Ideas to make this Christmas special for your loved ones

Christmas is the most awaited occasion of all time. Whether it is children or adults, everyone, looks forward to celebrate this special occasion with their near and dear ones. Parties, music and listening to Christmas carols are some of the usual’s which are practiced perhaps in every household. While this surely demands a festive mood, here are some ways in which the celebration of Christmas can be exemplified manifold:

House party- Well, what is better than enjoying this special day with family and friends. Arrange a house party with all homemade food and delicacies keeping the theme of Christmas in mind. A full baked turkey with an English truffle is one of the great choices to try on. Since, it is a house party; cool arrangements can be made to make the guest comfortable. Even games can be organized which either relates to Christmas or includes one or the other items in the list. Enjoying the season in the accompaniment of the friends is a great way to rock and roll the party.


Go for a dance session- Dancing one’s way out through the Christmas Eve is a good way to spend time in the embrace of your loved ones. There is lots of way to do this. Either select a particular hotel which is organizing a Christmas party or give the two of you a complete alone time by arranging such an arrangement in your house itself. Dance and enjoy the evening leaving behind an indelible memory.

Cooking delicacies- Another great activity to indulge with your partner is to cook Christmas special delicacies together. It can be a cake, truffle, pancake or any other delicacy that the two of you enjoy doing together. Christmas marks a time of pure love and happiness which can be truly gained by cooking special delicacies with the loved ones.


Enacting a play- A unique idea could be to enact out a play, featuring the briefs of how Christmas started being celebrated on the birth of Lord Jesus. This could be fun way to teach your kids and toddlers the importance of this festival and make them a part of the same. All the more, one can also involve the children in decorating Christmas trees which will be a great and fun activity for the kids.

Sending cakes and hampers- There are times when the loved ones are quite far away either because of work issues or other problems. Though far, one can make ones presence felt by gifting a hamper as their symbol of love. There are many online services which deal with Christmas hamper delivery in UK and the same can be approached to select the best of the best gifts for their dear ones.


Plan ice skating or snow activity- Taking full advantage of the situation, plan out an ice skating session with your loved ones, family or friend. This could be a good way to enjoy snow and likewise celebrate Christmas.

With all these ideas, one can surely make Christmas special for themselves as well as for their loved ones.

Birthday hampers for kids

Kids are very picky when it comes to gifts and that’s the reason parents have to brainstorm their heads to decide what to gift their child. Skip all the drama and read this…

Since we are always ready to help, we are going to help you all with how you can surprise your kids on their birthdays: -

  • For her –

Simple make birthday hampers to avoid any complains. A ton of gifts will make them happy and keep you happy at the same time. While buying or making hampers for a girl, here is what you require -


The basket has to be colorful or pink. The color pink attracts little girls and they love it. Barbie dolls, fluffy toys and dress up materials are a must. Little things like headbands, cute earrings could be added. You could also buy her a tea party set or a princess dress up set. Make sure you include chocolates too. If it is for an older girl then clothes with some soft toys does your work. Again, decorating and adding glitter to the hamper basket will save you from buying too many gifts. Packing too matters when you are gifting a girl. If she is a school going kid then what better than some stationary that is useful complemented with a cute princess bag.

  • For him –

While gifting a boy, you have to make sure to add some gadgets. Or a video game would serve your purpose. Small toys like animal plastic statues or action figurines can be additional to the hamper. Board games and other game sets are also useful. They will learn as well as enjoy playing. Apart from these things, you can even bake for children. If you know their favorite desserts then bake that and gift it in the form of a hamper. Never forget to include chocolates. Be it any kid, they absolutely love chocolates. Also, sports items or related to that are an easy gifts for boys.


We know that parents try their best to go beyond limits to gift their kids the best but sometimes you need to think out of the box. Instead of gifting or making hampers, you can take your child for a trip too. Maybe a Disneyland trip (only if it fits your budget). General gifts are stationary items, shoes, clothes, drawing sets, paints, sports items, games, and chocolates.

With all this, packing too is essential. A boy will not notice too much of the gift packing or the basket until and unless it is pink. On the other hand, your little girl will surely want something that shimmers and shines with a touch of pink. Pack the items well to get them more and more excited about the hamper. If you are going modest with the money then homemade hamper baskets can be a good idea too. And if you have less time to make things at home then small gifts all together will be incredible.

Be a star when it comes to gifting kids!

Unbelievable birthday baskets

Birthday is the most happy and important day in a person’s life. And it is their family and friends responsibility to make it better. Hence, you should know how to surprise your friend or family member with some unbelievable gifts they never thought they would receive. Birthday hampers are important, so be wise when you choose. If you are in a jiffy then here is what will help.

29_birthday hamper

  1. For women:While gifting women, keep in mind that she probably will receive make-up sets, clothes, and jewellery and make-up items. So, go a different path when deciding what to give her. Read our options: -
  • Cotton dispenser: – A cute bunny cotton dispenser is something you will find easily. This adorable gift is convenient and did we mention cute?
  • Quirky lip balms: – A hamburger lip balm box, a shoe shaped balm box, cat/ dog shaped balm box and many other quirky styles, is something she would like. This is an exceptional idea. Right?
  • Utility bags: – Small sized, large sized and medium sized, a girl will always need utility bags for her things. Give her a set of all different sizes with cute prints on it. She will thank you for life.
  • Personalized gift: – a personalized jewellery box with her name or personalised mugs or other personalised items will make her smile.
  1. For men:While gifting men, make sure you know what he likes. If you are giving a present to your father then do not go too quirky. He may not really use it as much. But nonetheless, here is what you could gift a man: -
  • USB glow lights: – Since men love gadgets, how about a fancy USB glow light? This gift can fit your bill well if you are finding something that is inexpensive.
  • Cocktail kit: – Cocktail making sets are something that a man would admire. You can also give an entire bar set if you have a larger budget.
  • 3 in one: – A Swiss knife, bottle opener and keychain in one. Cool right?
  • Hip coasters: – Shaped and printed in different characters and styles, coasters for him is an appropriate gift.
  1. For kids:Gifting kids can be difficult since they can be a little choosy about what they want. Check this list for some assistance: -
  • Cartoon lamps: – If they love a certain cartoon then gifting a lamp figure of their choice is a safe bet. You can find many Tom and Jerry lamps.
  • Slippers: – Cute, furry, unicorn slippers is what a little munchkin would want.
  • A car: Nope, not the real size car but a small car with a horn and lights is a sweet gift for birthdays.
  • A play gun: – Usually small boys enjoy shooting around and playing with guns. Buy them a quirky gun which actually makes a real shooting noise.
  • Board games: – This gift will never go out of style.

Now picking birthday gifts for a woman, man and a child is stress-free than you ever imagined. You can combine all together and make amazing hamper baskets for them too.

The Perfect Gifts for HER

Surprise your ladylove, mother and all the women in your life with these precious and unique gifts. It is complicated to actually decide what to gift a woman but do not worry, we are here to help you out. Read on to find out which gifts is one of the quirkiest to gift a woman.

Chocolates:It isn’t an unknown fact that how much women love chocolates. A basket filled with her favourite chocolates is one of the best gifts you would ever give her.


Candy jar:A huge jar full of her favorite candies and sweets (which are packaged well) will enhance her mood and she is surely going to love it. Do not go too big with the jar otherwise it can be difficult to send across. Gift hampers delivery around cities is not an easy process, so skip food items while sending it by courier.

Spa items:As much as a woman loves eating chocolates, she enjoys a spa day too. Since her jam-packed schedule doesn’t allow her to go to the spa, you can play the cupid here. Give her a box filled with exotic spa items.


Jewellery:We aren’t suggesting diamonds and golds if it isn’t in the budget. But you can add a number of different accessories like a charms bracelet, earrings, necklace, rings and any other jewellery she likes wearing or would adore.

Beauty set:Lotions, shampoo, cleansing cream, exotic creams and many other beauty items are fantastic gift items for a woman. Whatever her age may be, she will always use these things on almost a daily basis. Why waste money on something she wouldn’t even use, buy a beauty set and make her happy.


Make-up box:Since we are talking about sets and beauty, how can we forget make-up sets? If you know her favourite brand, then go ahead and purchase a make-up box and if not, then pick a reputed brand in your budget. While gifting beauty products, keep in mind to buy good and harmless goods.


Flowers:If you are planning to visit her place or gifting a hamper in person, what better than some gorgeous flowers? Make a bunch of numerous flowers of different colors and put it in a fancy basket. This is a no fail idea.


Books:If she is a book worm and enjoys reading novels, gift her some of her favorite ones or something you know she would be interested in reading. Many women are fond of books. It isn’t a fancy idea but is a good one.

Movies:Few chick flicks and few romantic DVDs is all you need. Pack it in a colorful and nice basket or box and you are done!

Other items:Other items like mugs, jewellery boxes, wine bottles with glasses; clothes (if you know her choice well), bags set, diaries and many more things are simple and affordable gifts.

We are sure after reading this, you are wondering that gifting a woman is not all that complicated!

Best housewarming gifts

We do not think too much when attending anybody’s housewarming party. We just send across random things. And sometimes people are just confused about what to gift to their friends and family. So to help you all out, we are listing down some of the most amazing housewarming gifts.


  1. The fudge box:

Yes, if any of them is a fan of delicious desserts then you can gift them. You can pack several kinds of fudges into one box like chocolate, Oreo, vanilla and many others. This funky idea will be different from what the others will gift.


  1. Muffin/cake hamper:

If you are getting hampers delivered then do not send across food items as they will get spoil t. But if you are personally presenting it then a muffins hamper basket is an adorable idea. Pick 10 to 12 different flavored muffins and combine them in a fancy box.

  1. Retro jars:

Anyone moving into a new house will require some or the other utensils. So, in that case, why not gift them a set of fancy jars? The retro label clip jars are amongst our favorites. They have an old world charm and are useful to preserve many food items as well as liquid juices.


  1. Sheets:

While setting up a new house, there are many basic things one will need like bed sheets. Give sets of bedsheets with spunky cushion covers and pillow covers. Make sure you pack it well. Maybe a fancy wooden box would be good since the box too can be useful.

  1. Bar set:

If your friends are fond of bar sets then gift them one soon! A basic bar set with a bottle of wine is a great idea. You can personalize the label of the wine bottle and write something funny or wishing them luck ahead.

  1. Kitchen items:

Whether it is a boy or a girl, kitchen items are always needed. A sweet set of some quirky salt and pepper bottles with some matching plates is worth presenting. They will utilize it and trust us; they are going to love it.

  1. Decorative items:

A rug, table cloth, show pieces, wind chime and few other things can be made into one hamper and gifted. This idea is incredibly great because you are gifting things they would need now or sometime soon. If your female friend has bought a new house then gift her rugs and wind chimes and if it is a male friend then gift him other showpieces. Something with LED lights probably.

  1. Other things:

Other than the above list, you can present them with basic things like a God’s statue or poster, tea cups, coffee mugs, packaged food items, a perfume set and the list goes on. Make sure you consider their liking before you pick a gift. Do not just randomly present anything, gifts are important too. Spread joy by sending wonderful gifts.

You aren’t restricted to pick from this list, we are just making it easier for you…