Good news for chocolate Lovers: Chocolates is good for yourHealth Specially Heart.

The love for chocolates is timeless. Irrespective of age and gender everyone loves to enjoy it. The more comforting fact is that there is such a huge variety of chocolates is available that varies from milk, dark, hazel nut, fruit and nut, caramel, crunch, mildly sweetened dark and many more. There are cheap chocolates hampers in UK which made chocolates accessible for people with all kinds of budget range. But there are some other things which stops you eating it like calories, tooth decay, weight gain etc. but now there is one thing on the shelter of which now you can eat as many chocolates as you like i.e. eating chocolates is good for your health specially heart. There are several epidemiological studies and some small prospective studies have shown that cocoa exerts beneficial cardiovascular effects.

The benefit that is imparted by cocoa especially flavanols found in cocoa seed on human health is likely to be the same as that found primarily by some fruits and vegetables like grapes, cherries and apple. The results of some studies shows that cocoa benefits human body by improvement in endothelial function (the lining of your artery wall), the reduction in platelet function (decreasing the chances of a blood clot), and the potentially beneficial effects on blood pressure, insulin resistance, and blood lipids.

56The other component found in dark chocolate i.e”procyanidins” also have a good effect on human body other than cocoa. “Procyanidins” have potential metabolic effects. Research performed at the University of California demonstrated that the polyphenol activity of dark chocolate is similar to a class of antioxidants found in red wine, black and green tea, apples, and onions.

From the past few years’ large-scale epidemiological studies come up with the findings that there is a high correlation between low risk of heart diseases and dark chocolates consumption. It means that those people who use to take dark chocolates in their diet have a less chances to develop heart diseases. Dark chocolates also process some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help in the reduction of blood pressure and improve insulin resistance.

The other positive effect of dark chocolate is that it affects your mood positively as it raises serotonin levels. It also reduces the effect of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Its thus also recommended to eat chocolates few days before your menstruation cycle.

But the bad new attached with this superb finding is that the manufacture of chocolates make chocolates out of the cocoa seeds and in this process the concentration of flavanols is decreased to give it a particular taste especially in milk chocolates. The concentration of flavanols in dark chocolate and cocoa powder is likely to be a bit high. Therefore to grab the maximum benefits out of cocoa you should go for raw cocoa powder which is having the lowest concentration of sugar and fat while high in flavanols, and if choosing a chocolates go for dark chocolate especially the one having 80% of cocoa. But keep one thing in mind. The moderate utilization of everything is good.