Basket Full of love on Christmas

Christmas is a time of rejoicing and celebration. It is not just the December 25th but well before it and continues long after. The preparation of Christmas begins four weeks earlier; it is called Advent and ends on 6 January, the twelfth day after Christmas day in which Epiphany is remembered. Christmas is no longer a festival for Christians only. All the other religions enjoy Christmas as well. Christmas also marks the beginning of the New Year. The feel of festivity can be seen from a month before Christmas till the first week of January. There is so much preparation of the feast and gifts that market always seems to be overcrowded and people confused.


Gifting is a process that requires a long planning and more so if it is a Christmas gift. They have to look elegant without being a pressure on your finances. It is always a better option to make a gift basket at home rather than buying. Moreover, Christmas hamper delivery in UK and other parts of the world is very easy now. So here are some ideas for your gift basket:

1. Man basket: It is called so because it holds everything you husband, your father or your son loves. You can add a bottle or two of their favorite drink, a pocket knife and few things of their hobby. Nothing would make them happy any more than the knowledge that you thought so much of them.

2. Box of sunshine: This is a really wonderful gift for someone you appreciate but don’t really know. Fill in the basket with lemony aroma and yellowy stuff like lemon drops, lemonade, yellow bears, lemon hand wash, lemon cake mix, etc. Decorate it with yellow cellophane and yellow papers. It will give a warm feeling.

3. Shot basket: Get some shot bottles or pint bottles of their favorite drink or liquor. You can arrange them as a bouquet or a basket. Decorate it with some ribbons and papers. It will make a wonderful gift for your close ones.

4. Just add ice cream: Put a variety of wafer cones and cups combined with chocolate chips, gems and other toppings. Put a tag saying ‘just add ice cream’, wrap and gift. No gift can be sweeter than this.

5. Her basket: Women appreciate some pampering and some time for herself. So, consider gifting her those. You can gift her some vouchers for spa or a basket of bath salts, manicure or pedicure kits, aroma candles or tickets to concerts or programs she love. This will mean a lot to her.

6. Tea or coffee basket: For those whose day doesn’t start without these, you have hit a jackpot. In a basket, put together a mug, flavors of coffee or tea and other accessories related to them. They would never stop thanking you for this.

There are a million of things you can think of for gifting in Christmas as a basket or hamper. It is important to keep in mind that before you decide on what to buy for whom, set your budget for every individual. This will not only help you in deciding what to gift, but also how much to gift.

Ideas to make this Christmas special for your loved ones

Christmas is the most awaited occasion of all time. Whether it is children or adults, everyone, looks forward to celebrate this special occasion with their near and dear ones. Parties, music and listening to Christmas carols are some of the usual’s which are practiced perhaps in every household. While this surely demands a festive mood, here are some ways in which the celebration of Christmas can be exemplified manifold:

House party- Well, what is better than enjoying this special day with family and friends. Arrange a house party with all homemade food and delicacies keeping the theme of Christmas in mind. A full baked turkey with an English truffle is one of the great choices to try on. Since, it is a house party; cool arrangements can be made to make the guest comfortable. Even games can be organized which either relates to Christmas or includes one or the other items in the list. Enjoying the season in the accompaniment of the friends is a great way to rock and roll the party.


Go for a dance session- Dancing one’s way out through the Christmas Eve is a good way to spend time in the embrace of your loved ones. There is lots of way to do this. Either select a particular hotel which is organizing a Christmas party or give the two of you a complete alone time by arranging such an arrangement in your house itself. Dance and enjoy the evening leaving behind an indelible memory.

Cooking delicacies- Another great activity to indulge with your partner is to cook Christmas special delicacies together. It can be a cake, truffle, pancake or any other delicacy that the two of you enjoy doing together. Christmas marks a time of pure love and happiness which can be truly gained by cooking special delicacies with the loved ones.


Enacting a play- A unique idea could be to enact out a play, featuring the briefs of how Christmas started being celebrated on the birth of Lord Jesus. This could be fun way to teach your kids and toddlers the importance of this festival and make them a part of the same. All the more, one can also involve the children in decorating Christmas trees which will be a great and fun activity for the kids.

Sending cakes and hampers- There are times when the loved ones are quite far away either because of work issues or other problems. Though far, one can make ones presence felt by gifting a hamper as their symbol of love. There are many online services which deal with Christmas hamper delivery in UK and the same can be approached to select the best of the best gifts for their dear ones.


Plan ice skating or snow activity- Taking full advantage of the situation, plan out an ice skating session with your loved ones, family or friend. This could be a good way to enjoy snow and likewise celebrate Christmas.

With all these ideas, one can surely make Christmas special for themselves as well as for their loved ones.

Thrice the joy!

Hampers are often knows as baskets too. In UK, they are known as wicker baskets. Sometimes they refer to laundry baskets as clothes hampers too. This famous gifting method is worth-while. While you must know that the items and meaning of it, you never knew that they were categorized into three types. The open airing and the durability offered by a hamper have made it suitable for the transport of food.

Here are the three different kinds of baskets:


  1. Christmas Hampers:

This festive cheery hamper is appropriate for Christmas gifts. A Christmas basket is a traditional gift usually containing food items like fruitcake, chocolate, jams, biscuits, honey, and cheese. Some are theme based and personalized too. At a large scale, there are luxury Christmas hampers too. They contain high-end items such as small bottles of wine or any other liquor. A fresh hamper consists of fresh flowers and fruits. The traditional basket is gifted amongst family, but with Christmas hamper delivery in UK is easy now, you can send across the gifts anywhere.

In the UK in modern days, they prefer skipping the same old traditional gifts and opt for things other than fruits, foods and flowers such as, lotions, perfumes, and many other things.

  1. Charitable Hampers:

This is possibly the best way to spend your money. Groups of people donate charitable hampers to the needy. It is a well-known tradition in many countries. These baskets usually consist of food items, clothes, toiletries and other needy things. It is heard that in olden days, people used to send some money, food and clothes to support the entire family of the poor. In recent days, baskets or containers aren’t used to put items but plastic bags are being used. It is most convenient to travel and carry. Also, almost ready canned food is one of the most donated items in a charitable hamper.

Several people give an entire bucket or bin of clothes and festive foods during special days.


  1. Commercial Hampers:

This is the business hamper. Plenty companies sell ready-made gift baskets in order to provide people with comfort and as a part of a business venture. Such hampers are popular in UK. Grocery items, branded things, chocolates, and other products are provided to the customers. Recently, there is something called the diet hamper too. That doesn’t mean the hamper is of small size, but the hamper consists of products for gym and diet. Special gift baskets for diabetics and gluten free hampers too are a buzz around. You can find several different kinds of hampers on our site and pick the one you like the most. With affordable rates and delivery at your doorstep, you do not have to stress too much before purchasing a hamper.

Be it for business, Christmas or other occasions or charity work, a hamper will always be a top-notch gift item. Go ahead and create your present basket. Surprise the ones, who you love the most, with this incredible idea and bring a big smile to their faces.