Homemade gift hampers for various occasions

Whether it is Christmas and you have been invited to a party where you cannot show up empty handed, or a baby shower for your best friend, picking the right gift for a festive and celebratory occasion can be hard. Even when you know a person intimately, finding the one thing that they are lacking and which they cannot buy for themselves is an uphill task! Which is why gift hampers make so much sense? You are not buying that one elusive present, instead you make up a hamper of multiple things you know the recipient is bound to like. And when it comes to gifts, the more the merrier it always is!

You can find many online sites and portals where you can order and buy gift hampers in UK. Many of these sites also offer options to customise the present so that it suits your requirements. So, if you are wondering what kind of gift hampers you can buy for different occasions, then these tips below should help:

20_birthday hamper

Birthday Hampers

Sweet baskets with a bottle or two of the bubbly makes for a great birthday gift! You can fill the basket with chocolates, cakes, cookies and other sweet treats for the birthday boy or girl. And, if they are a close friend, you can even make a basket full of gag-gifts like age-defying beauty products. Just remember not to go overboard and hurt any sentiments.

Baby Shower Hampers

A baby hamper is a great gift for showers, or when visiting new parents. Fill up the basket with essentials that the new parents will need like baby food, diapers, baby oil and other products. A little teddy or some toys for the baby will also be appreciated. Do try to include something for the new mom too – some chocolates or spa candles; steer away from alcohol or anything she cannot use while nursing.

Anniversary Hamper

An anniversary hamper is a riot of options! You can pack the hamper with a range of gifts from the traditional – wine and chocolates, candles, aromatherapy oils, bath items for two – to some really adventurous and fun things from your nearest adult store. The things you pack would depend on how well you know the couple. Again, there is a very thin line between risqué and offensive so be careful to tread that.

20_valenties day hampers

Valentine’s Day Hamper

Well, you would most probably be gifting this hamper to your Valentine so feel free to choose and gift items that you know they will love. If you are planning a Valentine’s picnic with your loved one, then you can pack the hamper with eatables; preferably the ones you have cooked or baked at home. A heart-shaped cake would be a perfect fit in this basket. You can even include romantic vouchers and other things that would mean a lot for the both of you.

Remember the most important you need while planning gifts is a keen understanding of what the recipient likes and some imagination. With these in hand, you will be good to go!