The Perfect Gifts for HER

Surprise your ladylove, mother and all the women in your life with these precious and unique gifts. It is complicated to actually decide what to gift a woman but do not worry, we are here to help you out. Read on to find out which gifts is one of the quirkiest to gift a woman.

Chocolates:It isn’t an unknown fact that how much women love chocolates. A basket filled with her favourite chocolates is one of the best gifts you would ever give her.


Candy jar:A huge jar full of her favorite candies and sweets (which are packaged well) will enhance her mood and she is surely going to love it. Do not go too big with the jar otherwise it can be difficult to send across. Gift hampers delivery around cities is not an easy process, so skip food items while sending it by courier.

Spa items:As much as a woman loves eating chocolates, she enjoys a spa day too. Since her jam-packed schedule doesn’t allow her to go to the spa, you can play the cupid here. Give her a box filled with exotic spa items.


Jewellery:We aren’t suggesting diamonds and golds if it isn’t in the budget. But you can add a number of different accessories like a charms bracelet, earrings, necklace, rings and any other jewellery she likes wearing or would adore.

Beauty set:Lotions, shampoo, cleansing cream, exotic creams and many other beauty items are fantastic gift items for a woman. Whatever her age may be, she will always use these things on almost a daily basis. Why waste money on something she wouldn’t even use, buy a beauty set and make her happy.


Make-up box:Since we are talking about sets and beauty, how can we forget make-up sets? If you know her favourite brand, then go ahead and purchase a make-up box and if not, then pick a reputed brand in your budget. While gifting beauty products, keep in mind to buy good and harmless goods.


Flowers:If you are planning to visit her place or gifting a hamper in person, what better than some gorgeous flowers? Make a bunch of numerous flowers of different colors and put it in a fancy basket. This is a no fail idea.


Books:If she is a book worm and enjoys reading novels, gift her some of her favorite ones or something you know she would be interested in reading. Many women are fond of books. It isn’t a fancy idea but is a good one.

Movies:Few chick flicks and few romantic DVDs is all you need. Pack it in a colorful and nice basket or box and you are done!

Other items:Other items like mugs, jewellery boxes, wine bottles with glasses; clothes (if you know her choice well), bags set, diaries and many more things are simple and affordable gifts.

We are sure after reading this, you are wondering that gifting a woman is not all that complicated!

The process called gifting

Vacations or holidays, festivals or functions, gifts are a very integral part of celebrations. If it’s about pacifying someone angry or it’s about expressing your love, gifts come in very handy. If you want to show someone your interest, appreciation, gratitude or even if you are trying to create new relationship or strengthening the old ones, gifts are always there. Gifting is not just an act, it’s a complete process- determining what needs to be given and making sure that it fits with the person. Then also need to be seen that the gift is in budget. Searching for the gift is an emotional act. Earlier it used to be a hard play sending gift to someone far away, but now gift hampers delivery is an easy task- order online and get it delivered to the recipient’s door steps.

Now the question stands- how to find the perfect gift?


1. Decide on your budget - This will help you narrow down your choices and will be easy on your pocket. Overwhelming budget will keep you away from the pleasure of gifting next time.

2. Occasion - Gift according to the occasion. If it is an emotional moment, you might want to gift something that they will cherish forever. On other time, you might want to gift something funny.

3. Personality of recipient - Keep in mind what kind of person recipients are. Are they traditional, flamboyant, eccentric, quirky, elegant or girly? That would help you narrow down the options even more.


4. Situation - If they have moved in to a new home or place, it might be a good option to gift them something decorative or something they might use. If they are into a tiring job, you can gift them something for pampering or relaxing like a session to spa.

5. Likes and dislikes - It is always good to know what kind of things they like. Whether they like funky or something practical, decorative or memoirs! If they have certain hobby, it is best to gift them something related to that.

6. Nature of the recipient - If the person is shy or bold, if they are expressive or secretive or if they are creative or an avid reader, gift them something that will suit their nature.


You can consider the following gifting options:

  • Memory box is a wonderful gift. You can make one with photographs and mementos relevant to them.
  • For milestone celebrations, gift a photo album full of photos of their journey till today.
  • Handmade or personalized gifts always hold more emotional touch.
  • Treasure hunt is a wonderful way of gifting. You can start with all the little gifts you can find and keeping a grand gift for the end.
  • The best gifts may not necessarily expensive but are the ones that mean a lot to the one who receives.
  • Handmade treats are the good gifts for close ones.

The more thoughtful and imaginative your gift is, the more cherished recipient will feel.

Have a happy gifting!