Gift ideas for your teachers

Whether you are a child, teenager or an adult, you never forget that one favourite teacher you had in school or in college. You do not need an occasion to thank or gift something to your beloved teacher, so if you are planning to surprise your teachers with something special anytime soon. Here are some ideas which could help…


  • Show all the appreciation: – Make her/him feel special by showing how much you respect and appreciate their efforts. There are tons of ways to show this gesture. You can give gifts, send a thankyou card or buy something they would really like. Giving best teacher mugs and certificates is a good, sweet and affordable idea.
  • Think unique: – Go unique if your teacher loves humour. You can gift things like food items with best teacher written on it or a small trinket. You could also gift them things like, a coffee mug giving out a funny yet nice message like thank you for making me smart and so on.
  • The gift should be thoughtful and meaningful: – If you are aware of their favourite book, then you could always write in a sweet message and give that to them. You could create simple cute hampers at home too by putting in little memories from your days in her/his class. If you have pictures with your favourite teacher, then use that to make a memory scrapbook.
  • Go generic: – Sometimes going simple and generic is a safe bet. Things like gift cards, flowers, spa vouchers; mugs, accessories and etc. work well if you are super confused and do not really know what to narrow down on. Mix up these few things and make a sweet hamper for your teacher. And, in case, your teacher isn’t in the same city or country, you can send hampers by post.
  • Be creative: – Creativity is very important when you are planning to gift your teacher. And if you are making a gift by yourself, then make sure it is unique and special. Teachers value what their students gift them. So, if you are painting something or making a scrapbook or stitching a bag, then keep their choices in mind and make it different so she/he always remembers and cherishes it.
  • Moderate budget: – Keep the budget of the gifts moderate but filled with sentiments. Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most special ones. A personal note or a letter or a poem about the teacher makes a lot of difference. If you are low on budget, you can ask some of your ex and current classmates to chip in so that everyone can make one gift and assemble it to create a nice hamper basket. Everyone can put in something they want to gift with personal notes on each present.

So, the next time you are planning on surprising your teachers, do consider these things before you plan your gifts. Putting in special efforts will never go waste. They are much better than materialistic gifts.