The Perfect Gifts for Men

Hampers like you must know are little baskets with tons of gifts in it. The gifts could be of the same kinds or several different ones. Well, how often are men gifted hampers? Very less because they do not seem like the ones who would enjoy a basket of gifts but they do. And here are some ideas on how to prepare the hamper for him and what should it have.

When making a basket of gifts for men, remember to go simple.

  1. Socks-

It might sound weird but yes socks are useful and great too. Printed socks are the new trendy things in the market, so why not gift him many different casual cool and formal socks?

  1. Baseball-

If you know he is a die-hard baseball fan, then his favorite team cap, maybe an autographed ball or just a plain baseball ball and a small bat. Trust us; he is going to like it. Also, if he is a fan of other sports, then too you can pick the same items.


  1. Grooming items-

Men have become as conscious as women nowadays. A good basket with some grooming products will be useful and will make him happy too. Plus, it isn’t too costly after all.

  1. Liquor-

Men enjoy some good scotch. Well, you can pick any liquor of choice or maybe some beer and wine. Or miniature liquor bottles are always the best item to add to the basket with some fancy glass too.


  1. Perfume set-

A perfume, deodorant, after shave and lotion or hair cream is the perfect set a man would want. Be it your father, uncle, friend or husband, they will surely use them. So it is worth spending for.

  1. Sporty items-

If he is a sports maniac, then some sports outfits and his favorite player’s jersey is what you need. Even personalized jersey with his name is a great idea. If he is too lazy for the gym, this effort will inspire him.

  1. Other items-

A hip flask, bar set, cocktail maker, ice bucket and zippo are also items that could make a simple and small basket gift. Including all would be amazing, but if you are on a low budget, then pick just three items.

  1. Chocolates-

Men love chocolates as much as women do. If you are aware what he likes, then a bunch of those in a basket which is not girly or over decorated is just right. Make sure you do not pick or make any basket which has too much décor on it. Men do not love glitter, shimmer or ribbons. They are very basic. They will not really notice the basket as much as a lady would do. So, worry more about the gifts than the baskets.


Like we often celebrate and appreciate the women in our lives, we shouldn’t forget some important men too. So rejoice the good men, who made a difference in your life with some exquisite and divine gifts and once in a while shower them with affection and numerous presents. Get your hamper delivered in UK now.

Thrice the joy!

Hampers are often knows as baskets too. In UK, they are known as wicker baskets. Sometimes they refer to laundry baskets as clothes hampers too. This famous gifting method is worth-while. While you must know that the items and meaning of it, you never knew that they were categorized into three types. The open airing and the durability offered by a hamper have made it suitable for the transport of food.

Here are the three different kinds of baskets:


  1. Christmas Hampers:

This festive cheery hamper is appropriate for Christmas gifts. A Christmas basket is a traditional gift usually containing food items like fruitcake, chocolate, jams, biscuits, honey, and cheese. Some are theme based and personalized too. At a large scale, there are luxury Christmas hampers too. They contain high-end items such as small bottles of wine or any other liquor. A fresh hamper consists of fresh flowers and fruits. The traditional basket is gifted amongst family, but with Christmas hamper delivery in UK is easy now, you can send across the gifts anywhere.

In the UK in modern days, they prefer skipping the same old traditional gifts and opt for things other than fruits, foods and flowers such as, lotions, perfumes, and many other things.

  1. Charitable Hampers:

This is possibly the best way to spend your money. Groups of people donate charitable hampers to the needy. It is a well-known tradition in many countries. These baskets usually consist of food items, clothes, toiletries and other needy things. It is heard that in olden days, people used to send some money, food and clothes to support the entire family of the poor. In recent days, baskets or containers aren’t used to put items but plastic bags are being used. It is most convenient to travel and carry. Also, almost ready canned food is one of the most donated items in a charitable hamper.

Several people give an entire bucket or bin of clothes and festive foods during special days.


  1. Commercial Hampers:

This is the business hamper. Plenty companies sell ready-made gift baskets in order to provide people with comfort and as a part of a business venture. Such hampers are popular in UK. Grocery items, branded things, chocolates, and other products are provided to the customers. Recently, there is something called the diet hamper too. That doesn’t mean the hamper is of small size, but the hamper consists of products for gym and diet. Special gift baskets for diabetics and gluten free hampers too are a buzz around. You can find several different kinds of hampers on our site and pick the one you like the most. With affordable rates and delivery at your doorstep, you do not have to stress too much before purchasing a hamper.

Be it for business, Christmas or other occasions or charity work, a hamper will always be a top-notch gift item. Go ahead and create your present basket. Surprise the ones, who you love the most, with this incredible idea and bring a big smile to their faces.

Best Gift Hampers for Him

He is the one who protects you when you need protection and cares for you when you need to be cared. He fights with you out of no reason and also fights for you in each situation. So, it’s your time to make him feel special and show your love for him.

So, you have decided to gift him something special. Well, you are at the right place then. We have got everything he wants, with the best collection of gifts specifically for men. Whether you are shopping for your handsome husband or a doting boyfriend we have got the best collection of gifts that your Mr. Perfect will definitely love.


Say, it’s his birthday. Birthdays are really important, no matter what is his age or what is his age going to be. Celebrate his birthday with the yummy gift hampers like the Café Tasse brown chocolate gift hamper, tea for two hamper or the cheese club. All these hampers are the perfect gifts to start his birthday off right. Place online orders for these gift items and get gorgeous hampers delivered UK to you at your door step.

Want to gift him something for the enjoyment of his pastimes and to make his life more enjoyable? Gift him with the totally unique gift item, the Edwin jagger travel gift set. He will be amused to have this gift whenever he will plan to go on a long trip.

If he is a beer drinking kind of a cool guy, then we still have something extraordinary to offer you. Birthday hamper for him, festive delight, nibbles delight hamper are some of those special items that can bring delight to your man.

If he is a kind of a guy who love to be well dressed and clean shaved all the time, or simply who is concerned about his looks then nothing could suit him except our Edwin jagger safety razor set, Edwin jagger shaving set in black or the Edwin jagger safety razor and shaving soap set. It shows him how much you adore his appearance and love his style.

On the other hand, if your man loves food, you can gift him some food hampers as well. Café tasse brown chocolate gift hamper, cheese and drink selection, cheese and chutney delight, the cheese club, tear and shear gift hamper, festive delight and many other gift hampers are easily available that can fulfill the desires of taste buds of your husband.

You can purchase all the hampers so easily. You don’t have any need to come out of your home and wander here and there in search of such amazing items. Place online orders and the exciting gift hampers will be delivered to your place or directly to his place in no time.

A man does not need much expensive items as the women usually do. Just a pair of sweaters and socks can make him happy. So, get him something special this year, something that just suits to his taste and get ready to see him smile.

Tea time gifts, wine gifts, beauty hampers, food hampers, are all readily available and you can make choice from any of them. All of them are perfect for birthday celebrations and also suitable for other occasions.

Apart from that these hampers are versatile in a way to be gifted just to show your affection and dedication to maintain your relationship.

Gorgeous Wedding Hampers

Summer season is coming in and bringing with it lots of parties and occasions. It is very much easy for everyone to carry themselves in summers as compared to winters, when they have to carry load of long coats with them as well. So, as the summer season came in, lots of weddings also come along. You can see many wedding parties around you as the summers begin.

The wedding is surely an important day of anyone’s life. People expect a lot on the day of their wedding from their loved ones. It is also the responsibility of the people around the couple to take care of them and to guide them for a new life.

When many weddings come at a time, it becomes very difficult to deal with all of them at the same time. Apart from going to the wedding and to spend time with the couple you also have to prepare yourself for the wedding like you have to shop your dress, shoes, etc. Along with all other things you also have to arrange an exciting hamper for our loved ones. It is quite a tough job because to manage some time out of your daily routine for going to the wedding and then for their shopping as well is a tough and time consuming job.


You can easily save your time in such circumstances by placing online orders to web stores. There are many websites who are offering lots of hampers which are greatly suitable for any occasion. Like, as the topic of discussion right now are the weddings , so specifically talking about the weddings, you can order flower bouquets like Picasso, lilies romance, pink roses etc or whatever you like. You can also order a cake like different type of sponge cakes, cheesecakes or fondant cakes. You can also make a selection of the beautiful and exciting flower hampers which are not only made up of beautiful flowers but are also presented in a delicate and elegant manner. Romance lilies, berry charm, white pearl and crimson blossoms are some of the flower bouquets which are especially designed for the wedding ceremonies.

Another unique hamper that can be presented to the newly married couple is the bath and beauty hampers. Woodland metal pail, Florence watering can and pink grapefruit cupboard are some of the beauty hampers that are available for the online delivery.

With these hampers delivered to your place you can easily attend the wedding parties with a token of love in your hand in the form of a lovely gift. Presenting a gift hamper to a newly married couple on the day of their wedding is a thoughtful gesture and is an unusual way to show your feelings. Flowers, wine, chocolates, cakes, beauty products or a combination of either of them will make up an excellent gift hamper that can be readily presented to your loved ones. Feel free to select from a wide range of gift items item available on the web stores and have fun on the upcoming weddings

Smashing Gift Hamper Ideas

Who among us doesn’t want to have gifts? Yes, of course, no one. Gifts are the perfect way to show your love to your loved ones. They are the perfect way of making any occasion of your life so special and perfect. You can delight your loved ones by presenting those gifts on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other important events of your life. There are many types of gifts that can be presented to your friends or family. Following are some of the ideas to send gift hampers by post that can be presented to please the people around you.


Chocolate Gift Hampers:

Chocolates are liked by everyone in the family and considered as the most favorite dessert of the new age. They are added in a variety of other desserts as well like the cakes, custards, shakes, smoothies and ice creams. Although, all of these items carry a strong flavor of chocolate yet, none of them can replace the real chocolate flavor which our taste buds enjoys after having a bar of our favorite chocolate. Send your loved ones with some exciting chocolate hampers like the Belgian chocolate treat or the chocolate premier gift tower.

Flowers gift hampers:

Flowers are considered as the universal gifts. They are the perfect gift for everyone and on each occasion. You can present them to your friends, siblings, parents or even to your colleagues. A variety of flower gift hampers are available that can be sent by post like the oriental orchids or the lilies romance.


Fruit basket hampers:

Fruit baskets are also one of the healthiest gifts. Different types of fruits in different colors beautifully placed in the basket make up a perfect gift for different occasions of your life like the thank you gift, Christmas gifts etc. Premium celebration fruit basket is one of the most perfect fruit baskets for any joyful occasion.

Bath and beauty hampers:

These are the hampers that perfectly suit both men and women. Who doesn’t like to be beautiful and thus who doesn’t like beauty products? They are simply the perfect gifts for teens as well as for the elder people who are beauty conscious. Woodland metal pail, Florence watering can and pink grapefruit cupboard are some of the beauty hampers that are available for the online delivery.


Sweet hampers:

Sweets are also a great way to celebrate happiness in your life.  Chocolates, bakery items, tea time confectioneries or any such tempting flavored item, anyone of them can make up the best gifts for your loved ones. Just try once the taste the best, metropole party hamper or the gourmet royal basket and you will feel great about it.

Alcohol free hampers:

Tea for two hamper, cheese and drink selection and the cheese cub are some of the alcohol free hampers that can be presented to your loved ones who avoid alcohol and its products.

Enjoy the love of your friends and family by presenting those gifts of different types and flavors. Get ready to see a beautiful smile on their faces that will bring you true happiness.

Top 10 quirky hamper ideas.

While every website is making their own kind of hamper for gifts, you can create your own quirky and fun baskets too. Hamper delivery in UK is an easy thing. So, go out and get some funny things to include. Here are some ideas…

  • Paper Hamper-

We do not mean that you put only plain papers in it. But either put card with messages or many vouchers.


  • Glass Hamper-

If your mom loves fancy glasses and cups, then collect a bunch of them and send it to her. This will be the best gift.

  • Gadget Bonanza-

We are not telling all the gadgets but one gadget and all the accessories together with some notes on how you can use them.


  • Utensils Hamper-

Again, if you are gifting a newly-wed or your mom, then send them different sets of utility spoons and spatulas.

  • Liquor Basket-

A liquor hamper is famous and can be quirky too. Mix miniature and some soda cans together with a personalized glass.


  • Pets Hamper-

If you are gifting someone in your own house and they love animals, then a basket full of cute puppies or kitties is awesome.

  • Outfit Basket-

Style an entire outfit with the matching make-up and gift it to a lady. Trust us, she will love you forever!


  • Movies Hamper-

If you are aware of the favourite movies the other person likes, then buy the DVDs. Each movie should have a special/funny note.

  • Petals-

Not only petals but fill the basket with petals and out a small cute jewellery set somewhere in between properly. Cool, right?


  • Holiday Coupons-

If your better half needs a bunch of holidays, then gift them a hamper with wine, holiday coupons and some flowers.

Well, some weren’t quirky but definitely sweet. Know what you are gifting before you start preparing for a hamper. Make it worthwhile!

Basket Full of Goodies

Birthday hamper is the best birthday gift you can give to someone. A basket full of many gifts and your love. Hampers are a cute way of gifting little things of their need. Here I have few ideas for gift hampers-

1. For those who love liquor- You can combine a nice bottle of wine or champagne with non-perishable food items or items for cooking an authentic meal that would go with the liquor like that of pastas or gourmets, popcorn, etc.


2. Food of Italy gift basket- You can combine ingredients of authentic Italian pasta. Add to it pasta, pasta sauces, salami, olives, olive oil, etc.

3. Spa basket- In these, you can put scented oils, candles, body washes, body and foot scrubbers, shampoos, conditioners, bath salts, etc.


4. Chocolate hamper- For those with sweet tooth, what could be better than a chocolate hamper. Arrange different kinds of chocolates in style. Ferrero Rocher, rums and raisins, assorted chocolates or any you can lay your hands on.


5. Crafts basket- For kids, gift them something creative- drawing books, crayons, paints, brushes, craft papers, etc.

6. Grooming kit- For a man or woman who loves style, gift of grooming will be the best idea. For a lady, add cosmetics and perfumes or the kind of jewellery she likes and for the man, a premium shaving kit, perfumes, cuff-links, etc.

7. A barbecue set- Many of us loves to cook outside and are crazy about BBQ. Nothing could please them well more than a BBQ set where they can cook and enjoy themselves.

8. Soapy basket- Some are nuts about different kinds of soaps. Weird but true! To them, gift a basket full of different aroma soaps like lavender, tea tree, etc. You can also add some bath bombs to it.


9. Stuff Toys- For little princess who loves stuff toys, gift her few sweet adorable toys with her favourite chocolates and cute accessories for her cute toys and herself.

10. Coupons bouquet- Make a bouquet of coupons- coupons of something they wouldn’t really do otherwise. For example, a coupon of a spa, aroma therapy, and discount coupon of something they have always wanted and so on.

11. Gardening basket- For those who love gardens or gardening, gift them a basket full of gardening tools, seeds of rare flowers and trees, bonsai, garden decorative, etc.


12. Make your own basket- You can gift them something they can make easily at home and enjoy, like a sundae ice-cream. Put in the basket cones, sundae toppings, sundae sauces, sprinklers, caramel balls, etc.

13. Books hamper- Gift a basket full of their favourite books, especially to the ones who love reading. To those who love to try new recipes, gift them some nice cook books.

14. Basket for Chef- For the kitchen kings and queens, give them a basket full of different flavours, spices and seasonings.

15. The junkie- Fill a basket with junks, chips, wafers, etc and gift it to the one who loves junk foods.

These are just the ideas; you can add and subtract your own to create a wonderful birthday hamper of your style.

The process called gifting

Vacations or holidays, festivals or functions, gifts are a very integral part of celebrations. If it’s about pacifying someone angry or it’s about expressing your love, gifts come in very handy. If you want to show someone your interest, appreciation, gratitude or even if you are trying to create new relationship or strengthening the old ones, gifts are always there. Gifting is not just an act, it’s a complete process- determining what needs to be given and making sure that it fits with the person. Then also need to be seen that the gift is in budget. Searching for the gift is an emotional act. Earlier it used to be a hard play sending gift to someone far away, but now gift hampers delivery is an easy task- order online and get it delivered to the recipient’s door steps.

Now the question stands- how to find the perfect gift?


1. Decide on your budget - This will help you narrow down your choices and will be easy on your pocket. Overwhelming budget will keep you away from the pleasure of gifting next time.

2. Occasion - Gift according to the occasion. If it is an emotional moment, you might want to gift something that they will cherish forever. On other time, you might want to gift something funny.

3. Personality of recipient - Keep in mind what kind of person recipients are. Are they traditional, flamboyant, eccentric, quirky, elegant or girly? That would help you narrow down the options even more.


4. Situation - If they have moved in to a new home or place, it might be a good option to gift them something decorative or something they might use. If they are into a tiring job, you can gift them something for pampering or relaxing like a session to spa.

5. Likes and dislikes - It is always good to know what kind of things they like. Whether they like funky or something practical, decorative or memoirs! If they have certain hobby, it is best to gift them something related to that.

6. Nature of the recipient - If the person is shy or bold, if they are expressive or secretive or if they are creative or an avid reader, gift them something that will suit their nature.


You can consider the following gifting options:

  • Memory box is a wonderful gift. You can make one with photographs and mementos relevant to them.
  • For milestone celebrations, gift a photo album full of photos of their journey till today.
  • Handmade or personalized gifts always hold more emotional touch.
  • Treasure hunt is a wonderful way of gifting. You can start with all the little gifts you can find and keeping a grand gift for the end.
  • The best gifts may not necessarily expensive but are the ones that mean a lot to the one who receives.
  • Handmade treats are the good gifts for close ones.

The more thoughtful and imaginative your gift is, the more cherished recipient will feel.

Have a happy gifting!

Go too much with gifts

Hampers can be an overall gift for someone. It can consist of numerous items a person likes. If you are not very good at creating hampers, then here are some things you could include in the basket to create a great bunch of items.


1. Wine -
Any Wine or the wine the person likes can be an item in the hamper. It is classy and a tasty item to add.

53_1_sweet hampers

2. Chocolates -
Cute cupcakes, chocolates and toffees can be one of the things that can enhance the hamper. Also, make sure to find colourful chocolates or cupcakes.

12_chocolate hampers

3. Cards -
A number of cards with lovely messages on it. Everybody loves some praise, so why not give it a shot.

4. Flowers-
Colourful, scented and gorgeous flowers are the best gift for a woman. So, if you are planning to give a hamper to your favourite lady, add flowers to highlight its look.


5. Liquor -
If you know your friend is not a wine lover, then other mini liquor bottles are a great choice for a hamper.

6. Good luck plants -
Exotic bamboo plants are a famous item to bring luck at home. This can be a sweet part of the gifts.

7. Perfumes -
Who doesn’t like perfumes? If you have a few perfumes to gift, add all in the basket and it will be a good surprise.


8. Gift vouchers –

Who doesn’t like further free gifts? Almost every website offers gift cards and vouchers. So purchase one and add it to the list.

9. Gadgets –

If you are planning to go a step bigger with hampers, then a phone or headphones would be a great complement to the basket. You can also include digital bed side watches and other things, they like or have wanted to buy.


10. Funky stuff -
Youngsters would love some spunky items in their hampers. Maybe a pair of pretty earrings, neckpieces, hats or bracelet or some action figure, caps, socks, WWE Cards, etc. would be something they would definitely want.
There are not just these ten items but plenty other things you can make hampers with. Remember to always keep a simple card in it. Also, decoration of the outside basket or box is essential too. That’s what creates excitement regarding the hamper. Brainstorm more ideas before you send away the basket of gifts. If you know the person extremely well, make sure to gift all their favourite items. Preparing a hamper is not as difficult as it may seem. Just go one step at a time and you will be great at it. It is no rocket science after all. Get your hampers delivered now! We hope these things were helpful and interesting to read.

Gifts May be Affordable, Yet Wonderfully Noteworthy

Gifts May be Affordable, Yet Wonderfully Noteworthy

Technological advancements have made it possible to obtain everything ‘readymade’ in shops. However, they do not carry that personal touch. Would it not be better to stretch your creativity to its maximum limit and come up with customised, innovative cheap hampers that are suited for all kinds of occasions?


  • Children: The colouring basket for toddlers is meant for young kids, who love to draw and colour pictures. You may obtain an assortment of colouring books and papers, along with a couple of boxes containing crayons or colouring pencils. Place diverse kinds of stickers, non-toxic markers and a pair of safe scissors too. A final addition would be a small paint box with a couple of brushes.
  • College Students: A student entering college will love to have some healthy snacks on hand. They may be accompanied by a couple of hand towels and washcloths, a pair of nail clippers, a stack of pens and pencils, a book light, a bunch of papers and supplies suitable for a printer, and a mouse pad. As a bonus, you may add a gift certificate for a favourite CD and a phone card.
  • Letter Writer: Do you know someone who loves to write letters? If so, please present the following items to this individual. They include a stack of diversely sized envelopes, a few cards or notepapers, several pens and pencils, rubber stamps for decorating the envelopes, ordinary postage stamps, personalised seal and sealing wax, return address labels and letter opener.
  • Photographer: Then again, you may have a photograph enthusiast within your circle of friends. This individual will treasure the items presented by you! You may include a couple of film rolls, a picture album, lens cleaner and lens cloth, picture frame and matte, camera filters, photo print paper and a few coupons that will help him/her have his/her pictures developed for free.
  • Avid Gardener: You may obtain all kinds of hand tools for this person. A pair of gardening gloves and heavy-duty lotion for the hands should prove highly useful. Push in a few packets containing seeds of vegetables or flowering plants, along with liquid fertiliser, some plant markers and a pair of kneeling pads. Finally, present a subscription for a gardening magazine and a well-known book on gardening.
  • Grandparent: Would you like to bestow something upon your favourite grandparent? Well, this person will like nothing more than fond memories of his/her family. Begin with a few videos and framed photographs of the family. Add a scrapbook and artwork created by your children. Each child may even offer a personalised gift. It if is Christmas time, do add a few handcrafted ornaments and a polar fleece lap blanket. A long-distance calling card should permit him/her to stay in touch with all of you. Finally, place his/her favourite pieces of candy, tea packets and coffee jars.

The above are just a few examples. Do ponder upon the recipient’s individual tastes, his/her hobbies, requirements and food indulgences, before you begin your gift-making task.