How To Make Some Lovely Gift Hampers This Festive Season?

How To Make Some Lovely Gift Hampers This Festive Season?

This is a season of festival. Coming months one will be celebrating several festivals and will be arranging a lot of gifts for their near and dear ones.

Gift hampers delivery UK are there if one wants to send gifts to people who are staying in a different city or even a country so that one can always feel special and loved on a festival evening. There are varieties of hampers that one can order online. They can also make some hampers for their friends and family on their own. Here are some ideas how to do it:

Snack Hampers:

This is something which is loved by everyone. In fact, festivals also mean celebrating with friends and family; so one needs munchies handy. One can make a hamper which can be full of flavoured nuts like spice coated peanuts and peri peri almonds. Apart from that one can add a bag of chips, nachos, some lip smacking dips to go along with it and also some flavoured popcorns. This is a great idea to send some delicious items which can be enjoyed by everyone than just a regular box of sweets.

Sweets Hamper

Get away from the regular sweet hampers and make a hamper with a twist. Put some gourmet or flavoured chocolate bars in the hamper along with some varieties of cookies and a set of flavoured cup cakes. One can also add a plum cake or a fruit cake which is loved by all, from children to adults.

Tea and Coffee Hampers

This is something which will be a perfect gift hamper to any household especially during winter. In this hamper; one can make small boxes of varieties of flavoured teas. One can just go for the basic variations like Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, Lemongrass and the Green Tea or they can go for the different ones; like the Sen Cha Tea, Lemon and Honey Tea, Chamomile and Hibiscus Tea and some more. Apart from tea bags, one can add a small bottle of freshly ground coffee in that hamper. To make the hamper a bit bigger and better, one can add varieties of cookies and tea cakes along with that.

Ice Cream Hamper

These days not only popular brands but handmade home ice creams are also making a mark and their own customer base. Ice cream hampers are best for children because they love them. Also, one can send this hamper to someone who stays nearby or at least in the same city. One can add small boxes of different flavoured ice creams in that hamper and send it to their friends and neighbours. They are going to love it.

Candle Hampers

This is a perfect Diwali hamper because it is a festival of light and love. Everyone lights candles and diyas on this day. Hence a box of scented candles can be a great idea to send as a gift.

For cheap hamper delivery one can always check what are the options that are available online and select from there.