Make your Sweet Hampers Sweeter

In today’s world, the convention of gift giving has changed from that of love and affection to display of wealth with all the high end gadgets and expensive items. However, those golden days are back when gifts meant more emotions and less materialistic value. Earlier, they were put together with lots of thought and concern for the recipient and today slowly that trend is remerging when people are breaking away from the process of gift giving as per it value. The simplicity of the old days and its charm can be revived not just in memories, but now in reality too. Many people are choosing to give gift hampers with assorted items and carefully create it with their own hands to add more emotional value to it.

58_sweet hampers

The sweet hampers cheap and easily available are becoming very popular choice amongst people. Nothing spells festive spirit and important occasions the way taste of sweetness does. You can build your own hamper with chocolates, candies, fruits or whatever items that makes the special occasion even dearer to you and the recipient. Here are some tips to get your perfect gift hamper together for special people in your lives.

Go for the old fashioned treats

If you want your gift to be special, as well as unique, you can choose from the retro sweets that will bring a smile on to the face of your family members who grew up munching on those sweet delights. There is nothing like sharing a basket full of sweets and fond memories with your near and dear ones. This is the best way to recreate new special moments that you can cherish until next occasion.

Get the right size

The best way to do justice to the hampers is to pick the perfect size. If you are giving it to a single person, then make it small yet intimate as all the items in the hamper are for them. However, if you are giving it to families as a whole, then make it big with assorted sweets, candies, fruits, chocolates, etc that can be shared by everyone and with everyone. The entire family should be collectively able to enjoy your tasty treats bunched together in a basket.

Be innovative and unique

Don’t just mindlessly pick up sweets from your corner store and stuff them into a basket. Make this hamper special and build one with care. You can add varieties and make the hamper seem interesting. It is a special occasion and must be marked with special items.

Gift hampers have gained a lot of traction in the world of gifts lately and are a preferred choice for many people. They are not only more personalized, but also can be used for any occasion. You can build a hamper out of anything and make a gift into a utility item for the recipient. A sweet hamper is a perfect touch for that special occasion that you are sharing with your friends and family.

Fruit Basket for a Perfect Gift

When the festivities arrive, we start worrying about gifts and what to give for Christmas this year. It is very challenging to put together a gift for your colleagues, friends and family members when you are pressed for time. However, they are also important because it is that time of the year when you get your chance to show that you love them and care for them. You can now take an innovative turn to gifting this season and add a healthy assortment of fruits to your hampers. Fruits are a great way to celebrate a healthy festival and this will also be a good break from the usual candies and chocolates that one receives.

55_fruit basket

Fruit hampers in UK has become really popular because of its versatility and its suitability for any age group. You can give a gift hamper to anyone from small children to old people and it will still make up for a very dear gift. Fruits are not only a healthy choice, but also a natural source of nutrients. You can present these hampers in so many ways that it makes up for a perfect item for any occasion. Here is how you can use a fruit gift hamper.

Dried Fruits

This kind of basket may seem very unusual but it also makes up for a very healthy and interesting gift item. You can make a hamper from raisins, figs, cherries, pineapples, pears, etc. These fruits have a much larger shelf life than the regular fruits and can be stored for a longer period of time. They are rich in fibre content and don’t spoil that easily. Many companies are using dried fruit hampers to give to their employees as a gift.

dry fruits

Get well soon

Nothing spells good health and speedy recovery like a basket of fresh fruits. You can give this hamper to someone who is recovering from illness and they will thank you with all their heart. This is one of the best ways to show that you genuinely care about their good health.

55_fruit basket1 (1)

Fruits for Romantic Evening

If you are spending some intimate time with your significant other, you can spice up the evening by using fruits like cherries or strawberries. You can also throw in a bottle of wine and make the occasion more special. There are so many variations to fruit baskets for romantic evenings. You can not only add just the luscious fruits, but also add other things like yogurt, nuts and dried fruits to make it a unique and healthy option.

Fruit hampers are such a nice and great way to show that you truly love and care for someone to give them good health. You can show your appreciation to all these people who have been with you through your good and bad times by gifting them a healthy gift than the regular items that people receive. You can also save a lot of time in planning a fruit hamper.

Gift hamper varieties for you to choose from

Gift hampers have been quite a hot favourite among those who would like to send suitable gifts based on the occasion. Birthday parties, corporate events and holiday seasons invariably witness a huge increase in demand for hampers of every hue and size. Hampers afford a lot of flexibility and choice in terms of what could be composition of the gift combos that delight and win hearts. Hampers also provide an opportunity to add in more than one category of gift item, as well as options of not only ordering from vendors, but also the possibility of creating something on your own.


Do it yourself gift hampers have something very special about them because these denote and indicate the personal attention, as well as love and care that goes into creating such hampers. Just imagine a birthday party where you put together hand-made cards along with a bunch of flowers, as well as a hand-picked gift for your loved one. The effect this has on your beloved spouse or a close friend will be nothing less than electrifying. Such hampers have such amazing power to delight that it is quite possible that these could be effectively used in healing impaired and well-nigh broken relationships too.

As far as corporate gifting goes, lots of companies use special events like Christmas or Easter to send special hampers that create enormous goodwill and help in reinforcing a positive corporate image in the minds of cherished partners. It is true that festive times see corporate honchos and offices inundated with gift hampers and it is true that only the crème de la crème of the hamper that stands out in terms of quality and excellence will find favour. This is why it is important for companies to pay attention to the kind of gift hampers that they put together.

7_cadbary hampers

Gift hampers for kids are also one of the big categories when it comes to gifting. These are typically put together by doting parents and also friends to be gifted on birthdays, as well as Christmas time. These are also gifted on special achievements like scholastic events or perhaps to reward special sports achievements. These gift hampers are filled with goodies like confection, gifts and toys that are quite suitable to delight the kid and make him or her smile the whole day through. One would be surprised, but it is true that such special gift hampers are cherished and treasured by kids for years after the event is over.

Sweet and Cadbury hampers are well-sought after by those who have a sweet tooth. These hampers contain a large number of chocolates and sweetmeats that are designed to pry out squeals of delight and pure joy from those who are fortunate enough to receive and savour a sweet gift hamper.

Gift hampers have been well established as an excellent gifting choice. This is undisputed however one needs to remember that the choice of gifts and the way they are packaged and delivered create a world of difference.

How to Make a Gift Hamper

Gift hampers are typically baskets in which you can arrange gifts for someone on special occasions. Gift hampers are ideal for occasions like birthdays, wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, graduation, etc.

The design of the hamper will depend on who is the potential recipient: whether to fill it with less costly trinkets or more expensive exotic items. Hampers should contain items woven around a theme and also make the recipient feel appreciated and special.

48_gift hampers

Here are a few ideas for making a great gift hamper:

  • Gifts for Women: There are a variety of gifts that can be given inside hampers for occasions like Grandmother’s day and Mother’s Day. A hamper for a woman can contain perfumes and aromatic lotions. Also, you can add in bath items like bath beads, bubble bath and loofah meant for the exfoliation of dead skin cells. To add glitter to the hamper, throw in some necklaces, rings or personalized bracelets.

48_gift for women

  • Gifts for Men: The hamper for a man can contain items such as tie and dress shirt or a small briefcase. Throw in a belt and wallet. Other suitable hamper gifts for a man are razor blades, shaving cream, after shave, etc, all packed in a shaving kit. One can also get embossed words like ‘The Best Dad in the World’, on cups, pens, and even belt buckles. This will surely leave the man feeling ecstatic.
  • Food Gifts: One can create a delicious food hamper by including items like chocolate, nuts and fruits. Other specialties include wine and champagne along with cheese, cakes, cookies, pretzels and chips. Also, to tease the palates of the recipients are pies, toffee, caramel pop corn, lollipops and sausages. You can also add a personal touch by including food items you have prepared at home, especially in a hamper meant for a kid headed out to college far away.

48_food item

  • Gifts for Kids: For toddlers and small kids, you can assemble a gift hamper full of toy cars, dolls, ballerina dress for the girls and super hero outfits for the boys. A kid will also appreciate personalized picture frames, towels, name badges, mugs and cups. Girls will love hampers filled with dolls and dolls house items. One can also make colourful hampers by filling them with crayons, jump ropes and teddy bears. Children’s hampers can include board games suited to their age group, as well as musical instruments like toy guitar or toy organ.


  • Gifts for Babies: For a baby, you can put together items like baby books, baby shampoo and baby blankets. One can also add items like pacifiers, baby booties, decorations for baby’s room as well as baby bottles.
  • Corporate Gift Baskets: These are meant for employees, co-workers or business associates. These are given to express appreciation, enhance motivation or close a deal. Most popular corporate gift baskets have a food theme with gourmet food, wine and chocolates. They must not be mistaken for office gifts which are, basically, hampers containing items with promotional content like ads and logos.


These are some of the ideas for a gift hamper such as birthday hampers in UK. The quality of a good gift hamper depends on the thoughtfulness of the giver and efforts made to assemble it, if created by the giver.

Types of Gift Hampers

When you want to give a gift to a person and you don’t know him/ her closely or are on a tight budget, it is good to give gift hampers. You can assemble all the ingredients by yourself or purchase a pre-stocked hamper at a store or online.

An advantage with a hamper is that it can contain miscellaneous items, so you save the effort of guessing one single gift that is perfect.

Here are some ideas for gift hampers:

  • Food hampers: The most favoured of gift hampers consist of food items.  They may be packed with several items of food such as candies, nuts, gourmet cheese, sausages and meat. For a basket that is visually appealing, it may be packed with edible cookies and fruits that resemble flowers. Such hampers are great to greet new members of the neighbourhood or as a thank you gift for teachers.

41_food hamper

  • Wine hamper: It is more sophisticated than a food hamper. Most men will love to receive a hamper filled with bottles of wines, cork screw, glasses and stoppers. If you decide to gift a hamper of wines, the type of wines will depend on the occasion. If the hamper is meant for a dinner party host, one must consider what kind of food is to be served at the meal. By tradition, red wines are combined with meat dishes and white wine with pasta and fish. In your hamper, you may include both white and red wines, dry and sweet wine, wine from particular regions and even vintage wine.

41_wine hamper

  • Flower hampers:   They are a much loved gift and no one ever forgets the time they received a bunch of flowers. Flowers are also popular because they convey special meaning and message from the giver to the recipient. By carefully choosing the flowers, one can express certain emotions: Roses and Lilies express romance and love; Alstromerias, Camelias and Chrysanthemums convey friendship; Statices, Zinnias and Acacias stand for condolences.

41_flower hamper

  • Chocolates: A safe bet for hampers, most people have a sweet tooth that appreciates chocolates. You can assemble a hamper of specific chocolates loved by the recipient or an assortment of chocolates that will be liked by everyone. Some of the popular flavours of chocolates are: coffee, orange, strawberry, fudge, hazelnut, mint, vanilla, champagne, mousse, coconut, toffee, lemon, praline, truffle and caramel.

1_Cadbury chocolate hampers

  • New baby hamper: New babies’ need a number of baby items like spoons, rattles, bibs, etc., which can be packed nicely into a hamper. Add some diapers, blankets, baby clothes, wash cloths etc. to complete the basket.


  • College student hamper: One can provide a gift hamper to a college student for his new dorm.It may contain snacks to consume while studying, notebooks, pens, DVD’s, book lights and phone cards. Gift cards to be redeemed at local restaurants also make for ideal gifts. This is usually a cheap hamper.

  • Bath spa basket: A bath spa basket is ideal for someone who has a tiring schedule and needs to relax in a luxurious experience. The bath spa basket will consist of brush for foot scrubbing, a loofah, and an eye mask, all meant to pamper the senses. Add a plush, comfortable bath robe and she will be totally spoiled.

31_spa basketThese are some ideas for treating your loved ones to a wonderful gift hamper that will be much loved.

Tips to Select Baby Gifts

Have you been invited to a baby shower or a baby’s first birthday? It can be really hard to pick out a gift for someone that is only months old. There must already be people who would be gifting diapers and other baby products, which are not only common, but also highly redundant. When you are gifting something to someone, it is important to put some thought and heart into it and make it special rather than just picking a random item off the shelves. However, this might be a little tricky when choosing gifts for toddlers.

37_birthday hampers

If you are one of those people who have been given the responsibility to pick out a gift for a baby and you are not sure what to do, then here are some ideas that will be your saving grace and the hosts will love you for your uniqueness and thoughtfulness.

Make a baby gift basket

These days the idea of giving baskets as gifts is so popular and helpful that many people just love the idea of doing that. The sheer versatility of the items that can make up a hamper makes it very easy to put to a gift basket together. For the babies, you can choose between anything from a baby cake hamper or other items of utility that can be used to compile the basket. The best thing about these baskets is that you can pick individual items online and make them into a hamper. No need to go to stores and pick out items one by one.

37_1baby hampers

Be innovative and considerate

When you are giving someone a gift for their baby, then don’t just think about the baby, you can also be considerate about the parents who would have to take carry the child around all day. You can give them something that will make their job of raising a child simpler until he or she is capable of walking on their own. You can gift them a baby sling where the child can be strapped onto the body while the parents can go about their daily chores.

Rattles and other items

These may be common but are definitely golden gifts for the kids. Who doesn’t enjoy watching their little ones get attracted to the sounds of a rattle. These and other small items too can make up for an excellent gift hamper for the babies. There are many kinds of shapes and sizes that are available. However, be sure to check for the choking hazard and then buy accordingly.


You can order all these gift items online these days. Imagine the joy on the face of parents when they see how graciously you have put together a thoughtful gift for their little ones. Baby cakes are becoming highly popular with their cute designs and amazing flavours that also make up for a perfect hamper idea. Just learn to think out of the box, and then, it would be fun to finish the gift.

Birthday hampers for all ages

The best thing about birthdays is they are celebrated for all ages. From a little child to your eldest grandparent and everybody enjoys the lovely wishes and great gift hampers by loved ones. We want to make their day special by planning different things like arranging proper party with guest list invitees, calling for a surprise birthday bash at some place, having a picnic or family Bar BQ, or just get simple birthday cake hampers to celebrate the joy of their life with a little family gathering.

14_birthday hampers (1)

Now there are various types of trendy and stylish birthday hampers available according to all age groups. Now you do not need to worry about the selection, arrangement and then packaging of a gift hamper because your problem is solved by these lovely gift hampers arranged by professional decorators. They know what types of gifts are trending and how can they be a charming hamper for the recipient as per their age group. So let’s give you an overview of what can there be in a birthday hamper for people from different age groups. This would help you choose the birthday hamper next time for your loved one.

Birthday Boy Gifts

Birthday boys usually of young age or teen age are very fond of games, boy toys or comic books. Boys love to have hampers assorted with any of these challenging and adventurous games. Gift hampers for boys are assorted with age group and also relation to you like nephew, grandson, son etc. so you can have a well arranged hamper that might have remote controlled car, a puzzle game, a comic book or their favorite character toy from a cartoon series.

14_gift for boy

Birthday Girl Gifts

The sweet little girls of young and teen age group love to enjoy fantasy stuff like dolls, toys and games of their interest. Apart from that they also like edible gifts like cupcakes, or birthday cake customized with their favorite design. So it is easier for girls to get a gift on their birthday like birthday cake hampers would be a wise choice. So delight your daughters, granddaughters and nieces with these adorable gifts.

14_gift for girls

Male Birthday Gifts

Men are the most difficult genre to please when it comes to wishing them a birthday with gift. Men have limited choices so you can hardly pick a thing. Now there are very creative and exclusive gift hampers for men’s birthday with fine quality foods packed with scrumptious treats, joyful gadgets, interesting books and magazines and men accessories. So now you do not have to think a lot when buying a gift for a man because the hard part is already solved by retailers providing exquisite gift hampers for them.

Female Birthday Gifts

Females whether young or old enjoy pampering with adorable gifts. However mostly females can be pleased with a bunch of breathtakingly gorgeous flowers bouquet, a jewelry item like a pendant, a ring or bracelet and a sweet and savory food hamper. Even though you know what to buy for a female, you can save time by choosing a gift hamper already prepared by experts.

Mature Males Gifts

This is another category that is a little different than other usual men groups. They are older in age and thus need some elegant gift hampers to be fascinated. So you can adore these men like your Dad, Granddad or uncle with a personalized key chain, a bracelet or cufflinks with their initials and a luscious coffee hamper.

Mature Female Gifts

Mature females love to have something traditional like food hampers. So get your mum, grandma or aunt a zesty food hampers with all the pickles, chutneys, jams and marmalade included. You can also get some tasteful cookies, biscuits; tea and coffee in a tea time hamper forher to rejoice on this day.

Why Gift a Hamper This Christmas

Christmas is a time for joy and festivities and also is the best time to give gifts to people that you love and care for. This is when you actually put a lot of thought into the process of gift giving and spread the Christmas cheer into the lives of people that are near and dear to you. However, it can be sometimes a difficult process to choose the perfect gifts for your friends and relatives and that is when cheap Christmas food hampers in UK come in handy. These are the gifts that are enjoyed by everyone and are also appreciated by the recipient. You can save a lot of time and energy doing the rounds of malls and stores trying to put together a perfect gift. A food hamper is not only simple, but also a safe option as a gift to the people on Christmas.

40_fruit basket_1

Who does not enjoy a basket full of culinary treats on a special occasion of Christmas? Your friends and family members will graciously receive the gift hamper from you and will be only too happy to share with the rest of the party, after all Christmas is all spreading the joy of sharing and eating with the friends. Here are some top reasons why you should give food hampers this Christmas.

There is huge variety available

You will never run out of options when you are putting together a food hamper. You can simply pick and choose the items that the other person enjoys, put it together in a basket and you are ready with your gift. You can make a wine and cheese food hamper or the one with candies for the children; you can also put together fruits for your parents. The choices are endless as to what goes into that basket.

You can get them delivered at their doorstep

The new age of internet has made the process of gift giving so simple that one can simply customize a basket sitting at home online, and then, have them delivered at the recipient’s address. It is as simple as that. You can also surprise someone by compiling their best foods and gifting it to them at their doorstep when they are least expecting it. You can select every item in that basket in the comforts of your living room and do so any time of the day as per your convenience.

Perfect gift for business clients

Since the food hampers are extremely non-committal, they can be easily used to gift it to your clients and employees. You can build strong business ties by just sending them their favourite foods leisurely packed in a basket. This unexpected act of generosity will not go unnoticed in your future relations with these people.

It is no rocket science to give someone a gift on Christmas, especially when it is a food hamper. Just get online and start sifting through the items that will make your basket an ideal gift.

Gift Basket Ideas for Women

Women have different tastes and preferences as compared to men and thankfully have far greater options when it comes to gifts. This is what makes the gift baskets for women such a wonderful and sought after idea. If you are well aware of the woman’s likes and interests, for whom this basket this intended, then you have a lot of fun in putting one together as you know that she is going to not only like it but love it. Gift hampers for women can include anything from a spa treatment to their favourite wines or chocolates or even fruits for someone who is extremely health conscious.

31_gift for women

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the best gift basket for the woman in your life. All you need is bit of creativity and a little thought into what she likes and enjoys. Once you have that figured out, putting a basket together will be much more fun now that you know that she will love the effort you put in to create this special gift for her.

Here are some gift ideas for the women gift hampers that will give you a kick start to plan your next gift.

31_spa basket

Spa Gift Basket

A woman can never say no to an evening of relaxation at nowhere else but her own house. You can give her a refreshing evening of fine wine with bubble bath and good quality skin moisturizer to make her feel rejuvenated and cared for. Renew her spirit by gifting her not just a hamper, but giving a whole new experience of being calm and comfortable and hours of relaxation after a long day at work.

Hobbies basket

If your lady enjoys cooking or movies, how about putting together a basket with an assortment of her favourite collection along with other accessories that make up a movie experience. You can also give her exotic ingredients to excel her culinary skills and make you some of her tasty treats from the basket that you designed for her. She can never say no to something like that!

31_tea basketTea and coffee basket

Who doesn’t like a sip of hot green tea while cuddling to a book or a sip of exotic coffee after a long night sleep? The women will enjoy waking up to the soft aroma of these specialized teas and coffee, which will always remind them of you whenever they brew their favourite beverage. Add more zing to her life by thinking different and giving her something that she would never expect to get from you.

The idea of giving someone gifts is to show that you care and that you want to touch their lives in whatever little ways you can. When you put so much thought and heart into giving her an exceptional experience through your gifts, then you can rest assured that it will not fail to please her. Just be creative and take help from the professionals, if needed, to give her that perfect hamper.

Celebrate Your Child’s Achievement in Style

There is no comparison to the pride parents feel when a child achieves something. It can be the utterance of the first word or graduation from college. Whatever the occasion, a son or daughter’s achievement gives the parents more satisfaction and happiness than their own achievements. Research has found that children do well under praise than criticism. Celebrating your child’s achievements is a good way to make them feel proud of what they have achieved and will make them inspired to do more. There are a thousand ways you can celebrate your child’s achievement. It does not have to be an expensive affair. Below are a few such ideas you can do as a family.

20_hamper by post

Giving Time

The best gift to your child is your time. Take time to listen to your child and understand. When you are praising the child and inspiring him to do more, make sure you are not adding extra pressure on the child. Always emphasize on performing his or her best and not on results. Spending time with your child talking about what they have done well makes the children understand you notice and care about them. This is, especially, true if you are a busy parent.


Buying a gift for a child when he does something out of ordinary will also make him understand you notice and appreciate his efforts. It is important that you appreciate the effort he put into the task rather than the result he achieved. When we were young, our parents set us tasks and when we completed them, we would be able to pick up gifts from our corner shop. The gift does not have to be an expensive one. If your child is interested in reading books, you can even buy used books from the garage sales or car boot sales. If your child is interested in music, you can get him or her, a musical instrument. The gifting ideas for children are many. You can sit with your child and choose a gift from eBay or Amazon. You can buy tickets for a day out at the zoo or a play park or a resort like legoland or Disneyland.

What If You Are Away

It is much more difficult for you if you are a parent who has to be always on the travel. When you are away a lot of time, it is difficult to make the children understand you notice their achievements and are proud of them. In such a case, you can still give something to your child as a token of appreciation. Even though, you can send out a message or email in a jiffy, it will mean more to your child if you can take the time out and send a hand written congratulations note. You can also order chocolate hampers from online gift delivery services. If you are sending gift hampers by post, you should add a personal note to the gift and combine it along with a phone call. When you talk, make sure to listen to your child explain about his or her achievement.