How to make a last-minute gift hamper!

How to make a last-minute gift hamper!

Have you ever left your present shopping until the last moment? Don’t fret! We have some easy ideas for speedy and amazing special gifts…

A lot of times it happens that we totally miss out on buying gifts until the last moment. And sometimes, we plan too much into our budget and lesser the gift items. If you are in one of the situations, then here are some simple edible gifts you can make at home which will not take up your time and money. Read on to get some ideas…


Sweets: – If you have no time at all to buy chocolates, then just make chocolates or caramels at home! Pick up a pack of caramels from any local shop. You can also make some pretzel bites using chocolates, cranberries and smashed pretzels. Put the smashed pretzels into the melted chocolate and add in chopped pieces of cranberry. Spoon them into moulds and leave them to set in the fridge. After few hours, once you are done assembling other gifts, this will be ready. Put it in an airtight fancy container and wrap it up! This can be done in about 10 minutes and while it is settling in the fridge, you can do your other chores or work.

Jars: – A clever jar gift can consists of anything. You can put in homemade jams or some lavender flowers can be bought dried in jars with some added sugar. You can also put in some homemade cookies, biscuits and so on… Baking fresh dishes is always advisable as they will not get ruined when you send gift hampers in UK by post.

Kits: – If you are planning to gift kits of make-up, jewellery, etc. then you are going to need hardly an hour to make a gift hamper. Head to your nearest drugstore and get all the items from there for a reasonable rate. For make-up kits, you can pick a fancy palette which comes in your budget and add some make-up tools. Throw in some cards and flowers to complete the hamper.

Other ideas: – Other than all these things, you can simply mix and match. Put in a wine bottle, homemade cookies with a jar of jam and flavoured sauces. If you decorate a gift hamper well, you do not have to worry about the things inside. If you are in a hush-hush situation, then just put in two or three items and use gift vouchers as last minute resorts. If you are jam-packed with your hectic day, then simple send across a readymade hamper through online websites. You will find a great range of different items at reasonable rates. If you are artistic and would love to create things then you can always make a do it yourself hamper. This will be really special since you have put in so many efforts in it.

Do not overthink when you are preparing a gift hamper. If you are on a tight schedule, then try out a simple and easy idea.

Exciting ways to celebrate Christmas alone

Exciting ways to celebrate Christmas alone

Christmas is the time for celebration. And the celebration is something’s to do with the people, with the love ones. The craze of charismas parties and enjoying time with family and friends is the best part of Christmas holidays which make them more appareling and enjoying for us. But what if you don’t have anyone to share these joys with? There are millions of people who work in different parts of the world away from their native home, the blood relatives and childhood friends. They are living in homes that are not houses.  And there are many times that they are not able to go back to their hometown for celebrating the Christmas for some reason. So what they should do then? It sound horrifying to celebrate the Christmas alone but it only seems to be not in actual.

3_christmas hampers

Life is how you take it. If you decided to be happy, nothing matters if you are with family and friends or alone and if you are a kind of a person who don’t know how to be thankful to God in whatever you have and you are not a contented person then no matters you are in the middle of a crowded party but feels alone and sad. So don’t feel pity on yourself. What if you are alone, you can still enjoy the Christmas and make it memorable.

So here is a list of things that you should try out if you are alone and you will love them:

  • Decorate your home, it is not who will see but it’s about you love yourself and want to enjoy.
  • Plan a trip to a lace you have never seen before or a place you love to visit again and again
  • Stop listing to the peoples sympathetic comments on your alone celebration, tell everyone that you love to stay this way
  • Indulge in great food eating whole day, no matter you are a patient of cholesterol, diabetic or you are on weight watching diets. It is just one day. Noting will harm you for just one day if you are stick food controller. Eat whatever you want to.
  • There might be smoother colleagues or friends of you who are also passing through the same situation as that of yours so believing in one and one makes eleven, try to join them.
  • Go for watching a movie
  • Give time to yourself. Have a makeover. Trim, shape and condition your nails, hair skin and all parts and feel good about yourself
  • Go to a spa and relax or have a comforting body message
  • Give time to some great activity or hobby.
  • Do some charity or try to go to some charity home and spend time with those people; it will give you so much internal satisfaction and piece and will make your day worth memorable.
  • Send gifts to your loved ones on Christmas online, if your family and friends lives in UK then try out Christmas hampers Delivered UK
  • Cook something you are master in cooking at.
  • Decorate a table and enjoy you meal with light music and dim lights.
  • Never feel pity on yourself
  • Go for shopping for yourself, give yourself presents and enjoy.

2 Most Exciting ways to make you girlfriend happy this Christmas

2 Most Exciting ways to make you girlfriend happy this Christmas

God has made such a nature of girls that they always love to ne affectionate and being loved. The simple line of I Love You doesn’t work for them; the girls want the assurance of being loved with love, gestures and words.  Not one time but again and again. When a girl is in a special relationship with a guy, she wants him to show how much he loves her again and again.  And many times even the guys are trying hard to do so but they are not doing it in a right way so they end up not being able to keep her girlfriend happy. Christmas is a special time of the year. Your girlfriend wants to treat her in a very special way. Girls want to be treated by their prince in a way no one else before that do that ever with any girl. She wants to be happier than the heroines of the movies and serials.


Treat her well in Christmas Parties:

Girls not only want your simple love and romance but also want you to treat her well in public and especially in front of her family and friends. She want everyone know that the guy with whom she is in relationship is the one who not only love her but cares for her and respect her. This is the thing that not only the girls want but also the loved ones of her want that she should be treated well. Be very jolly with her, just keep your focus on her in the party rather than staring other girls, believe me this would create a big mess for you after the party. And it would become difficult for you to handle. This is that thing others also watch in you. So give attention to her. And also give value to her love ones. The girls want their partner to be gentle and kind and the friendly with whom she loves. Talk to her family and friends and tell them what good you have seen in her and how lucky you are to have her. These points will do wonder for you and make your Christmas the best ever one in your life.


Give her the Christmas gift Surprise:

Never create a hip about what you are planning to give her on the Christmas. If you do so she will start setting more and more expectation and in the end whatever you give her will not satisfy her level of satisfaction. So always try to hide what’s in your mind. The one thing you should do is that whatever you want to select just do it in a loving manner. Think what would make her happy while staying in her shoes.  There are many options available in the market from perfumes, hamper for Christmas, jeweler, cloths and much more. You have a big range to choose from. So select what would be special for her. Personalized gift are the most hit now a days. These will not only become a keep sake model but also that speaking truth of your love that she can show to anybody with pride.

How to make it up to your woman

It’s been hours since both of you have spoken, chatted or even exchange any sort of communication. Although none of you have initiated to make a contact but both of you want to. You both feel guilty, depressed and want to make up immediately. However, both are thinking that the other one would make a first move and it will do nothing but add more pain and torture. If you really care for her then you should be the man of honor and take the first step. The matter can be immediately resolved or at least come to a solution with this first step. Now it is up to you how you want to make your first move. If the matter is tiny, then you can be generous to immediately say sorry by sending a sweet sms followed by a lovely call to make up with her. However, if you think the matter is serious and it is big enough that a simple apology won’t be good enough, and then you have to plan your move.

2_gift for women

You need to consider all the possible options that can rebuild your relationship. If you are in the same city, then you must put an effort to go yourself to her place and make an apology. You can take beautiful flowers bouquet along with a handwritten apology card and gather all the courage to say it all. You do not need special wordings for your feelings to portray the apology but you can simply express yourself in your own words in a natural manner. This would be more impactful instead of just reading any copied words from some famous poet or Google search.

However, if you are away from your loved one and want to make a convincing apology that comes right from your heart, then you must consider a very sophisticated gift hamper to revive her mood. You will be amazed to find diverse variety of gift hampers for her UK at various online stores. These hampers are classy, stylish and comes with different products range to suit the needs and likes of your loved one.

There are different categories of gift hampers for her UK that you can choose from. Like if she is a foodie or loves to enjoy different food then food hampers are the best to offer. Food hampers further have divisions with exclusive variety like coffee hamper for a coffee lover, chocolate hamper for a chocoholic, spicy mix hampers for her sweet and sour taste. All these flavorsome hampers would make an elegant gift for her to revoke her smile for you and get back to your usual relationship.

Similarly some women love to be adored and want to be pampered with various pampering accessories. For these women, you can have beauty hampers that consist of all types of products that are used for skin care and beauty. These include shampoo, bathing salt, shower gel, body lotion, body spray, body butter and many more exquisite items to tantalize themselves. What else can a woman expect from her loved one than a sensational beauty hamper that enhances her beauty in an elegant way?

Relationships are like babies. They need to be pampered with such fancy and glorious gifts to keep them lively and strong. Even if a small hurdle comes, a relationship should be strong enough to survive that hurdle. Also one should always forget the bad patches in a relationship and keep going rather than revisiting those bad memories again and again. Once we are able to forgive and forget, we are able to keep our relations healthy and strong without any extra effort.

Types of Gift Hampers

When you want to give a gift to a person and you don’t know him/ her closely or are on a tight budget, it is good to give gift hampers. You can assemble all the ingredients by yourself or purchase a pre-stocked hamper at a store or online.

An advantage with a hamper is that it can contain miscellaneous items, so you save the effort of guessing one single gift that is perfect.

Here are some ideas for gift hampers:

  • Food hampers: The most favoured of gift hampers consist of food items.  They may be packed with several items of food such as candies, nuts, gourmet cheese, sausages and meat. For a basket that is visually appealing, it may be packed with edible cookies and fruits that resemble flowers. Such hampers are great to greet new members of the neighbourhood or as a thank you gift for teachers.

41_food hamper

  • Wine hamper: It is more sophisticated than a food hamper. Most men will love to receive a hamper filled with bottles of wines, cork screw, glasses and stoppers. If you decide to gift a hamper of wines, the type of wines will depend on the occasion. If the hamper is meant for a dinner party host, one must consider what kind of food is to be served at the meal. By tradition, red wines are combined with meat dishes and white wine with pasta and fish. In your hamper, you may include both white and red wines, dry and sweet wine, wine from particular regions and even vintage wine.

41_wine hamper

  • Flower hampers:   They are a much loved gift and no one ever forgets the time they received a bunch of flowers. Flowers are also popular because they convey special meaning and message from the giver to the recipient. By carefully choosing the flowers, one can express certain emotions: Roses and Lilies express romance and love; Alstromerias, Camelias and Chrysanthemums convey friendship; Statices, Zinnias and Acacias stand for condolences.

41_flower hamper

  • Chocolates: A safe bet for hampers, most people have a sweet tooth that appreciates chocolates. You can assemble a hamper of specific chocolates loved by the recipient or an assortment of chocolates that will be liked by everyone. Some of the popular flavours of chocolates are: coffee, orange, strawberry, fudge, hazelnut, mint, vanilla, champagne, mousse, coconut, toffee, lemon, praline, truffle and caramel.

1_Cadbury chocolate hampers

  • New baby hamper: New babies’ need a number of baby items like spoons, rattles, bibs, etc., which can be packed nicely into a hamper. Add some diapers, blankets, baby clothes, wash cloths etc. to complete the basket.


  • College student hamper: One can provide a gift hamper to a college student for his new dorm.It may contain snacks to consume while studying, notebooks, pens, DVD’s, book lights and phone cards. Gift cards to be redeemed at local restaurants also make for ideal gifts. This is usually a cheap hamper.

  • Bath spa basket: A bath spa basket is ideal for someone who has a tiring schedule and needs to relax in a luxurious experience. The bath spa basket will consist of brush for foot scrubbing, a loofah, and an eye mask, all meant to pamper the senses. Add a plush, comfortable bath robe and she will be totally spoiled.

31_spa basketThese are some ideas for treating your loved ones to a wonderful gift hamper that will be much loved.

Sweet Hampers Make Marvellous Gifts

Sweets are loved by the whole world and there are many festivals and occasions in the year where chocolates and sweets play a very important role in making these occasions special. The possessors of sweet shops always try to make more money by selling various types of sweet and chocolate hampers during different festival seasons. This gives profit to both the vendors & customers. Shopper gets different sweets in just a single packing. Many online shops also stipulate the facility of selling sweets online to the buyers.

There need not be any special occasion to gift your near and dear ones. At times, choosing the right gift can pose as a challenge. The best solution is sweet gift hampers. You can buy sweet hampers for cheap from sweet shops as well as online during festive seasons.

Regardless of age and gender, each and every one loves sweet treats – be it chocolates or traditional sweets.

Sweet Hamper for cheapThere are different types of sweet hampers-

  1. Assorted chocolate hampers: An assorted chocolate hamper contains various types of chocolates like mint chocolate, roasted almonds, mixed nuts, rum and plain chocolate. Apart from these, you can also get a wide range of different types of chocolates like:
  • Milk chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Sweet dark chocolate
  • Bitter sweet chocolate
  • Semi sweet chocolate
  • Unsweetened chocolate, etc.

2. Retro sweet shop hampers: Illuminate your day with this traditional funky sweet gift hamper wrapped up beautifully and full of old school retro sweets. The box contains-

  • Rainbow Drops
  • Sherbet Fountain
  • Dip Dab
  • Popping Candy
  • Chewy Bars
  • Giant Fizzers
  • Giant Love Hearts
  • Drumstick Lollies
  • Candy Watches
  • Fruit Salads
  • Parma Violets
  • Black Jacks

3. Hampers from confectioneries: My personal favourite option is the hampers from confectioneries. The reason is that firstly, chocolates, pastries, traditional sweets or any combination of these can be bought. Secondly, they are cheap! Confectioneries provide hampers at a reasonable cost, which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

So, next time you think about gifting someone, a sweet treat can be your sweet solution for the following reasons-

  • Sweets and chocolates ameliorate & strengthen the relationship between two hearts with mouth watering flavours. Chocolates and sweets are available in various shapes, flavour, colours & sizes.
  • Online shops offer different kinds of sweets in their different packaging. Sweets are very much embellished with dry fruits and their packaging is accessorized with diverse good looking & glittering laces, shiny papers, etc. Sweet hampers contain sweets like assorted sweet box, Chocolate Dry Fruit pouches, etc.
  • Sweets of dry fruits are made from cashew nuts, almonds & dried coconut seeds. These types of sweets are mainly included in Special Sweet Hampers, Dry Fruit sweets, etc. as they do not expire & have a lengthy shelf existence.

If you are fighting to determine the most suitable gift for a food lover, gift hampers provide only the excellent choices for various collections of sweets and chocolates. Some of the chocolate lovers will be overjoyed by a beautifully presented gift basket wrapped with an absolute selection of reward.

Full of surprises luxury hampers for women

Full of surprises luxury hampers for women

When you want to choose an innovative hamper for the lady of your life, it is intimidating. You are confused with too many options across internet or retail establishments. Finally you end up getting a usual bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates to give away as a hamper. Your wife or girl-friend or even your daughter might really get fed up of receiving the same kind of gifts year after year.

Presenting you with a couple of exclusive luxury hampers for women. Read more

Hampers to Canada- Not heard of unique gifts pretty much in store

Hampers to Canada- Not heard of unique gifts pretty much in store

Do you want to give away some unusual yet ethnic gift articles as souvenirs to your friends and loved ones living in Canada? Yes it is a cumbersome task for you to choose the right kind of gifts.After all you do want to make the recipient feel completely glad and thrilled on receiving the parcel isn’t it? You can gift these not so usual and entirely rare souvenirs to your friends and colleagues in style. A look at quite a few of them gifts to canada Read more

Hampers for her UK- romantic gifts to cover your girl

Unlock the hidden love from your heart. You have exclusive hampers for her,UK where you can gift your girl with amazing goodies and lavish her. The online boutique has gifts tailor-made to suit the occasion. A couple of gifts on display from the gift boutique as follows:

  • Kula Spa bath tub

This bath tub shaped goodie hamper conveniently fits any part of your bathroom. It is the perfect excuse you have for skin pampering. The exclusive gift hamper is made of delicate fragrances like Almond Oil, Cocoa butter, Evening Primrose oil, Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. The hamper specifically contains

  1. Body spray and
  2. Towel Sponge
  3. Shower Gel
  4. Body lotion
  5. Body butter


  • Florence Cup board

Florence cup-board is an intrinsic ornate piece which is used as a decorative item to keep in the curio set or show-case. The lovely gift hamper contains bathing goodies like

  1. Shower gel
  2. Bubble bath
  3. Body lotion
  4. Body butter
  5. Bath soap
  6. Cotton Hemp bath belt and
  7. Wooden nail brush.

These products are meant for a smooth body wash after a grueling session in gardening. Your hands and legs which gets roughened in the whole process gets smooth and silky upon use of body butter and lotion. More so, you can use the ornamental box for future use to store trinkets, ear-studs, etc.

  • Chocolate rose cake, teddy bear and a box of assorted chocolates

This super combo comprising a beautiful bunch of roses engraved on the chocolate cake, an 8 inch teddy bear and a box of assorted chocolates from Lindt is definitely going to cover your girl big time. This is an excellent gift you can give in lieu of your girl friend’s birthday or for Valentine’s Day. In case you are married you can opt to gift this pack to your beloved wife in lieu of her birthday.

  • I love you heart cake, teddy and chocolates

The mesmerizing gift comprises of a vanilla cream cake where “I Love you” is engraved on the cake as such. The 10 inch teddy bear is for her bed-side pillow. A box of assorted dark and white chocolates from Lindt will take your lover girl by a complete sweep. Go for the magical pick and see how your love blossoms.

  • Chocolate Star cake, Teddy and Lindt chocolates

This magical selection of gift hamper comprises a chocolate cake with stars studded all over. The 10 inch teddy bear and assorted chocolates from Lindt takes your girl-friend to cloud nine. Married counter-parts can gift exotic packs to their wife either for birthdays or anniversary days.

  • Cranberry Crush Sewing box

The goodie hamper contains

  1. Soothing Shower gel
  2. Moisturizing bubble bath
  3. Intensive body lotion
  4. Nourishing hand lotion
  5. Cleansing hand-wash
  6. Relaxing muscle soak
  7. Relaxing chocolate body butter
  8. Cleansing body soap
  9. Relaxing bath salts
  10. Comfy slippers
  11. Re-usable sewing box

You can use it as after-use sewing box to store needle, bobins, etc.

gift hampers to Jersey Channel Islands.


Have you ever thought of presenting your friends or relatives with antique gifts? Very rare and exquisite in nature. These gifts will surely be remembered for an entire life time by the recipient. Of course you never think of gifting these kind of items when it is the need of the hour. When you give away chocolates or cakes signifying birthdays and anniversaries your recipient feels bored. You can add a dash of twist and fun to conventional gifting styles. Do you have a gang of friends residing in Jersey Islands?Here is presenting you with some cool ideas to give away gift hampers to Jersey Channel Islands.

Big wide hats and large framed sun glasses

Is your friend or loved one fond of swimming? Then this is a must pick gift hamper. You can buy wide sized hats. These are typically known as cow-boy hats. The commonly available shades of cow boy hats are grey, beige and off-white. You can pick one having a trendy design. Plus a pair of large frame sun glasses. Wrap it up in a great looking gift hamper. This gift will be savored by the recipient for its elegance and style.

Pen stands and leather wallets

Pen stands are antique gifts which you can send away exclusively packaged. Post boxes in trendy designs made out of cotton mesh are available in leading retail establishments or in small-key shops as well. A lot of compartments are added to the post box shaped pen stand. You can flip letters, envelopes, latest telephone bills apart from pens and pencils within this spacious stand.


Leather wallets are best buy for your hubbies who hold a lot of credit cards inside the purse. Metallic wallets are also available in the market for you to choose from.

Antique wall clocks and watches

Antique watches can make a fashion statement for the present day generation as well. Big frames, Flores ant lighted hour and seconds dial and antique designer watches are actually in vogue.

Wall clocks like pendulum clocks and antique variety big sized clocks will be greatly appreciated by your grand-mom and grand-dad staying in Jersey Islands, UK.

Pet dogs

You can gift a cute looking puppy to your mom in lieu of her birthday. You can wrap a pretty satin ribbon on to the pup. Put the lively one into a neat gift box. Make sure the gift carton has sufficient holes so that the pup can take a snuff.

Miscellaneous gift articles

Other nice gifts include t shirts with spunky words and funny anecdotes, cigar sets, beer mugs, cigarette lighters and ash trays which you can send away in style. The recipient will realize your high funda attitude which you portray in gifting stuff.

You have personalized cards and flower bouquets which you can include along with the hamper. The warmth which you display sending gifts is well taken by the recipient.

The kind of gifts mentioned above are usually not thought of and when you send these gift articles to your recipient, they are well acknowledged.