hampers to emerge as one of the most popular items of gifting.

25_fruit hampers (1)

What is the specialty of fruits as a gift item?

Fruits happen to be the preferred type of food for people irrespective of the age group they fall in. Fruits are rich in the contents of vitamins, fibers and minerals. They protect our health and provide complete support in all our active endeavors. Fruits can be packed to be gifted appropriately in several of events. The best part about fruit hampers is that they can be customized to suit the type of occasion, be it a birthday, wedding or just about anything that comes about. Also, fruit hampers can be given to business associates, clients, partners, vendors and others during meetings, gatherings and for promoting the brand name. Fruit baskets can be termed to be a wonderful way to make a better impression on the recipient and showing how much they are being cared for.

The contents within the hampers

These hampers filled with fruit, although are specially meant for gifting in the holidays yet perfectly suit the gifting needs across all types of events. In case, the gifting is to be made for occasion like marriage or birthday party, the fresh ones can be gifted. One has the option to go for either a hamper packed with garden fresh fruits or he can go for gifting the dried ones. Each of these is meant for gifting across respective occasions that delight the recipient. In cases, the gift needs to be consigned for longer distances; one can certainly opt to send the dried fruits. One combination that is very popular among the available options happens to be the one that is filled with citrus fruits. Various seasonal fruits work out for gifting across the different seasons of the year.

A set of factors requires to be considered before to select the hamper of any type or combination. The person sending the gift needs to keep in his mind that event or the occasion for which he is presenting the same. The next point to be considered shall be the preferences and taste of the person to whom the gift is to be sent. Good thing about gifting fruits is that fruits happen to be the item of liking and preference with the majority of us. Thus, once we decide to gift one with a hamper of fruits, we automatically go ahead to ensure that the adored persons of us feels nice with our gift. There are plenty of websites that do cater a variety of gift hampers that one can choose from.

Types of Christmas Gift Givers

Though selecting gifts has become as simple as choosing and clicking thanks to online shopping,   the quest for the perfect gift continues to be difficult.

A recent study has found that while recipients are happiest to get gifts that they have clearly asked for, givers of gifts think that surprise gifts or gifts carefully chosen by them are much more loved.

22_Sept_Cheap Christmas food hampers in UK

Today, experts point out that gifts are more about the givers rather than about the recipients. They have identified certain personality types of gift givers:

  • The Last minute delayer: This is the category, which delays picking gifts not because they don’t like to gift but because they are burdened with trying to find the perfect gift. They delay picking the gift as they want to make a big impression with their gifts. One advice given to them is to ask the receiver for what they want which makes things simpler.
  • The early planner: This is the gift giver who shops all year long for the Christmas gift. But he or she must keep a separate closet for such gifts and carry along a list of gifts purchased. Otherwise, you may build up a closet full of gifts, which you may never end up gifting.
  • Practical gifted: One may choose a practical gift but may lack imagination. Practical gifts are good for people that are just acquaintances or those who you know well but don’t know what they like such as teenagers. An example would be cheap Christmas food hampers in UK
  • The charitable: These are givers who like to contribute to a charity in your name. But don’t make the mistake of contributing to a charity you like rather than one that is close to the heart of the recipient.
  • Perfect or genuine gift giver: These are the pleaser who like to give gifts that recipients love to have rather than what they like to decide for themselves. These people love nothing better than finding gifts that the recipients love. The genuine giver has actually thought about you and decided to give you what you love.
  • The status hound: This gift giver wants a show of money or power or both. This gift has little to do with the recipient and most to do with the whims of the giver.
  • The Wolf in sheep’s clothing: This is a gift giver who gives a perfectly wrapped gift but his intentions are no more genuine than of the status hound. To sum up, Christmas is all about her or him rather than the recipient. He is likely to send a check rather than a present or re-gift presents without thinking whether the recipient will like it or not. The wolf is also likely to be dominating-playing favourites with some and neglecting others purposely in a game of gift-power play. He also expects same amount of money on his gifts from you, so be prepared for some pouting if he or she is disappointed.

These are some of the types of gift givers in the Christmas season.

Gifting on special occasions like wedding

Wedding is an occasion, which is a special event in an individual’s life. It is important to make the occasion special by making all possible arrangements. Gifts can be a key decision area for such events. The near dear ones need to show their love and care using some out of box, innovative and special gifts. Often, we might not be able to decide on the appropriate gift for our near and dear ones. Analyzing some steps for the same can help us in making the process easier.

The trend of hampers  

Hampers have become extremely popular nowadays. Wedding hampers in UK, have captured the interest of a lot of individuals. The biggest advantage of these hampers is that they are big in size, which conveys special feeling to the receiver. It becomes extremely important to select the contents carefully. They should be related to the occasion and the receiver. Many a times, if an individual is not very sure of the gifts and their selection, then, he shall prefer wedding hampers, which have been organized previously by various store individuals.

18_Wedding hampers in UK

When to consider customization of hampers?

Customization should be avoided in such situations. Customization in many situations leads to a hazardous result, which might be unfavorable to us, as well as the receiver. Only in situations wherein you are not able to identify a suitable hamper for your loved ones, you can go for customization of hampers.

Most of the available hampers are well designed with appropriate cluster of items, which may include some small home décor items to some bedroom essentials like show pieces, etc. In case, these hampers do not match your budget, you can go for customization to ensure the hampers are appropriate according to your budgetary needs.

Look for variety    

Many websites, which offer customized hampers, include a lot of varieties on their web portal. Many websites also tend to customize the gifts, according to the guidance of the customers, to ensure their requirements are met aptly. People, who reside in different localities and still want their gift to be delivered to their near and dear ones, on a special occasion like marriage, should look to use the services of websites, which offer express delivery to them at affordable costs.

Such websites have to render services to more than one country to ensure your hampers can be delivered to your near and dear ones. To ensure your selection is fast and appropriate many websites feature ‘Shop by Color’, ‘Shop by Price’ and other relevant options for gifts and hampers. This does not consume a lot of time.

The essence of presentation

Whether it is a flower or a combination of items in the form of hampers, or any other item, it should be wrapped in a very attractive way to ensure it remains fresh and beautiful when the receiver receives the same. The appearance can speak more than the things inside. Hence, it becomes essential to ensure the gift is presented with the best available packaging theme.

Making her to feel special with a gift

It seems there are a limited number of options available when a man has to pick a gift for the lady who holds the warmest place in his heart. Options like blood red roses, chocolates etc are definitely good but these stuffs had become very common materials to gift with, especially, when the market has the availability of exceptional items. This article shall try to discuss the possible options that can make the experience of gifting and receiving the gift more memorable.

  • The hamper to be gifted must match with the sentiment and the mood of the occasion for which the gifting is to be made

It is really easy to find out gift hampers and baskets that have its theme rotating around specific occasions. Say, if the gifting is to be made on the eve of the Valentine’s Day, it shall be the best if a gift with the same theme is packed for the gifting. Most of the companies dealing with gift items sell hampers and baskets that contain items like bottles of champagne, candies, chocolates, soft toys etc., each of which are liked by the women. She can be thrill with a gift of a basket filled with gourmet chocolates.

16_gift for women (1)

  • The gift must reflect the love and affection that makes one to gift

With the lady expecting the usual stuffs, a gift can come phenomenal to surprise her. Just the right thing is to be presented for it. This surprise shall surely make her to feel as she is exceptionally being loved. Thus, one needs to give due weightage on the gift wrapper and the style of gifting too

  • Pampering Her with some special hampers

Plenty of hampers and baskets for gift are available in the market the designs for which can surely thrill the women at any part of the year. One can select either of such items that can really make her to rise up her eyebrows.

  • She loves the unique one

The ladies commonly tend to discuss in their own forums and gathering, the gifts they received from their men. Getting boarded with the conventional ones like jewellery, dresses, chocolates, flowers, she can definitely expect something that is unique. Therefore, more unique the gift is, the more she feels good about it. This is where the purpose of gifting best fits with the intentions for which we present a gift.

There is something that money can ever buy

It is not the higher cost of the gifts that delights our beloved ones. Rather we can get the purpose accomplished with the minimum of budget in case we consider the person’s taste, liking & disliking and the traits that make her to smile; we can definitely pick up the best gift hampers for women at the least of cost. After all, it’s the warmth of our heart and the feeling of love, affection and care that she actually sees beyond the gift and not the price tag of the item.

The magical uses of Lemon

A simple little and big balls of yellow color which is indeed a big gift of nature and we call it lemon. No doubt it looks good to the eyes and also adds superb flavor to your drinks and foods. But the advantages they can give are many more and can be beyond what you think. Lemons are a useful fruit, its pulp, juice, seeds and zest everything is loaded with countless amazing magical effects. When every you are thinking to send someone a fruit hamper it’s a wise idea to select fruit baskets which is loaded with miscellaneous fruits including lemon to let them enjoy maximum health benefits out of your gift.


Here I will tell you some surprising uses of lemon and after reading this I know your refrigerator will always be having lemon in it.

  • If you have oily hair just raise your hair with lemon water after shampoo. It will remove the oil and close oil excreting pours.
  • For whitening the teeth mix baking soda and lemon juice and apply it to your teeth with a toothbrush and rub gently for ten minutes and see the magic.
  • When suffering from sore throat or your mouth smells bas just gargle with water having few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt.
  • There is a hell of smell in garbage containers even though you clean them every now and then, try cleaning it with lemon juice and it will smell fresh.
  • If you find that the luster of chinaware has dimed just mix lemon juice with salt and rub them on chinaware crockery with soft cloth.
  • For polishing your furniture and removing the dirty stains mix lemon juice with two part of olive oil and rub gently with soft cloth.
  • If you are having brittle nails just dip your nails in a mixture of water, olive oil and lemon for 10 minutes once a week.
  • Lemon has a marvelous skin bleaching properties, applying it on dark knees and elbows will reduce the darkness in few days.
  • If your paint brush gets hard because it’s not being in use for many days, don’t throw it away and spend money on a new one, just boil water with lemon juice and dip the brush in it for 15-20 minutes and the wash it with foamy soap water.
  • If you’re white marble changes its color to yellow or pale. Cut a lemon dip it in salt and rub it over the marble surface. Leave it for 5 minutes and then wipe it off with clean cloth.
  • Lemon helps to clean the wooden cutting board. Just sprinkle salt on the board and rub it with lemon. Clean it with water.
  • If you glasses starts giving some smell even though you wash them, then try lemon and salt mixture, they will smell fresh and shine like brand new.
  • Lemon helps to brighten up your while cloths which have turned yellow. Dip cloths in water of baking soda and lemon for 30 minutes before washing them.
  • If there is some stains of dried paint on your glass just apply hot lemon juice and the clean it with wet cloth.
  • If there are stains of water and soap etc., on your washroom tiles and sink, clean hem with a mixture of lemon juice, washing powder and salt with a sponge and they will shine like new.
  • Are you scared of marinating fish or cutting ginger, garlic and onion because of it leaves hands smelly. Just wash your hands with lemon water and feel the difference.
  • Do you feel some bad order in your room, washroom or garage just place a pot of boiling water with lemon in the area and close the doors to let lemon fumes stay in for a while. It will act as air fresher and remove the order.

The combination of nutrition with delicacies

Often it is said that the best way to enter one’s heart is through his mouth. To comply with the customs of ours of gifting our adored ones with a gift, it often becomes a matter of challenge to select the right item that can delight the ones who shall receive our gift. To minimize those worries of us, we see the emergence of complete new genre of gifting ideas- hampers of various types.

The perfect item to gift

Out of the multiple options in which we see the availability of these gift hampers, the most popular type is probably the one of fruit and chocolate hampers. These are basically the combination of various fruits and varieties of chocolates. It provides the combination of the nutrition of the fruits and the delicacies of the chocolates. The hamper gives the recipient a feeling of joy and happiness that makes a gift to come perfect.

12_fruit and chocolate hampers

Hallmark of the online gifting sites

These days, with the gradual advent in the gamut of gifting websites, the ideas and concept of gifting had got a paradigm shift. Today, we can find exciting hampers, bouquets and other innovative gifts items just with a single of the computer mouse. We have the availability of gift providers who not only offers us with variety of gift hampers,but they come across all ranges of budget. Thus one needs not to worry upon financial constraints while to pick the gift to spell bound their near and dear ones. These companies have their own network and arrangement to deliver the gift hamper anywhere in the world. These companies are dragging upon it the attention and interest of people when it comes their turn and time to make a gifting. No wonder, their popularity is growing up day after day.

These companies specialize on the services of delivering gift items. One out of them can be easily founded out through the advertisement that they put across several Medias. They offer varied ranges of gift items and hampers that can individually match with the respective events of gifting. It had been observed to be a popular tendency of people to gift hampers these days. These companies with arrangement of its own delivery staffs deliver the consignment at any point of time for all days of the year. The gifts reach the doorstep of the recipient and meet him with a spell of pleasant surprise. The gift baskets get designed with excellent arrangements of artistic works. So beautiful is those design of these baskets that it can attract the sight and attention of people very easily.

The online websites for gifting can offer many varieties of hampers, each of which can spell bound the receiver upon the receipt of the pack. They arrange for presenting the content within wrappers of artistic workouts. So unique and attractive these wrappers come that often we get to see that people use to retain the same with them with great affection. After all, it’s the delight upon the receipt of gifts that make both the sender and the receiver to feel good.