The birth of a new born

The overall process of a baby birth is a miracle in its self. The birth of a full fledge human being start form a drop of water. From the pregnancy till the new baby come to this world the journey seems to be very long and and struggle some. A clumsy and care free girl have to say goodbye to those clumsy task for almost an year and have to follow what others recommends her to do. Sit slowly, walks carefully, don’t climb stairs and other tasks restrict her life.

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The eating habits changed altogether throughout pregnancy and one can’t believe it is ‘me’ who loves to eat some foods and can’t imagine to live without or say away for long from some foods but now she simply started hating its smell. And there are some foods who you often don’t like and now you eat them in bulk. All these change are the result of hormonal changes in the body. The mid night cravings are the creasiest of all.

How about you wake up at 12 midnight and the craving of some chocolate brownie, ice cream or other sweet dessert drive you crazy? Now where to go for these things at midnight? So you end up storing these foods in you fridge to satisfy craving at odd time. And these craving and over eating of foods result in so much weight gain. But all of these are part of the pregnancy and the baby is the fruit for all the efforts of mom and dad care.

The Story didn’t stop here. after the baby is here he is the whole responsibility of the parents to take full care for him and provide him with the best environment to survive and live in. With the news of the new baby all the family and friends send their wishes and love in the form of gift for the new mom and the baby like baby care products, clothes,toiletries, toys, new baby hamper and many more. The main reason behind the celebration for the new baby is to welcome the baby to the new world and cheer up the new parents for the big task of bringing up the child.

There are different ways for announcing the birth of the new born but the most popular one is distributing sweets small boxes and announce the baby birth with cheer. Now a day the sweets can also be substituted with chocolates, candies and cookies. The main motive behind is to inform the friends and family about the good news. At this special moments flowers makes to first and the most loved gift to present to the family and make a lasting impression. But the new parents also deserve some help in the initial day too. It’s a good idea to make some food and send it to their home. Ask them to give you the baby for few hours and let the mother relax and sleep in the meantime. These little helps will go a long way in your relationship. And they will never forget about your efforts you made.